LAW OF ATTRACTION 101: GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT! My story, advice, experience

LAW OF ATTRACTION 101: GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT! My story, advice, experience

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you know that weird experience that we all get when you talk about somebody or you think about them and then soon after you hear from them or you run into them or when you learn about something new and you start seeing it everywhere those are synchronicities and they fall under our subject today which is the law of attraction hello my babies welcome back to my channel if you’re new I’m Leo Alexandra and there’s a very powerful reason why you found my channel today I first like to say thank you so much for getting me to 500 subscribers this is a modest achievement by me so I feel so accomplished and I can’t wait to get this little family even bigger our next goal is 1,000 babies and I love all 500 of you so very much thank you so much for being here secondly today I’m going to talk about the law of attraction I’m going to try to keep it brief into the point so I’m going to answer some broad questions if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them and make a second video I’ve also added some useful links and notes in the description box so make sure to read it because there’s some good stuff in there the first of all I do have a PSA we only hear what we want to hear so if you’re not ready to take responsibility for your life and to create the life you want to live save visit video for later and watch it when you are ready because I will welcome you back with open arms but if you are ready then let’s get started so unlike others I had not seen the secret um documentary or at the book first I actually when I was 14 picked up the book the law of attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks I was always a very know deep little girl and I was really into self-improvement and self empowerment even back then so through the Abraham books I learned a lot of attraction and techniques and I incorporated into my life for the past decade already over the years I’ve read all the Hicks books and I’ve had them all but I don’t I only have one left and that’s ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks the teachings of Abraham I really recommend this one but they also have the law of attraction the power of intent they have a bunch of other ones I always lose them because I like to give them out to my friends and my friends love them so much that they don’t go and back which is totally fine with me basically you get what you think about whether you want it or not law of attraction is a universal law that our thoughts create our universe and our surroundings whether they are positive or negative our thoughts have energy and vibration just like any physical thing in this world our thoughts radiate signals and they attract matching signals back so if you have positive thoughts you’re attracting positive signals if you have negative you’re attracting those what we pay attention to comes to us we are magnets and everything that we think about we attract to us our energy creates our experience in the words of Abraham we radiate that which we are vibrationally and others of like intent assemble so those are beautiful words and it really sums that up there’s little evidence to back this up signs scientifically but the field is growing in the description I put a link that talks about a mirror neurons and you know the science behind this concept the law of attraction can help you to achieve your goals more effectively it can help you to be happier about your current situation and to feel confident that your life is going to be exactly the way you want it to be it can make you feel safe and secure about your future the traction will help you to create the life that you’ve always wanted it will expose you to a new experience and it will teach you the power behind good emotions there are so many techniques but the most important technique is gratitude you have to wake up every day feeling gratitude and that’s not realistic I don’t wake up every day feeling grateful obviously not but those days I do those days I maybe even wake up ten minutes earlier and jot down what I’m grateful for everything seems to happen right so the first step is gratitude gratitude should be your attitude and then everything else comes with it everyone says visualization and I don’t like that word it feels like an empty word and actually feels what like work I’m gonna say that one of the techniques that I use is daydreaming I’m constantly daydreaming about what my life is going to be like and I know that that way because it’s making me feel good I’m feeling good feelings those emotions are backing up my thoughts which backup my words and I am creating so every time I daydream and I feel good I’m creating my future and I’m creating the world around me other super important technique for law of attraction is a behavioral change so if you want some things such as a job you’re going to have to change the way you behave for example if you wake up every day at 12 o’clock and you know go to sleep at 2 in the morning and you don’t have any clothes that are suitable for your job you’re not going to get the job of your dreams what you need to do is find out the hours and you need to be working find out the clothing you need to be wearing even look up the route that you’re going to be driving and maybe you start driving that route a little bit don’t be crazy about it you know have fun with it once you start waking up at 8 a.m. to be at work at 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and like work in those hours do things that get you towards that job you’re going to get that job of your dreams so fast and I’ve done this in it work the fourth technique that I use it’s affirmations this is a very powerful thing to do basically wake up and you look at yourself and you tell yourself that you’re powerful and that might sound silly but once you make that a habit it’s going to give you so much confidence since going to light truly take over the world fifth is meditation and mindfulness I don’t personally meditate every single day that is something that I’m working towards and I would say honestly five minutes a day of just being mindful and just focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind when we aren’t mindful and we’re not focusing on the present or anxious about the future or we’re worried about the future and we’re anxious about the past if we lived in the present we would have a lot more energy and a lot more creative space to create the life that we want to live instead of just worrying about the future or things that happen in the past so practice mindfulness and I will talk more about that if you guys are interested in it I took a course in it I know a lot about it sixth one is karmic practice so I truly believe that if you do good you’ll receive good so every single day I try to do good for other people whether it be you know handing out money to people are buying someone on the street lunch or just being there for our friends or calling someone and telling them that you’re thinking about them just make somebody smile every single day and that’s going to come back to you karma points add up and that’s really it’s going to come back to you and the last one is action and this is kind of a behavioral change but if you want like for example for me if I want to be successful on YouTube I can’t just wish it and then go to sleep and expect to wake up in the morning with 300,000 subscribers I have to put in the work I have to put up the videos you’re not going to get anywhere unless you’re putting in the work you have to want it you have to visualize you have to daydream you have to feel good about it you have to feel like you already have it but you also have to take steps to make this happen the sake of time I’m not going to go too far into this I’m not going to get detailed so let me know if there’s any experience you would like me to talk about in more detail in another video earlier on when I was 14 i attracted relationships and friendships you know when you’re 14 when you’re a teenager just starting high school you’re thinking about boys or girls as a boy or whatever whatever your sexual orientation is and and having friends and being popular in blah blah blah and I did I attracted my first boyfriend by law of attraction was just kind of crazy I’m going to that who knows watches these videos later on I attracted my internships at power 106 with some help from my good friend I chapter that experience to me and then after that TMZ and after that enews and also Warner Brothers I work for Bradley Cooper I had amazing experiences I worked for congressman I’ve done so much and it is all all hands down law of attraction I also manifested the school of my dreams I was accepted to USC graduated from USC yeah and um I manifested my semester abroad it was something I’d always wanted since I was a little girl and I made it happen and I’m still shocked that it happened thinking back about it I’ll go into detail for one story this is the most recent thing because this is a cautionary tale so when I graduated last May I had been working my ass off for five months I was taking five classes I was finishing up my degree I was working on news and um I was just really overworked I was busy 24/7 so graduation came around and people would ask me you know what are you doing and I decided I need a break I didn’t want to work I just wanted to rest I want to sleep on to read I just want to do nothing so I didn’t apply I didn’t plan to work straight out of call I started telling people I’m going to work in October I’m going to get a job in October and I went to the point where I even started to say that I have a job lined up in October even though I had not applied I did not have a job now I’m a super type-a personality so after one month of nothing of reading laying in bed hanging out with friends bah blah blah I had had enough I was tired of sleeping in I need to be up early and working that’s just what makes me happy so I started being really depressed so I got on to the computer and I would start sending out resumes and I started applying to jobs and I did this every day I considered in my job but at the same time I was still telling people that I have a job lined up in October and I’m going to start working in October and then it was process because I wasn’t getting any callbacks I wasn’t getting any interviews I wasn’t getting emails back barely getting emails back and I was so confused because someone with my experience in my education should at least be getting interviews because I wasn’t getting an answer when people would ask me what I was doing my excuse was oh I’ll start working in October so I spent four months freaking out anxious just not enjoying my life and a few weeks ago I got the most incredible entry-level job after university that almost anybody could ever ask for and when did I get it October so be careful what you ask for because it’s going to happen you have to be very specific about the things that you want if you convince yourself and others that you’re going to be doing something it’s going to happen and looking back I should have enjoyed those four months I had off because now again I’m busy 24/7 and hardly have any time to breathe so such is life but you live anyone right so I want to wrap this up so I’m going to tell you guys in 30 seconds the important things I want you to know so I have my timer and I’m going to read this because I wrote it all down let’s go the universe does not speak in words it speaks in emotions and feelings it cannot discern between a pen and an elephant you can ask for either and it would not be hard for it to give you one or the other the only limitations come from our own mind so the hardest part of this practice is breaking down the preconception that anything is worth more than anything else because it costs more of its availability or its size or anything else also if you have a certain disease do not be hard on yourself it’s not your fault you can fix it but you didn’t make it happen this was my super quick introduction to the law of attraction I hope you guys learned a lot if you don’t warn this topic read the description below and if you want me to start posting several short videos a week about the law of attraction like advice tip success stories you know celebrity stories I know a lot after a decade of learning about this I have a lot of information a lot of advice if you want that comment down below the word elephant because I’ll know that you watch the whole video and that you really do want more and also this video a thumbs up I love you guys thank you again so much for 500 subscribers I can’t wait to get to a thousand and have a beautiful week try to take some of the things I taught you today along with you and let me know how it goes for you I love you bye y’all I just manifested this peanut butter and chocolate parfait

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