Law Firm Marketing: Here’s The Best Strategy That You’ll Probably Ignore (2019)

Law Firm Marketing: Here’s The Best Strategy That You’ll Probably Ignore (2019)

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Hey guys it’s Andy and
I want to tell you a little secret. The reason that I give
all this information out, and I don’t charge for
any of this information and– honestly this is intellectual property,
you know, a lot of these ideas are ideas that I actually use every
single day with my own clients. The reason I give it all away for free is because I know that 99.9% of people
out there are never to do anything with it, even though this information is
extremely valuable, and it has the ability to make lots and lots of money
for law firms all over the world, I know just human nature, I know most people
are going to do absolutely nothing with it. So I have no problem giving all
this information away for free. Now, I’ve got another strategy
that I want to share with you today that has the potential to absolutely change
your life, and I’m not exaggerating with that. This is probably the absolute best strategy that you can take with a law
firm to market your law firm. The problem is, 99.9999% of you people
out there are never going to do it. I mean, it’s just a fact. I just, I know you’re not going to do it. So, here is the absolute best strategy
for how to market your law firm, in terms of getting clients. So this strategy is designed to make you an authority in your area
of the law and your region. So, let me give you a perfect
example of what I’m talking about. Last year, you may remember
there was a train crash. The train crashed in the morning
and I contacted my client and I said, “Hey, you need to pull out your cell phone
and record a two minute video talking about how this train crash should not
have happened, how there was a– and I don’t know if you know this or not,
but there was a government mandate that required some sort of
mechanism on the train tracks that brakes the train or
it engages the train’s brakes if it’s approaching a curve too quickly. If that technology was being used in this
train crash, It would not have happened. So, what ended up happening is the train hit
the corner too fast and it basically derailed. So, I contacted my client and I said, “Listen, what we need to do is,
you need to go on camera, you need to create a video talking about
how this train crash should not have happened, how they should have had this technology,
and how it was totally preventable and how the government dropped the ball”, whoever it was,
I don’t remember the details of the story but basically talk about how it should
not have happened, and what caused it, and who dropped the ball and who’s responsible. So I made sure that he created this video. And I made sure that it was less than
two minutes and twenty seconds long, because that’s the maximum length
your videos can be on Twitter. So then what I did, is I found every reporter
and every journalist in that area that was covering the story,
and I found their Twitter handle, and I found their Instagram,
and I found their Facebook and I found their email address,
and I sent the video to every single one of them. And I said hey– and I did it as my client– I said “Hey, I have an interesting take on this
story if you’d like to take a look at it.” So what ended up happening was, the
journalists took a look at it, they watched it, and some of them actually featured
the video that he’d recorded on the news within about an hour. After that, one of the journalists
reached out and said, “Hey, we’d like to interview
you on the 6 ‘o clock news.” Now this strategy all worked, because
he took the initiative, he recorded a video, which everybody’s got– everybody’s got the best video camera, I mean, this is, this is the best video camera. This is an iPhone 7. It shoots 4K video. This is perfect for what you need. All you have to do, pull out your video camera, you want to hold it sideways,
make sure you hold it like this. Don’t hold it like this
because everybody hates that. Hold it like this, record a two minutes video. Two minutes and twenty seconds is the max. Talking, giving your expert opinion,
on a subject that is popular in the news. So now with my client because
he recorded this one video, what he does every time
there’s anything newsworthy, he pulls out his phone and he sends me a video, and then we send it to
every journalist in the city. And he gets featured a lot, and a lot of
these journalists now actually contact him, because they know that
he’s an authority on the figure. It’s easy, you know, sure there’s
lots of personal injury attorneys, but they already know this guy. They know he’s good on camera. They know his phone number,
they know his email address, they could just shoot him an email and say, “Hey, I need your opinion on this, this story” or “Hey, can you hop on Skype and
we can interview you real quick?” So, this strategy has
absolutely changed his life, because what ends up happening is
now he’s become an authority. He also gets links from the websites
of the news organizations. And if you don’t know this, links from local organizations to
your website are extremely important. The reason that I say most people are never
going to be successful with this strategy is is because, my client got lucky. He got picked up on his first try. Most times, and I’m going to say 99% of the times, this strategy requires an
unbelievable amount of persistence. But it’s worth it because it pays off. You’re going to record a video and
you’re not going to get a response. Then you’re going to record another video
and you’re not going to get a response. Then you’re going to record
three, four, five, six videos and you’re not going to get any responses. But on that seventh video, you’re going to
get a response, and they’re going to ask you, “Hey, can I feature this on our 6 ‘o clock news?”
or “Hey, can I ask you, can I get a quote from you?”. And that’s when it starts to work. But, the problem is,
is this takes persistence. It’s human nature. If you can make someone’s job easier,
you’re going to be valuable, and they’re going to want to work with you. So, what your job is in terms of
being an influencer is to figure out what the stories are that pertain to you,
and figure out how can you provide content that’s going to enhance the story
and make their job easier. So here’s the actual strategy. You need to do this on a consistent basis. So, a lot of my clients have assistants or they
have someone that answers the phone for them or somebody sitting at the front desk. Look, the reality is, they’re sitting
on Facebook anyway. So, what you need to do,
one thing you can do, and I tell this to my client is, tell the girl on Facebook to follow
every news organization. Tell her to follow the newspaper. Tell her to follow ABC, NBC,
CBS, Fox, all the local affiliates that are going to be covering stories
that are actually happening in your area. When something happens, have her send you
the link so you can take a look at the story, because they’re going to
report it on their website. When they have the story, pull out your phone,
hold it like this, and press “record”. You’ll be able to see yourself on there. Pull out your phone, press record. Now, for best results, you should
go to Amazon, and get a tripod. And they have these tripods for– designed for an iPhone, for an Android. They cost maybe $5. If you want to do this, and you don’t have it,
let me know, I’ll send you a tripod. They’re so cheap. You know, just go to Amazon,
and Google iPhone tripod. So if you do that, and
you hold the phone sideways, and you’ve got a stable connection,
that is all you need to execute this strategy. And a lot of times, you know,
I talked to some people and they say “Well, I want to wait until
I get a video studio set up”, and you know, something like what I have. Listen, done is better than perfect. If you try to make things perfect,
if you try to get the sound right, if you try to get the lighting right,
try to wait for the best camera, you’re never going to do it. Because every time you add another element
like lighting or sound or camera or audio or anything like that–
audio is sound– anytime you add anything like this,
like overlay, graphic overlay, you’re adding another step
that’s going to make it less likely that you’re going to able to do this. The beauty of this strategy,
is you pull out your phone, you hit record, and you hit “Tweet”. That’s pretty much the strategy. So, here’s the entire strategy. First, you’re going to monitor the news. Look at ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC,
all of the local affiliates. Look at your local newspapers. Any time there’s a story that is relevant
to your practice area that you can comment on, and this is key, it’s got to be something
that you actually have something to say about. Don’t just–
cause the opposite effect can happen. If you create videos and create content
just for the sake of creating content, and don’t actually provide real
high-quality value to the reporter, it’s not going to work, they’re going to
think you’re wasting your time when they– or they’re going to think
you’re wasting their time when they finally watch one of
your videos, so don’t do that. Only record a video when
you have something to say. Then what you’re going to do, look at the article. You’re going to look at the reporter. You can find, typically, in the article
they’re going to have their Twitter handle, they’ll have their Instagram,
they’ll have their Facebook, maybe they’ll have their email address. If it’s not in the article, Google their name
and you will find it, I promise you, you will find it. Now, when you’re recording the video, make sure the video is two minutes
and twenty seconds or longer, because that is the absolute maximum
length you can upload to Twitter. So now what you want to do,
record the video, upload it to Twitter, and Tweet it at the reporter. Say “Hey, I recorded a quick video
discussing the train crash today”. And make sure you tag them in it. If they don’t have Twitter,
look for their Instagram, look for their Facebook,
look for their email address. Some reporters still use email address, but I’ve found that Twitter,
is the best place for reporters. If you really want to execute this strategy,
maybe follow up with them. The other nice thing about this,
is when a reporter’s actually on a remote, when they’re actually, I’m sure you’ve seen, when there’s a train crash
and the news cuts to the reporter and they’re standing outside,
you know, outside the train or at the wreckage field
or whatever its called. When they’re not on camera, they’re standing around looking at Twitter,
or they’re looking at Facebook. If you see that they were there recently,
and you can create content and send it to them very quickly,
that’s the beauty of the internet. You can see someone on TV, and have a video
in their hand in three minutes, literally. I mean, I’m not even exaggerating. You can have content in
their hand in three minutes. So, are you starting to see
how powerful this concept actually is? Hopefully you are. Now, if you really want to be persistent and
you really want to do well, follow up. About an hour later, maybe two hours later,
send them an email, send them a Tweet. Send them a direct message on Twitter
if they follow you back, I don’t know. Figure out a way to contact them, and say “Hey listen, I wanted to see
if you got that video I sent you”, you know, and let them know that
you’re available for comments in the future. One of the biggest things is that follow ups will get way more
responses than the initial contact. It’s just human nature. That’s how it always is. Think about how many times somebody sends
you an email and you mean to get back to them or you don’t get back to them, and then
they send you an email two days later, “Hey, did you ever receive this?”, and then you say “Oh yeah, okay that’s right,
I got to reply to this guy.” If you’re persistent, if you follow up,
if you provide useful information, if you make their job easier
you will see a success. Now, step four, and this is the challenging part. You need to repeat the process. And you need to be persistent, and you need to repeat this process
over and over and over and over and over again, until you start getting results. You may do this 15 times,
and not get a single mention, may not be a single piece of coverage,
but you will get coverage. You may have to do a hundred times. I don’t know how many times. Every journalist is different,
every market is different. Some markets are more competitive,
but I guarantee you if you do this and you stay persistent,
you will have success. This is the strategy that
I used for my own clients. I know people who have made millions
and millions of dollars off this strategy. Stick with it, it will work, and don’t be part of that 99.9999%

15 thoughts on “Law Firm Marketing: Here’s The Best Strategy That You’ll Probably Ignore (2019)

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    Very creative and thanks for sharing. I think one either has to have the time and tech-savvy tools to pull this off or have a tech-savvy digital marketer and office assistant pump these stories out to news organizations via Twitter. Several months ago, the Santa Fe shootings would have afforded a perfect opportunity to employ this strategy. I wrote some comments and posted them to my FB account. That's pretty lame. Anyway, great job.!

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    This is brilliant. I'm an attorney and I'm pretty social media savvy-personally. In my business-NOT so much! But I see social media "influencers" every day and think to myself….but that doesn't apply to me.

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