Law & Order: SVU – Enough Is Enough (Episode Highlight)

Law & Order: SVU – Enough Is Enough (Episode Highlight)

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. – I saw a lot of women come and go out of Optimum. Women who made complaints
about male employees, seems like there was always
a way to shut them up. – Why did you
come forward today, Ms. Gray? – I guess at some point,
enough is enough. – Can you describe this
for the grand jurors? – It’s a memo Mr. Fleming
drafted five years ago. It was circulated among
the male executives. I was the only woman
who read it. Because I typed it.
– Would you read it for us now? [tense music] ♪ – “It has come to my attention
that there is scientific data “supporting the fact
that women, “no matter how
well trained they are, “may not be mentally
or emotionally equipped “to captain an aircraft. “It is not a natural
career choice for females. “The resulting anxiety can lead
them to make poor decisions, “which may have
severe consequences, “including endangering lives. “It is my opinion that women
may be better suited for the career of flight
attendant than pilot.” – Thank you, Ms. Gray. ♪ You know what, I don’t think
you have a clue about anything
you heard here today, You know how I know? You just don’t look
that intelligent. And you, miss, where the hell
did you get that dress? Salvation Army wouldn’t even
put that on its shelves. Um, I’m sure you know
you’re only here because we’re forced
to let you in. I forgot to tell you, that because you’re not
as smart as the other jurors, your vote, it’s going
to count less than theirs. You’re not really
worth anything. Day after day,
you can sense it. I mean, they don’t really… They don’t really say it
to your face, but you know what
they’re thinking. You can tell, because the guy
in the next office? He’s making twice
what you make, and he does half the work. Year after year. You can tell because
that promotion, that you’ve been waiting for, is gone to your boss’s
golfing buddy. You try to complain
to anyone who will listen, And one of two things
will happen. You’ll get fired,
or you get laughed at. Why? Because they don’t really want
you here in the first place. Year after year. Until you start
to believe it yourself. These may sound like
rationalizations to you, ladies and gentleman,
but to me, to the women of Optimum Air, that’s the sound of a woman’s
dignity circling the bowl. And the hand that’s
flushing the toilet belongs not just to the men
who committed these offenses, but to everyone who knew
and let them happen. Can you be demeaned
by a culture? I say yes. Can it humiliate you?
You bet it can. Can it actually rape you? Sadly, the answer is yes. The law states that if you
take another person’s property, you are committing a crime. I stand here before you today
to assert that Optimum Air took the dignity,
the self-worth, the self-esteem of these women. And if you don’t think
that’s property, just ask her. Or her. Or her.
Or her. And after you do, I ask you to return
a true bill of indictment, charging Optimum Air and all
of its employees with grand larceny. Thank you. ♪

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