Life Outside the Legislative Session

Life Outside the Legislative Session

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Hi everybody my name is Dan Rayfield And I’m a state
representative for the Corvallis and Philomath area and instead of doing a
email update we thought we’d do a video update of what we’re up to as we start
preparing for the 2019 session so we’re at a coffee shop on normal days like
this we have about four or five meetings in the morning we then generally try and
plug in a tour today I’ve got a conference call that I gotta jump on
after that we’ll do a general check in with staff now let’s go ahead and head
in to the coffee shop all right so generally we get here a little bit
early we have several meetings set up today a lot of them have to deal with
Healthcare so and I guess we’ll just kind of talk about them after we get
going through and kind of discussed it the general topic so I won’t get into
specifics all right let’s get this show on the road Normally in a legislative session meetings
for about 15 minutes long but you’re trying to make sure that you speak to
everyone that needs to talk to you about any given issue so a session well we get
to meet with people a little bit longer so today we’re doing about 30 to 45
minute long meetings actually a very fascinating meeting about how different methods to potentially fund our health care system
in Oregon at the best part about the job is learning
so let’s going on tour next meeting this one was very healthcare focused
this has been working with a constituent who is now off to U of O she’s an
amazing individual who brought an idea to us about a year and a half ago that
we’ve been working on about getting more education our schools about organ
donation and if you think about it this if we really increase the amount of
organ donors and Oregon by five percent over a period of time what that would do
to individuals that need organ donor transplants so it’s a bill that were
working on for the 2019 session very exciting all right two more meetings to
go I think and then we’re off to our tour We were meeting with the Providence Health Systems
getting an update on some of the challenges coming up and how the current
thought process are we’re to continue to ensure that every Oregonian that
receives their health care through the Oregon Health Plan continues to do so
into the foreseeable future and how do we do that in a sustainable way so we’re
about ready to move on to our fourth and final meeting last meeting is a little
bit of a different meaning we kind of focused on education and career
technical education and and the partnerships between businesses in the
local area and the economic drivers are their workforce needs and those
partnerships with the local community colleges and then how the partnerships
work within our school systems all right now we’re off here we’ll see in a bit all right we do it we do this over again we’ve now finished our meetings we’re
now headed over to as a Benton County Health Department we’re gonna be kind of
doing a tour of how the Benton County Health is doing their public
modernization for Public Health so we’re gonna go see how we’re doing it now now
that they’ve got a new building here in Benton County sound like fun so what
we’re doing is we’re doing a day in the life of a legislature when outside of
the session and so we just had a bunch of meetings and then we drove over here
they’ll run a little late which we apologize but wait you want to introduce
yourself yeah so I’m Charlie Fautin I’m deputy director of Benton County
Health Department and so as we were talking about since I co-chair the
Subcommittee on human services for color look at the investments and then also
see the perspective investments in how that’s been and then being used and then
we’ve also got the brand-new space for a patent Kevin sure is we look
over here from our other building while it’s under innovation but Public Health
is here permanently excellent let’s take peak Morgan are you okay with being on camera
I am That looks pretty fancy no it’s just a it’s
just a break of a camera so you’re not actually filming every meeting you have
do we do time lapses what you think that’s great all right so
just got done in the Benton County Health Department Sierra has to drive next
I have to get on a conference call for our leadership I serve on our house
leadership team so once a week we have a leadership phone call and again run
about five minutes late but I always texted make sure they know that I’m
running late exciting times shall we all right so okay I just got off the car
conference call you may have missed it but while we’re right in the car
actually ate a sandwich that we just kind of keep these things though this is
supposed to be in Adana life so you get these personal details of me eating a
sandwich it’s generally just peanut butter sandwich no jelly on bread now
we’re gonna move into a quick staff meeting normally we would have Harrison
and then obviously Tony’s gone this will just be Sarah and I work in as we get
going on our staff meeting the way our meetings generally
workplaces we have kind of these long lists to do items that we have basically
mark on those throughout the week as things come up and then from there we
come back and talk about how we’re progressing on this we also get into the
bills were working on I think we’re trying to work on those and little to-do
items as we’re going through that and constituent issues and then we do
communication that’s right okay so we’ll start doing this we pretty much have a good game plan for
the next week anyway that’s pretty much it the next thing that I will do is I
will go back make some call time at my office and do it again next week okay we
really didn’t tell you about the specific bills that we’re working on I
think that probably should be in another so thank you for watching if you’re
still watching and we’ll we’ll see you later
take care fade to black right Harrison

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