Law Firm Interview FAIL | Top 5 Law Firm Interview Mistakes!

Law Firm Interview FAIL | Top 5 Law Firm Interview Mistakes!

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Angela Vorpahl: Finally got the law firm interview
of your dreams and worried that you’re gonna blow it? I’ve got you covered. Hey guys, I’m Angela Vorpahl of the law tribe
network, a community of lawyers and aspiring lawyers designed to help you master the craft
of law, learn the tricks of the trade and build a legal career that you love. In this video, I’m going to share with you
the top five biggest mistakes that law students and lawyers make in law firm interviews so
that you know what not to do so that you can rock your law firm interview and get the job
of your dreams. Angela Vorpahl: Before we get started, be
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and the legal world in general. Mistake number one, being overconfident. The fastest way to turn an interviewer off
from you is to act like you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to that law firm. That they are so lucky that you showed up
to the interview, that they are so fortunate that you took the time to stop by. Angela Vorpahl: Now, this may sound crazy,
but it happens way more than you think, especially for students who are ranked really high in
their classes or who are coming out of top ranked law schools. And yes, the legal market is very strong right
now. There are a lot of jobs to go around. If you are from a top ranked law school or
are highly ranked at your school regionally, you have a really good shot at getting a job
in one of these law firms., But you have to remember that the people who are interviewing
you, the lawyers were in your exact same position and they are also hardworking, highly accomplished,
probably interviewing dozens or even hundreds of law students. Angela Vorpahl: So make sure you take this
opportunity, the interview for what really is, your chance to impress them. Your chance to show them what an amazing person
you are, what an amazing addition to the team you are, and really sell yourself and convince
them that they couldn’t do better than you. Even if the interview is with a law firm that
you’re not that excited about, that you’re not even necessarily seriously considering
accepting a job offer from. It doesn’t matter. The whole point of the interview is to get
the job offer and then you can decide later which offer you actually accept. But what you don’t want to do is put yourself
in a position to miss out on an opportunity for a job offer from a great place just because
you let your ego get the better of you. Mistake number two, talk about how much you
want to work in public interest law or do pro bono work. Angela Vorpahl: And I know this one sounds
harsh you guys, but it’s the truth. Yes. Some lawyers at law firms do pro bono work
and volunteer in the community. Yes. Some law firms offer pro bono opportunities
to their associates and yes, some law firms even count pro bono hours as billable hours. That being said, no. Pro bono work is not the business model of
law firms. It’s not how law firms make money and it’s
not how they can afford to pay you a six digit salary for the work that you’re going to be
doing. You absolutely do not have to work for a law
firm out of law school. That being said, if you’ve already made the
decision to interview with a law firm, and again the goal of the interview is to get
a job offer, then think through why that firm should hire you. Angela Vorpahl: How you can add value, what
characteristics or qualities or skillset or experiences you have that would help the law
firm, why you’re a good fit for the team, why you are the best person for this job. And when you do this, it’s important to communicate
implicitly to show the interviewer that you understand what the business model of the
law firm is, IE, billing paying clients and not focused disproportionately on your desire
to do pro bono work. Angela Vorpahl: Mistake number three, not
having answers prepared to the top three questions asked in law firm interviews, specifically
why you went to law school, what practice area you want to work in, and why you want
to work at this law firm in particular. The good news is that I made a video specifically
on this topic. I’ll link it up here where I give advice and
insight into exactly how you should craft your answer to these three questions because
they come up all the time and you want solid confident answers that you can repeat at the
drop of a hat because you will be asked them over and over and over. Angela Vorpahl: If you guys are still with
me, comment below with your why I went to law school answer, or a good why I went to
law school answer that you’ve heard if you’ve interviewed people before. That’s going to give us some good ideas and
approaches for how to go about tackling this question. Mistake number four. Committing an obvious, and the obviouses are
things like showing up late, wearing anything other than a suit, forgetting the law firm
name, forgetting something that you’ve put on your resume. These are things that you know are going to
come up that you should have prepared and polished, and be confident in because they
are going to be part of the interview, asked in the interview, something that you need
to do on interview day. The only things that you should be on your
toes about and prepared to be surprised by are sort of random off the wall questions,
left field questions like what kind of plant would you be, which is absolutely something
I was asked in an interview one time, but just random questions like that. Angela Vorpahl: The other stuff, make sure
you prepare that stuff ahead of time because you know that that’s something you’re going
to have to do,, or rely on or be prepared to answer for. Mistake number five, going in with zero questions
prepared. The worst thing that can happen in an interview
is you get to the end and they ask you if you have any questions and you say no. The most important part of an interview are
the questions that you’ve prepared for them ahead of time, because the best interviews
are conversations and you don’t know the person sitting across from you. And the only way to engage, or the best way
to engage with somebody that you don’t know is to ask them questions. Ask them questions about themselves, ask them
questions about where they work, about the work that they do, about their experiences. That is the way to engage with them. Angela Vorpahl: And it’s also the best way
to show that you’re interested. You’re interested in the law firm, you’re
interested in them, you’re interested in the work that they do. And conversely, not having any questions screams
that you don’t care, that you wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, that
you didn’t spend the time to prepare questions. And because the questions you prepared ahead
of time are such an important part of the interview, I’ve actually created a best questions
guide. I’m going to link it in the description below. You guys can check it out, and it has best
questions to ask associates and best questions to ask partners. And using those questions you will be able
to keep that conversation and that interview going four hours. Angela Vorpahl: And if you’re interested in
joining a community of lawyers and aspiring lawyers just like you who are looking to build
a sustainable and fulfilling legal career in the law, then check out our Facebook group
Law Tribe Network, where we will be sharing tips and tricks, answering questions, giving
general motivation and creative approaches to building that legal career of your dreams. That’s it for this video guys, thanks so much
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