Lawless Lawyer EP5-6 BTS (ENG SUB) – Feel the freshness of first love!

Lawless Lawyer EP5-6 BTS (ENG SUB) – Feel the freshness of first love!

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‘BongHa Couple’ Romance Quickly Blossoms ♥ Bong and Ha came out to have a serious talk (Director) How come you are empty handed? Should’ve brought chicken and beer… (Dir) Exactly. Bring something… Super duper adventure! (Our Law Firm Family is always having fun) ‘Mu’ for fight! Move out of my way Chicken and Beer Lawyer (Chicken and Beer Lawyer?) (Bong can’t just stand here and do nothing) (Chicken and Beer Lawyer) (Bong finds the camera where Jae-yi points) You guys are working hard. Lawless Lawyer fighting (Bong feels awkward in serious mode?) (Dance dance) (That’s more like Mubeop Law Firm Family~!) (Crew) No one is normal here… (Ahn Oh-ju visits Sang-pil at Mubeop Law Firm) (We are on the same side as far as acting is concerned!) (Seonbae-nim is the best!) (Ahn Oh-ju, you’re finished!) (Crew – Let’s get started) (Their face-off was so powerful!) I could kill you right here, right now (BongHa couple got so close without even realizing) (Just like filming a commercial ♡) (Of course they need a drink at night!) (Bong and Ha are fully enjoying the moment) (Wasting no time! Bottoms up Jae-yi!) (As they drink cup after cup in this mood…) (I’m getting drunk! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) *Heavy drinking can cause health problems* I haven’t done many romantic scenes… I told you it’s embarrassing That’s right, it shows how innocent Jae-yi is (They get into their emotions seriously and then kiss) Just filmed my first kiss scene with Sang-pil where we share romance, show our feelings for the first time We were being really shy so the director said we both looked like we were in love for the first time I hope the scene turns out great Please look forward to it I was very excited doing the scene We did it thinking they found comfort in each other I think it went successfully since we found the right emotion I think the scene came out beautifully Please support Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi for their romance too I hope viewers find it heartwarming and beautiful (Shy shy) So embarrassing Thank you. Stay tuned for more Watch out for those who take advantage of your trust (What is this smile?) (She doesn’t like talking too much) (Absolute power in Kiseong. Even Ahn Oh-ju won’t dare challenge) (Ahn Oh-ju gets excited hearing his name during Kiseong mayoral campaign) (Hug me~! (*Ahn A-ju=Hug me)) (Ahn Oh-ju gives passionate speech to become mayor) This is your Ahn Oh-ju Now I am leaving for home (At the director’s ‘Cut,’ Ahn Oh-ju also calls a wrap) (Look forward to more exciting stories that will unfold in LAWLESS LAWYER) -brought to you by gunman

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