Law Of Attraction – Is 90% Correct (IT’S COMMON SENSE!!!)

Law Of Attraction – Is 90% Correct (IT’S COMMON SENSE!!!)

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the law of attraction has become widely popular due to the success of the secret which is a book that has sold over 19 million copies it states that if you want something to happen you just have to believe and think about it really hard and your thoughts will manifest it whether it be events things or even people if you believe in it hard enough it will happen but just how true is the law of attraction i think that the law of attraction is ninety percent correct i don’t agree with how it says that your thoughts manifest things with thought powers of the universe because frankly in my opinion it’s common sense why it works see we have a thing right here at the top of our heads called the brain i like to think of the brain as a problem-solving machine because that’s what it is that’s what it specializes in that’s how our DNA has survived the test of time for millions of years by having a way to solve all of the obstacles and problems that come your way you give your brain a problem it start solving it it’s cold ok we need to build a fire and shelter we’re hungry okay we need to find food somehow you want to pass on your genes ok we need to find a mate and the great thing about our problem-solving machine is that it’s the best type of problem solving machine on the entire planet out of the 8 million other species on this planet we’re at the top of the food chain because that’s just how good our problem-solving machine is on top of that each of us shares about ninety-nine point nine percent of the coating of this problem solving machine or as we like to call it DNA with every other human on earth even great scientist great athlete and powerful powerful people so it’s safe to say that the majority of people share in equally powerful problem-solving machine the reason the law of attraction works is because that’s just how good we are at solving problems if you give your problem-solving machine a task to complete it starts looking around your environment for things that solve this problem which is why people who decide to lose weight and start envisioning themselves skinnier suddenly find themselves surrounded with more opportunities to learn about weight loss they say well it must be the law of attraction working the powers of the universe all of these forum post about ketosis or intermittent fasting or the coincidence of bumping into someone who gives you fitness advice it’s not the universe that setting you up those opportunities have always been there it’s just that you never notice them until you started thinking about weight loss all the time and this law can be applied to just about anything you want to be rich think about it and imagine yourself becoming rich you want a girlfriend think about it and imagine yourself already succeeding and form you’ll get a girlfriend now you might say well this is intruders tons of things are wanted to go to never come around well that’s because the law of attraction isn’t a hundred percent accurate you can’t just think and put something appears in front of you there are four mistakes that people make which stop them from accomplishing whatever it is they want with the law of attraction number one they stopped giving their brain problems to solve if you look around this is extremely common nowadays people go out drinking they spend hours watching TV or netflix and scrolling through social media they play video games it’s almost as if people are running away from reality they don’t want to sit down and contemplate what their problem-solving machine needs to work on next in fact it gets so anxious about the future to incapacitate themselves in any way possible they’re basically turning their machine off so if you tell people you want to be successful and start your own company you spend six days a week under some sort of influence whether it be weed alcohol TV or porn you’re never going to solve this problem because guess what your machine isn’t even turned on the second mistake that people make is that they try solving unsolvable problems there’s certain problems your problem-solving machine cannot solve there’s simply no correct answer for example let’s say that you’re in a toxic relationship you’ve been together for a long time but things have been sour for a while there’s arguments break up getting back together manipulation lack of trust you spend so much time worrying about how to fix the relationship when in reality it might be something that you can’t really solve sometimes there’s simply nothing you can do to fix something and it’s best to just walk away another example of an unsolvable problem is trying to go back in time to fix something many of us spend large periods of time ruminating about the past oh I should have done this in high school or oh I should have said this to so-and-so when you do this you’re telling a problem-solving machine to solve this problem but it it’s not possible there’s no way you can go back in time and solve it so in the end you’re just wasting more time the third mistake is that people give their brain problems that contradict each other i would say that this is actually the number one most detrimental mistake that people make because it’s something that flies under the radar let’s say for example you want to be in a relationship you think about it all the time but at the same time you spend time thinking about why you don’t deserve to be in a relationship most people who are single who really really really want to be in a relationship don’t think they’re attractive or doubt their abilities to court a member of the opposite sex so in this case you’re telling a problem-solving machine to do two things number one looks for ways to get into a relationship number to look for proof that i will never be in a relationship the solution to the second problem negates the solution to the first problem in order to find proof that you’ll never be in a relationship will start acting in a way that will make it so that you won’t be in a relationship another example of this is very present in my group of childhood friends they all say they want to own their own business and make a ton of money but at the same time they don’t believe taking risk is safe nor possible so in this case they’re telling their problem-solving machine to solve two problems number one look for ways to start a business and make a ton of money number to look for proof that taking risk is not face nor possible again your brain is unable to solve problem one when it’s looking for answers to problem two because if you’re looking for proof that risk is not possible you’re going to skip over every opportunity that could eventually grown into a thriving business the fourth and final problem people make is that they don’t give their brain enough time to solve a problem let’s say your goal is to build a six-figure business realistic even if you knew exactly what to do how long do you think that would take you even the smartest and brightest would have to work for at least a year or two in order to accomplish this goal from nothing but you’re not the smartest you’re not the brightest you don’t know what to do so that means they’ll take you anywhere from two to maybe even 10 years of constantly asking your problem-solving machine to solve this problem in order to solve the problem people are very impatient they think okay law of attraction I’ll think about my six-figure business really hard for like a week or a month but if you ask any successful business owner the first model business was like the answer is well it usually sucked really bad but the reason they succeed is that they continue to ask the problem-solving machine to solve this problem as long as it takes until it’s solved it the key to making the law of attraction work for you really comes down to your ability to turn on your problem-solving machine constantly ask it to solve one problem to clear your mind of any other problems that would contradict that one problem and to make sure that you’re asking a problem that can be solved that’s why although all this magic will talk about thinking and envisioning your goals sounds like bullshit it’s actually very powerful and effective because when you envision a goal and you’re thinking about it all the time you’re telling your problem-solving machine i want that so let’s get to work and that’s it it’s simple!

100 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction – Is 90% Correct (IT’S COMMON SENSE!!!)

  • Adam Reiland Post author

    A big thing with the law of attraction nowadays is advertising. If you look up "weight loss," you'll be targeted for weight loss ads, so duh you're going to see more opportunities

  • Rich Shibane Post author

    Great video.I used my heart to accomplish everything.everything a man wants its in his heart not the brain!

  • Robert Weekes Post author

    Love this video! I’ve always suspected this premise, but you explained it in a more clear and powerful way. Great content

  • Marcelo Caballero Post author

    Do anyone else ever came out with a solution for a problem watching some netflix or playing video games?

    This happens to me ALL THE TIME

  • Marcelo Cantalupi Post author

    change these fucking music at least one time

  • Fugen フーゲン Post author

    exactly one year after watching this, thanks man!

  • Foxhound Properties Post author

    This is a great video. I relate to all four of these points.

  • the Gunner Post author

    Can law of attraction improve my eyesight?

  • Hanisa Mohamed Post author

    If you want something, go get it. You can meditate and say dream all you want but you won’t get it. Period.

  • bsra AR Post author

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  • Ecstasy Post author

    Why are you acting like you and your brain are seprete entities you are your brain.

  • Kasper Post author

    I read that if u imagen too hard you can actually trick u brain that it already happen and your brain will not works to achieve that gole or what ever ur thinking about.
    Plz help

  • Andre NM Post author

    Contradictions, fix problems that can't be fixed, fix problems by go back in time! These are all thinks that dry our energy into nothing. Thank you for elucidate all this.

  • Juan Zavala Post author

    My mom be preaching to me about that book -_-

  • Andrei Dante Post author

    You're 100% accurate, coming back after 8 months and I achieved what I wished for because I worked hard for it.
    I was the 4th in my class with 7.12/10 now, after 8 months of dedicating myself to that goal, I'm the first with 8.52/10 and the 2nd place is occupied by someone who has 7.76/10.
    So, I hope who read this might consider my work as a proof for this Law of Attraction

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  • Elias Noel Post author

    This is fantastic

  • Katrina Norman Post author

    So you left of subconscious programming, the reticular activating system, the electromagnetic field and how it interacts with collective consciousness and the electromagnetic field of the planet… you didn't mention anything about quantum entanglement, mirror neurons, or the unified field. Not to mention leaving out neurolinquistics and biochemistry… all of which I have studied in depth to better understand what the law of attraction is and why and how it works. You are entitled to your own beliefs, however, it would probably be best to know what you're talking about before you call something else nonsense simply because your understanding of it is extremely limited and narrow.

  • Robert Martin Post author

    Love this. The Law of Attraction is a thing, but its not magic the way its usually portrayed.

  • Wahid Fayumzadah Post author

    Damn man, this channel is golden! The things you said about wanting to be in a relationship with someone, that is so true…
    The first habit that I will try to adopt is to meditate daily. Also, this video made me realize that I maybe quite often numb myself with stuff like Netflix… Aaaaaggghhhhh crazy, such a motivation boost.

  • Chi Chi Post author

    The voice got creepy towards the end 😱

  • The Man in the Motorcycle Mask Post author

    Its not the law of attraction. its the power of faith and belief.

  • Ariondys Gray Post author

    Human share 50% of DNA with a banana. IHowever, it doesn't have half of the problem solving.

  • Ying Lee Sanchezz Post author

    Man I really love your videos and topics they're really powerful and very useful I'm so glad Improvement Pill exists, to be honest I rarely comment on a video but I'm definitely sharing your channel

  • malay garg Post author

    u idiot the very meaning of law is that it is 100% true whatever be the case

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    I Know No One Will Reply tO this. But Still I'll pOst it Hoping that AnYOne Could Help.. The numm 3 Says That If You Think You Cant Do it then You'll Not Be Able To Do it. So My Question Is How To Not Think About The Negative Possibilities, because think About Negative Possibilities Is Something Natural. So If that Natutal Thing Is Negative So How Can We Make It Positive Or Solve This Problem. Because As I Remember There was Not Any Solution In That Video Provided For That Kinda Problem

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  • Andrew Mitchell Post author

    Cannabis has never stopped me from obtaining any goal i’ve focused on.

  • Nobody Post author

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  • CamTiger Post author

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    real common sense is rare and people fall in love with illusion that things can be achieved by dreaming about them while one drinks a cup of coffee.

  • Chris Post author

    Everyone who watches this and is like "Whoa! This is koool!" should go watch an equal number of videos contradicting it. Just to be fair to yourself. Wouldn't it be a bummer if this was all crap and you're wasting your time? Go be an adult and think for yourself. This is "belief system" can't be shown to be true… or false! How could you ever know it's wrong if it can't possibly be shown to be wrong?!?! Think!

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    I love how point 2 is just "Yeah, everything will come true, except things that won't come true." and 4 is just "Well, you can't prove it didn't work, maybe you just needed a millenia or two more."
    Beautiful, 10/10.

  • Michael Klump Post author

    I used to believe I could one day have a high quality girlfriend and be in a loving relationship and no matter how much effort I put into it and how much I worked towards it, it never happened. Now, I don't believe in that anymore and it still hasn't happened (I just use escorts now) and I've moved onto bigger and better things, so it must have at least a 50% success rate. Or in other words, not actually useful.

  • - johymaster - Post author

    How could you say that taking risk is safe? I feel like it's the exact opposite!

  • Ricardo Martinez Post author

    Hey, you knocked it out of the park here, I really like how you took the whole idea of the law of attraction off its pedestal and exposed it for the practical reasons it actually works. Garbage in –> Garbage out, give your problem solving machine good problems to solve.

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    I know a black guy who constantly thinks about being white. So the elite created an illusion of multiple genders. Which rised the ego of identity disorder. Which then now gives the white guy who has black skin the power of using his mind to create reality through the illusion of feeling. So in essense. Life is not real. Just a dance with our ego.

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  • FUCKing2222 YOUTUBE Post author

    I can see that you haven't tested the LOA and yet you are making a video about it.This video could be legit for explaining manifesting things like money gf job etc. things that you can actually achieve without the LOA but how do you explain me manifesting a text message from certain someone that i haven't heard from in months maybe years and it happened 3-4 days after 2 or 3 visualization sessions and i got the exact same words i was imagining and they weren't even the obvious Hi or hello. It was a complex sentence and i got that person to send it to me( i mean i did it myself). After that i did the text manifestation few more times just cose it was super cool to text yourself :D. Now i m focusing on stuff i really want to see happen in my life. The LOA literally can work even if you dont take action.But with action it tends to work faster. Plus there is a thing called resistance and you cant manifest a thing that you have so much negative beliefs about. Its useless to use LOA and focus on getting a lot of money but on the other hand you have like 10 negative associations about money(money is evil, money dosnt buy happiness,dosnt grow on trees…). First you need to give your self evidence how all those beliefs are false and that they are in your subconscious even from childhood(its when your subconscious gets most of the data). But if you try to focus on something that you have no resistance too you will manifest it so fast its sick. I hope you give LOA another chance. Personally recommend starting with text message manifestation, you will believe in it the fastest.

  • Angantyr Post author

    One thing people forget is the subconscious is still trying to solve those problems, like when I would get stuck on a video games then take a break and come back then next and do it in my first attempt.

  • Julius Chai Post author

    If your argument tl this statement is "I want to win the lottery and I have not been able to get it." If you really, REALLY want to win the lottery you will buy LOTS of it. Why? Because you want to win. This results in an increase of your chances at winning rhe the lottery. Disclaimer: I do not condone buying the lottery in order to win, it is highly unlikely that you will win before you go broke

  • Илија Лазевски Post author

    In other words, work your ass off and really belive in what you do.

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  • Pavlov's Cat Post author

    wow, you can tell how pissed off he is about people thinking the universe will give you what you want. I honestly have the same problem because my parents often talk about how they believe in the law of attraction and I just go nuts when they say "if you believe it's yours it's yours" when that's not how any of this works. That'd be ridiculous and people everywhere would be billionaires, trillionaires, etc. I think that some people just need to constantly think about it and then do it not just wait for it to happen. Thanks Improvement Pill for sharing your thoughts.

  • Mascha W Post author

    Law of attraction 🙌🏼

  • Brihs Carley Post author

    Believe and you'll get the vision in on the out looking in

  • Drew Ott Post author

    I will say that yes u do believe in the law of attraction. Not that your own thoughts manifest through the power of the universe but that speaking things into existence. These are my best examples and both happen to be women related, besides one other time. 1. I fell in love w a girl in my science class and one day I said to myself “somehow some way I will get in bed w her” and what do u know I did it, similar thing happened w another chick I liked this year. Also one time I was filming a YouTube video and a neighbor of mine was walking past asking why my friend was dressed as a clown. I then explained how I hope it reaches at least 20 thousands views and one month later it was at over 35k.

  • What am I doing here Post author

    I thought this was about physics

  • xopriscilaa Post author

    Nigga The Law Of Attraction is 100% real , cus everything is energy , everything has a frequency of its own in which it vibrates . You attract into your life, the things you send out most energy too. It’s not just “ doing things in your favor for obvious reasons” nah you LITERALLY attract what u focus on

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  • Leto85 Post author

    Well said, Improvement Pill. The part in the Law of Attraction that's for the person to discover is to work for it. Maybe The Secret had left that out as being something for us to discover.

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    I am a man who can have any woman he wants!

  • Millz Post author

    Amazing explanation, I personally thinking the "law of attraction" is not the universe either but psychology. Simply put OBSESSION CREATES UNCONSCIOUS SEARCHING

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    So it's chaos magick, then?

  • Pratyum Sharan Post author

    Law of attraction is 100% correct . Here it is how. If you've worked for something and you believe it than the world automatically fix itself according to what you desire . You will be in different situation that is best for your desires. And also those situations will also be automatically fixed on which you have no control over.

  • 命Restful Post author

    I honestly find this to be kinda true but not true as well. I can promise you that none of you are surrounded around a genre of music called “phonk.” This genre has music that gets maybe a max of 30k views so it is very hard to find. I heard a song of this genre but I didn’t know the name of the song so I used the law of attraction to bring the same type of songs to me. They showed up randomly, and I promise they weren’t already there. The universe really does manifest things, but at the same time yes your mind will look for things if you tell it too, and things will stand out if you’re looking for that certain thing.

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