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a bitch is no one's in here hey bitches muscles trying to remarry they don't know hold on is we working here Rich's setup is like this thing doesn't is janky a girl it doesn't like BIM okay you know what hi everyone hello hello everyone are you doing everyone just wanna come on in say hello and address some things so a lot of people are upset with my style of video that's coming out right now and I am on vacation so I don't plan I'm sitting in a hotel room to do a voice over so I'll be home like next week I'll get back to those then maybe if we don't stay later how are you guys doing how are you feeling about today's video that went up literally like 30 to 45 minutes ago you read that yeah that's why I'm kind of leaning for it I can't really I can't really see it what do I think about Kylie's summer collection um I think the lotion will probably be good is probably just some basic like what's that lotion what's that lotion that used to jerk off with those a kid Cornhuskers election the Cornhuskers Jurgens Jerkins No I'm Lu murder Lubriderm everyone used Lubriderm get a little faffing what do I think about it I think the scrub I hope it's not the walnut oh yeah so I don't know if that's what's gonna what that's gonna be but I think it's funny that Jeffrey shaded it and I can't wait for Jeffrey's review because I honestly loved the review that Jeffrey did when he was talking about her skincare imal takes different right now and asked about he thinks really you must've not got your payroll checker because you're using a flip phone girl no it's the gold phone it takes messages from him let's talk about let's talk about genes for the 50th time well I did like a hundred fifty Oh time now when he was playing Minecraft so he's coming for the gaming community a lot of people said that he infiltrated the beauty community then destroyed it and now he's gonna destroy a community well a lot of people were saying that he did because Thomas Halbert did it and if you know anything Thomas Halbert put James on back in the day so but James also said before that he doesn't really like the gaming community and twitch less so and it for Klaus he's doing it for money he's copying Jeffrey well I think that he said he's gonna donate the money that he makes so that's good if he's doing that then I'm happy for him where's the receipt Oh Lord where's the receipt they're on Twitter are they the taps office is that what it is protect right off bitch so we just wanted to pop on and say hello you can just like something thank you it's breaking out really bad cuz I haven't been taking my makeup off at night bitch know if you want to see something bad I burnt like my scalp is burnt from where I've dyed my hair bitch ya know that's exactly what that is they were probably like there should be hair here but no there's a receding hairline do I look like that fruit nut bitch back yes you do girl no I don't have to say about that fat than my hair laughs to line it up bitch James could improve in the gaming community if you wanted to whatever skincare um Jake doesn't know what I use my face when I record it let me tell you I got it right here oh she swears she don't wear makeup I see you know what I really don't know I was coming on cameras and you know let me get a few things you just a little look pretty Marc Jacobs this the one that smells really good yeah yeah it smell like coconut so what I use my brush no it's March ago so what I use for I've been using this this is the Chanel skin tint it's new I guess it's very sheer just gives you like a glow and on top of that I'll use the Marc Jacobs this is the coconut one this is 104 fantastic Omega bronze you just saw it yeah it smells good so and then I used the Marc Jacobs pressure do so I'm Tom and that I will set my face with this Marc Jacobs accomplice 54m use which I should get a new one it actually is like a brush that comes and it's kind of cool I know you guys want me to talk about the radius' situation and then I'll set it with the spendy beauty and use it with just and for concealer oh but she don't wear makeup weight and for brows and for brows hold on now I usually Anastasio every Hill it really hills dipbrow and taupe and for concealer Charlotte Tilbury magical way concealer and this one is in shade at number six so this radius situation have you heard about it I don't even know it is apparently an influencer youtuber he was just arrested for sex trafficking nope minor shit yeah that's what it was our Kelly Park Kelly was arrested last night first yes hey Matt so he's going to prison um this rain Diaz I saw the l npg tweeted out about it they're getting more information I don't have any more information on it I don't even know who radius is so I can find out we will find out um I feel like people need to speak more about these pedos out there because what the fuck happened to Austin Jones no he's in jail prison prison prison uh Romeo Lacoste what how some guy said he was going to beautycon that's the video we need to make that video if I had me all the Costco's beautycon why did it more people like talk about that shit I think a lot of people talked about it but it just like it died off yeah I got brush some drama happen like right after his the people's stuff that you to check that's right after that as when James happened so radius' was abusive I don't know that is whose radios can someone tell us who do I have most beef with no one anyone that has he has people being broke yeah oh keemstar knows hooray Diaz radius' he's an Instagram model so he's unemployed yeah so we'll figure out who that is thanks for chat just thinking for the superjet up is one thing can i super chads2 bottoms sure thank you that's too bad but we are going to do a video or probably tomorrow it'll be the video tomorrow I'm doing another video with Theresa a lot of people thought that she was my mother we you know maybe it's the fabulous mr. Fabian Yves Rocher huh you know y'all think that I just a lot B were like you're just left with her to collab with something might know she's Loki my exception I watched her videos every night I've gone through every fucking video on her channel I really do like I like Teresa too and I thought that y'all need to go subscribe / – Teresa cuz I think that she's funny I love her humor and her humor is like so like out of this world she's uploading a video with all of us today mm-hmm today yes I thought was a motivational Monday but has fashion Friday is her thing I don't know how usually was fashion well I mean she didn't have a fashion model but do you know that her outfit was Nicole's I know she said it was the first time she'd ever been there it was BH Cosmetics presser yeah but the outfit was really good I thought you looked really kita she did that was really it you would have never known it was from Kohl's she look like I Dream of Jeannie yeah who's the fat one me doesn't not fat yes she's thick that's not talking she has on her Spanx though do you yeah what do you look at those things have you had his things on every day no okay well I've seen without these things then I can only give you fried she's bubbly fun I am I'm thick hey they gave her the super Jonathan we got they get James they're happy to buy just because he's slightly favorited favor in him during drama Kevin I did hear that James was on a stream with PewDiePie and was like oh we've both been in scandals and PewDiePie shut him up I don't really care for Felix that much not I don't like hate feelings but I feel like in that situation he got it wrong but that's just my opinion and that was his Dustin is that thick daddy oh no I think we're cameras since that matters if you wouldn't know yeah I would know you know what I know I know where you went last night bitch that's sitting where I went last night now um James better not hit on pewds Thank You smudge wait dick Ryder miss fucking wonderful made us like you just you though keep up the good work oh wow really don't like me just you she don't like me who was that machine shit oh yeah I did not go to the bathhouse you know funny gins in here what did you oh my god Jim kids what you said what did you guys do with rich killed him mm-hmm got him he's Marquez ours now a girl just like all those card holders um was like I'm safe right honey I figured I was gonna say stupid bitch something someone said something in the chat and I read it god damn I don't know what I was gonna say okay so are people press 1 if you're liking the in front of camera videos and press 2 if you would rather just always the voiceovers why because you should do what you want to do anyway oh yeah but okay we got someone's wine ones ones ones ones cuz I do get a lot of cons who play come and go back to your other videos just do the voiceovers good like you know what it is it's completely like night and day though those the voiceovers I get straight to the point and in in front of Karen video it's like chit chat ginger I like that videos so and it's kind of it I do my chit chat videos on my vacation he needs to clean his oh is that moldy wait oh let's exposed girl wash your beauty but wrench if you're watching this right now it washed your foot it was like doodoo that looks like it's stuck into his butt oh my god I just smelling shit everybody tweet duster right now shit sniffer Dustin yeah it's gonna change his Twitter profile oh let's see do you like the mix up the next up of the videos which one do I want to do I like doing the in front of camera videos when vacation and with people there way easy because I feel like when I'm alone and just talking it's like I like bouncing off of people like bouncing on clue hmm i seent it white-trash wonderful it's a good name to give it a super job like the bow it's wonderful as someone said I have sausage lips oh he paid a lot for this sausage they finally went down like but they're still swallowing the great here they do look a little upside up I mean when you have them going in and out of them you want to see my hair it's a fucking wreck it's like wearing these hats girl oh that's a different one what brand is that nasty Pig oh that was much that was considerably cheaper than when you head on yes yes thank you for this super chat oh my god I wish it would you know it should do it should pop up like super shots like on one side yeah it should maybe what is the tea with you hating gene singing okay there's no it Nick you're hilarious and I love you things for your videos oh my god sniffer Dustin so of course but amazing super Dustin a rich we have I if James has auto-tune I think he's good I think that James thinks he's a little better than he is and blows like and it's great to believe in your dreams and all that but I don't think that he should be disrespecting America and singing the national anthem okay I thought the little morphe thing he did was cute though I like that boom where he releases Palin is like oh no that was cute yeah that was really I do how long do you think is Palestine out oh god is Palestine I like six months now or something how did I not know that or was it like I felt like it was my summer it might be longer than that because it was cold outside I believe Oh see I thought it was like last year around this time that came out because rich was like oh yeah we came December cuz gene said it is nature it was like in December I really don't know the drama monger I just know I steal all my receipts Ali hey Ali how are you hey so I steal all my receipts you guys I cancelled well for you to be canceled that would have meant that your you would have been greenlit at some time so I mean how do you feel about the word bitch I'm a bitch you were pitched we are bitches okay you guys he sounds like a beet man a moment he that's behind well no when he did God is a woman I felt like really offended he did I wasn't yeah there's like a video going somewhere around where they actually like other tuned it like every time but I got a little bit of T about to charge guys well I'm gonna do the video maybe I'll be over due tomorrow Jean Charles I think when you're on the level that geez Charles is with 16 million subscribers that came back really fast don't know what happened but he is so fucking thirsty and I'm not talking for that dick I'm talking about rushing to beat the attention but to be in the presence of celebrities like you always hear like Shawn Mendes you seen him now this Millie Bobby Brown from stranger things going in there like let's record a video and talk about the season 3 do you know what sticks out to me is when he did that video with Rylan and Shane and Shane was like what is what does an icon and he was like uh I'm like you cannot deem yourself an icon or legend he really loves himself girl are we really on the payroll lens right here yes I told you we have a phone it connects directly to Jeffrey Jeffrey couldn't afford the new iPhone so he did send us this Motorola is oh wait it was a spy that's I mean it is missing the little camera lens or whatever so me we must have got this from like t Spillers and they traded hers in see James gonna be your place in like three years well you know it but that probably is true I think that James will move on to something bigger and better I think it's not good please cut out do I think that he will probably come out with as Omega plane sister cosmetics that would be waste you're predictable sister cosmetic is it weird like a 30 year old man one day we'll be calling your own sisters they're still gonna be so easy name not gonna get a show and it's gonna be called sister wives to you well at least I'm not bringing Chris Hanson back for that one so that's that everyone I find it in this live thank you guys so much for coming and we're gonna go do some shopping or something new video tomorrow thank you know what we're feeling uninspired you guys could you please tell us what you want us to record could you guys help us please tweet us and let us know we're hard oh I've been deemed rich and I have been deemed the Mean Girls of YouTube really again I thought that that was the relation you do know it's us so I'm going to go be that bitch out there and the other room bye guys have a good day stay safe Carla can't the button

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