Lawsuit Says Trump Already In Violation Of Constitution, Days After Inauguration – The Ring Of Fire

Lawsuit Says Trump Already In Violation Of Constitution, Days After Inauguration – The Ring Of Fire

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We’re currently less than a week into the
actual Donald Trump administration and already, Monday morning, lawsuit gets piled against
Donald Trump by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, saying that his
receipt of foreign payments for his hotel is in violation of the emoluments clause,
a direct violation obviously of the constitution. The reason that this is an issue is because
as ProPublica has reported, Donald Trump did not divest his interest in his own companies. He did not put anything into a blind trust,
he did not turn over leadership. He is still very much aware of and involved
and receiving the money from his own corporate operations. That is illegal for a sitting president of
the United States. He had plenty of time, this is something that
he could have done the day he announced that he was running for president. He chose not to. He could have done it when he officially became
the Republican nominee. He refused. He could have done it the day after he won
the presidential election. He refused. There’s not such thing as, “Oh, he didn’t
have time yet,” or, “He’s working on it.” He’s had more than 18 months to do this, or
at least lay out the plan so that he could put it into action before he was inaugurated,
because as I’ve said in the past, the second he gets inaugurated, if he hasn’t done it
yet he is in violation of the constitution and that is what this lawsuit from CREW is
trying to say, but even if this lawsuit from CREW does not get accepted by the court, if
they say that they have no standing, the ACLU already has a backup plan because as Trump
is still an owner in his DC hotel, which hosts foreign dignitaries who pay their bills with
foreign government money and that money then goes to Donald Trump, that’s how that works. If the CREW lawsuit fails the ACLU plans on
finding another local hotel or bed and breakfast that’s losing business to Trump’s hotel based
on Donald Trump being the president and they will bring the suit that way. There is nothing that Trump can do right now
aside from divesting from his own businesses today to get out of these lawsuits. These people have been thinking about this
for months because Donald Trump has not kept his promise to divest from his own businesses. That’s all their wanting, they’re not essentially
trying to impeach him right now, although if these lawsuits go forward it will lead
to impeachment. The government will have no choice but to
act on the matter. Donald Trump is in this mess because he refused
to do what he was legally required to do. He refused to take a step back from his own
companies in order to run the country. That’s what the people elected him to do. I take that back, that’s what the electoral
college elected him to do, the people overwhelmingly voted for Hilary Clinton. Nonetheless Donald Trump is in a very sticky
situation today and it’s all because of either his laziness or his arrogance and thinking
that he could get away with doing something that every president before him had made sure
that they took care of before they were sworn into office

100 thoughts on “Lawsuit Says Trump Already In Violation Of Constitution, Days After Inauguration – The Ring Of Fire

  • ATAV Post author

    Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up,… We will finally see the REAL CROOK. Oh yeah, and Impeach while you are at it.

  • Matheus Cruz Post author

    Any proof that he is still running his billion dollar empire? Your word?

  • 9TheMajor Post author

    But the problem is that the satanic and corrupt Trump appointed his own attorney general etc so as to be untouchable. Hence; he REALLY can commit any crime and yet not be touchable by the judicial system.

  • Frank Crossword Post author

    He'll never be impeached, fined, prosecuted nor even taken to court .He is above the law.The owners of America have their boy in place ,and they'll keep him there as long as they have a use for him.

  • Dalton Daugherty Post author

    Left propaganda trump is donating every penny spent at his hotel by foreigners to the national treasury

  • Anthony G Post author

    All you cucks sit down and make way for the God Emperor.

  • Red Reddington Post author

    Start lawsuit with supreme court saying voters do not have to be vetted with government issued illegals excons and non residents cannot vote. This ruling by Supreme court is so absurd.

  • Dalton Daugherty Post author

    And omg saying Hillary got more votes is such bullshit popular vote is nothing the states get to vote get over it that way high population states like California can't run the whole fucking country that would be tyranny witch would lead to states seceding from the United States

  • Red Reddington Post author

    Supreme court needs to get off the fat arses and start policing the nsa cia and fbi in terms of mass surveilence of millions of americans without evidence of illegal wrongdoing

  • Matthewn57 Post author

    except he's been getting away with everything that would have destroyed any other candidate (Republican and Democrat) political future

  • Smokin Gun Post author

    bullshit Trump has the right to keep his business and be President at the same time….he just choose to turn them over to his family so there will be not conflict of interest….

  • SuperAlby65 Post author

    I smell impeachment, damn

  • Brooks Anderson Post author

    The bChinese Communist Party leadership must be thrilled at all of this!

  • Red Pill prime Post author

    Thumbing his nose at us.

  • 46619TAB Post author

    Please DO NOT impeach Fuhrer trump, if he's ousted we're stuck with an insider that knows how to run the system AND hates everyone NOT LIKE HIM. Pence is a walking DISASTER

  • xUNGODLYCARNAGEx Post author

    He already signed the papers to turn over everything to his sons hahaha keep trying dipshit maybe go by a wig so ppl might take you seriously , o wait no ones gonna care either fuckin way get a life

  • Steven Deshazo Post author

    Total libtard bullshit.

  • Josh Post author

    they are just trying to do whatever they can to take a blow at Trump ah just sad

  • PJ J Post author

    Are we surprise, he is a liar he will be impeached!! Just wait he is digging his own lawsuit!!

  • Laura Post author

    Pence and Trump are exempt from this law. Look it up.

  • Tiki Tavi Post author

    So when the courts finally say hes not violating it on the basis that you are not required to Liquidate your assets to be president, You can recuse yourself from the Conflicts in simple ways that do not involve you giving up your company, Oh i don't know make it so that Payments from foreign governments Skip the presidents And the corporations pockets and instead go to the US Treasury let our treasury make money again? But no no its just much easier to not allow them to be put in that position in the first place, You know so we can keep this charade congress has of private interests. The hotels themselves make it so if we want to protest his goofy ass, we actually have a platform to protest in that affects HIM, and he has a Incentive to actually CARE about opinion, Kind of make his business a temporary Extension of the government while he is in office. He does not Create laws out of thin fucking air he can suggest and enforce(When congress is not Retarded shit gets done for better or worse; they trump his laws), We have a system of Checks and Balances for a reason that we do not use because we have forgotten what they are, and prefer the APPEARANCE that everything is okay and ethical, when they are not, Id rather have a blatantly unethical person rather than someone who Appears to be ethical but actually isn't least i know what i am getting.What that appears to be is Right wing extremists that once you topple Trump you are left with Pence and a right wing cabinet and a Right wing Congress What difference other than the fact our protests can only be shown in random spots with no coverage or at Trump's business So He can See the people? I believe trump and his cabinet will destroy this nation if we cannot hold them accountable, And the only person who can Be held accountable is the BUSINESSMAN and it fucking scares the shit out of me because that's All branches of our government that holds No accountability because protests are not visible to them. Do i believe trump gives a shit about our opinions? Fuck no, but can he be held accountable in the face of mass protests to his Pride and Joy if we protest and interfere with its ability to function MAYBE.

  • Serena Post author

    very well said

  • Gerardo Gerardo Post author

    "Making America Great Again!!" This is an approved message from The Ministry of America

  • Paul Mikluschak Post author

    I don't think any foreigner is going to stay in Trump's Hotel to try and influence him. Now if his wife was getting a million dollars from a foriegn government for a speaking engagement like Bill Clinton did in the "Clinton Foundation" that would probably be cause for alarm. But I don't think anybody is going to stay in his Hotel just because he is President. Trump has a whole team of world class lawyers not to mention a justice department to advise him so I don't think he would do anything bone headed enough to get himself in trouble especially impeached. So if you Liberal New World Order elitist want to pursue another "Flavor of the week" baseless attack have at it and make yourselves look ridiculous AGAIN.

  • Lady Death Post author

    WHAT?!No way!! I thought the orange one was above the least in his tiny twisted mind anyway.

  • And Me Post author

    lex luther fuck your face, try all you want but it wont work. Try and move to another country you will have better results

  • St. Lunatic Post author


  • Brian Willis Post author

    THAT…is fake news. Lol

  • Manuel Labor Post author

    No one bitched and complained about Hillary's "pay for play" scam when she was Sec'y of State and personally enriched herself through a phony foundation! Hmmm… as Director Comey said, "No prosecutor would litigate." Sounds like a real mind fuck to me!

  • Daniel Isaac Post author

    The main goal is to make Trump’s life he'll for winning. These people are sore losers

  • Fed Ex Post author

    He will ignore this lawsuit and it will simply go away; I don't know how and I don't want that to happen, but I can say with a 90% certainty, this is what will happen

  • David Espinoza Post author

    wow, common sense has left the building.

  • Michael Boner Post author

    impeachment i call it

  • Ly Bandz Post author

  • shano4241 Post author

    nobody cares dude… shut the fuck up

  • James Davis Post author

    I still want him to show his tax returns

  • Zyzor Post author

    I love how some of the die hard trump supporters don't care if he violates the constitution so in other words they wouldn't mind an Adolf hitler or a Stalin so to them the person that they put in as president supersedes everything this country is about. These same people claim to be ultra patriotic Americans yet they border on treason

  • Cosmo Post author

    Running his companies is number 1. Conning into the white house to increase his business is most important to Jim. Who cares about constitutions?

  • Scott Post author

    I'm so fed up hearing about all the ways Drumpf has wiped his ass with the Constitution and the presidency yet he's never held accountable for any violation. What's the purpose of these requirements if there's zero enforcement? It's inane.

  • Mark Shelow Post author

    according to the Constitution, presidents are exempt from conflicts of interest

  • jason mathewson Post author

    The ring of shit heads

  • Xenite227 Post author

    You'll notice when the Trump cucks comment on these videos they NEVER have a valid, thought out argument. They just spew hate and troll nonsense.

  • Jean Lingelbach Post author

    ACLU filed FOIA to compel the government to give up crucial information the public and the press should have but that Trump is not providing. To all you Trump supporters: Your boy stood before the CIA and bragged about wanting to commit a war crime AND in doing so has put our troops in harms way. There will be consequences and there will be justice.

  • D D Post author

    you people are such sore LOSERS. and…just LOSERS!

  • nazra7 Post author

    Lair, the fact that Donald Trump won the electoral college vote means more states had a majority vote BY THE PEOPLE for Donald Trump, in this case, OVERWHELMINGLY so over Hitlery Rotten Clit. It was a LAND SLIDE VICTORY for Donald Trump by the people. You are unamerican for spreading such lies. Go get yourself educated about the election process. And 2 million more votes is not "overwhelming" when there is 120 million votes. The fact that Hitlery Rotten Clit only won the majority vote and not the electoral college vote means she lost, because you don't win the presidency by getting the most votes alone, anyone who tries that loses. Hitlery Rotten Clit was trying to win the electoral college vote just as much as Trump was because that is how you actually win the presidency. And she failed miserably. Referring to the majority vote and ignoring the electoral college vote only shows how stupid you are and how much denial you are in you want to pretend like she won when in reality she lost by a landslide. You dumb butthurt libtards are so ignorant.

  • 1pedalsteel Post author

    Where's your pink hat

  • Barbara Newman Post author

    We all need to read the Constitution and hold Trump to his affirmation.

  • nick bug Post author

    Petty liberals haters ganna hate

  • Jerry O Post author

    You lost Get Over It

  • Little White Dog Post author

    I don't know what the right answer is, but if you spend 50 years building a company(s), then run for President and against the odds, win, what would you do? Sell off a trillion dollar organization in a week? You would be guaranteed to loose a great deal in the "FIRE SALE"; or sign a trillion dollar company over to the only persons you could trust, family knowing that their counsel could not be sought?

    The one thing I would consider is what is a realistic chance of anyone influencing Mr. Trump even if they were to rent every room in a Trump hotel, Mr. Trump knows how to do cost benefit analysis. I assume everyone is so super sensitive to this due to a previous politician receiving gifts/donations through another organization with their name on it that is "In the News".

    Fortunately. Presidents in the past have held business interests without having to take a financial loss, so there must be a way that is reasonable.

  • Steven James Post author

    To all the liberal's. Go ahead, get it out. Get all your frustrations out. Throw as many fits as you need. Sit, or stand, which ever is most comfortable for you, and scream until your lungs collapse, as loud and as long as makes you feel good.Do what makes you feel better, except of course hurting others physically. And when you're through, all your going to soon have is Donald J.Trump staring at you in the face, on TV, in the newspaper, on the internet, everywhere you look, you will now see our new Commander And Chief and President of the United States of America Donald J.Trump. And you know what? There is not one blessed thing you will be able to do about it, and that, you cream puffs can rely on. And All you'll have for the next 8 year's is President Donald J.Trump to look at. Now, don't that make you feel better? God bless America!!!! Now if your through? Shut up, and let's get on with the business of making America great again… Amen or ohhhh me?

  • Steven James Post author

    You don't know what your talking about. how stupid can you get and still breath.

  • Steven James Post author

    bull shit

  • Patricia Kopilovic Post author

    Your full of crap! Didn't you see the meeting by his lawyers and all the document?

  • Little White Dog Post author

    "Were currently less than a week into the actual Donald Trump administration…" and people haven't even let his chair get warm and they are already screaming for impeachment.

    No, 18 months ago don't mean a thing. He didn't know he would be President back then. What loon would sell off his entire company 18 months before the election. Pitty's sake, we didn't know he won 'till 10pm the night of.

    Some would say he could have signed everything over back then. But that's not what you want, is it? You want to make him sell off each business one by one, with loss over loss. You don't really care about influence peddling, there are persons from the left who all but made it an art form.

    You want him to hurt and feel the pain that he has created over the FIRST THREE DAYS of his administration. I would REALLY love to discover what all the hate for the man comes from. Or is he just the whipping boy for all the anger ? Hmmm If Mr T didn't create it I wonder where it comes from?

    "You're jumping the gun son". You really should look more than once for Jr's bust. I'm sure/correction I know Mr T will make mistakes and we can see already that a pack of coyotes on a jack rabbit ain't got nothing on you.

    Good Luck, it's gonna be a long 4 years (but only if you make it that way). Finally, none of is perfect but when we are called up to bat it's our turn at bat. Home run or strike out it's our play. Let him play, don't call 3 strikes as he steps in. That's all I hope.

  • klaciko Post author

    Bro, get a real job. And stop wasting people time with silly comments. Open your eyes Trump is already making America better while you are here talking nonsense

  • Public Opinion Post author

    EAT SHIT! Trump aint going nowhere respect your leader and stfu this mans doing humanity a favor

  • DidUSay Chocolate? Post author

    So long Donald we'll miss ya

  • Dragon Post author

    Okay lets get some facts straight – they are claiming this, but they have NOT PROVED this as your headline wrongly suggests. This clause – as any legal person worth their salt will tell you – is a clause that is so obscure that is has almost never been used and in those cases it has, there is almost NO STRONG legal precedents to go, and this is not my opinion but legal fact. So the entire definition "legally" of what constitutes a breach is not clear and has never been legally tested properly in the highest courts in the land.

    This is more clutching at straws to get rid of him. Remember Rockefeller was Vice-Precedent – the richest man in the world at the time???. Funny but no one had a problem then did they??? Yeah funny that….

    The people overwhelmingly voted for Clinton …???? Really Overwhelmingly????

    As is customary in the U.S, millions of voting Americans didn't even vote…are they also not the people???..Also, considering over 125 million voted in total and Clinton won the popular vote but only buy about 3 -4 million or so give or take – then on percentage scale of total voters – which is how these are measured – any mathematician would tell you that that is NOT "overwhelmingly" .

    Yes to a novice a few million sounds huge but not when scaled against actual voters

    No my friend – California and Washington and San Francisco, and due to populations that are large and mainly Liberal did that – but the people – as represented by the Electoral College – which the Founding Fathers knew was the only way you could get a fair representation of the "People" ….yes well sorry, but the colleges voted for Trump in a landslide getting states that had not been won by the Republicans since 1988..

    Time to grow up, you left wing cronies and get real. The constitution does not give a crap who won the popular vote and nor should it.

    The U.S is a Constitutional Republic and NOT a strict Democracy in its purest form and no Democratic state actually is – not England – not Australia and not NZ or France or Germany. Voting is rationalized by national regions, at least in most cases, which is similar to the Electoral College in its function, so that the large cities don't just get the right to tell everyone else what to do and how they should think.

    Gee think there is good reason for this maybe??

    It is because the popular vote is not a fair system in deciding a government or leaders because it lends itself to the nation being ruled by the opinions of the largest Urban Centres leaving the Rural Centers without a proper voice and they lead different lives that are affected and effected by different political and social parameters. Otherwise all you would need to do is suck up the largest cities by population and forget about most of the rest of the country to win

    Not campaigning in Wisconsin at all, or strong enough in other states in the Rust Belt, and grossly underestimating Trump, was her downfall. Both Obama and Bill warned her not to underestimate the power of the forgotten voters in the Rust Belt but she didn't listen because she was being told, and believed, she couldn't lose.

    Trump aced her in these states with his rallies. Dumb Dumb Hillary. Her own husband warned her not to be so naive but she – like so many – thought she had it in the bag….but her bubble was burst along with some stupid left wingers who still haven't got over it.

    Time show some spine instead of beating up on Trump supporters and destroying property as if that is your right because you lost. – to be violent and destructive is not your right. And yelling obscenities and rolling around crying in the streets only makes you long hysterical and emotionally unstable. Totally ridiculous – get some spine for pities sake and suck it up

  • FeiXenogears Post author

    Trump will win the constitution. does not say he has to sell everything he owns. That would be anti American. You people are really stupid. He just has to step away from the company and he did that.

  • heckter Hernandez Post author


  • Paradox Theory Post author

    overwhelming LOL you wish…

  • M. Anthony Post author

    how about WHO cares?

    The most corrupt political country on the planet and people are upset ONLY because they dont like him.

  • M. Anthony Post author

    Guess what people- IF you take down TRUMP- then you make him a MARTYR.
    And if there isnt a CIVIL WAR first– PENCE will become President for 2 terms as a result.

  • M. Anthony Post author

    the people who "overwhelmingly voted for Hilary Clinton" live in CA & NYC>…. the other 50 states dont share the same concerns the Clinton voters do.

  • James Davis Post author

    Everyone needs to start posting for Trump to release his tax forms now
    He says no one cares about his taxes
    We do, he must be transparent like he promised

  • DeepAnus 69 Post author

    interesting that he says that hilary was overwhealmingly voted in by the people. If that was the case, she would be in the oval office. the fact that she is not says it all. This guy is so bias, and is frankly a bit of a dick. But thats just my oppinion. And I'm intitled to it.

  • SAUCE COMMENT Post author


  • SAUCE COMMENT Post author


  • Prarp Vadanathorn Post author

    Emolument Clause:

    "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."

    The Congress has consented with the knowledge of his business ownership. Therefore he had not violate this clause.

  • Prarp Vadanathorn Post author

    Might want to read this mate,

  • SLance Coy Post author

    he has turned his businesses over to his sons.

  • silvianbox Post author

    are you stupid? he did sign away from his businesses on jan 19!!!!

  • SARB ART Post author

    Who pays you for this crap?

  • I LOVE AMERICA Post author

    Trump knows his TAXES will get him impeached, & I think he wants to get impeached. But the forces that be (trumpsters) if your against trump showing his TAXES, your as crooked as he is when he contracts ppl to work for him, & them don't make the last payment, knowing contractors can't afford to sue. He only thinks about what's good for trump, not what's good or better for America. And media, please stop interviewing kellyann Conway!!! They're calling media fake news, well what the hell os alternative facts??? You can flip flop teflon Don on your business deals, but I don't know WHY America would put up with you flip flopping on America!!! Trump, show dem dar TAXES so this impeachment process can hurry up……..

  • andres galviz Post author

    Yeah right, what about the clinton foundation getting millions from overseas and all the money they made selling uranium to Russia??????????

  • zenman5910 Post author

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." This is why republicans hate the constitution.

  • Ping Pong Post author

    just a ploy to release his taxes, good move

  • knewdles Post author

    The evolution will be here – you & I are it. Iced souls & Snowflakes unite ! Melt & become fluid  chill your tears – action is happening – Flow like water around your opponent – B. Lee – Persist & have faith – in your group to  achieve. Gen xyzzz – we hacky fun – Neo -Ninjae – play digital – seek & destroy – as we ferret out – the oligarch class. See their grammar  consume them – until their cut & paste bullying is obvious. Dis cuss?

  • knewdles Post author

    Wow grand edit.. As we were taught  by -Bruce Lee – Flow like water around your opponent. neo ninja gen xyzzz persist seek & destroy soviet trolls – or their enablers..

  • Moussaoui Ahmed Post author


  • Assassin Ferret Project Post author

    if this work we will see his taxes 75 % of the people want to see

  • David Funk Post author

    he recieves no money from his business i guess you forgot or didnt see all the papaers in front of the lawyers laying out that hes not in charge of his business

  • Darrel Clapp Post author

    fake news, really bad

  • Leslie Thompson Post author

    You are amazingly ignorant. I've watched 3 of your videos just for shock value. Obviously, I'm bored. It's not a requirement for the President to do what you are stating. Ignorant and a liar! Imagine my shock! I hope you've kept your day job.

  • Purple Pepe Post author

    Trump spent 40 years building a great real estate profile outside of government and now that somebody from a foreign country is willing to pay fair market value to stay at one of his hotels they are giving him emoluments? And a foreigner paying $500 a night to stay at a Trump establishment is going to turn Trump into a turncoat traitor doing his best to destroy America?

    Ha. You libtards are ridiculous! Stop producing such idiotic videos. They only hurt your cause.

  • Juhli Woodpath Post author

    His lawyer has said quite the opposite, he DID separate himself, and by the way a president can do this, but other elected officials can! Strange but true.

  • Jim B Post author

    what a bunch of lies from the Press.

  • John Culley Post author

    Congress and the courts may have examine how real estate mogul George Washington handled his real estate business interests. The best discussion of this is in a 1982 University of California doctoral dissertation by Rick Willard Sturdevant entitled "Quest for Eden: George Washington's Frontier Land Interests".

  • Leonard Greenpaw Post author

    still waiting on those taxes

  • sara Post author

    Another lawsuit could be from him breaking the nepotism law. he made his son-in-law a white house Advisor (a job for which he has no experience for) and hes sending him to meet with canadian Prime minister justin trudeau about trade. that law Clearly states NO family members at all from grandparent to grandchild and Everything in between Including marriage

  • Analyse This Post author

    If you nit pick on everyone in this whole fucking world your going to find skeletons in every last mother fuckers closet. I hate dumb fuckers that have nothing better to do than dig up some stupid shit like this.

  • Amanda Hillary Post author

    Need to get some work off your hands? Check out my offered services today on Fiverr :

  • Thomas Jefferson Post author

    When you lie to yourself over and over you begin to believe the bullshit you spread. Stop spreading the bull shit.

  • anton chigurh Post author Let's make this happen!!!

  • All is Well Post author

    Is he sleeping with us? No. Is he stalking us? I am not sure yet. The first answer being no means that he is a better president than hmmm.

  • ZombiesRComing Post author

    This Ring of Fire clown is wrong. There is no such clause in the Constitution. Regarding law suits, there is a saying. You can indict a ham sandwich. It means nothing. Where was this clown when Obama was hawking his book as a sitting president. Also, yes the electoral college did elect President Trump into office. Just as it has done for every President we have had since we became a nation. That concept must have slipped his mind. The left is constantly grabbing at straws to try and convince us there is something nefarious about Trump. He also forgot to mention his candidate in the eighties by the name of William Jefferson Clinton also dis not win the popular vote… he was placed by the electoral college. Guess that slipped his mind too. The least he could do is quote his own candidate and say… "You have a right to make your opinion… You don't have a right to make your own facts" He also could have mentioned Donald Trump is the first President to forego the executive salary of 400,000 dollars a year… But then that wouldn't of helped him trying to make his contrived, erroneous point. Shame on this leftist liar masquerading as a journalist. Just more fake news.

  • DaSnipy Post author

    More and More it appears like the Heavenly Ring of Fire Protects Trump…

  • Joanna Edwards Post author

    Donald Trump I really hate to say that your time and Days is Numbered

  • Yes I’m Blessed Post author

    Yet here we are 9 months later and the teflon don is still wreaking havoc! Keep reporting, Farron! You are doing good work!

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