Law & Order: SVU – Barba Calls a Hostile Witness (Episode Highlight)

Law & Order: SVU – Barba Calls a Hostile Witness (Episode Highlight)

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– I told you, I don’t want to do this. – Permission to treat
the witness as hostile, Your Honor? – Permission granted.
Proceed. You must answer the questions,
Ms. Harper. – The night of your daughter’s
rape and murder, you heard the defendant’s
voice in your house. He was talking to Ashley
around midnight. He was talking to Ashley
around midnight– I can show you
the police report to help refresh your memory. – Okay, okay, yes. I… I heard Sean’s voice. I…well, I thought
I did, anyway. I’m–I’m not sure now. – You were sure then–
sure enough to tell the police. – I don’t think that Sean would kill Ashley. He cared about her. He had his whole future
ahead of him. – And yet you said
you heard his voice in your house the night
of the murder. – Well, yes, I said that, but– – But you didn’t hear him leave, and you didn’t hear
anyone else come in. – No, but that’s what
I thought last time, and I was wrong. What I did to Sean
was unforgivable. I told the jury he did it. I pointed at him,
and I said, “That’s the man who raped me.” And I was wrong. – That’s why you’re hesitant
to identify him now– because if you were wrong then, you might be wrong again now. – If Sean was there,
then that would mean– – That means he killed her. Is that what you
were about to say? – Objection!
– Let me rephrase. Ms. Harper, you blame yourself for your daughter’s death,
don’t you? – Excuse me? – You caused Ashley’s death. [tense music] You sent him to prison, where he was victimized
and abused for 16 years. Thanks to you, he learned how
to become a killer and a rapist. – Objection–is there
a question anywhere here? – Get to the point, Mr. Barba. – The point is, if you had not made that false identification 16 years ago, he never would’ve
gone to prison, which means he never
would’ve killed Ashley. – That’s not true. – That’s not true, or you don’t
want it to be true? Because, in your mind, if he killed Ashley, you killed her. And that’s too
painful to accept. ♪ That’s why you don’t
want to testify. ♪ – [crying] I-I sent him there. ♪ Every time he was beaten or raped, it was my fault. I turned him into a rapist– a monster. And it was my fault. I’m the–
I’m the guilty one here. ♪ – To feel this guilty, you obviously believe
he killed your daughter. Which means you are certain you heard Sean’s voice
in your house the night of the murder,
around midnight. Correct? ♪ – Yes. ♪

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