Law & Order: SVU – First Look: Season 20 (Sneak Peek)

Law & Order: SVU – First Look: Season 20 (Sneak Peek)

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-In the criminal justice system, one type of offense is
especially devastating. -He will never hurt you again. -The detectives assigned
to these cases are members of an elite squad known as
The Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. -Detectives Benson and Stabler.
Sex Crimes. What happened? -After
19 ground-breaking seasons of high-stakes emotion… -You still have a life to live.
You have that chance. -…and incredible guest
performances… -Will you stay with me?
-For as long as it takes. -There’s a reason TV’s
longest-running hit drama… -Hit it.
-…is the most-watched show on television.
-♪♪ We stand together ♪♪ -And this fall, “SVU” returns… -NYPD! Stop! -…for its landmark
20th season… -No expects you
to be Wonder Woman. -I do.
-…with an unforgettable case on its new night.
-Protect your son. Tell us what happened. -And an ending that will
leave you stunned. The “SVU” two-hour
premiere event, Thursday, September 27th. And every season
is available on Hulu.

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