Law of Attraction Lessons Keeping Your Goals Secret

Law of Attraction Lessons Keeping Your Goals Secret

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Hi. This is Eyvette From My World of metaphysics Bringing you another Law of Attraction metaphysical less from the girl next door. Today I want to speak to you guys about law of attraction lessons keeping your goals secret. Again Law of Attraction lessons. Keeping your goals secret. The reason I’m bringing this up to you is that it is very important for all those out there trying to manifest there goals or their dreams into reality. The reason I say this because when you tell other people about your goals or what your trying to do your expelling energy. Your letting it out. When you could be using that energy to help propell you forward to do what ever it is you need to do. That’s one thing. The second thing is. When you tell people your goals that person your speaking to is either sending out something positive or negative in vibration. People don’t mean any harm. Don’t get me wrong, but alot of times people themselves don’t believe things can be accomplished If they did they would be out there trying to do things themselves and we know that is not the case out here everybody. Alot of people just don’t think that they can do things different and they stay at the same job, the same situation the same marriage and everything that is going on in their life. They stay in the same situation because because they don’t believe in things being different or better. So when you come along with your goals and your dreams big dreams of doing things different and you tell someone else. They going to throw out a vibration back to you. and that vibration might be positive . It might be negative. Hey, they might have some underlining jelousy disbelief envy You don’t know what’s going on in the mind of your own family. Friends Associates. You just don’t know. But let me just tell you by throwing out your goals telling people what your going to do. Your either loosing your own energy or taking in the energy of the other person and that could be negative. Now, ther was one time that i heard of a story about Steve Harvey and you know Steve Harvey is on every single channel you can think of. There was a point when he was in school He was told that he could not have a goal or a dream of being on T.V as a comedian because he did not know anybody that did that and he did not have an experience with his family of anyone doing that type of thing. It was too big for him to dream of that type of situation. Now believe me this came from his own teacher. It came from his teacher. So he went home disappointed. and spoke about it to his father. His father said “Don’t you pay that person any mine. In so many words. Take this and put it in your draw. Read it every morning and every night. And who is Steve Harvey today. He’s one of the biggest entertainers of decade. Now what would of happened if what that teacher told him was absorbed and he took it with him and he believed in what that teacher was stating. We would not be seeing Steve harvey anywhere. At this moment on any channel. It’s very very important to keep people in your corner who are going to support you but at the same time when you are working on something keep it to yourself if you have to. Now I’m not saying don’t go out there to look for assistance if you need help to move it along. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m talikng about just talking to people, family, friends associates about what you are planning to do. Now you don’t know what they are thinking. And you don’t know how far their belief is in you, and in the possibility of anyone in their circle getting this done. So you don’t need to let go of your energy when you could be using your energy to propell your forward to get done what you need to do. Listen, I’ve been there people. There’s been times when I tried to do things and just being sooo happy. You just automatically want to tell people. Well I’m trying to tell you today. Keep it to yourself. If your trying to start that new business keep it to yourself. Go take up a couple of classes. and figure out what you need to do to get that job done. To start that business. Start taking classes, read books, go to the library. Take up a mentor. Anything you need to do to get where you want to be. You do it. you do not have to tell people that actually can not help you. If those people that you are talking to can help you, that’s a different story. So listen. If you want to find the fastest way to dispell or lower your vibration when it comes down to setting goals and getting your goals accomplished start running around and tell everyone. it’s like everytime you open your mouth and tell somebody, you give off a little piece of you. A little piece of your energy that you have built inside of you creating what ever you are trying to create. But by you telling it, it’s like your giving away a piece of it each time. So I’m telling you. Your trying to be a creator trying to make changes in your life. Do it. But you don’t have to tell everyone. That’s very important. if you don’t believe me go on out there and tell the world, and see how far you get. Hey look you might just get very far. So don’t you know It’s not the case with every single person. But for right now, what i’m telling you is for me If your trying to get out there and create that job. Create that relationship. What ever it is your trying to create. keep it to yourself. And then when you get there, you can then tell other people how you did it and what you did so you can actually show them how to move along in their own lives. It’s like show and tell. But until you are able to show I wouldn’t tell anyone. So again this is Eyvette from My World of Metaphysics bringing you another Law of Attraction Metaphysical lessong from the girl next door. Today we spoke about the Law of Attraction Lessons Keeping Your Goals Secret. If you Like this video. You already know what i’m getting ready to say. Like it, Subscribe. Hit that Bell button if you can and if you want to follow me you can follow me at If you want to buy crystals, jewelry and some metaphysical products. You can reach me at You can also follow me on facebook instagram, pinterest. Listen this is Eyvette from My World of Metaphysics wishing you the best. Namaste!

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  • assertyourself Post author

    This is brilliant ! I say this all the time, every time I Leach out my goal is to someone whether it’s how much I make or a dream I have always regretted it. They pretend to smile but I think it’s a jinks , something goes wrong

  • ChieF Takeo Post author

    True. Thank you for this abundant message!

  • willam loren Post author

    True I'm absolutely agree with you

  • Rowe Ellazar Post author

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  • Misz Levi Israel Post author

    Ok this is extremely scary cause I was just thinking this how now I stay so quiet of my moves! Than this video came up in the past in my young days I use to tell my family and friends everytime I got a job or opportunities I would to tell people u swear something would go wrong or I would lose it easily I knew something wasn’t right now I never tell people my move ever again best decision I ever made!

  • 123cillitbang Post author

    Oh Jesus Christ, if you Weren't talking DIRECTLY to me I dunno what's goin on! That's my problem exactly, Ma'am. I'm working on my thing.. I start feeling the excitement of it and I feel like I'm gonna Explode. So then when I see peoole I haven't seen in awhile and they're like "what's new with you, girl" I boil over and spill! 🙄 That's some weak human shit I gotta work on! It's so TRUE, EVERYTHING you said. I don't need to tell you – you know. People whether they mean to or not sometimes Don't believe in my dreams for the future. I gotta shut it! I'll write it on a journal, bubble up in excitement, energy, joy.. Heck do a dance get that "full" feeling out. Bless you, Yvette and THANK YOU so much for this much needed pep talk. Xoxo

  • Echetabu Emeka Post author

    What she said is true.

  • Rebecca O'Neal Post author

    Love this video! Stay away from negative people! 🥰 Keep your goals and dreams within to give yourself the power to manifest without! 🌈

  • Reva Sgs Post author

    Thats a good advice Eyvette, agree with you. Blessings, Namaste.

  • Dianna Diatz Post author

    Good morning Yvette! It is always a joy to listen to you! You are so practical with your metaphysical advice. This is one of the things I really appreciate about your videos.
    It is so important to know who is Really behind you and wants to see you succeed. I am very fortunate to have three friends who truly wish the best for me. So, when I have needed to ask for practical advice, they have been there for me.
    I was just thinking that you could be everyone's Fairy Godmother, standing in that lovely wooded area. Now all you need is your magic wand, tiara, and flowing gown!
    Have a wonderful weekend. You are a great inspiration!
    Warmest wishes,
    Dianna (and Grayson, my cat leaning over my shoulder)

  • alvin villanueva Post author

    Im a hundred percent believe in you madam yvette.. It happened to me about telling about what i am manifesting.. and guess what? I just recieved a negative point of views.. so its better to keep everything a secret. And after u get it? Then u can tell them how did u did it.. thank u madam yvette.. more power and Godbless.

  • Jnlove Post author

    Thank you for always allowing God to use you too speak too us. Everything you said is true! Your the mentor I have always needed.

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    You are right. I use to think it was just me. But EVERY TIME I’ve gotten too excited about something that was just STARTING to unfold, I’ll tell someone about it. Almost immediately, something goes wrong and it looks like I’m a lier and making things up.

    Thank you. It makes sense now.😊👍🏾

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    Teachers make or break students a lot of them don’t even have their own self belief

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  • Balloons and More Gifts Post author

    This is so TRUE!!!! When I first started working with balloons 24 years ago I had several people tell me I couldn't do it and it wasn't going to work. My response (Have you done balloon before, have you ever had a balloon store before, are you taking any classes or have you taken any in the past.) Their answer was NO. My response well why would I take advice from you? I DID IT and now I teach balloon decorating also. Push through anyway!

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  • Connie M Post author

    Lovely backdrop.
    Great video and lesson – thank you! Your words remind me of how important it is for us parents to support our children's goals and dreams, to help them as much as we're able, so they grow up knowing that their dreams can become reality. I hope my kids are like Steve Harvey in your anecdote – willing to come to me as a parent with these issues because they trust I'll support them versus shut them down! 🧡

  • Jovan Rachel Post author

    I have a hard time keeping things to myself and notice that others energy are effecting mine when I do tell them. Thank you for the info

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    Keep your GOALS a secret till they've MANIFESTED.

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    But network with people who are doing what you want to do.

  • ryan H. Post author

    This is true for me, I found that when my family knows what I'm doing they tend to wanna take my time away or talk down about it or get overly excited about it then jealous.
    Or talk about someone else who has success already like oh he wants to be the next Steve jobs or something.
    However people are diffrent some people can tell others and still do it, it just depends how bad u want it and what kind of person u are.
    Ever since I started keeping things a secret from my family I've had success but I'm almost at the point were it won't matter anymore.

    When you talk to much about what your planning it's like you let out all the juice and then you dont have anymore, no instead keep your master plan a secret and divert their attention to other things.

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  • DRPNDOLTV Post author

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    This is right on! I’ve learned this recently. People you’re closest to will be the main one putting negative thoughts into your head. I call them dream killers. They don’t think it can happen for them. So it can’t happen for you either. So when you’re trying to do something big, they secretly try stop you from achieving it. It’s best to keep it to yourself.

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  • danita powell Post author

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