Law & Order: SVU – We’re All in This Together (Episode Highlight)

Law & Order: SVU – We’re All in This Together (Episode Highlight)

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– I’m a survivor
of sexual assault. I felt…broken. I was sad, angry. But then what came after… the bullying… I felt like… like I was underwater,
drowning. And I want you to know, what you do, what you say to each other, it hurts. It has consequences. – Yeah. So, first, I’d just like
to commend Mandy for her incredible bravery. So, you know, we’re not here
to place blame. We’re not here
to point fingers. We’re here to start a
conversation. I would like to invite
you all to, uh, participate
in a little exercise. So if you would all
close your eyes, and just take a second
to center yourselves. [indistinct whispering] – Come on, if I can do it,
then… – Great. So while keeping
your eyes closed… I’m gonna ask you to stand up if you’ve ever been hurt
by bullying. [somber music] ♪ Keeping your eyes closed, stand up if you’ve ever been
the victim of hazing. ♪ If you’ve ever been hurt
by gossip. Stand up if you’ve ever been a
victim of a sexual assault. ♪ Stand up if you’ve ever been
a victim of violence, [exhales] Okay, I’d like to ask you
to open your eyes. Take a look around. I think, if you look
around the room, we can all agree that… That we’re all
in this together. You have the power
to change this by being more accepting, more compassionate. You’re not alone. – Mandy. What happened to you, the same
thing happened to me. I was wasted at a party. [voice breaks] Two older guys
took me into a room. I didn’t tell anyone. I was afraid…that… what everyone would think, that I’d be blamed. – I’m so sorry, thank you
for sharing that. Would anybody else like
to share? Add anything? Yes? – You’re worried everyone’s
going to think… You wanted it. That it was your fault. ‘Cause you were drunk. – I don’t want to be
called a liar. It’s like… You’re so ashamed. – Guys get bullied too. It’s embarrassing to admit. It really sucks. But we’re expected to just
ignore it. But it still hurts. – I thought that saying mean
stuff was just… joking around, being a guy, what you had to do to be cool. But… I was wrong. ♪ – I didn’t stand up for you. I didn’t think I was
strong enough. I don’t know if we could ever
be friends again, but I just want you to know I’m sorry. ♪

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