Justice League Nightwing Movie Batman and Every DCEU Movie Explained

Justice League Nightwing Movie Batman and Every DCEU Movie Explained

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hey everybody it’s Charlie! did one of you ask for a Nightwing movie? because we totally just got a Nightwing movie! let’s just say that after running this team for a year I’m peckish for a little action it’s really great news all around everybody’s so happy about Nightwing getting his own movie so i’ll explain what’s going on with the dce you their schedule to like 19 plus films they could do but a lot of those aren’t confirmed yet they just have to do with the success of the film to precede them so like this year is very important for them Wonder Woman has to do really well Justice League has to do really well or it could change all the other movies that are coming after with the exception of like Aquaman that’s already in production right now so if you’re new to the channel you have no idea what’s going on i do DC videos every week be sure to subscribe to get everything I even have a dedicated DC day there’s giveaways that i’ll explain at the end of the video too because there’s some special stuff happening but pull out your fanboy cards so they confirmed news is that Matt Reed is going to direct the Batman movie and they’re doing a live action Nightwing movie with Dick Grayson with the director of the lego batman movie so if you haven’t seen that movie i recommend you go check it out even if it’s not your usual thing it’s actually a lot of fun of your big Batman fan but as far as casting goes when it’s going to drop nobody knows a whole lot about the knightly movie they just announced that they’re officially starting to develop it so they found the director now they’re going to start looking at actors are going to start looking at scripts so it’s gonna take him a while to work through that so don’t expect to hear a lot about that before comic-con so like I said 19 plus films just expect them to announce like what’s coming next when we get to Comic Con because they’ll be rolling into justice Lee in warner brothers it is good at anything it is amazing at marketing its film so they’re going to bring it to comic-con this year i know a lot of you are asking about why they didn’t talk about Batman when they released the news about the Batman movie so i’ll address that but here’s this late of all the movies they have coming starting with Wonder Woman so wonder woman coming June second Justice League coming november seventeenth probably zack snyder’s the last film in the dce you i think you know everybody’s wondering if people are leaving like Ben Affleck wants to leave the only person that I think that is done in the dce you as of Justice League is going to be Zack Snyder and he might like to some advising for behind-the-scenes but he’s not going to be directing the next justice league movie after that then there’s Aquaman october fifth 2018 then the Flash movie sometime 2019 because that probably won’t go into production till way later this year it’s going to take them at least six months to shoot it and then another six months on top of that to finish post-production and get it ready so we’re talking about 20 19 the Batman movies the next one after that so it could crawl in at the end of 2018 but i’m thinking closer to like early 2019 because they’re talking about making a couple edits to the script taking a couple more passes at it because Matt read the new director is also going to be a producer on the film but it didn’t say anything about him writing the script so even if they don’t change a lot Deathstroke still in there still a big character in the movie they’ll still take a couple passes that it will take a couple more weeks and then they’ll probably announce the shooting date later this year and they’ll be like okay we’re going to start casting these other characters here’s what’s going on in because obviously they announced the Nightwing movie i totally think that dick racin will get a cameo like the way to the very end of production because it’ll take them awhile to figure out what is going on with the knightly movie they probably have an idea but like it took awhile to figure the Batman script out it’s going to take awhile to figure the Nightwing script out so they’re not going to need their dick grayson for a while and it takes them six months to shoot the Batman that they could even wait till next year to cast it but again they might have some more news about that at comic-con Marvel’s run into that problem too like when they were looking for dr. strange they really wanted Benedict Cumberbatch they really wanted to announce that Robert Downey jr. was going to be in both of the Avengers movies way couple years ago but he hadn’t signed his contract yet so they could announce it at comic-con so a lot of times it just depends on when people have actually signed their contracts but either way Batman moving along as planned the next film after that is green lantern corps that’s 2020 release date now like the armie hammer was one of my picks for Nightwing but the thing is is that reportedly Warner Brothers wants him for the Green Lantern Corps movie so he would be there Hal Jordan and he does look a little bit more like Hal Jordan then he looks like Dick Grayson so the pics are still wide open does the sideboard movie which was originally set for 2020 but they might change that they might just make him a bigger character during the Flash movie and not give him a spin off movie depending on how these are the movie through there’s the Suicide Squad sequel which they just announced mel gibson is supposedly going to direct it but they haven’t officially confirmed that yet then there’s the gotham city sirens movie that david ayers directing they don’t have a date for that yet they just said they’re actually working on it there’s a dead shot movie that they’re supposedly developing for Will Smith no word on that it’s just that they’re working on it behind the scene so it might come together the man of steel 2 movie is only listed as being an active development there’s no release date it would probably fall sometime after the second justice league movie if it ends up happening Nightwing just got announced you guys know about that the shazam movie was announced the little while ago but it looks like the other movie because there’s two shows and movies one of them going to be a black adam movie and the other one’s going to be ashes a movie like if you refer to black adam and the hero but he’s a villain what that means for the movie is really in our interpretation and who we deem a hero course like Adams mythology is a villain or he could be considered an antihero or for some he’s a hero to some who has a black heart like me again i love the fact story that he started off as a slave and he was held down and i think when that kind of backstory about a man is held down and he rises up out of that to become greater and then dealing with conflict the pain of losing his family it’s dark but it also adds to the gravity and adds to the weight of the story so what does it mean for the movie it means that the movie is going to be fantastic and it means that it’s going to be badass and it means to me he’s a hero because they have the rock and he has such a hot star right now the Black Adam movie is probably going to come first and then we’ll introduce dishes and character during that they announced the doug liman Justice League dark live-action movie the one the guillermo del toro been trying to get off the ground for a long time that’s still in development there’s a Lobo movies it’s also in development and in the second justice league movie which used to be a zack snyder think but that’s probably not going to go down now they’ll probably announce a new director sometime in the next couple years but those are all the movies that DC has in the dce you release schedules that it’s actively developing the other big one that everyone’s asking about now is Teen Titans because they have the Dick Grayson Nightwing if they want to if everything goes according to plan they can totally do team Titans it’s a big reality but there’s nothing confirmed they haven’t announced anything about it that sounds like a comic con think like hey you see all this does is going on like if everything goes well this year will be like look at all these other amazing movies that were developing now based on successful properties so a lot of that just depends on how successful the dce you is this year because bringing it back around to ben affleck Batman everybody’s wondering is he leaving you know what’s up with the rumors so the thing is is that he is probably going to stay all the way through Justice League no matter what happens even if he does want to leave but there’s just a lot of things pointing towards him staying you know gut feeling is the East days through that second justice league film assuming that they actually end up making it now anything could happen down the road but the thing is is that Ben Affleck right now is kind of in movie jail his last movie that he directed and started did not do very well so he’s a big hit which is the Batman movie it’s a guaranteed hit even if it’s just an okay movie but after justice league comes out and if he does really want to leave they’ll probably wait till after the Batman movie comes out late 2018 early 2019 so even if he did leave the role as Batman he will still be Batman for a couple more years for a couple more movies remember they love that man they put them in all the movies he’s in like a billion different comic books right now in the reason that they didn’t meant and having that press release is because it’s all about getting credit is all about Matt Reeves so the whole reason that he actually walked from talks briefly like people are like oh my God he’s bailed he’s not going to do the movie the whole reason for that is because his agent just asked for a giant paycheck like 10-15 million dollars and warner brothers is like whoa you know pump the brakes on that we’re not gonna pay you that much money so he’s really good Hollywood agent that represents a lot of the other DC directors did the Power Move thing where you use the press against the studio so director leaves and it makes it look like the movies in trouble so Warner Brothers panics and it’s like okay let’s make a deal so it’s not getting as much money but he has a producer credit so he’s going to get a lot more on the back end it’s all a money thing it’s really just a negotiating tactic so the movie itself is totally fine don’t worry about it Nightwing is going to be a lot of fun to follow through the rest of the years I’ve probably a bunch more news about it as we get closer to comic-con but let me know what do you guys think about all this i think it’s going to be pretty crazy this year but i think the nightly news is Batman news is enough to turn people around like we’re even getting ready for a Justice League trailer pretty soon it’s not going to come this month but it’ll probably be some time before wonder woman hits theaters so i’m guessing sometime in April but will probably hear more about that in a little while so what’s going to happen is is I will have a dedicated DC video day it sounds like mondays are going to be marvel stuff so i think what’s going to happen is it will be tuesdays because i already do flash stuff or it’ll be like fridays or saturdays so you guys can let me know which day you want to make DC day there’s a new round of the injustice 2 giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment about batman Nightwing stuff on this video congratulations to last week’s giveaway winner Tony Adams please private message me on the back end of my channel so i can get your contact details what’s going to happen next is is it star wars day tomorrow there’s a whole bunch of Star Wars news but i also got some Deadpool x-force that’s crazy so i’ll be posting that too and there’s that crazy injustice trailer so those will be the next videos that I post but i’ll update the schedule as I post those new videos so let you guys know what’s going to be happening this weekend all the craziness is going to be great for you way that you can click here to rewatch that Thor Ragnarok teaser and you can click here to learn all about Aquaman thank you so much for watching let’s high five, I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  • Emergency Awesome Post author

    Let me know what you guys want them to do with the Nightwing movie. They'll announce more at Comic Con. There will be a Justice League Trailer in the next month or so and I included a DCEU Complete Breakdown of all the movies that are currently in development!

  • Ozy Post author

    Mos 2, hope it comes out sooner

  • Doug Sullivan Post author

    how about the kid from teen Wolf for Grayson he has the look and by the time the movie is made would be the perfect age to play a Dick that just went off on his own to establish himself away from Batman

  • Nightwing Post author

    oh shit

  • Balqees Mohamed Post author

    I can't wait for the nightwing movie

  • fluffly balls Post author

    Would be happy to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing!

  • Nightwing 2505 Post author

    Hell yes

  • Geek speak Made chic Post author

    I'm super pumped about the nightwing announcement! I love dick Grayson as a character. I'm almost as excited about their nightwing announcement, as I was to hear a captain America movie all those yrs ago, because cap is my fav hero of all, but nightwing is awesomely badass!!!

  • Ryan Young1 Post author

    If DC can get it together and make a quality nightwing/Teen Titans film I would be soooo happy

  • Max Strong Post author

    joseph gorden lovit as night wing

  • neonoahgame Post author

    i just had the best idea we need someone good with ben affleck get matt damon it works matt damon as nightwing and jimmy kimmel as the villain

  • Jason Watt Post author

    I'd be far more thrilled about Birds of Prey, instead of Gotham City Sirens. And while I'm very excited about Black Adam, I couldn't care less about Lobo. Nevertheless, I'm excited about this slate of films.

  • Edward Medina Post author

    Let's hope for a good Nightwing movie.

  • shadows221 Post author

    D: That's a really looooong list of movies. D:

  • Tre Jordan Post author

    D.C. Spaces out their movie too much

  • BT BS Post author

    im gonna be really upset if they dont do under the red hood in one of the batman movies

  • demonocus metalocus Post author

    We need a batman and/or a justice league tv show. Need something to tide us over while we wait years and years for new dc movies.

  • Swan CSS Post author

    dammmm i. so excited i hope they get someone great to play nightwing

  • Swan CSS Post author

    suicide squad hmmmm aslong as they dont use that no talent hack leto who made joker a Wigger.

  • 私は完全にアジア人です Post author

    NO WAY! Nightwing is my favourite dc character and my main on injustice

  • Jer2911 Post author

    DCEU has so much potential but they have shot themselves in foot with every movie so far so their success entirely hinges on the quality of Wonder Woman and Justice League. Basically they need to win back peoples trust with their next to movies.

  • J Alchemist Post author

    So we are not going to have a Nightwing in the Arrowverse…. oh well…. D I S S A P P O I N T E D

  • Slvn_89 Post author

    They should cast Steve Mcqueen from VmpD

  • Hardi Patel Post author


  • Blacklily Orchard Post author

    existence of dick Greyson means the dead robin in BvS is Jason Todd.

  • Lj Davis Post author

    Finally Nightwing gets his own movie I love Batman but he's been rebooted to many times 😢

  • Tashveer Sewpersadh Post author

    Hi Charlie you should definitely do DC updated on Tuesdays then we can get all our DC news in with the flash. The DCEU has so mush potential but with all the uncertainty it could be disastrous like suicide squad take such a good basis story and kill it and know Mel Gibson to direct the next one? Really DC you need a Kevin Feige in your life

  • Daniel Indech Post author

    Still wondering how DC manages to make awesome comics, animations, videogames and sucks at movies. Hope they start getting it right. Would love a Nightwing movie well made.

  • Sensei Keiken Post author

    what will they do if afflek leaves? recast?

  • Sensei Keiken Post author

    what will they do if afflek leaves? recast?

  • Stephen Whitson Post author

    Hey Charlie, do you think we will see Martian Manhunter on the big screen. I love MM, would love a solo film, but do you think he'll come to JL ever or some role in another spin-off?

  • dmartini1487 Post author

    They fucked up Batman & Superman, the two biggest characters…u can't believe they'll make a good NightWing movie..

  • Mike Iraheta Post author

    hey charlie who do you think has potential to play nightwing?

  • Du Souljah Post author

    Charlie Hunnam would be a great Dick Grayson

  • Luke Tasker Post author

    what animated feature is the footage from?

  • Salman F Post author


  • Salman F Post author

    Can't wait for Nightwing!

  • Salman F Post author

    Could you make a Teen Titans Judas Contract video?

  • Alex McDonald Post author

    They should get Brett dalton ( grant ward from agents of shield) to play night wing

  • Will Smyser Post author

    Yoshi Sudarso for Nightwing.

  • Lucas P Post author


  • SFC mr Raccoon Post author

    so which Robin will be in this universe

  • acold poTAEtoe Post author


  • Hexx’D 505 Post author

    Final I'm excited for that

  • MIKELIN8 Post author

    I am happy that there will be a Nightwing movie. I hope there will also be a Teen Titans movie. They are the team which brought me back to comic books back in the 80s with Wolfman and Perez writing and penciling, respectively. Since Warners reached out to Dwayne Johnson to play Black Adam, maybe they should get his "Baywatch" co-star Zac Efron to play Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

  • justinrae54 Post author

    D.C. Taking overrrr

  • Mexican Batman Post author

    If they do a teen titans movie they could have aqualad and introducing him in the Aquaman movie

  • Justin Cavey Post author

    hopefully wonderwoman and Justice League kills it.

  • Edgy Robin Post author

    Just gimme a Live action Red Hood pls.

  • The LegoMasterBuilder Post author

    At the end of batman they should have nightwing find batman and batman think he is dead and be really surprised

  • Mohammad Ekram Faruque Fahim Post author

    Deathstroke should've been Nightwing's villain instead of The Batman. He's originally a Teen Titans villain, they should've respected that.
    But it can happen if it's explained in The Batman, Bruce didn't want Dick to take on Deathstroke because it'd be personal, then he shows up at the end of the film and says something like "he should've been my villain!" lol

  • A-Jay DiGirolamo Post author

    CrossOvers Rul!!!

  • Prashant Shrestha Post author

    Do u think Ben Affleck will do a few movies and then leave so whoever gets cast as nightwing will take the mantle of Batman in DC movieverse?

  • gtaylor1220 Post author

    id really be happy with a Nightwing movie. one of my fav dc characters

  • Andres Guerra Post author

    Shia Labeouf for Red Hood

  • Myron Donnelly Post author

    Hi Charlie

    I respectfully know and understand that you have sooo many irons in sooo many fires right now! I am just asking for your help…, for some clarification regarding the "Justice League" Movie! Please Charlie!

    I understand that Superman is only going to be seen in the last 2 to 3 minutes of the "Justice League" Movie. If this is true…, is like watching "Avengers" Movie without "Captain America" "AND!" "Iron Man"!!! Also…, will It really be "Superman!", and not "Cyborg Superman!", or "Superman Clone!"??? Also…, if it is really "Superman!", will he have his powers?! Or, will he be without his powers?! Remembering previous, past issues of comic books from when "Superman!" Died! (Approximately "20 Years Ago!").

    Emergency Awesome!!! Please help me!!! Nobody Will Respond!!! Nobody Will Help Me!!! Nobody Will Clarify This For Me!!! I Cannot Locate, Or Find Any Information Regarding "Superman's" "STATUS!!!" For The "JUSTICE LEAGUE!" Movie!!!



    Thank You!!!

    "Respectfully!" "My Very Best Regards!!!"


    Myron W Donnelly
    [email protected]

  • Ben Phillips Post author

    Matt Bomer. PLEASE!!!!!! Please let him be Nightwing (his age is PERFECT if we're going with an older Batman)

  • Rameshwari Amoli Post author

    For playing nightwing my top 3 picks would be – Zac Efron or Taron Egerton or Steven Yun

  • Amen Post author

    Holy shit dc has a lot of movies planned

  • UFC Armchair Cornerman Post author

    Lol nice awkward entrance Charlie. So nerdy. You reading from a script bro?

  • D.a a Post author

    about time.
    I really feel if there gonna do a back story for Dick then the villian should be Black mask.

  • D.a a Post author

    I still can't believe they wanna push a Lobo solo film.
    that sounds like it has flop writing all over it.

  • Will Brown Post author

    Joseph Gordon Levitt as Nightwing.

  • REPTAR Post author

    I think debuting a Nightwing movie is a great way to revive the "iffy" DCU franchise. Without needing any crossovers.

  • Rensune Post author

    Not even the Heart of the DC universe can save DCEU

  • LBJFAN49 Post author

    Make it saturday

  • Zoya Surayya Ansari Post author

    Armie Hammer is a little old for Nightwing though

  • Anthony Rodriguez Post author

    this will be awesome cant wait to see it all unfold

  • Jack Waterhouse Post author

    Warner Brothers be "We're making a slipknot movie"

  • Tahmid Ahmed Post author

    Just let Christopher Nolan direct pls

  • Sekou Yansane Post author

    Who's "whelmed" as fuck right now?! (Young Justice Robin allusion)

  • Ronald Coleman Post author

    Wes Bently for Nightwing…

  • Earron W. Post author

    Super excited about the NigthWing movie. Will you be doing any more videos on Legion?

  • nick rocket Post author

    night wing is one of my favourite DC super hero's

  • Marvel6 Post author


  • Titanliveson Post author

    what if the third ancient entity that drive dark side away was, and don't hate me. league of assassins. also called league of shadows sometimes. I mean they have been around a very long time. It's not imppossible that they were third part of that ancient alliance. especially since they have always viewed their actions as good for mankind overall. defending the earth counts

  • Bad skater Post author

    If they're making a nightwing movie then deathstroke would be the best choice for the villain

  • Aiden Richards Post author

    Do you think Nightwing will show up in The Batman? How many other Robins are they going to do?

  • Ben Theophilus Post author

    Zac efron for Robin/nightwing

  • Jeanne Ahern Post author


  • Jeanne Ahern Post author

    saterday for dc

  • Grunty Gaming Nintendo Post author

    Is this a dream? holly fuck finally!!!

  • Grunty Gaming Nintendo Post author

    Get whelmed!

  • jesse weiss Post author

    I think the dceu is fucked

  • AverageBacon893 Post author

    Rebirth Batman and Nightwing would be awesome because I really like both there personalities. Please enter me in the giveaway of injustice 2

  • QGXY Reverse 98 Post author

    NightWing is the Superhero that never be in 90 movie so they might will i not sure but i was kind of a NightWing Fan right now when i do some research of NightWing i start to like this Superhero NightWing it will be cool if they say when was time of NightWing movie come out , i not sure what kind of power did NightWing have but if they have a Trailer of NightWing movie for me it will be so awesome .

  • THAT1MEXICAN Post author

    all i want is teen titans i dont want lobo

  • mcnasty Post author

    Tyler posey, Daren kasagoff, milo ventimiglia, Dylan o Brian, Kit Harrington, Zac Efron.

  • Jaadale Hammons Post author

    emergency awesome, what cartoon movie is this? or anyone that knows?

  • INDAREVISH Post author

    Ok, here's the deal DC please, just please make Nightwing blue, at least for a while then change him to red if you want just give us some good blue action first please

  • ItzAbstract Post author

    I feel like in the nightwing movie, Tim Drake could find Grayson and mention how he's figured everyone's identities and how batman is going crazy a needs a robin! Then the credit scene can be batman speaking to Tim Drake

  • lalala blablabla Post author

    You can't find this moviee with beetter quaaalityyy thaaan hereeee => https://twitter.com/2b325b39a6ad4fdb6/status/824453498020327428

  • Justice League and The Avengers Post author

    Wonder Woman and justice League is the only D.C. Film for 2017 but maybe D.C. Is do a Secret movie so I think NightWing might do it in a secret way even they share some half information , other thing is DC is still find some actor for Movie Green Lantern corps of 2020 but I will be surprised if there was a Green Lantern movie do at a secret way at 2017 or next year .

  • Walter Blome Post author

    they better have starfire or batgirl as a supporting

  • Asiansensation DKT Post author

    Game theory just proved night wing is dead…..

  • Zaid Khan Post author

    They should put nightwing in the Batman movie then explore him more and the rest of titans in a titans movie. Just not sure if he is popular enough for a solo

  • benjamin davis Post author

    I love a Nightwing movie post MoS and BvS should showcase Dick after all that happened post Dick leaving the Cave and during the years of being a BHPD Cop and knowing Bruce has broken his vow and is feeling jaded about the law and the judicial system, so his conflicted about returning to crime fighting

  • Justice League and The Avengers Post author

    Warner Bro style I really don’t get it got a huge idea to plan for build up there DCEU , but if do this first Director will be fired and NightWing is possible 2023 really but what about the others uhh ? ( Cyborg ) , ( Green Lantern Corps ) , ( NightWing ) , ( The Batman ) , ( The Flash ) , ( Batgirl ) , ( Deathstroke ) And ( Justice League 2 ) come on where are they gosh . But I still hope Cyborg solo movie happen but possible summer 2020 if Warner Bro change there plan , I just think those movie should be shooting in this week Of 2018 .

  • Justice League and The Avengers Post author

    All the future upcoming DCEU movies

    1 – ( The Flash )
    2 – ( Cyborg )
    3 – ( Black Adam )
    4 – ( Deathstroke )
    5 – ( Green Lantern Corps )
    6 – ( NightWing )
    7 – ( The Batman )
    8 – ( Superman Man Of Steel 2 )
    9 – ( Batgirl )
    10 – ( Justice League 2 ) in hold
    11 – ( Flashpoint )

    The possible others future movies will be made
    1 – ( Doctor Fate )
    2 – ( Supergirl )
    3 – ( Wonder Woman 3 )
    4 – ( Hakwman )

  • HG Innovations Post author

    A nightwing movie wont work in this dceu. Dick grayson adopts the name nightwing from superman after batman fires him as robin. In some cases he left batman. But in all origins nightwing is inspired from superman. For this to work dick grayson has to meet/know superman while he was a robin. This wont work bcs in BvS , jason todd is already dead as robin, which means dick is already nightwing, and that is the first time even batman met superman. The justice is formed after he becomes nightwing in the dceu, but in the comics he is robin when the justice league is formed. The only way a nightwing movie would work is if Flashpoint changes the timeline.

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