LegalEagle Answers 12tone’s Questions About Copyright – Real Law Review

LegalEagle Answers 12tone’s Questions About Copyright – Real Law Review

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– Thanks to Audible for
keeping LegalEagle in the air. (patriotic music) Hey, LegalEagles, it’s
time to think like a lawyer and today we are going to
have a somewhat unusual video of some of my favorite YouTubers
who are here at VidCon. So I thought I would take the opportunity to corral some of these great
YouTubers to spend some time and talk about some of the legal issues that they deal with on an everyday basis being creators on YouTube. And I am thrilled that we have the creator of one of my favorite
music-related channels. This is Cory Arnold from 12tone. Cory, thank you so much for joining us on the yet-to-be-titled,
LegalEagle interview show. – Yeah, thanks for having me. Like Devin said, my name is Cory. I run a channel called 12tone. I’m a music theorist and I do a bunch of different types of musical analysis. One of our main series is we’ll
look at pop and rock songs and the harmony and the
compositional aspects of those which I think pretty clearly
falls under commentary and critique in terms of fair
use but I still obviously, I get a lot of fraudulent copyright claims and I was wondering, I know that the actual copyright
claim system inside YouTube is not an actual legal entity but once it gets to DMCA
takedown notices and stuff, I’m wondering what the disincentives are for major labels and whatever to issue those sorts of fraudulent claims because I mean, I hope there are some. – Yeah, well, it’s a great
question because obviously, copyright is a huge issue
on YouTube these days, both some of the people who
are pirating things illegally and creators who are doing things that are perfectly
within their legal rights and yet they are still being claimed by some of the rights holders. We’ve seen a lot of traffic coming from some of the major music studios. I’m sure you and I
could probably name some that are particularly known for making false claims against creators. And so an answer to your question, yes, there are actual
penalties for companies and individuals that make false claims and there are a couple of things. Most of them stem from what’s called the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act or the DMCA. And as you alluded to,
one of the mechanisms that a rights holder has to
take down what they consider to be illegal material is a DMCA takedown and that is basically the company saying to a platform or a website, you are hosting material that is illegal and you should take it down. I’m giving you notice of it. And really, if the platform or website wants to avoid being liable
for copyright infringement, they have to take it
down and that’s something that a lot of creators don’t understand is that YouTube sometimes
doesn’t have discretion to take it down. But that being said, there
are ways of making sure that when companies do
take creators’ videos down, there are some penalties to them. The first is that when
you issue a DMCA takedown, that’s a real legal document. That is not the YouTube Content ID system. This is something that’s enshrined in law. And the most important thing is that if you issue a DMCA takedown in bad faith and it ultimately goes to court, you can be liable for attorney’s fees. And so, there’s a bit of
a fee-shifting provision in the DMCA that if you don’t issue a takedown in good faith,
you might be on the hook for not only your own attorney’s fees but the attorney’s fees of the plaintiff. Companies, even the studios
and labels are very reluctant to issue DMCA takedowns
because they can be on the hook for copyright misrepresentation
and they can be on the hook for the attorney’s fees if the creator sues
them under Section 512 f which is the misrepresentation
part of that statute. Unfortunately, creators are not likely to sue the rights holders for
making these false claims. I’d love to hear from your perspective what has happened to the extent that you have had to deal with with some of these takedowns. – Yeah, so I’ve gotten a fair
amount of copyright claims all from one label who I
probably shouldn’t name, I don’t know. But mainly, just a lot
of videos that I’ve done, whenever I’ve done their songs, the one time what has gone
a little a bit further, I actually got one actual
takedown notice from the label, not the major label that
was making the claim, it was the rights holders
for the individual, the band. – Ah, interesting.
– They issued a takedown and then I took it to the next level on the YouTube appeals process which says effectively either
back off or actually sue me, take me to court and they
weren’t gonna do that. But once I filed that, pretty quickly, I get this email from the
lawyers of that band saying, hi, we are this band’s lawyer
and we got this notification. We would like to investigate further but we can’t watch the video
because it’s not on YouTube and no one in this office has seen it so could you send us a
copy so we can figure out if this is copyright infringement? I was just like, no, I can’t do that. I didn’t have it. In the first place, it was an old video but it was just like in that case, if your client didn’t
check with their lawyers, that feels like a pretty
obvious admission of negligence. – Yeah, that’s pretty crazy and it’s not at all surprising frankly because often the people that issue the first content ID claims are not connected to the legal departments of these same companies and sometimes, the training isn’t very good
and it will be a non-lawyer that issues one of these DMCA takedowns. And after the DMCA takedown is issued, the video goes down and
the lawyers can’t view it, you can’t view it which is hysterical that you had to deal with the lawyers even asking to take a look at your video. And there’s a famous Ninth Circuit case called Lenz versus UMG. People may be familiar with UMG. – I’ve heard the name, yes. – And it involves a case where
they issued a DMCA takedown without even really considering
whether fair use applied and the Ninth Circuit
said the DMCA requires you to form a good faith belief
before you issue the takedown, and not forming a belief is not the same as a good faith belief and so they got severely reprimanded for issuing this takedown without really considering fair use. And so now, it is really
the law of the land, at least in California and
the rest of the Ninth Circuit that you have to at least consider whether the video is fair use or not or you could be liable
for misrepresentation and in libel for attorney’s
fees for the improper takedown. – And that’s interesting. It’s like in cases where you don’t just get an email from their lawyer saying we didn’t look at this, ’cause in my understanding,
and I might be wrong here, but my understanding is
that in terms of fair use, nothing actually is or
isn’t fair use technically until a judge rules on it so what is the process
of proving that you did or didn’t have a good faith
belief that it wasn’t fair use? – Yeah, I think those
are two separate things. I’ve heard people say nothing can be certain
unless it’s litigated and that’s technically true but that’s technically
true about anything, not just copyright.
– Yes, that’s true. – You’re never certain until a judge has stamped the the judgment. But the underlying issue of
how would you prove that, well, in an ideal world,
you would file suit and then you would be
entitled to discovery which we tend to focus on the drama of the trials on TV and in the movies but the vast majority of what
lawyers do day in and day out is actually just the process
of getting all the facts that are relevant. In The U.S. at least, we’ve sort of done away
with trial by surprise. We want everyone to know all of the facts before they get to trial
and so a lot of my job has been spent writing discovery requests where I will ask for the
relevant documents from you and in court, you are
obligated to turn those over and I will often conduct these interviews of the witnesses of the other side, those are called depositions, and so if state of mind is relevant, then you would be entitled to sue them and then find out all the
people who made the decision and you’d be able to put them in a chair and you would ask them under oath what they thought about
this particular song that was taken down or this video.
– Yeah, a video. – And you would be entitled
to all the documents, maybe all the email traffic where they dealt with
this particular video. It’s a cumbersome process but
that’s how you deal with it. You get the discovery in that topic. I really hope that creators are less afraid of copyright
issues in the nature. I think that there’s a lot
of great stuff out there and there’s a lot of bullying going on, certainly a lot of copyright infringement on the internet as well but for all of these
music channels that I see, your channel Paul Davids, Adam Neely, you guys are doing such great
work with music education. – Yeah, and we all have
music business education too. We’ve taken these classes. Anyone who has a music degree knows at least the
rudiments of copyright law ’cause we have to. – Right, right. – So we know what we’re
doing for the most part. – That’s awesome. Well, I hope you keep at it. I love the channel. I recommend anyone interested
in music theory 12tone, the channel that Cory created, really is the absolute pinnacle of musical analysis on YouTube. – Thank you.
– So keep at it and hopefully the studios don’t
give you too hard of a time with your material. – I’ll just keep appealing. – Yeah, sounds good. Well Cory, thank you for joining the untitled LegalEagle interview. – Yeah, thanks for having me. (eagle screeches) Okay, cut the cameras. Thanks for doing this interview, Cory. I really appreciate it. Cory, have you ever heard of Audible? You might really enjoy this audiobook How Music Works by David Byrne. He’s the lead singer of Talking Heads and he does a really fantastic job of explaining how music
has evolved over time according to both the
context that it’s written in and how music technology advances. Wait, what? Yeah, I know you’re already
an expert about music theory but it’s an amazing
exploration about music from one of the great
pop authors living today. It talks about how one genre absorbs the influences of other genres, how musicians anticipate what
their audience will want, and how instruments were
suited for music venues, not the other way around. No, I don’t care if you’ve
already read the book. Why don’t you just listen
to it again on Audible. Audible is giving LegalEagles
a free 30-day trial with two free originals. All you need to do is go over
to or text LegalEagle to 500-500. You can download any
audiobook of your choosing and get two free Audible originals. No, no, no, they should
use my link, not yours. No, I don’t care if you also have a link. People should use my link
because clicking on the link in the description really
helps out this channel. Cory, you should definitely go and check out How Music Works on Audible. Just head over to or text LegalEagle to 500-500 or click the link in the description. Yes, I’m talking to you, Cory. Who else would I be talking to?

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