36 thoughts on “Kornacki: Sanders Lead Appears To Increase On Second Preference | MSNBC

  • Gian Ishino Post author

    "observation from our old folks". lol

  • gyice Post author

    This must be killing MSNBC and CNN. What's wrong with people don't they know that socialism is evil by forcing them to have running Water, Sewage, Roads, Hydro, Airports and even the NFL. Now just look what Capitalism has given us oh yeah the Highest Medical and Prescription costs in the world.

  • Anthony Koza Post author

    It’s almost like he is the MOST popular candidate.
    I hope these pundits are reminded when after the moderates drop out and their votes don’t fall in line behind whoever they decide to coronate.

  • Billy Palka Post author

    What in the heck is this guy talking about?

  • Fred Bread Post author

    Bernie winning is a F U to the establishment, Hillary, Trump

  • Scott thePainter Post author

    How can msnbc still have this joke on after 2016 election night? He should be doing traffic reports on the radio in rural ohio

  • Chloe Sweet Post author

    Thanks for allowing your viewers to look at the numbers and wonder who won. What an idiotic statement! Its obvious who won at that time. No bewilderment here.

  • Richard Owen Post author

    Only Bernie beats Trump. Dump Trump and fire commie bro Chris Matthews for spreading pro Trump propaganda.

  • Thore Karlsson Post author

    MSNBC is it so hard to emit that Bernie Sanders won this!

  • Fuzzo Frizzbeebot Post author

    Berny and the party hat mental patients yes, Mr. Clean is very big Pharma belly aching hungry for more and more mental patients.

  • Joebob Biggins Post author

    Why does it feel like MSNBC is grooming everyone for the superdelegates to break the new primary rules set by the DNC in light of lawsuits over the 2016 primaries. I've never seen so much effort to take away from the front runner. And you totally leave out that Iowa was not completely counted. So dishonest

  • Swissffun Nani Post author

    Warren should announce her VP pick before SC and SuperTuesday — Staci Abrahms!! or Gillum, or Garcetti!!!!!! Great, prgmatic, hands-on leaders who know the people and work with the people. All great bios and demographic appeal. All fabulous campaigners!! All outsiders.

  • vince kelly Post author

    why does msnbc keep putting this chalk board clown on
    he is annoying and 98% wrong every time

  • vince kelly Post author

    gee why couldn't msnbc just say sanders increased his lead?

  • Brian Nave Post author

    Re-elect Trump 2020!
    Make Liberals Cry Again!

  • Romeo Blues!! Post author

    MSNBC trying its dangest to have their boys Biden and Bootieplug seem relevant. Give it up already. The people want Bernie, he’s been dominating every state with delegates and especially the popular vote. MSNBC can spin Bernie’s win however they wish, but the more they do, the more people lose trust in this biased network.
    Face Biden and Bootieplug are finished!
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  • bella roja Post author

    Russia and racism – the genius left formula for massive historic defeat, AGAIN.

  • Bill Brown Post author

    CorbrynUSAmenu: So, you want the Corbryn affect w/ a side order of CNN Cries? Wanna drink w/that when U lose the House?

  • Dark Rainbow Post author

    News outlets sure don’t like Bernie. “Don’t believe you’re eyes. These numbers are so complicated.”

    Keep on manufacturing that consent.

  • bella roja Post author

    The Bloomberg should merely PIVOT crowd of so-called (loser, Killary) "experts" are plain WRONG. Dems cannot push one racist sexist entitled NYC billionaire for another. HAD Bloomberg actually shown remorse, not denial, it'd be done. As it is, HE is probably done.

  • bella roja Post author

    Dems cannot run a moral, value less campaign while b — ching about how odious Trump is. That is what the so-called "experts" in the estab Dem party don't see, evidenced by Bloombergs UTTERLY abysmal, epically "tone def" debate. Trump brings out the rank total moral hypocrisy of the left establishment.

  • push pixels Post author

    MSNBC you're a bad joke.

    Canvas, volunteer, donate. Vote #Bernie2020 and bring 10 friends.

  • Anicca Smith Post author

    Bernie Sanders is…”Red-Green Party”…A Leftist Communist / Islamic Terrorist ( D) Criminal Party Candidate…An Enemy Of America & The American People.

  • Kelvin Post author

    I LOVE watching you Dems freaking out over Mr. President Trump! lol. Wait till November lol, You WILL loose your minds. We are, the WALLMART PEOPLE are strong and we love our country! GOD bless MAGA!!!

  • MrTingles Post author

    "…observation from out old folks"

  • Marlon Cruz Post author

    A conservative from Msnbc gets into a car accident with a bus full of socialists.

    "Are you guys alright?" asks the conservative.

    "No, we're mostly left."

  • carlos newson-smith Post author

    we get it MSNBC you hate Bernie and struggle to admit he's winning, im sure your billionaire owner is terrified at the idea of having to pay his fair share.

  • Andre Vlieger Post author

    Here's how to deny the undeniable lol

  • NoneOfYour Beeswax Post author

    So according to the "moderates", Sanders being the voter's choice will somehow actually deter voters and selecting a candidate whit perhaps fewer than half Sanders' votes is the "inclusive" choice? They're becoming almost Trumpian in their manipulation of reality so determined are they to cleave to the status quo. It's as though voters – with the help of the Russians, admittedly – electing Trump wasn't enough to get the message through to the DNC. I guess we'll see now if they really are so committed to "business as usual" that they'd rather have another 4 years of Trump corruption and risk the future of the USA than to support a candidate who really means to back up his words with action if elected.

  • rmzidann Post author

    Between Brain and Steve, the grey matter all went to Steve!

  • rmzidann Post author

    As Bernie base gets stronger, even the Establishment’s media agents will be forced to come to grips with a ‘movement power’ far stronger than they imagined. They are already trying to be just a tiny bit decent with their Bernie coverage. Saw it on AM Joy’s program today, which is usually filled with hatred and dismissal of Bernie’s ‘people power’.

  • Kam godrick Post author

    Funny how they start with Biden on top. He isn’t even in the top 2 for delegates at this point.

  • 4 a better world Post author

    "It appears (cough)… so far that (obstinate cough)… Bernie San… (convulsive cough)…ders…is temporarily in the (barking cough)…first (spasmodic cough)…we interrupt our programm with breaking news: Pete Buttigieg storms a sensational third place!"

  • Ben Walker Post author

    "Who won, why isn't it simpler to answer?"
    Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is double the closest candidate. The bias is strong in the media

  • Ricardo Carranza Post author

    LoL 😀🤣😂 TRUMP 2020!!🎉🎉🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🍾🥂

  • tim pitera Post author

    This guy was dead on last Presidential election. Not!

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