27 thoughts on “KJ: Suddenly I'm not so happy where I am

  • Nik Luqman

    Tun iktiraf org muda.. kalo umno dl nk naik jd pmimpin utama kna langkau bnyk tngga br blh jd pmimpin utama.. xpelik jika smpai satu masa KJ lompat ke ph sbb kecewa dgn kpimpinan sekrg yg msh bharap najib rmpas blk pmerintahan drpd ph..

  • jay siva

    someone's has his sights on the crown. Just playing the waiting game.

  • Justin Gomez

    Happy ?
    Not Happy Dirty laundry Back !

  • ben10 ben

    Haha…KJ jugalah

  • KINGs KINGsdin

    X happy ke rimas??? Janggut dh mcm santa dh tu…rimas kot…pg lh brcukor dlu…pastu tgk mcm mna, tp bg geng2 bulu punggung sejemput diorg suka kalau janggut tu Kena punggung diorg kahkahkah 😂 tepukkkk 👏 👏 👏

  • Haji Nadri

    Not only you, yb Khairi suddenly not happy, kebanyakan ahli dan penyokong yg bukan ahli umno yg berfikiran waraspun terasa dilanda mimpi ngeri.

  • 启强洪

    Suddenly I am not so happy where I am, best thing I've ever heard in 2019, nice one KJ, love you

  • Razali Handsome

    Perompak2 2 ekor ni mmg dah plan cantik punya…perompak jd presiden umno mestilah dia tarik geng perompak jgk…senang sikit nak buat keje dah ddk dlm 1 rumah..hancusss umno

  • Spaide man

    Suddenly i feel PH will win in next election after the two BIG Penyamun came back to BN..hahaha.

  • Ab Jabbar Abdulah

    Zahid's blunder. Advantage PH.

  • Yahya Mohd Nasir

    Happy tak happy, jangan lupa penyatuan ummah. Pilih lah yang mana lebih penting.

  • jane suhana

    Apa ni KJ .?!!
    Kejap happy Kejap tak? ?
    Ehmmmmm. ..

  • jehan c

    Khairy…leave Umno and setup your party or join PH.

  • Teck Hoh Ng

    Must read in between the lines of his comment. Not happy with UMNO or the appointment of Najib as adviser, which is a newly created post..

  • m d

    Drama cartoon betul

  • Ayu Yeang

    KJ, just leave that crooked party. By any sense, a party, a company or a group, if it has failed the next move is to change the system. To release and let go those who are incompetent, got a bad background and etc. Then show to the whole Malaysian that BN has change. But they’re not. They still keep them and no sign of changing. Don’t tell me a BIG party like UBN doesn’t have anyone capable do better than Najib and his band of thieves? Oh wait I forgot it was Barisan Najib afterall. A party that only serve them.

  • Shena Shen

    KJ telah direkomen Tun M sbg pemimpin berpotensi, ternyata dia berprinsip dan pendirian teguh. M"sia need person like him very much.

  • Mohammad Nasrul hanif Mohd Noor

    mp u turn

  • Shahrul T

    Khairy is very popular in UMNO. Should he join PH, he could bring in more than 1 third of UMNO voters.

  • Liebe ist nicht Holocaust und Folter

    Be happy, surrounded by primitivs, liers, robberers and hooligans,sadists and brutals, criminels and stupid.

  • Erik Cheah

    Not happy? You ought to be hopping mad!
    Join DAP bro. A person of your calibre needs to be working with the elite in charting the country's course to be a respected nation again.
    Otherwise you are just wasting your time.
    Think hard and wise.
    Good luck KJ.

  • Andrew 5796

    KJ u better join the correct party….

  • Thumbperhand2

    Anyone noticed Khairy's man bun hair?

  • Willy Colors

    You should not be happy long time ago…BN = bossku nanun!! Hidup BN! Ali baba..🕵️‍♀️👳‍♂️

  • De C

    The comedy show is getting funnily stupid by the day..

  • William

    Aiyo u go join pkh la

  • Castello Chong

    We all waiting jibby throw into jail, all malaysian will happy only those cronies is sad.. now all those cronies corrupted bank accounts freeze and confiscated is most happy to malaysian.

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