Law School Advice From a 3L

Law School Advice From a 3L

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Youths! let me give you all of my law school
advice hey guys welcome back to my channel thank you so much for joining me
I am so excited that some of you are heading off to law school soon you must
have made your decisions and that’s super exciting
so today I thought I would switch it up a little bit and talk to my very very
good friend Anna over here Anna just finished her last year of law
school at Duke and is heading off to a really prestigious big firm job so
that’s super exciting and and it’s actually the one who inspired me to go
to law school which is just super meaningful to me and so I wanted to take
a quick second to talk with her about her experience and her thought process
going into it so thanks for watching your videos and I’m so proud of you and
I’m so excited to be here I love Anna she is my guiding spirit animal so Anna
can you maybe just tell us a little bit about why you decided to go to law
school were you always interested in it or was it something that you kind of
came to later on in life so um it’s something that I got interested in I
think like early on in college I’m going into college I was actually planning on
being a science major I started college as a physics major
um it was fun but I think when I tried to understand the realities of what like
being a physics PhD and all that would actually entail what type of work I be
doing and the sort of lifestyle that came with it I just started to realize
it was really the right thing for me and I started thinking about what I like
doing and like throughout like middle school onward my strongest areas have
always been English and science so it’s like two really distinct different sort
of like modes of thinking yeah but I’ve always like loved writing and I love
sort of like the logical math stuff and I sort of came to understand the law as
something that combines those things and actually when I was in high school and I
was on the at math teen wasn’t mentally it was so
cool my life is Lindsay Lohan over here and oh shit what’s it about maybe Katy
Katy hearing Katy Harry yes with Mu Alpha Theta is like the competitive math
thing in the southeast anyway my event was actually like a logic event it was
like logic based so it’s kind of like it was like similar to LSAT stuff so anyway
that’s how I started getting really interested in it thinking like okay it
kind of combines these two things that I love my turn doing research about it and
yeah I mean it was it was a not like a straightforward path necessarily because
whenever I started really thinking about go to law school that was like a couple
of years after the economic crash which for those of you who remember there was
a time where it was really popular to write think pieces about how no one
should go to law school right I read 20 different articles that were like no one
should go law school here’s why didn’t these think pieces and thinking like
does this apply to me does it’s not apply to me like how did my life get
into this sort of yeah absolutely so it was something that I did a water free
search about and thought about very hard because I had all these there were all
these warning signs that were like don’t do this and so I took two years off
after undergrad and I worked in a different feeling work in marketing the
whole time like strengths the LSAT on and off and something I would do is I
would set up to her like informational interviews with attorneys in different
fields and ask them like what is your job entail what is your day-to-day life
like what could have worked you to you how do you feel about it and after it’s
like what in the end kind of turned out to be years of research I was like okay
I want to do this went through the application process so he go Duke which
was the best agent I’ve ever made I love Duke do forever um and yeah I just
turned out to be great so I could not be more excited about starting work in the
fall starting for the bar right now but it was definitely like the right thing
awesome so we’re the informational interviews you did did they kind of
match up with the reality of the thing that the kind of work that you saw
people doing over the summer like what you expect to be doing as well or all
different something that came out of it was that there’s just so many different
types of careers in law and what it means to be a lawyer is gonna vary from
city to city and job to job within those city
so that’s true I thought like what before I came to law school I kind of
didn’t want to be a lawyer because I saw it as kind of a cheesy profession they
like really saying like dudes no I mean even before you did it though like when
I was in high school setup people feel like oh you should be a lawyer because
you’re like writing and whatever and I was like no only like asshole because
people who like to go up in court and be like I object or like that’s exactly
what I do back that’s actually what I thought have you dudes later drugs oh no
I mean it’s it’s just like people with different types of jobs can have really
different the the work they do their day-to-day lives in relation with you
yeah yeah absolutely so I think it’s something where you know you can really
find a niche that works for you that being said it’s still not the right
thing for everybody and I do think a lot of that backlash from like 2010 ish I
want to do with a lot of people going into law where it was really not the
right fit but I think with you’re someone who you know has those you know
like that writing and research skill and then maybe also some of that analytical
skills you’re it’s a good so I think it’s still prudent to kind of like look
into like what does this really look like but I think that that there was
there was a period where there’s like over warning because there’s so many
people who were like really not really not awful yeah and it didn’t to be fair
also in that time the job market was like really bad so they’re just struggling and having a quarter life
crisis and so I think what I’ve liked the best about law school I think would
actually probably be like my relationships with my classmates
everyone has a different experience with this of course every school and your
year but I feel like with my class at Duke I have a lot of really really great
friends and I feel like both a personal and professional level I’ve made like
really amazing connections that I expect to last for decades and I feel like
that’s really been helpful both on a personal level and also just in terms of
professional stuff like I have like one we graduate and we start our jobs I’m
gonna hurt use me ready graduated but we turned our
jobs I’m gonna have friends in like every major market who I can call on I
know I keep forgetting I keep like people ask me like what I do and I
keeping like imma lost it I was a law student I mean this weird well I’m in
this weird limbo so I can’t say that I’m an attorney yet because I haven’t passed
the bar I’m also not a law student I’m just a person who studies for the bar
that is my existence yeah I think anybody repair my law school has
definitely been like the the relationships in the community that I’ve
ever experienced at Duke and because one thing I’ve discovered I don’t know if
it’s true for you too but like when I arrived in law school it’s really really
cool to meet so many people who are so similar and yet so different like people
up there are different things leading up to get to where they are now yeah
absolutely I think people have have had a really interesting array of
backgrounds among my friends and also in terms of like what they’re doing and
that’s cool like I feel like if I’m in a situation I’m like hey and you you know
talk to somebody about securities and bounce a ball around a little bit I
don’t know people like a call and also like in terms of career advice older
students we’re always like so helpful if I like posted something like hey I want
to talk to somebody about text is I have like 500 people message me and say like
hey I’m gonna Dallas I’m gonna keep Stan like let’s talk and that’s been really
great that’s something I hope to be able to do for younger law students to do
girl that I know from other means find some students somewhere to them um so
what has been one thing that surprised you the most about law school either
positive or negatively so I think what surprised me the most and it’s something
I’ve thought about a lot I think there’s a sort of cyclical pattern where people
are like law school is portable and then some people go and it’s like they’re the
expect and they’re like oh law school is great and then like the next people go
and they’re like what this is horrible you told me this but so
so we watch this a play at this played out between us
there’s like five there’s like a handful of people who are like one two two L’s
who I advised I was like what else awesome and so fun and then like that
he’s been like what are you doing really hard but so anyway with my
background of like like I said I read every article on the internet that had a
headline to the effect of don’t go to law school so I went in with these
expectations of like law school is gonna be horrible if you’re gonna work
horrible hours you’re gonna make no friends it’s gonna be terrible and
miserable every second and so I went in kind of prepared for that and I had some
people we’ve been through law school tell me when I was give me the worst
year of your life ended up honestly kind of being one of the best and so I was
surprised by how much fun I had in law school again that’s everyone’s
experience is really different but I thought that to me the work was
manageable and really rewarding and I really had a pretty good time while I
did it so that’s I think that’s what surprised me given sort of the
preparation work I had now that now that I’ve said that someone’s gonna watch
this and like like law school so fine and then go in and be like oh my god
there’s so much rain because they probably already seen my video once told
me it would be as easy as undergrad but it’s it’s I mean it’s it’s not like easy
but I think it’s just I was so hyped up to me is like it’s gonna be the worst
and it’s ever happened to you and I thought it was really awesome I think
it’s always sort of you know whenever your expectations are so I think the
people who went straight through there’s pros and cons to going straight through
were waiting I personally advocate for waiting but I think more and more also
schools are advocating for waiting or staying like it would be good because
the way that the law school job search is structured it’s so compressed
timewise that you really don’t have a lot of time to figure out what you want
out of a working environment and then once you choose something you’re kind of
you’re kind of committed to that for like at least a couple of years so I
personally agree I think that it makes sense to work for a couple years so you
get to know at least one option whether you like it or not try to fit yourself
to yeah I think there’s there’s so much
value to waiting a little bit and I think one of the types the one the types
of value is like they I think it gives you an appreciation for being in school
again if you can go straight through and say undergrad my major was East Asian
languages and civilizations it’s a mouth my double major but that was the early
love studying and I got to take really cool classes like independent Chinese
documentary and that was dope I think they’ve had gone straight from that like
property that I might have had a different experience but I said a few
years tunku films and then towards yes give me torts are really funny but again
towards early reports experience insert your dry doctrinal class of choice there
yeah whatever um but I like submissive you know I think working so like I did
marketing for a really funny commerce company but day to day having like a
like a real job I think is convened tedious in a lot of ways even though is
like a fun job that I liked so I think going from that to school I had like
this energy of being so excited to like learn even if it was something like
property which is that’s my example of like the most boring 1l class even
something like property to do reading and they could think critically and talk
to my you know super intelligent classmates about like God like what is
the law like I love that versus I think that sometimes you can go straight
through if you have like an undergrad major that you love that’s something you
know more interesting property law which and those things then you know I think I
think that working helps you have a different perspective that’s like more
positive but there there are benefits to going straight through but I do think
like overall I was really pleased with my decision so now that you’ve finished
3l have there ever been times in law school where you felt like it was really
a drag and you feel like you didn’t really want to do it anymore
and how did you motivate yourself through that or did you feel the whole
time that you were like really committed to what you were doing
what’s going you thought it was like really fun so I think there were
individual classes that I found challenging in a less rewarding way like
there’s some classes where like this is hard but who and like learning and
there’s others where you’re like this is really hard and I feel like this is just
like difficult um but I feel like I never overall lost sight of feeling very
motivated by it and I think that’s again everyone’s experience is different but I
feel like every semester I had at least one class where I was like really into
it and really enjoying it and I think that something we’re just kind of like
always giving you a perspective of like what’s the light at the end of the
tunnel and so yeah also kind of always like thinking about I think this is like
for an attorney instinct I try to always think about the worst case scenario
trying to calm myself down where it’s like okay this class is hard like worst
case scenario what’s the worst great I think I’m actually gonna get you all
have like past yeah yeah we don’t have we have like those of you with stun food
you know you understand grades but like you know I was like okay realistically
it’s gonna be fine and I know kind of like understanding yeah yeah because I
think that’s I think like I think everyone has different ways they cope
with the stress of loss folks I think it is I think one of the biggest challenges
for really hard-working motivated people to come into an environment where
suddenly there’s like this curve and you can work as hard as you can and you know
you think you’re the smartest but then you know you still might make like
median which again that’s first and for people a great thing but but you know I
think they everybody and on that I think that’s I think that’s one of the biggest
stressors for a lot of people in law school and I think that um like having
perspective and trying to like just just keep just keep it in perspective about
like okay maybe I don’t have to get like the 4.0 in every class yeah in fact you
are not going to we right so if it’s being the person who gets like 4.0
like a 3.8 in terms of like job outcomes or anything or a 3.5 or through whatever
what are all the creeping averages is it’s not it’s not the foot it’s not it’s
not that like these things don’t matter but it’s I just think that it’s uh you
can be happy right I think that like kind of keeping I think that like trying
to keep like a balanced perspective is really healthy I think that’s an
adjustment for a lot of people so one of the things that I found challenging as
someone who just finished one out is looking up from my one else log and
having perspective on the amount of time I have left because three years is
actually a very short time to pack in basically the foundation for a lifetime
of evil knowledge and practice so even though we went to different schools and
everyone’s going to have a different experience at their particular school
what are some classes that you wish you had taken or what is the way that you
approached picking classes that were really important to you and you’re
really glad that you took yeah totally I do think that in classes is really scary
and it’s funny like even this last semester I had times where like someone
talked about a class they were I mean like I’ll take that next semester and I
was like no I can’t oh but I think that you were excited
like I dare his classes I wish I could do I mean I’m excited to like be an
attorney but like I wish I had like a time-turner like a Harry Potter and I
could go back and take more classes but that being said I think for upper-level
classes in terms of choosing I think talking to upper-level people you
already know about like teachers they like and things like that is really
great and just generally I think a lot of people come to law school with like
ideas about what they want to do but a lot of people coming honest have no idea
and so I think that especially earlier in your career taking like a wide
breadth and just getting an exposure to a lot of different things is really
helpful because you might not like you might take tax law and be like wow I
kind of love this and I’m not going into tax law but I did take to the semesters
of tax law and I actually like really love to do this I took federal income
tax and corporate tax and it also was really helpful because I understanding
the law from different perspectives helped solidify things like coming into
you law school just my knowledge like how corporations work I think was
weaker then people who worked in certain other sectors and taking classes like
corporate tax help me understand corporations like more generally and I
think that’s also a good thing to keep in mind going into your summer jobs with
firms I think even if you I think trying as many different things as you can with
however your summer program is structured um is really helpful because
a lot of us don’t really know we want to do and there’s maybe something that
sounds dry to you but then when you get into it you’re like wow I love this work
this is like really interesting and also I would always try to have some balance
my class choices with like what I thought of is like more difficult
doctrinal classes and I thought of this fun constant yeah it’s like even saying
that like it was a fun class for you um okay so one of my favorite fun classes
was called racing the law I was a professor that I really really loved
geat Charles at Duke dancing he it was it was sort of like a surveyed class
where we looked at different areas of law where race had come into play
historically we talked about how should functional what is it really and so it
was like kind of a multi multi disciplinary class in a lot of ways and
then I also took a class called civil rights litigation which was a lot of
Civil Procedure and a lot of a lot of overlap with spent courts but kind of
through this like the interesting lens of like how do we how do we litigate
civil rights yeah yeah and so that was like a class that was like really
interesting then also really useful straight to the bar right now the
constitutional law section has been there are a lot of things going through
that I’m like oh I recognize this yeah because it’s something I covered this
class very thoroughly yeah yeah and so what’s the other thing is I think if you
ever have a time babies if you ever have a time when you’re like torn between two
classes maybe you are little legal babies if you ever tired Toby to classes
at someone’s strengthen bar right now definitely I recommend taking classes
they’re gonna be on the bar someone told me that it doesn’t matter because you
can just learn things in the summer and just when I’m doing a topic
that I have studied before versus I have not it feels very different I mean this
summer is only like two months long yeah yes so I definitely and it’s it I’m
surprised by which classes have like you and for example race in the law it’s a
lot of constitutional law and so like going in out of the subjects like cars
if our constitutional law I’m like I know this like the back of my hands not
you brag lots of things I don’t know many things I don’t know but I will yeah
so I think I think like doing a wide range of things and having a balance
between like their classes that you you’re gonna feel like whatever it is at
your school there’s Kloster don’t feel like you have to take Mia balancing that
with something kind of fun and trying to have like some you know don’t do like
every big heavy nervousness class every semester have some smaller classes have
some writing classes and kind of have some balance that way thank you so much
Anna for sharing your will so if you guys haven’t subscribed yet please
subscribe now and I’ll talk to you next time

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