LAWYER That Drives a GTR?? Funny Girl Reactions to 700HP GTR!!

LAWYER That Drives a GTR?? Funny Girl Reactions to 700HP GTR!!

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[Music] use of my backyard though what’s up everyone I’m here with Ryan on a road trip where we going my lawyer’s house we invited us we’re going to have a few GTRs there I’m going to film some reactions of Lloyd and freaking out when I floor it on the freeway yep I’m going to try and get some reactions as I’m holding the tripod Ryan got a new trip over to ahead me and like you can see my limo sure gonna cut that I yes we need to when I take off hello oh you’re recording yeah summer pudding we’re about to embark on a one-hour journey to the valley the brands going to love it because he’s going to do a lot of little girls [Music] got to get it to the freeway so I’m like what you’ll be doing here [Music] – crap sorry guys [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] here my lawyers house home gt-r and another pretty nice things got a 15 black edition so we got three GTRs now my lawyers we got Ryan’s crazy virus GTR and we have mine look at this thing this is one of two HKS wings in the United States so I got one of the nicest ones here in California especially I think it’s getting new with burns law firm and this is Ryan right here he’s the red GTR owner so you guys can see his face the lawyers out here yeah what’s up so right here guys we have the world’s first 3,000 horsepower GTR burns burns loft I am he attended he’s got Michelin tires that is stock side he’s got the carbon fiber now here’s Dunlop the red last executive man we’ve got the lightning bolt light who’s the world’s first EGR with front license later right here there’s Brian the dog right here hi-yah [Music] Revit bro runs burned out bro Revit yeah Google kickback on that [Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen the only white GTR in the United States imagine like all they hold on a minute I hit a home resident in the foyer you walked up there should it be a magician of knife anything listen I’m threatening everything to take up we’re here at the GTR party we’re here with the JDM squad right here we got Kevon and we got ride yep he’s got the white one you’ve got the red one I got the yellow one yeah I’m here with some of some wise words you have to say to the audience because everybody can watch me obviously want to take the are so right go do it now while you’re young and you heard it directly from the owners Kevin nice Brian we’re just going ahead but you don’t have lines on you I’m finding out Oh little hard yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music]

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