Law of Attraction Trick to Manifest Fast | Manifestation Techniques

Law of Attraction Trick to Manifest Fast | Manifestation Techniques

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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel
and welcome. If you’re new here, my name is Ella and this channel is
all about spirituality, manifestation, mindset and aligned business. In today’s video I’m keeping things
short and sweet and sharing with you a simple yet powerful law of
attraction trick to manifest fast. So if you want in on the secret,
then just keep on watching. So for the past few weeks
I’ve been experimenting with
this trick and literally just a few days ago I had another mind
blowing quick manifestation that happened I kid you not within five
minutes of me doing this trick. Now with this law of attraction trick, the key is to start off with something
small and specific so that you can really build up your manifestation muscle to
create that positive expectancy and that confidence in your ability to attract. Now this will help you more easily
attract and also the bigger things. In reality, everything that we want to
attract, whether it’s small or it’s big, is actually not easier or
harder to manifest. However, we often believe it to be that way. And that’s how we introduce resistance
to actually make the bigger things harder to manifest. So give me a thumbs up if you guys want
to see another video where I share with you how to make the big and hard things
actually easy for you to manifest. So by now your anticipation is probably
building up and you’re just like, come on Ella, get to the point. What
is this law of attraction trick? The secret that you’re going to
share with me, I’m warning you. It’s simple but very profound. You ready? Literally as simple as declaring out
loud what you desire and beginning with wouldn’t it be nice if and then you
fill it in with whatever you want. Bam. That’s it. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can easily
find a parking spot? What would it be? Nice if I got some free food today? What would it be nice if I easily
attracted in a dream client, what would it be nice if I got a free
ticket for this concert that I want to go to? You name it. That’s literally it. Just a few days ago, I put this again into practice for
myself and it was absolutely crazy. So I was looking for somewhere to get my
eyelash extensions refill because yes, your girl does get her eyelash extensions
done because I wish I naturally had this voluminous lashes, but that
is not the reality unfortunately. So I was calling up places and they’re
either fully booked until the end of August or they’re super far away.
And I was like, okay, calm down Ella. And then I said out loud. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can find an
amazing lash technician that’s within a five minute walk from my house?
So I put that intention out there, hopped on over to Kijiji, went
to search and I kid you not. Within three minutes I felt
compelled to click on an ad. And then I found my no amazing
lash technician, Amelia. And guess what? She is officially off four
minute walk away from my house. And all of this happened within five
minutes of me declaring out loud and saying, wouldn’t it be nice f and the amazing
thing about Amelia is that she’s also spiritual. So not only did I walk four minutes to
find her to get my lash extensions done, but we also had amazing
conversations about aliens, about raising your vibration by thinking
positively about just all the fun spiritual things, connecting with spirits. And I’ve never had so much fun while
getting my lash extensions done. So this stuff is honestly so
magical and it totally works fast. So why does this law of attraction
trick work and how does it work so fast? There’s a few reasons. First of all, your voice and your
words have power to them. They have their own unique vibration.
And as one of my favorite teachers, Yogi Bahjan says, every word that you say has a unique
vibration that brings you what you have or what you need. And that’s exactly what happens when
you declare your intention out loud. You send out that high vibration
out there, and as a result of that, you will attract back in the things that
match that vibration. Second of all, when you say, wouldn’t it be nice if there’s actually
a lot of magic happening in those few short words by seeing, wouldn’t it be nice if you are simply
suggesting a beautiful possibility you release attachment because you’re
not saying this must happen. I have to have this, I must
manifest this. I really want this. You’re letting go of the attachment and
simply sending your intention out there as a possibility. Now as you are sending this out
without the sense of attachment, at the same time, you’re still making it very clear and
specific exactly what you want to call in, which allows the universe and your
subconscious mind to work for you. And the great thing about suggesting it
as a possibility is that you leave room. You’re just saying,
wouldn’t it be nice if, and that leaves room for something even
nicer sometimes to come up and manifest into your reality. Now after you make your declaration
of wouldn’t it be nice if, insert whatever you want, be sure
to let it go and go do your thing. That is where the speed and the magic
happens because the key to this trick is the release of attachment. Stay within the realm of
possibility and go do your thing. Go keep your vibrations high and that is
how you are going to manifest extremely quickly. So that’s it. That
is the super simple trick. Go out there today and put it into action,
whether it’s manifesting free food, a parking spot, a message, you name it, train that muscle and over the next few
days build up to some of your larger desires and see what happens. Now be sure to come back to this video
and drop me in the comments below. What happens after you give this Law
of Attraction trick a try because I absolutely cannot wait to see all of
your success stories and also if you are not yet a part of my amazing Facebook
group, the Badass Lightworker Tribe, head on over to the link in my
description box and come join us. This is a high vibe community
full of spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders and manifestors where we talk
all about spirituality and manifestation, mindset and aligned business. And it would be an absolute
pleasure to have you join us. So thanks so much for
tuning in to today’s video. I hope this trick is helpful for you, and I’m so excited to see all the
amazing things that you guys manifest. Until my next video stay light
and shine bright my friends.

3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Trick to Manifest Fast | Manifestation Techniques

  • P.S. I'm Ella Post author

    Hope you liked this Law of Attraction secret trick πŸ˜‰ Let me know below what happens when you give it a try!

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  • Lisa Richter Post author

    Holy πŸ’© this is amazing! I literally watched this video I thought okay like you said, start small, so I put it out there. Wouldn't it be nice if HE (this guy I'm seeing) text me within the hour. We have plans tonight around 6pm. And I kid you not I let it go, started my music loud as I was going to straighten up the house, not even 2 – 3 minutes later did he not call me!!!! And this blows my ever-loving mind because he does not call, he does not like to talk on the phone. But he knows that I wish you would communicate more. I literally got tears in my eyes after we hung up. Even though our plans have changed, he can't come over until later, I don't even care. The fact that he called me to tell me the plans have changed instead of a text and did it two to three minutes after I made that manifestation – I am blown away!!!πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™Œ

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