Lawyer Milloy shares why he joined ACN

Lawyer Milloy shares why he joined ACN

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[music] fifteen years in the nfl made a lot of money had a lot of success led a lot of men saw a lot of men grow the biggest thing i can get as an nfl
player is respect from my peers who i play against that’s what’s more important to me than all the accolades i can get im outta football now right so ACN came and i looked at it i said wow this is another field for me to play on i get to the lead show people how to go out the financial
success like i have financial freedom so this is powerful my mom too right so i was like hey this is my this is my chance right when i went to the NFL i went there did everything but i did it by myself now i can get on another field play on it but i can bring people that i
love with me right you can clap pretty special example first recruit been with me from day one literally, my mom, she’s a ETL my sister-in-law ETL one of my good friends former n_f_l_ player university of washington huskies ETL that’s what i’m most proud about so when i first got in i was like hey this is easy i can have everybody use my brand i had my first pbr im like ya know we go through the presentation i walk around i scan the room i go up to one of my buddies one of the guys i thought would just get in and we could just run build something in seattle i said hey mike what’d you think, he’s like naw im not in, i’m like what it’s one of those right you guys all know what i’m talking about one of those oh i’m too busy so the whole time im just smiling like this im listening to him but in the back of my head i’m like i want to grab him that football player is about to come out like hey listen to me man i’m doing this who are you to tell me i’m on ESPN not you but i didn’t say that i didn’t say that i told this person i said man ya know what is that thing he’s talking about an he’s like lawyer just stay the course so i did fortunately for me the next event was in charlotte an event like this a national i came into the bobcats arena
i looked around saw all the people stadium it was energy just like today i was like yeah i’m digging it saw people going up there giving their
testimonials my mom was like i like this and i saw aaron burt get up there is aaron burt in the house i saw all his people his team he had built baltimore right the green hammors i was like mom look at this this is crazy that’s what i want to do so i came out of there and that’s when that’s when my business in ACN really really started all the people with me we came back and we were on fire i came back i just started recruiting i did it my way right now i have twenty personal recruits i hit TC in ninety days and we’re moving and we’re moving all because of ACN right last thing i’m going to talk about is building a team yeah i saw up there i won a
championship but the first year the coach was there we didn’t even go to the play offs so the next year he went out and he recruited he invited people to be a part of his vision right and then we got it right and we won the super bowl same thing with ACN you’re going to have negative people like my friend mike who just actually called me last week to say how’s that business going because the coffee business that he was getting into wasn’t working so now this is my friend right so i said oh it’s going good my mom’s doing good i didn’t even talk about me my mom’s doing good my sister in law my best buddy he’s like oh yeah well i’ve been thinking about it maybe you know but i don’t have a lot of time so i thought about it i said look man i’m not going to have you on my team right
now because i don’t need a cancer we’ve got something positive going we have a lot of energy on my team we’re building something in the northwest that’s that’s
moving everybody’s hearing about my team and i can’t have somebody like you because on
a team the only way we won that superbowl was because everybody was doing their job everybody believed in the vision thats that same thing with ACN you go out there you keep recruiting you’re going to have some people that get in and their going to fall off their not going to do their job but that’s all right because you keep recruiting and that’s how im building my team with the help of my head coach spencer hunn so thank you so lawyer milloy is a name that’s well
respected in the NFL i’d heard it for many many years as a matter of fact a fifteen year career and uh… and he was a hometown hero i
had a chance to meet lawyer and uh… the first thing that
really uh… struck me was he was very kind cause on the sidelines he came off the
field and uh… he just he looks like a leader
i knew he was a captain and then i got wind that his season or his career could be
winding down i thought what a great place to take all
that talent all that leadership and still have a chance to make a lot of money working with ACN so i called up his mutual friend of ours and said hey
invite him to sit down and hear about ACN she set up the meeting we went together
and just broke down the simple vision of ACN and really highlighted the
teamwork aspect leadership aspect and just the business you know being able to
build this and make some money and win we sat down talked about ACN i said this is perfect perfect transition for me because it does a lot of it ..the details that he was talking about it was pretty much just like the profession i just left NFL about building a team it’s all about people you being a leader getting out there in the trenches being able to lead by example and uh… i have a good person that was
at the top of the business coming to recruit me you know even though i left the NFL as an all pro super bowl champion i’m willing to be humble go in as a rooky and learn from the guy that has the blue print spencer hunn we’re having a lot of success crazy tremendous success

13 thoughts on “Lawyer Milloy shares why he joined ACN

  • Linda Swearingen Post author

    great job! keep it up…I pray to follow in your footsteps. I am still new at this and can't wait to help others, especially in these times. We lost everything in 2008 and I believe that the Lord will bless us ten-fold! We still have all of our children and grandchildren and all that we lost is material & can be replaced. I would much rather loose those things than the ones I cannot replace!
    God go with us all and keep us all on track!

  • Johnny Phrakonkham Post author


  • McCuck81 Post author

    i remember in the late 90s when he was with the pats.. i was in high school, and lawyer would drive by our high school in Quincy mass.. he had a lexus Lx suv, and hed roll by and wed yell his name, and youd see his hand come up through the sunroof… then a few years later when i was old enough to drink wed see em all the time down waterworks in the summer time,.. hes a good dude… awsome player

  • Denise Logan Post author

    Hey good video

  • Ramon Escalera Post author

    Awesome video.

  • Marta Marsella Post author


  • Steinger, Greene & Feiner Post author

    This is a great example of how someone, especially after sports, can move onto another professional field. Too often we hear about players who disintegrate, but this is not the case. He has become another type of role model.

  • Edwin Pichardo Post author

    Awesome inspiration dont you think?

  • SolicitorsInEaling Post author

    This is something interesting issue a guy sports jump into the field of Law. This is kind of exciting yet challenging journey to his part. Goodluck!

  • Samuel Bittencourt Post author

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  • salvatore lo piccolo Post author

    Very inspiring video.
    Anyone interested in joining this great American company in the NY NJ area ,feel free to contact me.
    Great opportunity worth checking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Royston Dsouza Post author

    We will train you to be a Leader of the Leaders. If there is a will, we will teach you the way. To join ACN. GO to the website . Select your country and get started. Type in Sponsor team/business I.D no: 8870576700 and fill in the details that's it.
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