Law & Order: SVU – Barba Takes the Stand (Episode Highlight)

Law & Order: SVU – Barba Takes the Stand (Episode Highlight)

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– I worked in the DA’s office for 21 years. – Mr. Barba, is it fair to say that you spent your entire professional life
practicing law? – Yes.
– Enforcing the law? – That’s correct. – Putting those who violate
the law behind bars? – Yes. – Murder is against the law.
Is it not? – It is. – So what happened here? – I don’t believe
that what I did was murder. – But when you went into Drew
Householder’s hospital room he was alive.
When you came out, he was dead. Somebody did something. – Yes, I killed him. Um, but what I did, I don’t
believe that it was murder. – I’m starting to feel like we’re walking
a razor’s edge here, Mr. Barba. – It was
a justifiable homicide. – In other words,
you had to do it? – There were these, um,
flowers on the table, next to Drew’s crib. Orange roses. He would never know
how wonderful they are. He couldn’t smell them. His mom was playing
one of Bach’s cantatas, from her phone. The eternal Bach. Drew couldn’t hear it. He’d never see a cloud. A rainbow.
Um, the sun. The moon. The bottom line is that
he would never even know that these things existed. He didn’t know if
he was hungry or thirsty. He couldn’t recognize the faces
of his mother or his father. All that he did know, all that he would ever know,
is the pain that was his so-called life. – How do you know? – The doctors say that his
brain had stopped functioning. – So he was dead already? – So to speak. – Surely, you,
as a man of the law, must be able to make a
distinction between who is dead and who’s alive. – Courts have only dealt
with this issue tangentially. In Roe v. Wade,
the court implied that an unborn baby was alive when it could survive
on its own. – Could Drew Householder
survive without being hooked up
to all those machines? – His doctors say
that he could not. – So, in effect, the life
you took from Drew Householder wasn’t really life
to begin with, was it? – Objection. – All I know is that
when I looked in his crib, I saw a baby
who couldn’t form the most basic thought
of his own. He couldn’t love. Or–or hate.
Or… Or hope. And when I saw the pain–
that–that– the unutterable suffering that
his existence was causing the two people
who loved him most, I had to do something… Whether that meant
going to prison or not. – Does Mrs. Householder
have sole custody of Drew? – Um, no. She, uh–she shares it
with Mr. Householder. – Did you confer with him before you hastened
the death of his son? – No. – Do you feel guilty
for what you’ve done? – Do you feel guilty
for what you’re doing? – I’ll ask again, do you feel
guilty for what you’ve done? – I did what
I thought was right. – Mr. Barba,
do you feel guilty, sir? – I do. [somber music] ♪

100 thoughts on “Law & Order: SVU – Barba Takes the Stand (Episode Highlight)

  • TheSassMonster Post author

    Good lord. What a wild ride. What a way to end his character……….

  • jkrfan7 Post author


  • Kai W. Post author

    Still can't believe what happened… 😭

  • Dayna Stokes Post author

    Barba's gone? Then so am I. He was the only reason I watched.

  • Joe Whitehead Post author

    There’s a difference between feeling guilty & actually being guilty

  • Kalli Karagianes Post author

    Raul deserves an award for this performance! It moved me to tears and gave me a newfound respect for Raul.

  • paul jr lagunas Post author

    Show went down hill after Stabler left until it rise with barba now it downhill again

  • Bailey Giles Post author

    Dude, it’s Dr. Taub!!!

  • The Merc With A Mouth Post author

    Taub! I'm glad to see that the actor that played Taub in House was in this episode. That being said, this is an extremely emotional, gripping and charged scene that makes us question where we draw the line at euthanasia. I must say that Raul Esparza did an excellent job portraying the guilt and grief that Barba felt after taking baby Drew's life. Rafael Barba will now have to live not only with the agonizing guilt of what he did but also the legal ramifications as well. I think this was an excellent departure for Raul Esparza and I wish him nothing but the very best in the future.

  • Da god Xo xo Post author


  • Danny Martínez Post author

    Hola yo no pude ver el episodio pero escuché que los papás de ese bebé le habían pedido a Barba que lo hiciera ¿ entendi mal? ¿ y si es que se lo pidieron como es que no lo defendieron y terminó perdiendo su trabajo? A quien me pueda responder se lo agradecería mucho 🙏

  • Amy. G. Post author

    Everyone is leaving the show because barba is the only reason why everyone watch it and there's me who is team olivia 😂😂 but I'm still crying because barba is became my favorite male character in this show, I going to miss him so much. God.

  • blpalv15 Post author

    Now that he is gone, so am I. But I hate how they did that to his character. He was snarky, sassy and had such great delivery in the beginning. Past few seasons he became a shell of his former self and pretty much Olivia's lap dog. He deserved better than being someone who killed a baby, even if it was with good intentions.

  • micjakes1 Post author

    Did he go to prison?

  • Annie Burke Post author

    This was my first time rewatching specifically Barba's testimony from this episode, it still made my chest tense up. Just because of seeing a character whom I loved so dearly for several years be put on trial for something I never thought he would do. And after watching Alex last week potentially risk jail time herself trying to save domestic violence vics and their kids from their abusers, makes me not hate how they wrote off Barba as much as I did before. Alex and Barba both did the wrong thing but for the right reason. Barba felt so much empathy for Drew's mom and how much guilt for making his own father (at least in his mind) suffer that he felt it would stop the fighting over right to die between Drew's parents.

  • Lalanie Castellon Post author

    who's cutting onions ?

  • Lydia Gastrell Post author

    Honestly, I’m not surprised Esparza chose to leave. The writers gave his character so little and, much worse, deliberately failed to followup on the few compelling story lines they did give him. Whatever happened to the death threats at the end of season 17? They told us the guy was being paid “by someone” to stalk Barba and threaten him, and then that entire story line just vanished.

    Writers have been doing this crap for years now..PLOT BAITING. Giving the audience little suggestive snippets of possible future story arcs and then never following through on them. They visually implied that Benson was becoming a drunk…nothing came of it. They visually implied that Carisi and Rollins were getting romantically involved…nothing came of it. They are still giving little hints that Carisi is seeing someone, and I’d bet they’ll drop that too eventually.

    Enough is enough. I’m done with this show. In fact, I’m done with all the seat-of-your-pants network shows that obviously don’t storyboard and don’t plan their friggin’ story arcs IN ADVANCE. They pepper their episodes with false foreshadowing just to give themselves plot routes later, the vast majority of which they won't use. That's just…horrible story crafting. Imagine if book series were written that way.

  • Jordan Ball Post author

    ADA barba is my father I’m not hearin it

  • Xingyu Liu Post author

    did anyone notice that the jury at his first trial on svu is the same as his last,,,

  • Ella Chase Post author

    After this I'm done with law and order svu because he was the only reason I watched

  • trish Post author

    This really pisses me off, I never thought I would watch this show again after Chris left, Elliot and Olivia were great together, I never thought I would see chemistry like that again until Barba, what the hell is wrong with these writers, we get Olivia with Tucker and Brain, while Barba is right there in front of her his love for her strong.

  • Elaine Tineo Post author

    I miss amaro and barba 😞

  • Ryan Blackston Post author

    I miss him on Law Order

  • Anna Maria Post author

    i started crying when barba eyes started watering i hate seeing him like that

  • Jorge Duarte Post author

    He killed the baby?

  • Lucifer Morningstar Post author


  • Xenia Nino Post author

    I Love Babar

  • rambosson 90 Post author

    why nobody talks about what he's done?!- he played "god/ and a good samariten"…that's false, he can't kill a baby/child and think he do the right think, because he now that child can never hear and see in his life…there are blind/deaf people there find there own way (after many many years) with sign language to communicate…He has now rights to do that…..I hope they make him in prison

  • Heather Cobb Post author

    Your husband will pay episode law bmp order special 93k views

  • Lucifer Morningstar Post author

    RAFEAL BARBA, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME YOU HANDSOME,SMART,COCKY,BADSSS,that's it I'm never watching this show again because he is hon,Believe me I hate stones guys already

  • Rose Redmayne Post author

    I love Barba. He’s amazing.

  • Rose Redmayne Post author

    He’s so compassionate, empathetic and totally in the right. He gave mercy for the child. He’s not a killer. Nope.

  • Tayler Maddocks Post author

    Barba is the best ada SVU has had so far. No one can top our favorite sassy Cuban ada.

  • judith jiménez gómez Post author


  • Presley Dr Post author

    why is he on trail

  • M S Post author

    This is one of the saddest episodes I've seen. I cried for two hours afterwards.

  • Siti Farhan Alia Hashim Post author

    Watch this episode once it’s air but couldn’t bring myself to watch it n my sister are yelling at the tv when he pull that life support..😭😭😭 i need barba back..

  • Sean Davila Post author

    Is that lawyer Dr. Taub from House?

  • standup andbcounted Post author

    Who'd love jeremy Sisco aka Lupo, who in original L&O was studying for the bar to make a guest appearance as a lawyer, it's a loose end needs be addressed

  • Ly Pham Post author

    The dude from House

  • MrGabeanator Post author

    Does anyone else here agree that Barba did the right thing

  • SeeYaNextTime — Post author

    What episode is this

  • Niamh Barrett Post author

    What Season and episode is this scene from?

    Please reply if you know, I would really appreciate it

  • Ryan Blackston Post author

    I miss him on svu

  • Ryan Blackston Post author

    he wright

  • Anonymous Person Post author

    I'm going to miss him.

  • virtualpainter Post author

    I mean the baby was suffering just by laying there on his crib and just by being alive. I know that it wasn’t Barba’s place to kill the baby but the baby was suffering just by living.

  • Rose Redmayne Post author

    I miss himmmm

  • Malcolm Mitchell Post author

    Sometimes in life, even the goodest people break the law/rules.

  • Lucian David Post author

    Barba is a sexy man!

  • Lady Goku Black Post author

    Poor Barba. He did the right thing

  • Caladhiel Alcarin Post author

    Rafael Barba is without a doubt the best ADA that SVU will ever have. I stopped watching any new ones after her left. It is incredibly difficult to make me cry, but seeing the tears in those beautiful green eyes, I admit I cried. Raul Esparza is a tremendous actor and you could hear the pain in his voice when he said his lines.

  • Eliza Post author

    what ep?

  • Brunette From Cali Post author

    This hurt so bad seeing him up there.

  • Allie :3 Post author

    Wow amaro and barba were my fav ,I cri the new episodes aren’t the same ☹️☹️

  • Haley Briggs Post author

    This makes my heart hurt. That character was amazing and gave so much hope to this show.

  • Am Cessa Post author

    Can anyone tell me what episode this is??

  • Niknaz Salehi Post author

    well he left and I'm done with this show. Hell I wont even watch the rest of this season.

  • Dizzle Post author

    So stupid what they did to Barba. Killing a brain dead baby? Really? That's the best the writers could come up with for Barba's departure??

  • IntoMyWorld97 Post author

    Bring Barba Back!

  • Steven Irizarry Post author

    I remember first seeing Barba and not liking him but his sass grew on me and now's it's devastating he's gone

  • J WS Post author

    He is a murderer, full stop.

  • robbie distasio Post author

    i think this guy was an ok ada but alex cabot was my fav orite because she was knock out

  • TurtleKing777 Post author

    This opens a real conversation about the right to die

  • Ryan Blackston Post author

    I miss him he was awesome

  • Heather Remaly Post author

    What a horrible, beautiful, merciful, agonizing choice he made. And what a beautiful, wonderful, courageous thing he chose to do. Raul will be missed dreadfully on this show. I won't watch it anymore. When the light goes out of a television show like this, there's no point in continuing. SVU's loss is Broadway's gain. May his light shine just as brightly there.

  • MartialArtsCat101 Post author

    Wtf is that Taub?

  • Courtney LeAnne Post author

    I miss Barba! He and Liv were the heart of the show.

  • Dynasti Moore Post author

    And also that he tired to save them

  • Bf G Post author

    What is Taub doing here?

  • iiunaestheticdayii Post author

    I missed this episode where can I watch it
    Except for nbc

  • Nadia Hassan Post author

    Why is my heart hurting

  • StrivingFor Mindfulness Post author

    This is such a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching scene.

  • LADAN ABDI Post author

    Peter Stone was already better

  • Ruth Veronika Post author

    what season and what episode

  • Big Juice Post author


  • Sawyer Averys Post author

    I remember the day Barba left and yes it was sad and yes I was quite a bit frustrated with him leaving, but I understood why and I respect his choice, but that didn't make me stop watching the show becuz I'm still gonna support the show regardless and I like Stone on the show and I like his character, but he didn't deserve the hate he has gotton for being on the show and I understand people are still having Barba withdraw syndrome but c'mon folks it's been a year or two years now since he's been gone from the show and you gotta admit Stone is a great ADA

  • Roxanne731 Post author

    He's such a moving character

  • # exposed Post author

    just rewatched the episode when we first met barba:( i miss him

  • Hope Harrison Post author

    All of you are really biased with Barba. And see? Stone made a comeback within a year. To stop watching a show because of people leaving? Doesn't make sense to me.

  • Olivia B Post author

    He shouldn’t feel guilty for what he did, that baby was already gone. He only helped set him free. I would’ve done what Barba did.

  • Syiden Post author

    asking someone if they feel guilty

    lol, dont think ive ever seen a lawyer so blatantly violate someones 5th amendment rights

  • Laorin Filet Post author

    Guess Tal had enough of Dr. House

  • Diony Quinones Post author

    Now that the other DA left will Barba come back? Barba was the best DA on this show EVER!!

  • bi and proud. Post author

    I will never stop crying l over him bc he left i cryed for so long after he left still am. Why why! He was my fav in law and order svu i miss him 😭😭😭😢😭😭💔

  • Charles Lüke Jean Post author

    President William Clinton.

  • Charles Lüke Jean Post author

    President William Clinton's Son.

  • Fluttershy Licious Post author

    I can't believe Taub is questioning Barba

  • Ms. Dani Post author

    Never saw this, but I'm mesmerized! I need a synopsis….🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Christine Crites Post author

    am i the only one who thinks he shouldnt have killed this baby? that it wasnt his choice to make?

  • anywaythewindblows 89 Post author

    Hi, Taub!

  • StarKiller 56 Post author

    It’s so ironic to see that Stone ended up in almost the same exact position just over one season later. Benson has one hell of an effect on people. Or maybe it’s because SVU is where you’ll often see the worse humanity has to offer.

  • Dory Z Post author

    I've seen that lawyer against barba on one of those Chicago shows

  • bs4e Post author

    Rauls acting is just so spot on as barba. Gotta love him! Raul and barba!!

  • iblis khan Post author

    Barbra never backed down from case showed no fear win or loose he was the man i liked him better then a blonde

  • Frida Kalo Post author

    Can someone please tell me what season and episode this was???

  • uzimakiking Post author

    Oh so this is how they killed him off

  • FeedingFrenzy91 Post author

    Helen Keller. That's all I'm going to say.

    God bless everyone.

  • lifewuzonceezr Post author

    Lost a special needs child…this is ouchy!

  • Dayna Stokes Post author

    I stopped watching after barba left. It's not even close to the same

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