Listen To A Judge Tell An Immigrant Father He Doesn’t Know Where His Child Is (HBO)

Listen To A Judge Tell An Immigrant Father He Doesn’t Know Where His Child Is (HBO)

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I follow the marshals ladies and gentleman let me ask you to
stand up and raise your right hand take a note along the southwest border this
is the new normal for public defenders like Richard gold
court rooms filled with defendants charged with improperly entering the
United States just is ready they enter pleas of guilty and proceed to
sentencing today three men and women with chains around their ankles and
waists waiting to be prosecuted the room is humid as they sit in the very same
clothes they were apprehended I hate seeing people in shackles I mean
especially somebody with no criminal history no immigration history it’s hard
to look at it the reason for the increase Jeff Sessions is zero-tolerance
policy if you cross the border unlawfully then we will prosecute you
instead of the catch and release approach of prior administrations or
migrants with no criminal history would be returned to their home countries now
those caught at the border are prosecuted and may face up to six months
in jail the shift has dramatically up the
workload for attorneys and jammed criminal courtrooms in recent weeks how
is your work changed it’s kind of an all-hands-on-deck situation every time I
mean we had been accustomed to handling caseload in the 30s and sometimes in the
40s and what are you looking at now between 70 and 75 in the morning and
then up to another 70 to 75 in the afternoon vice news obtained audio from
one of these hearings how much time do you have with any
individual client we talked to them on average around five minutes or so five
minutes before you represent somebody give or take
zero tolerance has had another effect under President Obama under President
Clinton people were getting prosecuted for illegal entry what is different
though is that they’re separating people from their children their children are
placed in shelters or foster care indefinitely what percent of people who
come through the courtroom doors that you see would you say have been
separated from some kind of family member the percentages are somewhere
between twenty and thirty percent it’s a gigantic proportion certainly I don’t
remember people routinely saying they’ve been separated from their children and
what’s gonna happen to my family according to Customs and Border Patrol
almost 700 children were separated from their parents in just the first two
weeks of the policy well I was told when I was separated
from my son that your friend and tell me when I was going to be joined with my
son again I don’t know who told you that but you are totally incorrectly I have
no information regarding your child immigration doesn’t call the court for
being personally and she’ll be what happened to your child ship and his do
that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings I began to relate the information to you
if I could it but they don’t so hopefully if somebody will get in touch
with you through that side of the government what will happen to families
were people are across borders people who’ve lost contact because a young
child has been taken into federal care I think this is something that sounded
like a real good idea to some people in Washington I understand that they’re
separating these people from their children as a means of deterring future
people from considering the possibility of bringing these kids with them but the
bottom line is when you’ve got a child whose life is in danger and you decide
to go to a place that you think is safer I think it’s very hard for us to judge
them for what they’re doing because we’re not in there we’re not in their
shoes most desires with with my past you

100 thoughts on “Listen To A Judge Tell An Immigrant Father He Doesn’t Know Where His Child Is (HBO)

  • Juliana Avila Post author

    I don’t think I can be more angry or upset then I am in what’s happening to politics right now. I am embarrassed to be an American and sometimes I wish I was never born here. It’s insane what is going on I just can’t imagine that this happening and children are without their parents right now

  • Kevin Rehberg Post author

    This whole ordeal could have been very easily avoided..Its called FAMILY PLANNING!!! The Amnesty of 86 has been in effect for over three decades.. and we have more now than we had then.. Had the parents of the children conceived AFTER the Amnesty built their family units with only one child instead of 3 or more.. Those countries would have had a population reduction instead of a "continued" population growth….. but they didn't.. they chose to have more children than they could provide for……. And we are supposed to take them in?????..The conservative right has already declared that they want to have the ability to decide who comes and who doesn't.. but the liberals want "open borders".. So.. STEP UP liberals.. you want them….. SPONSOR THEM.. Be responsible for making sure they are fed and housed.. Be financially responsible for crimes they commit… If you think its so horrible to deny them TAKE CARE OF THEM!!!!!

  • legobuilder 369 Post author

    If you have the courage to have kids in a dangerous country and can’t provide have the courage to change policies in your country.

  • Shelly Holley Post author

    What have we come too? Nothing in this separation of parents & child is right. It’s something we would go to war for if another country tried to do this w American prisoners and their child. I’m sickened to the core of my heart. Trump, you are a sickening, disturbed man. 5 min of time w public defender? I truly pray that one day, someone you care about, does not have to go through what you are putting these people through!. You and the rest of the government are twisted on Power. As much as American citizens may be against illegal immigrants…our citizens would have NEVER voted this strategy in.

  • Mike 365 Post author

    The USA should send all illegal children IMMEDIATELY back to their country of origin and let their foster care system take care of them. Meanwhile the illegal alien parents should go to prison for 6 months to 2 years in the USA. Any country that does not take its citizens back should have all USA aid cut off ASAP until they do and if it continues stop all VISAs from those countries from entering the USA. It won' t take long before each country takes all their citizens back.

  • richardb2837 Post author

    People need to record these court cases so the public can see them.

  • Rocio Juarez Post author

    Jajaja is the right thing to do. U r not welcome here. Kids are better with out their parents.

  • TKO Brosnan Post author

    Go home, don't come here unless it's by law. Period, the end!

  • Richard Eduardo Post author

    I would leave my child in another country ,but people do for money foster money is a lot it cost a lot to support these kids .

  • Mary Austin Post author

    If you do not want to be separated from your children or families .. do not come here illegally and do not bring your children here illegally.

  • Marton Steve Post author


  • Shawn McCormick Post author

    The parents are using these children

  • Wesley Henderson Post author

    We should shoot everyone of them as they cross into our country.

  • Mariposa Olarinde Post author

    Putting people of color in cages and separating them from their parents is slavery.

  • Metro Test Post author

    It's the parents fault. DONT COME TO THE U.S. ILLEGALLY. COME THE RIGHT WAY. WE LEGAL TAYPAYING CITIZENS ARE FOOTING THE BILLS for housing, welfare, medical, education etc for illegals, even the damn lawyer representing them. GO BACK. YEAH TRUMP. MAGA.

  • Metro Test Post author


  • David J Post author

    If an American citizen has his child with him and breaks the law, guess what he is separated from his child.

    Come here through a legal port of entry and you won’t have this problem. Now save your tears for our very own homeless who live in worse conditions.

  • Linda Crowe Post author

    the parents should be prosecuted for child endangerment

  • Rebekah Seibert Post author


  • Lolita Nelson Post author


  • Betty Jean Itoka Post author

    Lady and the beat goes on .

  • Marcela Casas Post author

    Illegals may look innocent to Democrats but they are not innocent. They broke the law and disrespect the president. They are CRIMINALS. Why would people feel sorry for law breakers?

  • Marcela Casas Post author

    Separating families should make them think twice and not cross illegally. Do nt complain if families are separated. That is their own fault.

  • Jackie Planck Post author

    They don't have to come here. I'm the one in shackles and chains paying for them. As far as their children go. District Court took my children from me. My ex took them to Ohio. Haven't seen my children in years. So I don't want to hear your f**** b**

  • emma prophil Post author

    What America is doing is creating enemies. How in the world you took those people’ children and then you telling them you don’t know where their children are.
    This shit America is doing will come and bite us in the ass later. America is going to cry a river, America is going to shed lot of tears later. For it’s written.
    You do cruel guess what cruel will come knock on your door ten times harder.

  • rosellep18 Post author

    So they get treatment just like Americans?? Wow poor people

  • Carly Hall Post author

    Such irresponsible parents .
    They need to stay in their homelands.
    They should be charged with child abuse and endangerment

  • Buliders OTW Post author

    That's really too bad but we cannot absorb everyone in the world anymore, and we cannot take care of all the the wrongs in the world for free anymore, they are coming up here for economic reasons not for Asylum two different issues if you get caught coming up illegally then you should be prosecuted, criminals in the United States get separated from their families every day…

  • James Lee Post author

    Well cool that means that they are hiring what is the hourly rate????

  • James Lee Post author

    The Democrats want you to stop Deportation of the MS13 Gang they are good at heart!!

  • Kimi Lorelle Post author

    Why are people bitching about being separated from their kids? If you cross the border you know what to expect. These immigrants are as stupid as the burglars who get caught breaking into other people’s house and try to sue them when they get hurt 😂😂😂😂💯

  • Cathy Davis Post author

    GOD will judge

  • IsMojba Post author

    At least let people that have no criminal record stay

  • IsMojba Post author

    Lol must be nice to be white

  • Manny Mann Post author


  • Clorissia9 Post author

    Imagine this shit happening to people that was actually kidnapped and forced to do labor with inhumane conditions pay and America refuse to take them back home or give them reparations……

  • 420 grower Post author

    This video makes it look like it’s Americans fault if they dint break our laws they wouldn’t be separated it’s the law breakers fault if us Americans break laws we don’t get to bring our kids to jail with us

  • Mary Thompson Post author

    This is horrible….

  • Michael Westcott Post author

    just put a chip in all of them and put them back no cort room the end

  • Marcela Casas Post author

    Attn J. Dime! Do not care about your reply, opinion. Illegals from all countries are illegally crossing the boarder disrespecting the law. That's a fact. Illegals are criminals.

  • Marcela Casas Post author

    Visa and passports are legal. Crossing the boarder or other illegal entry is a crime. That makes them criminals. All people from all countries without visas , passports are breaking the law and therefore are criminals. It"s not about who founded the country but about the Rule of Law. Like it or not James Dime!

  • Marcela Casas Post author

    Moral code to do what's see right is to enter legally. Illegal entry not accepted. Have a good day James Dime! I have unsubscribed comments from you.

  • Marcela Casas Post author

    Correction (omitt the word see).

  • Mary Thompson Post author

    This lawyer is a saint…..he may not get far..but atleast he is trying….God is crying…love thy neighbor….the problem with Americans is/ they did not study their history /if you read your history book you will see that we as Americans are all thieves we stole from the American Indian/ we gave their children smallpox blankets/ and we killed their buffalo so they would starve /we are the thieves better get your history straight…..GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN AMERICAN HISTORY…..

  • Harold Clendenen Post author

    This attorney needs to get into another live of work. Any citizen in the united states gets separated when they get arrested. That lawyer is lying through his teeth. And what I don't understand is why the news media in not covering this so called war in Honduras that these immigrants are fleeing.

  • Silvus Sol Post author

    So go through a legal port of entry and avoid this problem?
    Nobody is against immigration, we are against ILLEGAL immigration. Nobody is saying you can't come, we are saying come the same way everyone else did. The wall isn't to keep people out forever, it's to make them go through one of the many legal ports of entry.

  • Ronald Tallent Post author

    Not our problem.

  • Bruce Wing Post author

    Why do illegals subject themselves to this by coming here? These people are not indigenous to america, native american Indians are! In history Mexicans can here and killed native american Indians! After mexico sold the land to the U S government they didn't want to leave! War with Mexico!

  • Anthony hopperpup Post author

    That man is lying about the separation, because he does not explain what happened during Clinton and Obama terms. Its like he is covering for Clinton and Obama ! If someone was prosecuted, what happened to their family !

  • Raymond Serpa Post author

    We need an asylum pre screen process.In order to seek asylum,there must be a reason that an individual is in personal danger.Crime/poverty is not uniquely targeted,therefore,nearly all applications could be tossed out in the screening process!We have these illegals in custody because the democrats have chosen to block sending them back!Border security,even a physical barrier,was supported by most democrats.Even Obama!You can see them say it on the You Tube video,"Gee…That sounds familiar".The democrats are causing death,and misery,just because they hate Trump!Please send them a clear message,vote them all out!Then there will be no need for detention facilities.No children separated from their parents etc.

  • Russ Wray Post author

    their all are claiming their life is in danger , this one things they  are told to say .

  • Tina Malsingh Post author

    You can thank you Democrats for that. Not trump. Thank you.

  • 1and only Post author

    Many judge them people crossing the border when here in the states all the so call citizens are worse in the way they keep their kids and Live out many help from the government and have many addictions and dnt take care of their kids most of all.

  • Eusebio Calderon Post author

    The lady in purple is A ZAMBIE.

  • Connie Nunya Post author

    Thanks god there no mrs.MM and our prince harry cause he will always be our prince, like his mom princess Diana, yeah, thats a good story ending

  • red88alert Post author

    It's about goddamn time! America First.

  • تيا تيا جانا Post author

    Richard Goul my respect to you 💯❤🙌

  • That's not Me Post author

    This is Deuteronomy, this is biblical.
    We need to stop this !!!!
    Evil is taking over and we are just watching ! This is horrific.

  • Rascal Flatts Fanatic Post author

    America isn't responsible for these illegals OR their brats. The reason they are in chains is because you CHOSE to climb a fence ILLEGALLY into a country that doesn't want you in the middle of the night. Stop lying and crying and go back where you came from.

  • Shit Head Post author

    Trump is sick man

  • Mike Jamison Post author

    Jails in America is a better stay then their homes of where they came from

  • Amiga Amigo Post author

    These immigrants don’t know?
    The child abusing cartel are happy you come.

  • Iam Invisable Post author

    I this country when you break the law, they will go for your kids first. Now that it's happening to Mexican it's a problem? What about the poor white and black kids since the 70s. Are you Nina use your kids as pawns when you should have just entered legally. Save your families now and self deport!

  • Sandy G Post author

    They crossed illegally, with their child/children. The children are taken away. Just like if a US Legal citizen commits a crime with their children, they get taken away! Why are people acting like this is new?

  • Moomoo dancer Post author

    Yhesed children should of never been taken from the land they were born in. Parents who bring children on a trek that far are not good parents.the children suffer because the parent makes them go through such danger. They know now borders closed to illegals .only way to get in USA is by legally . That's why this is child abuse. The parents are running away instead of fighting for the country they born in.sad but truth

  • Moomoo dancer Post author

    What is the future mindset of truth. If you see future truth that there's no room in America to keep letting populations migrate here. We would end up with not enough food or water the lands will not see support this mass wanting in USA . As lteafy a water shortage in many states especially in the west. Lake meads drying up to the desserts reclaiming the dessert due to water shortages there. Y hink truth about the lands and what it can support.

  • Moomoo dancer Post author

    To he children yes need to be sponserec by the country's they came from .that country needs to take care of those children who should be returned to o where they born.try to locate relatstives there otherwise that country should help them.

  • bernadette black Post author

    This could be seen also of trafficking. If the child is brought across and state lines and is under 18 it's trafficking . Is Trump filling up another island for his friends and associates

  • Juanita Fant Post author

    DON'T blame the JUDGE they subject their CHILDRENS to that!!!

  • OkieMommy Post author

    The same clothes they were apprehended in. Many of them don’t know how to brush their teeth!! And think of how far of a journey they took to get to the border!! In the same clothes they left their homes in their countries in!! Reality check please

  • Matthew Thatcher Post author

    This is disgusting. We are definitely living in dark times. May history judge our country correctly.

  • Arham Gomez Post author

    I bet u the government is selling the kids organ on the black market cuz how else can u explain u lost someone's kid fucking ridiculous

  • Rajuggwggegeg Gentes Post author

    TRUMP 2020

  • Law Of Attraction Post author

    White devils , they do the devils deeds. You pale skin demons will be judged accordingly, don’t forget you’ll pay for your ancestors evil doings as well. Our creator isn’t blind don’t forget it

  • Beverley Lumb Post author

    When you break the law your children are always separated

  • Eva Daly Post author

    They are taking anyone even if they have been here for 2 yrs or more, what kind of justice is this None & Lise the children as well.

  • Victoria Aktsioglou Post author

    Stop separating family's sick way to run this program

  • Nick E Post author

    Eh in the States if you get arrested and your kids with you depending on what it is they take the Kids too.Then the State exploits the hell out of you to get them back, even with it not being a serious issue, DSS will destroy that family in the name of a $$. Mean while kids being killed by their own families are left there to die.

  • Ashley Maluu Post author

    This is pathetic this isnt american this is trump

  • Mario Lazaro Post author


  • Mario Lazaro Post author

    Usa is crasy

  • JuanLGonzalez Post author

    Yo nunca oi un Americano dijiera que que el es mas Americano que un indijena, nunca.
    Si he oido que indijenas que se creen mas Americanos que Americanos nacidos aqui

  • Wilbur English Post author

    He is a terrible father terrible people who will bring their children and trying to blame in all the people

  • Emilio Vargas Post author

    The parents are the ones putting their children in this situation and then theY get upset WTF did they think was gonna happen

  • William Vanzant Post author

    America is not safe, America is not a good place. Has nobody learned that yet

  • T. A Post author

    They're prosecuted because they came here illegally!!!! they broke the law!!! This is a horrible news story, does she want me to feel bad for them or something? I'm not getting it.. at the end of the day they committed a crime towards the United States of America.

  • Eric Schoolcraft Post author

    Don't come here you won't have to worry about getting separated from your kids on fixing your own country

  • Blane Banse Post author


  • Nettie Watkins Post author

    I would be traumatized for life.

  • yeezus Post author

    they use those kids as a way to stay in the country. I say send the parent back and put the kid in foster care

  • Andrew Quintero Post author

    Catch and Release simply stated: Catch in the U.S. and Released into their home country.

  • Jennifer Haynes Post author

    This is hell.I agree with the attorney.

  • Angela Buyck Post author

    We should enact a Ellis island and allow folks through.

  • keisha Calixte Post author

    What are they doing with the children????

  • Anabel Post author

    That’s completely unacceptable can you imagine their trauma poor child .. how sad

  • OH Yeh! Post author

    Build the wall

  • Guy 5 Post author

    It’s illegal to cross the border without permission . Emotion has no place when families are separated it’s part of how the situation is processed. There has to be a way to detour people from coming here. Money, tax payers dollars, are sent to these countries. I would be more upset as to where that money is going and protests that country. People can be feed and sheltered until they can return home but leaving the borders open is going to allow this country to be consumed with drugs. You think we have a problem now wait until people start dying in overdoses. Broke. Families with children shattered by having their family separated. It’s a simple fix that can be made in the name of America. Our men and women fought wars trying to uphold our country and a lot of them died defending the United States of America. Those men and women were separated from their families. This country can fall within. There are terrorizing groups trying to take an already established government down with socialism. This open border thing is just a part of that move. It’s simple.. The anti Americans,, mostly young white people, who do not understand wars pushing for our destruction. They have no cause in life living off their parents dime looking for their issues of protest just like times past.

  • bes1batch1976 Post author

    Parents would rather choose federal care for children than to remain in their country sort of foster care

  • bes1batch1976 Post author

    Free baby sitting is a good idea for millions south americans

  • Emilio Vargas Post author

    This is nothing new americans go thru this system too when they commit a crime and their kids put in the system it happens everyday why should these criminals get beeter care they were( TOLD) that their kids were gonna be taken and still came it's tgeir fault they put their kids thru that smh what dont ppl understand they are criminals

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