Live PD: Can You Get Me a Lawyer, Mom? (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Can You Get Me a Lawyer, Mom? (Season 3) | A&E

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– So we’re responding
to a fight that took place in a parking lot
here between three individuals. How you doing, Evan? – Yeah. – Evan, Deputy Lay. – Nice to meet you. – So– so what happened, man? – He’s disrespecting my
mom, treating her wrong. So I told him to stop. He wouldn’t stop. He’s driving erratic. He ran the stop sign right there
so I bust out his back window. And I’m not lying, I did. But he shouldn’t be
disrespecting my mom and driving rough like that. Would you guys want to be in
a car with someone doing that? I was just in an accident. You know the roundabout, the
car that went to the roundabout? That was me and my girlfriend. And it ain’t fun.
– Yeah – And I don’t want to be
in one because of him. And he needs to be locked up. He lies on me constantly. He says I have a gun. I don’t even have a gun. – So he’s disrespecting
your mom– – Yeah, he was calling
her– he said I’m done– he doesn’t like me, so he
was– he just didn’t want– – What’s his issue with you? – Cause I have priors
for him already. That’s why I don’t
hit him or nothing because I’ve already
been arrested for hitting him, me and my brother. – Did you have a
jacket or anything? – No.
I didn’t have a jacket. This is all I have on, sir. – OK. All right. So there’s nothing out
in the desert, no guns? – No.
No, I don’t have a gun. – All right. – The only thing that
concerns us is I get a phone call from people that
are in these offices that see you guys fighting–
– Well, I’m sorry you did, but– – Hold on.
Hold on. Let me finish. And they then tell
me that you’re carrying a blanket around that
looks like you have a rifle in. – No. – They’re not
involved at all, so why would they tell me that–
– I don’t know. Because they probably–
I ran that way, towards the juvenile– – No, they said they
saw it right over here. – No. I didn’t run over here, sir. I didn’t come nowhere
near this area. – Did you and him engage in
a fight, or just argument? – No, I just busted the
window, and that’s after he– I had ran the light. – All right. – For safety, does
he have a gun? – No, no, no. – We’re being told he has a gun. Would he go out in the
desert and draw it? – He ran out of the car
because Stefan pulled here. That’s what happened. – Because we’re
getting phone calls– – Why did he run out to the– but why did he run
cause Stefan came here? – Because the cops had him
last night for fighting. Everybody’s been
fighting for two days and he thinks he’s
going to get arrested. But this one in here
will say anything because he cannot stand him and
he wants to get him in trouble. – Afternoon.
– How are you doing, Stefan? – Pretty good, how are you? – All right. So what happened? – Basically because
even though it’s– what they’re probably not
saying is about money. I’m the only one making money. And they’re saying that because
I have [inaudible] money, I have to give it to them. I don’t know [bleep]. I don’t know– especially
Evan I don’t know [bleep].. And basically the
mom is saying, oh, what’s $5 going to do for you? He’s saying that I
have to buy them food. And I don’t have to
buy them anything. I could buy [inaudible] but I
don’t have to buy him anything. So he doesn’t
understand the word no. – Do you know if he
had a gun at all? – Yes, I do, because it
was in a purple blanket. And, like I said, he
ran for the desert. And I don’t know where he
disappeared but as soon as I went to the Nye County– – South 12. – –the juvenile detention
center, I pulled in. He was walking back with
nothing in his hands. So you can’t just pull a
Houdini or nothing like that. – Copy. – This guy is supposedly dating
the woman that’s involved. He’s dating her. And that, from what I’m
gathering, because he’s all over the place, is Evan’s– the guy Evan, that’s his mom. – Get him out of
your house, Mom. – He’s getting out. – I don’t want him there. – I don’t like him– – According to him he’s
leaving for Texas tomorrow? – Yeah. – OK. – Hey, listen, man. I was really respectful
with you, right? – Yeah. – But you’re pushing my buttons. You had the gun.
Where is it? – I don’t have a gun.
Take me to jail. I want to go to jail
because I don’t have a gun. – I just called–
– Well, you can call– just take me to jail.
I have nothing to say here. – Keep him here. – I’m not admitting
to none of that. I don’t have none of that. – I didn’t see
him with anything. [inaudible] my laundry
was getting thrown around. – That’s fine. There’s several witnesses
so they’re going to go look. – OK.
That’s fine. – Copy. – What’s the matter, sir? – Stefan, do me a favor.
Turn around. – All right. – Put your hands behind
your back, all right. – I don’t know what to say, sir.
I love you, mom. Give me a hug.
– Like you’re praying. Put them behind
like you’re praying. – Oh, I’m sorry, sir.
– What happened? – I don’t know what happened. I love you. Can you get me a lawyer, Mom?
Because I don’t know what– – Can you just– – –they’re talking
about, a gun. I’m calm.
– I’m detaining you, all right? – All right. – You’re not in custody yet, but
they did find a gun over there. – What the hell? – [inaudible] – Excuse me, that– that wasn’t mine. I don’t know where
that came from, and I didn’t even
run in the desert. I ran to the street
and to the probation, like I just told the Sergeant. – OK. – I got out and
ran because I was scared because he said
he was going to put me in jail for the window. I didn’t know I was
getting a ticket for that. I didn’t go in the desert. – You got enough? You good? – I’m ready to go, yeah. Can I give my grandpa
a hug and my mom? Come here, Mom. I love you. Come see me. Get Sarah and come see me. And you’re a [bleep], dep. – It’s not them. – Yeah, you are. [bleep] you. – He’s an LT– – [bleep] pig trying to [bleep]. – Hey, be quiet. – [bleep] – Hey, you want to put him
in the front or in the back? – I’ll put him in the front.
– Oh, hell yeah. Thank you, dep. Hey, thank you, dep. That’s pretty cool. – That’s the same guy you were
talking [bleep] to, by the way. – Oh, at least I get
to sit up front, man. – Hell yeah. [bleep]
– I’ll follow you. I’ll be right behind you. – This is a rifle we
located out in the desert. Sure enough, we
found this wrapped up in the purple blanket
laying out behind a bush. He’s a felon, so he’s in
custody for prohibited person with a firearm right now.

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