Live PD: Phone Call to His Lawyer (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Phone Call to His Lawyer (Season 3) | A&E

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– The RP was a passerby, which
means someone just driving up I35, and saw this guy
here in the ditch. We overshot him because
he’s pretty a good ways down there, so we’re
getting turned around and see what’s going on, if he’s
OK and why he ran off the road. – OK, I’m at Oklahoma City. I’m on I35 and Memorial Road. It’s Oklahoma County. Yes, ma’am. – Get your hand out
of your pocket for me. – OK, I’m putting you
on speaker right now. Is that OK? They’re telling me to. – Hey, hey, hey, take your
hand out of your pocket. – Sorry, ma’am. – That’s all right. What’s going on? Are you OK? – Pam, are you there? – Hey, I need to
talk to you, OK? – Ma’am– – I need to talk to you, OK? – I get it.
I get it. – You can talk to
Pam in a minute, but when I approach you,
you need to talk to me, OK? – OK. – All right, so what happened? – Ma’am, I missed my exit,
and I slammed on the brakes, and at that point,
I started sliding, and there was no correcting
it at that point. Once I started sliding,
all wheels broke loose, and here we are today. – OK. Can you tell me how much you’ve
had to drink, because I can smell it, and you’re
stumbling around, so how much have
you had to drink? – Well, I’ve had one glass
of wine to drink at Top Golf. – OK. – And your stumbling,
because I’m in, well, a pasture at this point, trying
to make sure I don’t slip. – OK. All right, well, who’s Pam? – Pam is an attorney
friend of mine. – OK. All right, good. OK, you can call Pam back after
I get all your information and we talk about things, OK? I have to do my part,
and what you’re doing is preventing me
from doing that, OK? – Yes, ma’am. – So you can call her
back in just a second, OK? – Well, I’m not going
to call her back. I will–
– OK. – There you go, ma’am. – That’s fine. All right, so here’s the deal. I can start you a
wrecker for this car. Are you injured at all? – No, ma’am. – OK, I’m going to work a crash
on this since all your airbags are deployed.
– Yes, ma’am. – OK, so we need to do that. – Absolutely. – Next thing I’m going to do is
field sobriety, and make sure you’re safe to drive.
– OK. – OK? Does that sound good? – I want to check
with my attorney. – You can check with her, but
I have to do field sobriety on you, OK? – Pam, they’re demanding
field sobriety. Is that OK? Is it? OK. – OK, so you need to
make some decisions, because Pam’s not here.
– Yes, ma’am. – This is the last time I’m
going to ask you to stop interfering with that, OK? – I’m sorry, ma’am. – You can call Pam
back if you want, OK? – OK. – But I need to do my
part, and by doing that, I can’t talk to you and
get my job done, OK? I’m not going to stand out
here in the grass all night. – I understand, ma’am. – So we’re going to
do field sobriety. – You want me to set my–
– You can set your phone. – phone down on the
hood of the car? – Yeah, you can set your
phone right over there, OK? All right. We’re going to investigate
a DUI on this one, but we’re going to go
to a better location to make sure he is not in
the grass or on the ramp, a safer spot to do that. All right, so I’m
just like you, right? – Yes, ma’am, you are. – All right. Then I’m going to go
1, 2, 3, so on to 9. – 4, 5, 6– – Yeah, and then 1, 2,
3, and so on to 9, right? Do you understand? – Yes, ma’am. – OK, now once you start,
don’t stop, all right? – What happens if I
refuse to do this? – If you refuse to do
it, you’re going to jail. – Well, what happens if I get
to jail and I’m not drunk? – Well, we’ll get there
when we get there. – No.
– So we’ll figure it out. – That’s not what I’m asking. – All right, here’s the deal.
– Ma’am– – You can choose
to do it or not. Are you going to do it or not?
– Ma’am. – Are you going to
do the tests or not? – Hostile environment
is not required. – OK. Now I’m done
talking, turn around. – No.
– Turn around. – Ma’am, I’m asking
a simple question. – Turn around. – Turn around. – Sir, I was asking– – You’re under arrest for DUI. – Typically, when
it’s a single vehicle off the road for
no apparent reason, especially at this time
of night, you know, you start thinking maybe
there’s something else going on. He’ll be going to
county tonight. So I’m sure Pam can
help him out there.

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