Justice Antonin Scalia Is A Joke

Justice Antonin Scalia Is A Joke

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now justice scalia uh… for this whole
tenure has really proud of his ideology there’s one thing i know about it this
way he is consistent now plot but some people might say he’s
an ideologue but boy does he stand appraisal except when he does so now i’m calling a fraud for some time
now on the issue of this health care bill that’s in front of the supreme
court there about this site in east and a now uh… well school it was very clear on the
record and at two thousand think of five cases the have uh… decision where he said the commerce clause is lord enough they can reach into a local uh… former
who micro marijuana state singing even if it’s a legal in his
state the commerce clause allows the federal
congress to make it to you live hilly clear now they should them healthcare mandate well then according to that as all legal
experts say well this coup leader should be in favor of the commerce clause being read broadly
enough does say that give you the health care mandate in each
state even at this state is opposed to it’s a very clear in fact even scalia
knows it is clear but here comes the fun part he just wrote a book and in this book he admits prince of all but it was the most more ideology what name cell he says on the issue of this a park or see here he knows that there are some and fear instead meaning there are some
of the contradictions his record and fears of there may be many opinions
that he is going to a written over the past thirty years that contradict what is written here meaning in his book scoring of the new yorker so there is scalia himself set yet or
last thirty years i change my position all the time and as things in this book
that i’ve written like for the fact that by now all the sudden hate the commerce
clause or really are gonna vote to make pot legal than in those states they’re
not all of the program at the best of it no longer like this already decided on a
no president president by when the sermon scallions of only cares about is what’s my politics one of the program is who he attends our
meetings by the way whether they want to do what is rush
limbaugh want to do a rush limbaugh made a broadly joke i don’t think that there
goes a brief court uh… individual or or damaged without their mandate is align right out of rush limbaugh sad
pathetic and as the guy because there was look up
to as the one really intelligent principled conservative even his own participating our last
thirty years i said that but i meant there’s who gets now he’s don’t know you know there’s of
course uh… of the reasons why might have changed my
position frequently out what is precedent i might
not have agreed with a certain proposal but what could i do know what all that
was in my office president i can overturn that now as uh… and waiver from u_c_l_a_
school lol points at this is the risk of aids says he
respects precedent when it comes as political believes and when it doesn’t help us politics is
bob president now nowhere but way past that president now what empty third time for that one of thought this
guy his whole career as a fraud same thing
on the uh… you know it in just froze our law it was you know we university saying it’s a big on the commerce clause when he was it to a certain political
conclusion that he hates plot and there’s a lot to be legal all the sudden
loves the commerce clause we get a health care many n_e_a_’s
president mama was until some of the reform all the sudden no commerce clause is no good at all uh… all the time that he was in favor
say right-wing history has black people state rights let let me just states
rights when florida said we’d like to recap the
vote to make sure we got a great inc bush to state license state rights as a federal issue that are taking daddy
here stopped out of stock down which went my guy with my dad was hot after the suffered court day bill
actually george bush they did eventually recount of entire
state of florida every way imaginable under gentle rich have no chance it set
up in every single recount for the entire
state of florida al gore won but he’s not the president of the united
states never was because filia is a fraud who didn’t give a damn about states
rights are precedent for the commerce clause all the cared about was how do i get to my political objective this is not really a supreme court
justice is a political hack in a row his book he’s a sometimes it was because
of precedent and other times i’ve change i’m i’m cold because wisdom has come
late up all over again being that’s awesome all yet when i was doing a spot well boy
who for that was just uh… youthful indiscretion in my sixties but now i was in this come late and i
realize sup you know commerce clause of the s_ and i
get the vote against democrats again aqua wild coincidence and then finally uh… scalia writes
that he does not square but the pay is that he joins or
right-wing in the future we’ll comply with what is written and other words i reserve the right to change my
opinions again for whatever political hatchet job i’d
like anyway he’s not alone george will
another guy who claims to be a big principled conservative commentator on
a_b_c_ for decades now uh… intense judicial activism isn’t
tired korea pablo level tangale activism now that we’ve got to server judicial
activism just wrote a column saying it’s false scad height topic underestimated how great judicial
activism is it says i went to starr is doing is
correct it uranus in these guys have no principles na spin all they care about is how do i
get to my political gold creek enough people to pretend that i’m a pretty intelligent
person with ideology in principles backing it when all in fact i care about
is how to watch how do i get the ramones when i look at the moment so i’d like to
know what we want to come from twenty what did you want to talk a little bit acts for the world

100 thoughts on “Justice Antonin Scalia Is A Joke

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    Fair enough, I mistyped, meant health insurance. Thanks for the needless casual xenophobic aggression, I don't expect anything less from the american right. By the way did you watch this video? Ever watched any TYT videos? Guess what that makes you. Yes. Now fuck off.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    haha um except he does, all the time

  • waswestkan Post author

    I find that many non -US know the US political system better than many Americans & relatively few in the US know much about what's going on in other countries.

  • waswestkan Post author

    In the US we do have acres to healthcare, even if one has health insurance the chance of becoming bankrupt is very real Non profit hospitals may mean less expensive service, but they aren't no cost. We in the US already in a sense have universal health care, but the way we pay for is flawed Conservative have yet to admit there's a problem, so they will never take an initiative,or cooperate with those who do take an initiative

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    They both increase the cost to the individual, you mean?

  • Fuctmentality Post author

    Your right, we wont let the precise event when do to an unconstitutional partisan decision of the SCOTUS the United States of America abandoned rule of law. & We also will NEVAR FORGET whom was responsible.

  • Fuctmentality Post author

    Isn't it the "conservatives" whom believe the President has the right to completly violate every law? Oh wait that's right not till their party holds office.

  • neverfearchrisishere Post author

    Yeah,, The sister in Law of the candidate fiddling the presidential election and changing the outcome – what;s to complain about.

  • gocrazy432 Post author

    The problem is the different interpretations of the constitution, pure double-think, so the commerce clause can't be used forcing but for the opposite banning? Apple and oranges go into the same basket…

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    Could you explain what you mean? How does it go the extra mile compared to romneycare? I'm genuinely curious to know.

  • Nerdbil Post author

    the old conservative stalwart Winston Churchill established the NHS, which is ten times bigger than Obamacare. Your point about how Hitler would've loved Obamacare is as ridiculous as me saying we should be against education because Fidel Castro said he supported free education for all Cubans.

  • YorickReturns Post author

    Gore or Bush: the choice reminds me of the 'Testify' music-video by Rage Against the Machine. The continuity from Clinton/Gore, through Bush/Cheney, to Obama/Biden is scary: war-mongers, drug-warriors, corporatists. I'm sure, Gore is glad he lost in 2000: he's made a huge fortune, flying around the world, telling the poor and middle classes to cut down on carbon, while promoting the ever-increasing strange-hold of big business on us all. He never mentions GMO or BPA or aspartame. I wonder why…

  • YorickReturns Post author

    Actually, the Labour Party under Clement Attlee established the NHS.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    I'm confused, I was asking you to expand on your earlier statement, about how romneycare and obamacare both suck, but obamacare goes the extra mile. Could you explain what you mean by that, like by comparing them so I can understand your point? Or alternatively, just point me in the direction of the your information, I mean i'm not expecting you to spend all your time answering my questions or anything

  • GardettoRS Post author

    Of course we shouldve let it go. If it happens again in Obama vs Romney, Mitt will get his wish of no mexicans in the US cause they and half the US be running back to mexico for better paying jobs.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    yeah ok well obviously a straight answer to a simple question is not something you're prepared to give, I'll leave you to it eh. Happy travels.

  • Flame Haze Post author

    Actually left-wing Turks, Ginsberg and the other liberal justices are the joke.

  • Beatles0223 Post author

    Defensive much?

  • shurednichso Post author

    Someones out of arguments.

  • EvotalKraeto Post author

    …As opposed to conservatives who want to give corporations more power? What could go wrong derrrr.

  • EvotalKraeto Post author

    But of course, as long as the politicians can get money from corporations and rich people, the distinction is pretty much irrelevant.

  • EvotalKraeto Post author

    I can't believe how stupid you must be to have such limited insight. Better that the government runs healthcare than a bunch of for-profit companies that fuck you over every chance they get.

  • EvotalKraeto Post author

    And you think Romney isn't a puppet. How more obvious could it be that both him and Obama are? You CLOWN.

  • Nerdbil Post author

    and Churchill and his conservatives supported the NHS and when given the chance to get rid of it they kept it. But yeah technically the Labour Party established it.

  • fightforyourrights9 Post author

    A lot of Supreme Court Justices have been unbearable toolbags. The Supreme Court is generally as corrupt as the rest of the government.

  • EvotalKraeto Post author

    If he is a crony capitalist, and beholden to the machine, how does that not make him a puppet? And he isn't MY president, I'm Canadian. We have our own problems up here.

  • YorickReturns Post author

    Yes, you're right.

  • TheKingofCrazies Post author

    It's no joke when the SCOTUS is screwing Americans.

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    Really? Which conservatives believe that? You do understand that regardless of what TYT told you, REALITY is completely different.

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    Are you an idiot? "Power" can only be given by govt – fascism (Mussolini's definition) or corporatism, both a function of GOVT. Tell me genius, without govt tell me one thing a corporation can make you do against your will? Derrrr

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    "I don't expect anything less from american right"

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    "I dont expect anything less from the american right" Hey moron, the entire point was stop spewing stereotypical idiocy based on what some partisan source has fed you. Yes I have seen plenty of TYT videos. I used to be TYT watching liberal. Then I hit puberty and realized that REALITY isnt the same as a partisan source may lead you to believe. So stop spewing idiocy when you dont even have a superficial understanding of American politics.

  • Roy Bun Post author

    go get a life bro

  • Seskal Post author

    Daily Kos had the idea that in response to forcing unions to making members have to opt-in to political activities, that shareholders of a company should be made to do the same if they engage in politics money wise. Others have also cited that all drivers are mandated to have drivers insurance, under penalty of law, why would the health insurance reform's mandate be any different? Why does precedent mean nothing to American courts?

  • neanderslob Post author

    I saw Scalia speak on a panel at my alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, next to a bunch of top engineers and scientists. The guy looked like a chubby petulant little child, thumbing his nose at smart people.

  • 98bigbutt Post author

    The 3 Branches of the American Government are blinded by the $ from the corporations and the bankers who gives them.

  • Anti Hypocrite Post author

    We the people need to kick the Supreme Court out of power.

  • Joey Carlyle Post author

    Why, for doing their job? The SC's job is to interpret the law. Period. It's not to facilitate healthcare for everyone or any other political promise made by a politician. I realize there are activist judges on the lower courts who attempt to legislate from the bench, but that foolishness should end at the Supreme Court.

  • Fuctmentality Post author

    By definition no conservatives believe in strong unitary executive theory hence the qoutation marks. However every single person I've ever encountered that supports strong unitary executive theory, passively or actively call themselves "conservatives" including every major player in the Republican party excluding Mccain & Paul.

  • gim10003 Post author

    What this video doesn't tell you is that this case presents a totally new question under the Commerce Clause: Does the Commerce Clause authorize Congress to pass laws that force people to engage in commerce, not just regulate existing commerce (i.e., not only regulate health insurance purchased by people, but force people to buy health insurance). The marijuana case does NOT decide that issue, so Scalia's votes will not be inconsistent.

  • gim10003 Post author

    Also re: the broccoli argument, it was Kennedy, not Scalia who brought it up at oral argument. The video also falsely attributes that analogy to a Rush Limbaugh joke. In fact, it was part of an argument made by District Court Judge Roger Vinson who ruled the statute unconstitutional last year. Youn Turk could do better with more fact checking and less sarcasm.

  • gim10003 Post author

    Right on. Most lawyers who follow the Supreme Court very closely will tell you that the Court is not political and that they do not consciously try to legislate from the bench. Most of what people think of as wilful ideology is actually a more passive manifestation of the judge's unspoken biases and assumptions. Anyone who thinks its easy to wipe those things from your brain, should try deciding some of their cases.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    If you think either of us is in a position to judge the other's knowledge based on this little interaction, you are misguided. You know nothing of my views or experience. And all I can say about you is that you've decided to weigh into a conversation like a drunk in a bar, I mean who are you mate? An actual hitman? Get a grip. You say you hit puberty, was that pretty recent? You don't sound like you hit the other side of it yet. What makes you think you know the first thing about me you muppet?

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    I dont, neither do I have any interest in knowing you. Dont flatter youself. I was simply correcting your ignorance about zero access to healthcare and what not. Stfu about a country's political system you know nothing about. Try not basing your entire opinion of a country on one biased source so as to avoid spewing partisan idiocy in the future.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    Just can't help yourself can you, still trotting out the same erroneous statement as if doing so makes it any more true. I recommend trying a few different combinations of meds 'til you find one that works. Best of luck.

  • gim10003 Post author

    Truth? I'm talking about opinions, not facts people can lie about. I'm talking about the opinions of people who understand what the Court does because arguing court cases is their job. Non-lawyers usually do not understand much about what Judges actually do and how they do it.

  • cultusdeus Post author

    So Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan and Breyer are totally rational? Please. . .

  • gim10003 Post author

    I'm talking about Surpeme Court justices. They are not perfect. And they are not mystics. They do make mistakes. However, they are extremely smart and their integrity is unparalleled among federal authorities. They make Congressmen and Senators look like corrupt retards (because they are). Notice there has not been a scandal on the Supreme court in our lifetime (and hardly one ever).

  • Gay Pat Post author

    This video is a joke. Sotomayor and Kagan are the biggest partisan hacks to ever serve in the Supreme Court.

  • Cassie Dill Post author

    Give a few specific examples of their hackery please, I can't find any.

  • Cassie Dill Post author

    Give an example of their irrationality please

  • gim10003 Post author

    Thanks for the "tid bits" but I'm very familiar with the process of appointing Surpeme Court Justices. You forgot to mention that they have to be confirmed by the Senate. The last time a President (Bush) tried to appoint a political crony who was not qualified, he was pressured to withdraw the nomination, and did. Instead, he appointed John Roberts. If he's an unqualified idiot, then we all are.

  • Gay Pat Post author

    You can't find any examples? Did you even look? No, obviously you didn't. How did they vote on Arizona? Along party lines? How do you suspect they'll vote on Obamacare? Along party lines? I'm not going to waste my time educating a close-minded drone like yourself. Do your own homework instead of gargling and swallowing whatever TYT or the mainstream media sprays in your mouth.

  • SuperEric39 Post author

    The Supreme Court is a joke and President Obama messed up and should have used his appointments to put the most liberal judges in he could find.

  • MrCajunX Post author

    i laughed when he referred to scalia excusing his mistakes as 60 year old youthful indiscretions bahaha xD

  • jjgreek1 Post author

    Scalia has lost his mind…

  • allgoo19 Post author

    "Scalia has lost his mind.."
    As far as I know, he never had it. He's been like that forever.

  • allgoo19 Post author

    Neither Clarence Thomas.

  • calpurnpiso Post author

    Scalia is a ChristPSychosis infected imbecile. Yes, he believes that zombies resurrect & save with blood. Delusions NO different to those found in schizophrenics….but since America is a ChristPSychosis infected nation & the theotarded deluded morons are not COMMITTED, It is understandable people with defective diseased brains be allowed to be in Government…Let's keep in Mind we had ChristPsychosis infected Bush. Learn what a schizophrenic can do
    Let's not expect RATIONAL thought from nuts

  • calpurnpiso Post author

    Scalia is NOT a JOKE,He is a ChristPSychosis infected moron, stuck in the Middle Ages with the belief a Zombiew resurrects & saves with BLOOD. Not a Joke, but Mental illness of the ChristPsychosis kind. The most virulent of them all. It is the HIV-AIDS of the brain…and destructive since it hides in the name of ReligiousFaith
    ..but Religion is nothing more than a form of organized schizophrenia. To the asylum with the Zombie God belief nuts raping the brain of children. Let's make them PAY TAX

  • PartisanGamer Post author

    the problem is you dont help much to make your own point … calling religious belief a mental illness is on the same level as those moronic people that call gay people mentally ill.

    If you really want to reach out to people with your message and ideals get past the common anger.

  • calpurnpiso Post author

    No, the problem is that ignorant idiots that call themselves ATHEISTS do not realize they were product of a fuck NOT a stork, born LACKING BELIEF, their BRAINS create the Zombie God delusions, and that the bizarre metamagical beliefs at CORE of ALL religions are also at CORE of schizophrenia.Religions,based on DELUDED CRAZY beliefs is a mental disorder.
    I'm simply presenting scientific FACT that only ignorant stupid morons do not understand. Study neurology. I only present FACTS with evidence.

  • Psy0psAgent Post author

    I say the masters designed it that way. Centuries of controlling, torturing and manipulating humans taught them how to perfect the schizophrenia. They are psychotics in control of the schizos. Thats my diagnosis using the infamous CIA fragment formula of 8 buns 12 weiners.
    They make sure they do it with everything, to leave a grain of sand in everyones head.
    Why? Why? Why? Cant they just make dot dot dot.
    Have a good day friend.

  • PartisanGamer Post author

    hmmm maybe I need to write the interesting words IN BIG LETTERS …seems to be your thing. what you seem to NOT UNDERSTAND here is the fact that the way YOU PRESENT your "facts" puts you on THE SAME LEVEL like those you try to CRITICIZE and thats the whole problem. beacuse that makes you a HYPOCRIT no matter how right your facts might be you wont win over ANYONE that way.

    But as a MATTER OF FACTS this conversation is a dead end from the beginning, so ill end it right here.

  • calpurnpiso Post author

    ..what part of, you were created by a fuck not a stork, and that the brain creates the bizarre metamagical beliefs found in all religions and also schizophrenia didn't you understand?
    Do you want me to operate your brain to prove I'm correct?
    Do you believe, as Scalia & the other 5 ChristPSychosis infected imbeciles of SCOTUS do, that a VampireZombie named JesusChrist, was crucified then resurrected to save with blood for the sin committed by rib woman when accepting fruit from talking snake?

  • holio84 Post author

    So really, all you have is alot of petty whining, nothing of substance, using words that you really don't understand the meaning of, like "hypocrite".

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    Listen ignorant moron, dont spew idiocy like "zero access to healthcare" and get butthurt when someone corrects you.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author

    Bravo! Got any more?

  • H1TMANactual Post author

    Any what? I'll have to wait for you to spew more superficial idiocy about American politics.

  • PlanetBongoSan Post author


  • mrs915 Post author

    Actually, there was no vote of 7-2. Kennedy and O'Connor attempted to suggest that there was a strong majority in their opinion when they wrote, "Seven justices of the Court agree that there are constitutional problems with the recount…" In reality, Ginsburg expressed remorse at the misuse of the EPC in her dissent; Souter joined Stevens's strong dissent on the merits; and Souter advocated for the continuation of the recount. Both the majority opinion and the "stay" issued were a joke.

  • Piriathy Post author

    Is Scalia the same guy that said "don't obligate yourself" to helping the poor???

  • s9z9s Post author

    The only psychosis is leftism.

  • arthurneddysmith Post author


    If I wanted to hear your undeveloped and unsubstantiated opinions, I'd ask your parents what they were.

    Antonin Scalia is indeed a sack of shit. The good news is that despite his arrogant and corrupt stupidity, his life expectancy is poor.

  • fatouche99 Post author

    Scalia looks light a fatter, older version of Jim Rockford.

  • fatouche99 Post author

    Scalia looks like a fatter, older version of Jim Rockford. Sorry for the brain-fart.

  • Cassie Dill Post author

    I looked and did not find any. Neither did you, judging by your non answer.

  • aj19bcx Post author

    it's not about liking or not liking the commerce clause, it is about what it does or does not allow the federal government to do.

  • Dan Mac Post author

    It's the nature of democracy that liars and cheats will win the day, a person who acts according to their principles will only win half their battles when confronted with ideas that oppose their own half the time- a person without principles comes out with 100% success rate! c'est la vie..

  • Angelo Darden Post author

    Don't most of you realize that the Affordable Care Act is a creation of the conservative Heritage Foundation?
    ( http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2011/10/20/how-a-conservative-think-tank-invented-the-individual-mandate/)

    That the Affordable Care Act was modeled after "Romneycare" in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was governor?
    ( http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/23/mitt-romney-admits-romneycare-had-to-precede-obamacare.html)

    Because those same conservatives abhorred "free riders" so much, that they came up with the individual mandate:
    ( http://www.forwardprogressives.com/the-individual-mandate-its-actually-a-conservative-idea-about-personal-responsibility/)

    Why do ordinary white people identify and defend conservative ideas that oppose their own economic interests? Is their "white privilege" more important than their economic existence? Or are they just that stupid?

  • Purple Monkey Post author

    LOL dead LOL

  • Allen Albright Post author

    GOP is so upset now HA HA HA

  • xMurkNx Post author

    No need to worry about it anymore since he's dead

  • billy bear Post author

    don't ake fun of stupid people

  • Mike McGee Post author

    rip.. now lets get a liberal in there!

  • Adan Martinez Post author

    hes deadddd

  • AUgrad00 Post author

    No the young Turks are joke

  • AUgrad00 Post author

    This clown talking is wanting to rewrite the constitution to make Obamcare work

  • AUgrad00 Post author

    Ted Cruz would eat this moron's lunch.

  • Ghengis Papadragon Post author

    He was the enemy of freedom. According to Scalia since there was nothing against slavery in the original Constitution then all laws and actions against it were unconstitutional.

  • Chris Jones Post author

    More Scaliaisms:
    Sodomy is addictive: "[The Texas anti-sodomy statute] undoubtedly imposes constraints on liberty. So do laws prohibiting prostitution, recreational use of heroin, and, for that matter, working more than 60 hours per week in a bakery. But there is no right to 'liberty' under the Due Process Clause, though today's opinion repeatedly makes that claim. . . . The Fourteenth Amendment expressly allows States to deprive their citizens of 'liberty,' so long as 'due process of law' is provided. . . ." (dissenting in Wikipedia:Lawrence v. Texas)

  • lagaman11 Post author

    "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries
    with great pleasure". Clarence Darrow

  • Pc game downloads Post author

    too soon young turks…haaaa

  • Tom Tapp Post author

    Scalia is a total fraud…LOOK at who his "BEST BUD IS"

  • Phil Tulxjen Post author

    This guy isn't serious. Murder is murder

  • Xanker Smith Post author

    "Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question,
    now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked
    from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already
    it was impossible to say which was which." – Animal Farm, George Orwell.

    If you haven't read it please do. For all of our sake.

  • Daniel fon Ronsenburg Post author

    May he rot in the hell he crawled out of.

  • ProtoAlphaDog Post author

    There are hundred page briefs presented to the court and your cherry picking simple facts to make your point in contrast of a heavy body of case law? You guys are a joke.

  • sellery1803 Post author

    Obamacare is unconstitutional specifically because it employs the use of tax as a penalty, which is strictly unconstitutional.

  • ESAD Post author

    Sur you are an idiot

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