Law of Karma | Past Life | Destiny | Why Bad Things Happen To Good People | Part 5

Law of Karma | Past Life | Destiny | Why Bad Things Happen To Good People | Part 5

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let’s take a look at the other side of
this proposition good people are we really good people if we were we would
have been in the kingdom of God we would have been God realized the fact that we
are in the material realm means that we are not so good as yet I don’t want to
say bad otherwise somebody will be hurt so you have to now change the statement
why do good things happen to not-so-good people isn’t the answer obvious to make
us truly good in other words the goal of it is so that we should truly become
godlike truly become like God become perfect as he is perfect you have to
have this understanding and while we are in the material realm there is the law
of karma that is applicable the law of karma states “karma pradhana vishwa
kari rakha jo jas kari so tass phalu cakha” the Bible says exactly the
same thing as you sow that shall you also reap but again why Kushner stumbled
was that he’s got one lifetime’s perspective and in one lifetime then the
law of karma becomes inexplicable if a child is born blind and the child
questions what did I do to be born blind what answer will you give to the poor
blind child if you say it was the wish of God then God is very unfair
this person is born with 6×5 vision and I’m born blind and we are just beginning
our existence this is gross partiality the only logical sensible answer is that
this is karmas carried forward from past lives you see all the Karma’s that
we have done not in one life in endless past life times God keeps an account God
alone can keep that account in fact then the Nyaya darshan gives it as proof of God
without him there can be no law of karma it’s the all-knowing you can keep such
an amazing account that is called the Sanchita, Sanchita karma is the
accumulated Karmas of our past lifetimes
minus what we’ve already burned out so every time when God sends us into the world to
continue our journey he takes one portion from the sanchita and gives it
this portion you have to bear in this lifetime so the portion of the
accumulated which is tied to us in this lifetime that becomes our prarabdha
prarabdha is the destiny with which we are born there is an element of destiny in
everybody’s life nobody can deny it you did not choose the place where you would
be born God chose it you did not choose that intellect etc God chose it and send
you down with it though the destiny is determined at every moment we have a free will
with which we can make choices understand it that way when you play
cards the hand that you’re dealt with is determined you cannot say no no I don’t
want these cards I want those cards you have to play with these cards but how
you play is not determined a bad player can lose with a good hand a good player
can win with a bad hand this allows for bridge tournaments to take place otherwise
it could be a throw of dice similarly we all have this free will and
the Karma that we do with our free will is called Kriyamana karma, “quotes for scriptures” “quotes for scriptures” your Prarabdha and Sanchita is fixed but Kriyamana is not fixed so you can slowly
slowly change the course of your life if it is written in your destiny that you
will get that one million dollar lottery you will get it that’s destiny but
further having won it you could blow it up in a year’s time or you could
multiply it to 1 billion that would be your independent effort stemming from
your free will so we are under the bond of this karma and how do you get rid of
this whole account only then you could be liberated when it’s all burnt away
how do you burn it away something that is infinite in extent it’s very
difficult to deplete it because from infinity if
you minus 100 you are still left with infinity and if you minus a million it is
still infinity you minus a trillion it is still infinity how to exhaust our sanchita
Karma who knows how much is there at the stockpile and alongside with that
we are making more Karmas so in one side we are doing minus on the other side we
are doing plus will it ever get exhausted Lord Krishna in the bhagavad-gita he
explains he says look Arjun there is justice there is injustice Nyaya
Anyaya you need the third thing and that is Kripa grace if I bestow my
grace I will burn that whole pot of your Karmas by grace so that grace even
in the world there is the rule of grace in law you know this is the law in India
and I have checked up it’s also the law in USA if the Supreme Court declares the
death verdict sentences to death by hanging the Supreme Court is the
ultimate now there is no recourse but the law says there is one chance that
convict can still appeal to the President for mercy. If the President so chooses by mercy he can forgive. President also is not allowed to be
whimsical in that mercy there is a law there if this, this,
this condition is met then we shall bestow mercy similarly God says by the
law of karma you will never get out of it
you will need mercy or grace or Kripa but the grace of God is not a whimsical
act oh I like this guy’s nose let me grace him I don’t like her eyes forget
it God says my mercy also has rules and the
rule for bestowing mercy is you need to fulfil my condition what is the
condition you have to surrender to me so he concludes the bhagavad-gita
“Sarva-dharman parityajya mamekam sharanam vraja” Arjun give up all
varieties of religiosity in just surrendered to the Lord, quotes from “Bhagwad Gita” I shall burn away all your past deeds and
liberate you from Maya have no fear so what we need to do is not blame God
not blame circumstances not find fault why are bad things happening to me there
is something different that we need to do every time we have to look inside and
think how do I need to improve that will change everything you have to believe it
if you can understand you will believe it and then your focus will be to
improve yourself as somebody said when I was a teenager I dreamt of changing the
world but as I grew into my early 20s I
thought if I can change my country it will be enough and then after marriage I
realized if I can change my family I will be a hero but in my old age I think
if I had tried to change myself that would have been the best you know that change
has to begin from within so have faith in God and his world good things are
happening first of all you need to change is your attitude.

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    Thank you Swamiji for explaining in detail the laws of Karma.
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    Swamiji teaches us that the Sanchit Karma is accumulation of actions across endless lifetimes. Prarabdh karma constitutes a portion of Sanchit Karma, which becomes our current destiny. Both of these karmas are fixed. However, Kriyaman Karma are what we perform out of our independent will and not fixed. Swamiji advises us to take responsibility for our actions, pursue spiritual growth, and ask God for grace to break the cycle of life and death.

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