Law of Attraction: How to Get Anything You Want 💫

Law of Attraction: How to Get Anything You Want 💫

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Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. I’m Aileen, for those of you just dropping
in. Today I want to talk about the law of attraction
and how you can use this tool to manifest your dreams, your desires, and
get anything you want. For those of you who haven’t heard, the law
of attraction is basically this idea that our universe operates under this “law”
that like attracts like, meaning whatever energy or thoughts you put
out, you’re gonna attract that in return. You can think about this on the surface level
like if you send out good vibes then you’re gonna receive good vibes. If you’re kind to others then others will
be kind to you. Or on the flip side: if you lie to others,
if you hurt others, then others will do that same thing back to you. Basically, whatever you put out, you’re gonna
attract that same thing in return. It’s pretty crazy just thinking about it because
that means you have so much power, so much control over how you shape your reality. The general idea here is: all change begins
with your beliefs and your thoughts. That’s the origin, the starting point for
sending out the message to the universe of what you want. And through law of attraction, you can actually
attract all the things that you want into your reality. Now at this point, if this is the first time
you’re hearing about the law of attraction, you might be pretty skeptical because you’re
like, “What the heck? How does that work? If you just think something, it becomes reality. Life is not that easy. Your dreams don’t come that easy.” And you’re right. It’s true. It’s not that easy. It doesn’t work just like that. It’s not just wishful thinking. Law of attraction doesn’t mean you just think, “Oh, I want to be rich. I want to have a big house and a nice car,” and boom, you get all of that stuff. That’s not how it works. There’s all these steps that happen in between. But what the point I’m trying to make is everything,
all of reality, begins here. It begins with your beliefs. It begins with your thoughts. There’s not a dream that you’ve achieved that hasn’t happened
here first, meaning you have to think about what you want before you actually get it. You have to imagine it, envision it, and know what you want. And then, obviously, you have to take action and do those little steps to get you there. If you’re more of a pragmatic or practical
person, this is how I would explain how the law of attraction actually works. Everything begins with your beliefs. Your beliefs shape your thoughts. Your thoughts shape your words. Your works shape your actions. And your actions shape your reality. Everything begins with a belief. When you have a belief or a thought about
something, that’s like boom: you send out a message into
the world, into the universe, and the universe will start to attract those
things back to you. But as you focus on those beliefs and those
thoughts, you start to see those transform into words, whether you’re writing down your goals or
you’re writing to yourself in your journal or just the words that you use to talk to
your friends and your family to describe yourself, how you’re feeling. Your words are really powerful. Your words will become your actions because you have to decide what to do before
you do it. Once you start taking action– obviously, we all know that action makes things
happen–boom: eventually, your reality matches what you originally believed
or thought of in your mind. So that is the quick way to explain how you
can transform your dreams into a reality. Obviously there’s a practical part where you’re
actually putting in the work, but the law of attraction also says that,
while you’re taking action towards your goals, while you’re focusing on your dreams and whatever
you want to manifest, the universe will conspire to help you achieve
it. That’s the magical, spiritual part that you don’t have to believe in. But I believe in it because why not believe that the universe has your back? You know, the universe will support in you all that you want to do. All you have to do is put out that thought
and really focus on that thought and do the little actions that it takes to
take yourself towards that goal, whatever it is. Moving on: here are my tips on how to use
the law of attraction to manifest your dreams and get what you want. The first tip is: Be aware of your beliefs. Like I said, everything begins with your beliefs. So ask yourself, maybe use this as a journaling
prompt: What do you believe to be true about yourself
and your life? Write down certain things that you believe
about yourself, and then go down your list and ask yourself: Are these things that you
actually want to attract more of, or are these negative beliefs? Are these limiting beliefs? Because sometimes we believe things that don’t really help us in our lives and
we believe in things that hold us back. It’s really important to uncover what those
beliefs are, and start from there. Examples of limiting beliefs might be “It’s
so hard to make money” or “It’s so hard to finish school” or “It’s
so hard to date”. If you have these beliefs in your system, in your mindset, then you’re gonna attract
the same reality to you. Instead, you have to pinpoint that belief
and then switch it. Replace it with a more positive one. “It’s so easy to make money.” “Money comes easily to me.” “It’s so easy to find a soulmate.” Think of ways you can flip your negative beliefs
into positive ones and start attracting more of what you want. A huge, huge thing that I have to note about
the law of attraction is that you have to focus on exactly the thing that you want more of,
exactly the thing that you want to attract. Don’t use sentences that have a negative. For example: When you’re running late, you can’t be thinking, “I don’t want to be
late. I don’t want to be late,” because that sentence, “I don’t want to be
late,” ‘late’ is the subject. You’re still focusing on the word ‘late’. So the universe doesn’t read the “I don’t
want to be” part. It just reads as “late”. So if you keep thinking, “I don’t want to
be late. I don’t want to be late,” you’re going to be late. Instead, you have to flip it into a positive and instead, keep repeating a phrase like,
“I’m an early bird. I’m gonna be early. I’m always early.” Focus on the subject. You notice the second example is “I’m always
early.” The subject of that phrase is ‘early’. That’s the word that you focus on. This is how important it is to be detailed
and very meticulous with your words because your words have power. Even if you’re not trying to manifest something, if you even think of the word or say the word,
you might be attracting that to you. Another tool to help you attract more of what
you want into your life is gratitude. Gratitude is the key to bringing more abundance
into your life because the more that you’re grateful for
what you have in your life already, the more things you’re gonna find to be grateful
for. Gratitude is like putting out positive good vibes into the universe and
attracting even more of that back to you. If you notice, if you’re generous with other
people, you’re gonna receive more abundance and generosity in return, so it’s
always, always good to utilize these tools to put out gratitude and good vibes to attract
the same thing back to your life. Another tool to bring more of what you want
into your life is utilizing affirmations. An affirmation is a sentence that is like
a power statement, something that you want to embody, something that you want become in your life
and your reality. The most powerful thing about affirmations is that it is written and
read in the present tense. Whatever it is that you want in your life,
you can write it into a statement, but make that statement a present tense statement
like, “I am [blank]” or “I have [blank]”. For example: I personally love to read affirmations
at night before I go to bed. I just repeat them in my head. Last night, I was repeating “I am powerful. I am guided. I am protected. The universe has my back.” So something like that, I’ll repeat over and
over and over in my head just so I can ingrain
it into my beliefs so that that can trickle into my actions and my reality. And also: summer’s coming up. Lately I’ve been getting more into fitness
and health, and one of my affirmations is: “I am beautiful, lean, with thin thighs and
abs,” because I really want to manifest a more healthy and fit body. Literally, I wrote that down on my white board, and I’ve been saying that phrase to myself
on and on and on, just to remind myself to eat healthier or go to the gym and let
that statement empower me to take that action in my life to get myself
there. Another thing you can do that’s really helpful
is to start journaling your dreams and your desires as if you already have them. Journal that in present tense, whatever your dreams and your goals are. Write your journal entry in present tense
like, “Oh my god, I just reached this goal,” and
then explain how do you feel about it, what’s around you, what’s happened in your
life because of that. Just journal as if it’s real. Journal as if it’s happened because the more
that you feel this goal is real, the more that you feel it into your reality,
the more you’re gonna attract that reality to actually come sooner. This is really powerful because when you’re
journaling as if this thing is real, you bring your emotions
into it and you explore the details. You kind of plan out all the details of that
reality. And once you know the details, the more you’re going to be able to attract
that thing to you, the faster it’s gonna happen. Another tool you can use to manifest your
dreams is a vision board. I’ve already made previous videos on how to
make a vision board, which I’ll link here, but a vision board is just a way to envision
the dream life that you want, the feelings and the visuals that you want because visual
are really powerful. The more that you can see it as a reality,
the more you’re gonna attract that thing to you. The next step that’s also really important
to manifesting your dreams is to change your behavior to act as if your dream is already real. I already talked about journaling, writing that journaling prompt as if you’ve
already achieved your dreams. Now I’m talking about acting in your day-to-day
life as if that dream is a reality. For example, when I was just starting out
with my channel, it was really small. I wasn’t making any money off of it. I would go out and meet people and they would ask me what do I do. In the beginning, I would be really hesitant to tell them what I was working on. I would be like, “Oh, I’m just dabbling in
some things.” But eventually, I just started to own it. I started to be more confident in it and just
say, “I’m a YouTuber. I’m a full-time content creator.” Even when I wasn’t making that much money off of it, I acted as if that was my full-time
job and that’s what I did. And the more that I stood firm and confident in that, the more
it became my reality where now that’s where I am. Another thing I do is I make decisions based
on what my future ideal self would make. My future ideal self is a successful businesswoman,
so she would be willing to spend money on resources or tools or things that would
help her. She would be able to spend money hiring people to help her run her business. Even when now, I’m in a really small part of my business, and if I were to look at my
current situation like, “Okay, I can’t afford to spend money on this course. I can’t afford to hire someone right now.” But I try to make those bigger decisions to
bring myself to that next level because I know that’s where I want to be,
so I make the bigger decisions now, if that make sense. So change your behavior to match what your
ideal self would do and act as if you’ve already achieved the
goal that you want to achieve. Alright, so the last tip on how to manifest
your dreams is, obviously, take action. Action is such a huge part of this equation. And I truly believe that once you take action, the universe will take its action and it will
conspire to help you achieve your goals. The universe works with you. Like I said, like attracts like. If you take action, the universe is going to take action too. So you want to work together. The universe is your collaborator. If you sit there and you just wait for things
to happen, the universe is also going to sit there and
wait for things to happen which means nothing is going to happen. So remember to always take action because
we do live in a material, real world where you have to do
things to move forward and make things happen. I hope you liked today’s tips on how to use
the law of attraction to manifest your dreams and get what you want. These tips are really just the tip of the
iceberg because I feel like the law of attraction
is a huge topic that you can really, really dive deep into. So I might go into more videos in the future. For now, I’ll leave it at that. I do want to share my inspiration, lately,
on law of attraction. It’s this YouTube channel called Leeor Alexandra, so I’ll link all of
her videos below. She has really great videos. I do have a challenge for you today. I want you to think about one thing that you want to manifest in your life. Whatever that one thing is, I want you to
write a comment as if that thing just happened. It can be one sentence. It could be a whole paragraph about your day and how great you feel that
it happened, whatever. I just want to hear what it is that you’re
manifesting. Thank you so much for watching. Love you all, and see you next time. Bye!

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    Where's my money honey !! I'm going to have corvettes and BMW's and Bentleys and 8,000sqft house in country club, Los Gatos Roseville California, 10,000ozs of gold and silver coins, make your point !! Angel Michael said to me in a dream that i will help people who have helped me over the years!!! Gated community, money, money, win California lotto mega millions jackpot !!!!!! Cadillac convertible red 1976 classic, Los Gatos water fall driveway, money, money, Los Gatos Roseville California, 911911911911911911911

  • Rume Nur Post author

    I m a great doctor😂🖤✌

  • Dorothy Kisakye Post author

    I met my soulmate!

  • Dee Castaneda Post author

    I am at a healthy weight. I have productive days off. I work out regularly at my kickboxing gym. I meet someone who will love me.

  • will brito Post author

    In short….you are your thoughts. Expect Karma.

  • كايزن Kaizen Post author

    I did the examination for American cpa and i passed it frome the first time… I made my own business on line… I write 3 bookes this year… I read 25 books

  • KeySmith Post author

    My YouTube channel is blowing up. I just hit 100,000 subscribers and I am seeing improvement in change in these peoples lives. I’m getting paid for my content and brands are reaching out to me. All of this is overwhelming and exciting! I am excited to create even more change in peoples lives!

  • Jany Lopar Post author

    Has anyone used the Mofedest Miracle to discover the true secrets laws of attraction? Just do a search engine search. On there you'll find an awesome guidelines about how you can discover see some improvements in your life especially financially. Why not give it a shot? maybe it will work for you too.

  • Juliette T Lin Post author

    I just hit one million subscribers on my YouTube channel! I am so happy to be able to share my passions of crafting and making art on a large global platform. I love being able to spark joy in other people’s lives and inspire them to live more deeply and consciously. I am having the best time being a full time creative entrepreneur with the ability to empower other amazing individuals as well! I am able to share my success with all of my favorite people in the world and wake up with a smile on my face every day 🙂

  • Lau Torres Post author

    I just get an scholarship to study a Master Degree in Germany, I am so proud of myself because I make my parents proud. There 's nothing I can't do.
    Thank u Aileen, you inspire me a lot.

  • Alice Harvey Post author

    I am seeing BTS in Seoul in October! 😀

  • Danna Tania Post author

    Answering your Q: I'm a full time traveler and entrepreneur. I'm inspired by the places I've been to and the amazing people I met. I also got invited to speak at youth forum and Ted Talk about my life and what I do, to inspire people especially youth to take actions on what they really want, not what the society want.

    Your videos are amazing btw. I like the way you speak and present yourself. Thank you so much

  • Hawra Alfarsi Post author

    Thanx for putting an Arabic translation …

  • Katherine Yentumi Post author

    I have financial abundance

  • Yanni Karina Post author

    I am a good worker with incredible integrity and commitment, have a very stable lifestyle and close relationship with God. I am aware of my health and choose to be fit with a healthy lifestyle. Because of that, I could pursue a lot of my side projects and hobby, and further increasing my career and academic.

  • Ebony Panther Post author

    My successful online business has allowed me to get a life coach certification. This has to lead me to be able to coach so many people to achieve their life dreams. I am beyond grateful. I am not sure what that word is. I am beyond happy. They havent made that word yet. BUT I feel it. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LIFE. I want everyone to have this feeling daily.

  • Katie Wiley Post author

    I just graduated from college ON TIME this may with NO DEBT! super thankful for my family and friends for helping me thru those 4 years! we're gonna go out and celebrate tonight!!

  • Alex's life Post author

    I got my dream home! I won the bidding war and I am just over the moon! I am so so happy! I can not wait to move! I am just so lucky and very appreciative that I got my dream home, because it's not something that happens everyone

  • Abril Donato Post author

    I am a dance teacher and I own a bakery. I also just learned digital illustration, graphic design and video editing. I finally found love and have an amazing family 🌻

  • Alice The Blue Mermaid Post author

    So basically I became a dancer at the age of 16, I was so happy to begin this journey, but I was also insecure about not being able to become a good dancer considering the fact that I started that late. I remember crying after having hip hop classes 'cause I couldn' t get the steps right and I was mad with myself. I thought about giving up many times, but the universe told me to be strong, and to believe in myself. Now I'm an hip hop dance teacher, and I can't be happier! I realized my dreams, I showed everyone but mostly my family that I can make my dream my own job. I also have the pleasure to study at the millennium dance studio and at playground, but the thing that makes me happy the most is that I can finally cheer with Aliya janell and her queens & lettos!!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL AND HAPPY, I AM AT PEACE WITH MYSELF NOW.

  • lolzzzism Post author

    i have a contract with a great ifirm and the work environment there is great

  • Talles Borges Post author

    I have a friend who is working in the fashion world found me this week and left a message.

  • arica cop Post author


  • Phil Mcculla Post author

    Great for saying action that Secret 2006 movie gives you this idea that you can zen out all day imagine getting that BMW but in realilty you need to work and save money

  • P L Post author

    Finally I can work in an international company with a good salary also have a time for gym everyday and…meet the soulmate!! 🙂

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