Law at Cambridge

Law at Cambridge

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(upbeat piano music) – The main reason I chose Law at Cambridge is the flexibility. – I wanted a subject that was very current and sort of up-to-date
with what was going on in the world right now. – I was able to study human rights law, which allowed me to look
into very interesting topics, such as immigration, or
the rights of religion. – The Law course at Cambridge
involves thinking about the Law as it relates to individuals,
the law as it relates to the state, and the law as
it relates in between states. – Students are expected to
think critically about the law as it is, to think about the theory, the economic and social
implications of it. And, also to look at real life problems and apply the law to those facts. – There’s a real value to
exploring these issues, which are of fundamental
importance to society, in such depth. – It’s alive and vibrant, and intellectually extremely interesting. (upbeat music) – So, the course at Cambridge is a traditional academic Law course. Students study four subjects
in their first year. That’s Roman Law, Torte, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law. In their second year, they study Land Law and the Law of Contract. And, then three option
subjects that they can choose from a large list. Things like Administrative
Law, Legal History, Public International
Law, all sorts of things. – Having the freedom in second
year to decide what you like and what you would like to study based on the foundation
papers of the first year, is a really great way to help
you to shape your own degree and come out with something
that’s really suited to you. (soft upbeat music) – The mode of teaching is
really divided into lectures and supervisions. Supervisions are small group sessions, talking and interacting
with their supervisor. – It’s really helpful
for clarifying things you didn’t understand. – Your voice is very much heard
in the supervision sessions. – It’s a very intense and
very rewarding format, one that we’re extremely proud of and passionate about here in Cambridge. (soft upbeat music) – All our lectures are
held in the Law Faculty, an incredibly new and
very modern building, with a huge library. – We have a lot of online
resources, like West Law, and LexisNexis, that
allow you to find articles and cases that you need for your study. – I don’t think I’ve ever
struggled to find a book, whether that be online
or in physical copy. And the librarians themselves
are so, so helpful. (soft upbeat music) – In my spare time, I
usually have a lot of time with friends, I often do a lot of sport. – I quite like to go to the theatre. – I play netball and mixed
hockey for my college. There’s a lot going on,
which is really fun. (upbeat piano music) – Cambridge is absolutely committed to the widest possibility
of access to the University and to studying Law here. – The interview is a
really good experience. Just be really careful to
think aloud about what it is you’re being asked, so that the interviewers can
follow your thought process. –
Prospective applicants thinking of doing Law at Cambridge
could probably benefit from reading a decent newspaper. – Don’t just read it,
think critically about it. Ask, why is the Law involved here. Start to immerse yourself
in legal ideas that way. – A lot of our students
will go into legal fields, they’ll become solicitors or barristers, some others go into the Civil Service, or they work in the city in other areas. – Some work for charities,
some work as in-house lawyers in law firms or newspapers, some are parliamentary draftsmen, an array of different jobs. (upbeat piano music) – After I graduate, I plan
to go into human rights law. – After graduation, I would like to become a commercial solicitor in a
law firm in London, hopefully. – I’m particularly
interested in property law and looking at big
infrastructure projects. – I think it’s a degree
that doesn’t pigeonhole you into a career, but actually
just opens up doors for you.

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