Law of Attraction Why Negative Things Keep Happening To Me

Law of Attraction Why Negative Things Keep Happening To Me

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Hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lessons. Today I
want to speak to you about Law of Attraction Lessons Why- Negative Things Keep
Happening To Me? Whoa yes let’s say it again law of attraction lesson why
negative things keep happening to me? This is the biggest question for so many
of us every year every month every day. People all over the world are saying why
are these negative things happening to me.
Let me tell you guys. You create your life. There’s nothing else to say about
it. You create your life a lot of people say: oh you did something in the past
you’re being punished by God. Let’s halt right now. If you’re watching my youtube
channel we got to start thinking differently .God is love!
I’m gonna say it one more time.God is love. If anything negative is happening
in your life it’s because you created it. Don’t get me wrong people.
I created negative things in my life everybody does. We’re here having a human
experience and everything is not always 100% good. It’s not! You are here to
learn a lesson and how could you learn a lesson if something don’t go wrong
sometimes. Now you can control how much of its coming to you negative and I’m
gonna tell you why. Why negative things keep happening to me. People what are you
thinking about? Are you hovering in your mind jealousy envy disappointment regret.
What is it that you’re thinking of? Now listen you can stand there all day and
say I’m gonna manifest this. I’m gonna manifest this and then the next minute
turn around and say: You know that’s not gonna work or how did she get that I
should have had I was I was better than her. How did
get that promotion and I didn’t get it. Listen you have just just you have just
knocked down whatever it is that you were trying to create. You have to be
happy for the next person no matter what. Look what God has given to one God can
give to me and give to me even more. You have to watch what you’re thinking
people. If you’re thinking of oh my god I seen on the news today 25 accidents. I
can’t believe it 25 accidents. What are you doing? Just stop and think.What are
you doing at that moment? You are thinking about a car accident. Even if
you’re saying I’m not gonna have a car accident.You are still thinking about a
car accident. When you say oh my God I wish I find that right man. There’s so
many just bad ones out there. I just I just don’t want to attract the wrong guy.
What are you thinking of? You’re thinking of the wrong guy.
What are you vibrating? What are you thinking?
What are you thinking that’s vibrating out to the universe. It’s whatever you are
thinking. If you’re thinking of an accident.
You’re gonna manifest an accident or if you’re thinking about some kind of
disaster in your house you’re gonna manifest a disaster in your house. If
whatever is going on in your life if it’s negative
don’t try to focus on the negative. Hey look things happen.
Process it and then let it go. You can never get anywhere in the first place
by focusing on the negative. You have to take it in process it push it out and
say okay what do I need to do to get out of this situation and start thinking
from a positive perspective from that point. If you keep focusing on your
problems you’re going to attract more of those problems. Let me tell you it
happens I mean it happened to me a lot of times. Listen if it happens. It’s okay!
You gotta take it in process sit let it go and let’s make let’s start
fresh for the next day. If you have an accident process it let it go. Okay what
do I need to do to move on. How can I come up with the money to get a new car? What do I have to do with the insurance to move on and let’s thought another day.
okay that’s why I tell a lot of people don’t try to manifest or you manifest in
24 hours seven days a week regardless. But don’t try to deliberate create a
situation in your life if you are so bundled up with negative thoughts
negative feelings. Because you’re just gonna bring them out and you’re gonna
manifest whatever it is you’re trying not to manifest. Okay!
Why are negative things happening to me? I remember there was a time that I had I
was working and I was all over the place and I did it for years and I said to
myself these people have no idea how much I’m driving all over the place. Like
zigzagging all over the place and I said to myself: I gotta get rid of this job
even though I love it. I got to get rid of this job because before I get in an
accident and I would drive and get frustrated because they had no clue how
they were sending me all over the place and I kept saying let me stop. Then to add
on top of that. My mom will call me. Eyvette I’ve seen an accident on the
road three-car accident these people know they’re getting into some bad
accident and I said mom I just seen about two myself. Eyvette I seen another
accident today Ma I know, I seen a bad one last night. You know what happened to me?
I got an accident and I’m gonna tell you right now I had a dream two days or two
days three days before I had the accident, I had a dream that I had an
accident. Listen and I think back and I say I said to myself how did I
manifest it! it didn’t take me but two minutes not
even one minute to realize how I was thinking of my job thinking of me
driving around and possibly getting an accident. How my mom was calling me
mentioning accidents. How I was calling her mentioning accidents and I got in a
bad accident. It was unavoidable and it happened in the area where I said I
usually don’t drive because I just don’t like it.It’s a high risk by accident. So
here I am putting that out in the Universe and it just happened. Once you
realize that you manifesting 24 hours seven days a week and you starting to
know all the rules of how to play what to play when you’re being a deliberate
creator is it seems like things come even faster when it happened.So when I
manifest deliberately it actually comes faster especially if it’s negative. So I
really try to watch what I say .So why are negative things happening to me let
me just tell you that let me just tell you this right now! It’s because you
created it. When you start learning to control what you’re thinking you will
have mastered removing negative things out of your life. Now I must say it again
negative things happen there is no way of getting around it at some point in
your life, but you can limit the amount of negativity that comes into your life.
I love my job you go in there no matter who gets on your nerves. Hey look it’s
okay you know what in my mind I’m saying that poor person needs help. I’m not
gonna let them drag me in so I’m just gonna relax and enjoy myself and keep
moving on. If you don’t like your job do what you got to do and on the side look
for another job, look for that promotion, go back to school so that you can get
the knowledge or the experience or whatever else you need to get that
promotion and be the boss of that person giving you a hard time!
Why negative things keep happening to me! You have to take control of your life. If
you want to be in control of your life. Control your thoughts, control your mind
control your life! That’s all it boils down to. This is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction
metaphysical lesson from the girl next door. If you like this video, please like
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Law of Attraction Lessons: Why negative things keep happening to me. This is
Eyvette signing out. Blessings to all of you Namaste

46 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Why Negative Things Keep Happening To Me

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