Juris pulls off some crocodile tears in front of the judge | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)

Juris pulls off some crocodile tears in front of the judge | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)

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Your Honor, between Fina Baniaga
and Leyna Montelibano, there’s no harm
in repeating the test. Given the circumstances,
it’s necessary. A mother’s life and freedom
is at stake here. A new DNA test is needed to prove everything
once and for all. Your Honor… …I’m a mother, too. A mother who was victimized
by Filipina Baniaga. I appeal to you, Your Honor, please, let’s not subject
my daughter to further trauma. My six-year-old daughter
has been kidnapped… …hospitalized, and traumatized
all because of this woman. In fact, she’s still suffering,
and it hurts me to see her going
through so much pain and misery. We’ve already been sympathetic
towards Fina. We agreed to her request
for a DNA test, and we let her choose
the DNA testing center. She even asked for an appeal
for a new DNA test, but that court denied her. I don’t see why this court
shouldn’t do the same. I’ve heard both arguments. Based on the evidence
and the testimonies presented by both sides, the court stands by
its decision. Again, we will allow
a new DNA test if the defense can explain
the necessity of it. But for now, I don’t think
it’s vital to this case. The defense’s request is denied. This is unfair! Why can’t the court just grant
my request for a DNA test so I can prove my claims?! Leyna wouldn’t even have to know
she’s undergoing a DNA test. Know what? I bet
the judge bought Juris’ act. Or maybe she was bribed. I doubt it.
As far as I know, Judge Molina is one of
the most honest judges. She doesn’t accept bribes. Maybe there’s another way
we can prove to the court that Fina is Leyna’s mother. Christi! Christi! We can prove to the court
that the Montelibanos made Christi pose
as my daughter. You’re right. If we can prove that
the Montelibanos were behind it, the court
will look into their motive. Hi! What’s so funny? I just remembered
what happened in court earlier. Fina’s motion for
DNA testing was denied. I can’t believe
the judge bought my act. I even cried. It was pretty convincing. “I’m also a mother!
I need my daughter!” What’s wrong with you?! That’s not something
to laugh about. Why? Don’t you feel happy
whenever you deceive others? Oh, I forgot. You do it so often
you hardly even notice now. You watch your mouth! If there’s anyone who enjoys
deceiving others here, it’s you. All you do is spout lies. And because of that, my family’s
getting dragged into your mess! Are you really going to
keep throwing that at me?! Do I really have
to show how grateful I am each time you do me
a favor?! Juris, if it weren’t
for my son… …I would’ve sent you to jail for taking someone else’s
daughter. But it’s too late for that,
isn’t it?! I’m already deep into this. So you better make sure
you will win this case. Because if I so much as hear
a rumor that could ruin my son, I will get rid of you. For good.

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