Law students: Introducing the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus

Law students: Introducing the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus

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The University of Kent is based in the southeast of England, with its three hundred-acre
parkland campus overlooking the historic city of Canterbury. It is just an hour away
from London by train and is just over two hours from Paris. Founded in 1965, the University has almost
20,000 students coming from 120 countries and provides a ready-made community that
quickly makes students feel at home. The students at Kent learn through whole class
lectures and smaller class seminars and discuss the law with the people who teach them. The international diversity in my seminar group, having students from all over the world pretty much was really amazing and made me feel really homely as well
and the teachers where really friendly, most
of them were also international and it gave us a really vibrant atmosphere. There are fourteen different cafes, bars and restaurants on campus.
Living in Park Wood, my local student bar is Woodys and I often go
there with a group of friends that I met through the societies here at Kent. Most of the time we go to watch
the rugby matches or the football matches but we usually just sit down and
have a few drinks and have a good time. There are loads of other places we go to, we go to the
cafes during the day and sometimes even sit on Elliot Hill in the sun as the weather here is just really really good. Erm, it’s pretty easy to find
somewhere to go and there’s so many options that we’re never stuck for a place to have a few drinks. The Templeman Library contains more than 1,000,000 books and journals with a dedicated Law library and a Law
librarian and to help students get the most out of the resources provided. Kent has an award-winning electronic
Law library giving access to thousands of cases, judgements and professional academic articles, enabling students to use the same databases as the legal profession. Yesterday, I was in the library until 3am when it’s open ’til to get all my essays finished in the quiet area and it’s a
great way to concentrate on your own, when you
want to work. The Gulbenkian is a professional arts
centre on campus encompassing a theatre which attracts a wide range of
performances including plays, dance and stand-up comedy and also a 300-seater cinema which shows everything from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films. I came to the Gulbenkian earlier this year to watch my friend on stage perform for the first time and although she was very nervous you couldn’t tell
because the atmosphere in the theatre was so amazing everyone was laughing and enjoying
themselves and they really had a good time and I’m definitely gonna come back for some more. The University has over 5000 rooms available on campus many of which have shared facilities for eating, cooking and socialising. All the accommodation on campus is just a short walk away from all of the classes and all of the University’s facilities The rooms are all furnished with internet connection and WiFi access across most of the campus. On-campus accommodation is guaranteed for all first-years providing that certain conditions are met. When I first came to uni it was so nice to be able to live in a flat with all these new people that I’d never met before. It was a really good way to get know people really really well, and like, cook and eat together, and it was like your own little community in your flat I love coming back to my room at the end of the day just to chill out, just to watch a movie it’s kind of like my home away from home. Just a short walk from the University, Canterbury is a city that’s full of history
and culture. Originally a Roman city most of the architecture in Canterbury is medieval with the city still surrounded by its Roman walls. There are three UNESCO World Heritage
Sites including Canterbury Cathedral where students graduate once they finish their degrees. The city also has most of the main high street shops and a variety of independent shops, cafes
and other restaurants. The coast is just six miles north of the
University with charming fishing village of Whitstable
which is also the base to the University’s sailing and windsurfing club. With a permanent population of just under 50,000 people, Canterbury is a great student town with a thriving social scene, most of which is based around the cafes and bars around the city. Despite being one of the most visited cities in the UK Canterbury is actually quite small which is
great as a student because it means that you get to know the city really well as well as finding things to keep your interest whilst you’re here. With the city being so small it makes it really easy to find great student accommodation in really good locations while you’re living off campus in your second and third years. The European and international environment at the University also extends into the city which means that there are a huge range of outdoor activities for students to get involved in and a really great café culture when the weather permits it.

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    Thanks for your comment. Sorry if the original title was misleading – we have renamed the video appropriately.

  • Julia Rodrigues Post author

    Hey, I'll arrive at june/2014 in Canterbury to study Forensic Science. I am participating on the Science Wihtout Borders, a program of sandwich graduation at Brazil and this video increased my curiosity, and also left me a lot more exciting!

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    I'm joining 2014, also going to study law. You guys just increased my love of this school

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    Great memories of the Templeman Library, Rutherford College and Basketball team. UKC Heat!

    Best Uni in the world. #HappyDays

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    is kent good to study engineering?

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    Which is the best pace for a LLB student to live on campus?

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    Is Law and Criminology on the Canterbury Campus or is it elsewhere?

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