Law and Order SVU Season 18 “Returns September 21st” Promo (HD)

Law and Order SVU Season 18 “Returns September 21st” Promo (HD)

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Law and Order SVU Season 18 Promo

23 thoughts on “Law and Order SVU Season 18 “Returns September 21st” Promo (HD)

  • Olivia Andrea Post author

    But it had to come on the SAME TIME empire comes on like why

  • Jacob Cruz Post author

    September is gonna be great! Sept 14th is AHS, Sept 19th is THE VOICE, Sept 20th is SCREAM QUEENS and Sept 21st is SVU

  • Malachi Owens Post author

    BULLSHIT. They're show there that DESTROY SVU in ratings.

  • Ann Byrd Post author

    This Is My Favorite Show!

  • Simmer Foreal Post author

    i cant wait untill september comes

  • Johanna Godoy Post author

    Where is Barba? why I have to ask this question all the time? Did you know he is the "Law" in Law and Order. and tha Tuckson kiss? ugh

  • sue daley Post author

    this has to be the seson carisi and rollans start dating BC I can't wait any longer

  • Jawz_94 Post author

    so is Elliot coming back for good or is it going to be for a couple episodes? I'm hearing a bunch of different things

  • carlos garcia Post author

    hope stabler comes back

  • Words, words, words. Post author

    the cast and show has gone down hill.  losing chris meloni and then danny pino were both really hard blows.  mariska is amazing and so is ice t  and raul esparza and kelli is pretty good…  but the chemistry and brilliance that was here up until danny pino left I think is starting to go.  … it's so sad.   i'll never give up on it but brilliant casting was part of what made this show great and also lately in season 17 the actors don't seem to be taking it as seriously and it show…. please get it together guys.  I live for this show.

  • Grace Perry Post author


  • Alex kleehammer Post author

    i hate benson and stabler they're strict corrupt bastards they can go fuck each others and the judge for all i care i hate authority government all they give a shit about is justice i don't give a shit if its their job its crap job or not its disrespectful crap!

  • :Candy_Dacat: M_c_m Post author


  • It's Yevette Post author

    Carisi yay ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ivonne D G Post author

    Que le cambien el galan a Olivia tucker esta feo para mi Benson! Que le consigan un Elliot Stabler! Jajajaja
    Quien me apoya!

  • Supriya Konkol Post author

    Responding to the TV guide listing for season 18 episode 1 opener. Do they really need an episode like this after recent events in NJ and NY?

  • Lyn tee Post author

    why is it not on usa anymore?

  • Hazel S Post author

    I have just recently started watching this show.. and I am HOOKED!

  • MiA iS mY nAmE Post author


  • jibarito Barranquitas Post author

    Tamara tumie is so fine she looks just like sada id marry her in a heart beat and make sweet love to her all knight long she must have som really nice under clothes nice and silky

  • Aliyah Thoman Post author

    Mariska is my favorite I miss the cast I can't wait to see the new episodes

  • Frannie Sawyer Post author

    i like watch law and order svu olivia and i now that i watch it

  • Marilyn Flores Post author

    Bring back amaro the best and don't give no more old ones

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