Kid Singer Gets GOLDEN BUZZER From His FAVOURITE Judge On America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

Kid Singer Gets GOLDEN BUZZER From His FAVOURITE Judge On America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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My name is Lucas Islam. I’m 12 years old. I am a singer and I’m from Garden City, New York How did you get involved with singing? So when I was little we did this little showcase at my preschool. And ever since that I loved performing You started singing the moment. He learned how to talk Luke sings while he’s brushing his hair putting clothes on putting socks on I Sing a lot when I brush my teeth. I don’t know if that’s healthy When I was little I would do shows in my room with my sister Giggy Well, you can do York man. It’s all about Broadway over there. Do you ever get to see any shows? Yeah Luke was six years old I took him to see his first Broadway show and something sparked Every weekend I into the Privy lotteries and that way I can get discounted tickets and beg my parents to take me I love its audience some of the crowd. I love to stage the props the costumes I would want to be up there. I want to do what they do Robberies, just so good I’ve seen wicked the lion cape by Neverland the color purple Aladdin Into proud and I’ve been to kinky boots eight times Tell us your name, my name is Luc Aslam. Tell us your dream. My dream is to become a star and make it to Broadway Why America’s Got Talent Because all my life I’ve been thinking about being on Broadway and I love it so so much and I think America’s Got Talent Is the next way to achieve that goal? Okay, it’s a trick question. Who’s your favorite judge? I? Love all the judges smart I had to pick one. I would pick Julianne because Oh Tell us why you love her because Me and my sister have been following you and your brothers dancing for a very long time That’s amazing So tell us what you’re gonna do here tonight. So I’m gonna be singing. She used to be mine from the Broadway musical ‘Waitress’. you know people come on here and hopefully dreams come true and I think that we are watching the beginning of your dream coming true What’s so important if you move forward don’t put yourself in a generic music pool You’ve got to sing songs. If every one of your performances is in audition for the best producers on Broadway You’ve really got to make an impression and this is really key That’s okay First of all I just have to say I’m extremely flattered that you would even look up to my brother and I with a voice like that with an energy like that because You have such talent and grace you have something so special You have an essence inside of you that has given you a gift But not only are you going to become a star and get your dream to come true but I don’t think you need to wait that much longer because Even when the dark comes crashing through When you need a friend to carry you And when you’re broken on the crowd I can’t believe it. I I’m in shock. I’ve never expected something like this to happen real life. I’m so grateful. Thank you So much

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