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sometimes the law of attraction isn’t
all rainbows and butterflies this is my law of attraction gone wrong story time if you’re new to my channel my name is
Mary Kate and I’m a mindset coach manifesting expert and founder of MK
magic this is kind of a new and different idea for my channel I
usually share my positive manifesting stories but I’m human and it happens and
I thought it’d be kind of fun to share about all the times where I manifested
and it went terribly wrong so if you want to see more videos like
this be sure to leave me a comment below we’re just going with a whole new vibe
today I’m trying something new on my channel I’m wearing like a Barbie pink
color it’s just we’re just going with it we’re just gonna see where it goes so my
story all starts with a wedding yes my way and before I get into the story just
know I am so grateful I had a beautiful wedding and I feel very lucky and
honored but this is my law of attraction story gone wrong so my story starts
about two years ago almost two years ago no exactly two years ago yeah in
September two years ago in September so my husband and I were living in
California and we were about to get married and we had about three months
left till our wedding and we were both from the East Coast and we were living
in the West Coast and we had lived there for about six years so we decided we
really wanted to be near family again once we got married and because we were
planning a wedding in Florida and we lived in California and the logistics
were just so difficult we decided to up and move to Florida about three months
before our wedding which is insane moving planning a wedding just a lot of
logistics and stress but like I said in another video I’m a very impulsive
person and when I feel and call to do something I do it I’m one of those
people I’m a doer leap and the net will appear that’s me so we decide about
three months before that we’re gonna move and so we take one month to kind of
pack up all her stuff tie up loose ends you know figuring out what we’re doing
with all our stuff all the logistics like that so that was one month so then
about eight weeks before our wedding we moved to Florida I what I should add
after Florida we were gonna move up to New York but because we’re getting
married in Florida we needed to be there first to finish the wedding and then we
were going to move so I had a ton of anxiety as one would understand I
stressed about the wedding I was stressed that it was a peak of hurricane
season I was stressed about how I was gonna get my wedding dress and all of my
stuff and everything to Florida and once we’re in Florida we were about to move
to another state so basically a three state move a wedding and just a lot of
chaos so we get to Florida and things are okay everything is going as smooth
as it can go we found a place to live we were still wedding planning everything
was getting all the loose ends were getting tied up things were progressing
and we were good so we’re in Florida things are moving along and because I
had let so much anxiety build up over you know the last couple months with a
move and wedding coming up and everything like that I was focusing on
such unimportant petty things as most Brides do I was worried about my dress I
was worried about what kind of shoes I was gonna wear I was worried about
planning the honeymoon I was worried about just all the last details of
vendors and wedding lists and guest lists and just all of that stuff
registries and just you know very petty stuff and like I said I’m so grateful I
had a wedding it was beautiful it was great but let me just get back to the
story so I focused on all this really unimportant stuff petty stuff and get
really really anxious and just anxious about every little detail and so just
nervous and all of that you know four four four weeks that we were in Florida
so now at this point we have four weeks left until our wedding and all of the
things I –’tis built up for so long and I’ve been stressed for so long and I’ve
kind of lost track of my manifesting process and you know instead of creating
what I did want in my wedding and creating the circumstances I did want I
was focusing on all the things I didn’t want which is normal and it happens like
I said I’m human so like I said for weeks before our
wedding we’re watching the news and there is a storm brewing off the coast
and they’re saying it’s gonna be a potential hurricane
in each day that passes it’s getting bigger and bigger until it becomes a
category 5 hurricane and where they were projecting it was gonna hit was aimed
directly at where we were living if this is a map of Florida the hurricane was
coming directly practically directly at the street we were living on that’s
exactly where the projected path was and it was a category 5 hurricane so
initially my thoughts were still a fear what about the wedding what about all of
this planning me had done what about you know my dress where am I gonna put my
dress of everything floods and every day that goes by that I’m worrying about
these petty little unimportant things this storm is getting bigger and bigger
and closer and closer and at this point they’re projecting a complete
catastrophe like leveled houses and just a lot of damage that would be really
hard to repair and everybody that was around us all of our neighbors my
friends and family everyone was starting to evacuate it was becoming really
really serious and once I started seeing people evacuate and I mean we put we put
my grandma on a plane we just needed to get her out of there it was more safe
for her to be somewhere else the more I just started thinking about the the
depth and the severity of everything and how serious this could potentially be I
immediately shifted my thoughts because at this point every day that I was
worried about the petty stupid stuff and getting stressed about all the things
that were relevant that storm was getting bigger and bigger and closer and
closer to a right where we lived and the day that I I woke up I shifted my
thoughts that night that storm moved and projected a whole different path so I’m
not saying that I shifted her hurricane with my thoughts but I’m just saying
that when you shift your perspective on things it can change a lot of different
things and once that storm started shifting I don’t think I’ve ever
experienced so much gratitude I mean we still got hit with that storm but
because it was still a pretty decent size and we still were getting a big
brunt of it we weren’t getting direct hit anymore but we still got a
lot of it my sister her husband my nieces and nephew their cat or dog my
parents we were all under one roof so we could all be together and we were
basically stranded for a couple days so having that time with my family is
something that will never be replaced it’s a memory that we will always
cherish it was kind of one of those things where you write it out together
and you know when you shift your focus from fear to gratitude you really
understand and can appreciate situations that you’re in so we had just a cut an
amazing couple days you know we got to ride out the storm together we played
board games we ate a lot of food and the shocking thing was is because I had
shifted my focus so much towards gratitude I don’t know if this is ironic
I don’t know if I manifested this I really can’t explain it other than a
miracle but every single house on our entire block our entire neighborhood
within miles of us every single person lost power except for our house I still
will never understand to this day how we didn’t lose power but we were so
unbelievably lucky because losing power in Florida is hot there’s no a/c and
it’s just hot so I I still don’t understand how this to this day but we
were very lucky and we had air conditioning and we got very very lucky
so that was that I will say our venue was damaged really bad like really
really bad and actually up until probably I think the weekend before our
wedding that our venue still didn’t have power so they were renting weddings on
generators and a lot of weddings got canceled and we ended up having our
wedding and it was beautiful and they got power back and everything went
really smoothly they did drop our cake but things happen at weddings like I
said you can’t focus on the petty thing because everything else went smoothly
and great but I just will never forget that feeling of that shift where I was
so anxious and worried about things that really
don’t matter and when I looked at the bigger picture and I shifted towards
gratitude so many different things shifted into place and my experience was
shifted so like I said this is just a story I wanted to share with you about
my manifesting gone wrong and the lesson I learned if you like this video leave
me a comment below I have a couple more stories I’d love to share and leave me
your Law of Attraction stories gone wrong in the comments I love reading
them it’s always fun to celebrate your manifesting wins but sometimes it’s kind
of funny and it’s a great lesson to look back and realize what went wrong when
you kind of failed in the University so if you like this video be sure to give
it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and turn on the bail notifications you
get notified so you get notified every time I post a new video and I will see
you in the next one

21 thoughts on “LAW OF ATTRACTION GONE WRONG, MY STORY | I Can’t Believe This Happened…

  • lucyb Post author

    This is so lovely to hear. How did you shift your thoughts?? I struggle with bad money thoughts so EVERYTHING keeps getting worse with money. As well as my relationship I’ve been really doubting my relationship and it’s just getting worse because I have so much fese

  • Aliisa Kalma Post author

    How can I say you remind me of Elle woods without sounding disrespectful

  • Caroline's Here Post author

    I think that you projected yourself to a different vibration that the hurricane could not exist in and that in itself is amazing

  • Courtney Schuetz Post author

    Such a great reminder! Thank you!

  • This is not a Self-Help Book Post author

    Hi Kate! Thanks for sharing your story. I though it was inspiring because everything turned out well in the end 🙂

    I have my manifestation fail story, quite recent actually. Yesterday evening I watched a video about how to manifest money in 24h or less. I did everything right, I wanted to manifest 50e but it didnt work. However, I did get a call from an insurance agency about my medication and refunds, but the lady on the phone could say if I would get the refund anyways because I live in a different country. I said, "Alright just let it be" and I though all the paperwork wouldnt be worth 15e (the price of my meds).
    So, I guess I said no to 15 euros? 😀
    Maybe I started too high, but it did seem possible for me to try to manifest 50e. I was kind of excited, like "I wonder where and how I'm going to get that money"… maybe thats why I wasnt able to manifest.

    In the end, I wasnt able to manifest the money, but I'm grateful that now I'm more aware of my limiting beliefs regarding money. I've been dealing with issues of self-worth, but I'm feeling better thanks to gratitude, journaling, healthy food, exercise and meditation 🙂 I believe if I can resolve my self-worth issues, manifesting money becomes more easy.

    Anyways, this kind of stuff happens. It depends how you deal with it 🙂

  • Anissia Clery Post author

    I can relate to your story. It happened to me where I manifested something I feared would take place and to my disappointment it did.

  • Paulette Noemie Post author

    Thank you very much for sharing and your honesty! We are all human, so we cannot help feeling low when things go wrong. Your story has really inspired me!

  • John Baker Post author

    I am glad to know that the law doesn't always work in the way we want it too. I'm not the only one that has problems. Thanks 🙏

  • Miss_Anonymous x Post author

    Yes of course it isn’t all sunshine or rainbows what you think is what you get how ever bad or good I think at the start it’s really hard because we have learnt through out our life their are good things and bad and your brain will know not to attract the bad things because you don’t like it at least that’s how I felt and what I thought would happen but your subconscious doesn’t know bad or good it only knows yes let’s just say that’s how I see it anyway

    It’s kind of like this :

    Me: oh jeez I hate wasps I don’t want to get stung

    Person: you don’t like wasps

    Me: who likes wasps I seriously don’t like them and I don’t want to get stung.

    Person: wasps like wasps

    Me:…. ok

    In my head: don’t get stung avoid wasps

    Thought goes to subconscious mind …….

    Subconscious:You want it you got it 🙂

    Me: gets stung

    Yah get me ?

  • assertyourself Post author

    What I thought of was how the universe has a sense of humor!

  • The M Network Post author

    I live here on the space coast. And I stayed at my daughter's home. So yes that was no joke. But when the families come together it is so nice and fun.

  • SHAWANA LEE Post author


  • Roberta Silva Post author

  • Caroline Swann Post author

    Well since i began loa everything has gone horribly wrong my cat died my boiler broke my cooker broke my living room fire is condemned so no heat i need special cat food for my elderly cat sanctuary very expensive my car is back and forth between garages with no hope of it been fixed the advice is scrap it i kept very positive for 12 months but now its soul destroying i dont know what to think or feel anymore about anything xxxhugscazxxx

  • Home Business University Post author

    Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. – Winston S. Churchill

  • SivaKumar Sundaraj Post author

    Bullshit story..

  • Michele Post author

    You’re so sweet. I prefer to think that your change in attitude and gratitude changed the weather! Wink.

  • Pam W Post author

    Thank you for the reminder. I'm balancing some emotions and decisions and I really benefited from hearing your story tonight. I am new to your channel, only second night of viewing, but you've helped me quite a bit already. Thank you!

  • AlexSavxge Post author

    Nah I think that we should do videos of positive things better spread positive energy better ? That’s just what I believe because negative videos and stuff could create doubt on people and stuff thinking the law of attraction only works sometimes or something.

  • Samantha Kelly Post author

    Them dropping cake at ur wedding is kind of hilarious that the universe tested you like that … cuz your so positive about it lol you passed the test

  • Chaitali Agarwal Post author

    it's always good to share your experience no matter if it's good or bad… they are experience though

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