Lawyers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Lawyers

Lawyers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Lawyers

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– I went to law school, and I was like, “I’m gonna make it rain in the dough.” And that’s not happening at all. (upbeat music) That’s a great question. – I think ’cause you
can flip them that way. – It’s because it makes us
feel like fancy lawyers. Like, “Objection,” flip. – And it’s a little longer (chuckles). – Are they longer? You know what, they also don’t have holes. – Yeah, they don’t have holes in them. – Yeah, so our pens can’t get stuck. (upbeat music) – ‘Cause they’re stressed out. – I love my job, I really like what I do. – Yeah, I don’t think everyone hates it. – No, maybe they should
stop being lawyers then, if they hate their job. (upbeat music) – Because they’re stressed (laughs). – (chuckles) Super highly
stressed out people. – A lot of pressure. You’re dealing with people’s– Like the most important
part of people’s lives. For some people, like the
biggest thing that’s happened. – I defend people who are facing eviction, so my case, the outcome of it, will determine if a
person has a home or not. And that’s a lot of pressure. I drink a lot of juice. – Tina does not like alcohol. – Well, let’s not lie. (suspicious music) – Objection. – I’ve never once said objection. – You have to preserve
the objections, guys. – When are you objecting? – Opposing does something
they’re not supposed to do. – How many lawyers are
really depos or trials? – And you’ve gotta preserve in the depo. – They only time I yell out, “Objection,” is when my boyfriend’s talking nonsense. The only time I’ve ever
used that in my career. (upbeat music) I think people hate us
because a lot of lawyers on TV are super rich and smuggle money and they’re like the ones that
defend the asbestos people. I’m gonna blame TV for the lawyer hatred. – Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know where to pinpoint it. – TV.
(upbeat music) I looked this one up. – You also Googled it?
– I did. I Googled this so hard because (laughs) my sister was running her mouth, and I was like, “Stop, I’m a doctor.” And she goes, “No, you’re not.” And I looked it up,
and I was like, “Well.” She’s right and she’s wrong. We have our JD, so we’re Juris Doctors. But we’re not allowed to
use it in the United States because it would present a misleading type of role to the public by saying we have more education
than we actually do have. So, we wouldn’t be the equivalent to like a medical doctor. And you can get your doctorate of law, which is like even higher. I looked into that because I wanted to be a forever student. And then, I was like, “No, homie, I’m not messing with that.” (upbeat music) I object to this question.
(laughs) 180% ’cause let me tell you. – I got a lot of debt. – So much debt. On my salary, I cannot afford my services. And it’s not dope at all. (upbeat music) – My first year of law school, I was told, “Do not date another lawyer.” And that’s what I did. – This lawyer dates a
low voltage electrician. ‘Cause it has nothing to do with law. (upbeat music) – I majored in sociology. – I majored in criminal
justice and history. But a lot of lawyers
major in like philosophy, or English, or something like that, yeah. – It doesn’t matter.
– Business. Engineers, surprisingly, do
really well on the bar exam. – Math majors too, do really well. – Anything, really, it doesn’t matter. (upbeat music) – Lawyers can help people a lot. Like, they are a lot of
volunteer opportunities, and pro bono opportunities. I don’t know how many actually do it. – A good amount. – There’s a lot of
potential there to help. – All I do is help. – That’s nice (laughs). (upbeat music) I cannot count (laughs). – Counting to 10 today was a struggle. One of my clients came and said they had an illegal rent increase. So, I had to figure out the
math, and I just didn’t. I had somebody else do it ’cause I don’t know what 3% of this. Like, I don’t know that. – Lawyers don’t like math.
– No. – That’s why we’re lawyers. (upbeat music) – I think it’s unethical for us to lie. – Yeah, and you’re not supposed to lie.
– We can’t lie. – I think people think
we’re like hiding evidence, and like throwing the gun in the ocean. And like, no. – That’s because we watch
How To Get Away with Murder. Yeah, we can lose our license for lying. That’s not cool, we do zealously advocate. But no lies. (upbeat music) – Yes.
– We can. – Yes.
– We usually get kicked off. Have you ever served? – In San Francisco, I saw a
trial where they had like, not kidding, three lawyers on the jury. – No way.
– Yeah. – That’s because San Francisco is dope. – It is. But yes, you can serve on jury duty. (upbeat music)

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