Khizr Khan on  his pocket Constitution

Khizr Khan on his pocket Constitution

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The copy of the Constitution that you
brought with you was one that you carry with you or carried with you at all
times. Do you still carry it? Do you have it? You brought yours. I brought mine.
Okay, right. It is the most famous copy of the Constitution other than the actual
copy of the Constitution in American history. – Well that – the one that we pulled out – it wasn’t meant to be that way.
The line said, “If you read the Constitution, look
for the word liberty and equal protection” and all that, but it so
happened that I had been keeping the copy of the Constitution in my pocket,
and I tell Ghazala while we’re walking towards the cab that had come to
take us to the convention that I have this copy. She says, “Make sure we take
permission from them first before you pull it out.” So I said, “Okay, I will.” But then –
she has always been my adviser and my editor – she says to me, she says,
“Make sure that you don’t pull it out the way you are pulling it out of your pocket.
It’s upside down.” – That’s bad, right. Exactly.
A little trivia.

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