Judge to decide soon on sanctuary city initiative lawsuit

Judge to decide soon on sanctuary city initiative lawsuit

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the court hearing was held this afternoon challenging the sanctuary City initiative the head of the local GOP party tells News 4 Tucson they filed a lawsuit to keep the measure off the ballot they’re questioning the validity of the signatures that were collected these four Toussaint’s Priscilla Kasper joins us in studio with more on what happened today Priscilla Angelique just last week the Tucson City Council voted to allow the sanctuary City Initiative on the November ballot well councilmembers were required to vote after the measure received enough petition signatures however today the sanctuary City initiative on the ballot up for debate a civil rights attorney representing the group behind the sanctuary City initiative says that they followed the law and they put all the required information in and had more than enough valid signatures to get on the ballot however an attorney for the local GOP that filed a lawsuit to keep the measure off the ballot says the city didn’t require enough qualified signatures per law the law of the way that it’s written requires a certain number of qualified electors to be counted in a way that the city’s counted these qualified electors which just means people that are qualified and properly registered to vote if they’re discounting 16,000 qualified electors that voted in the 2015 election but not founded for the purposes of the initiative process this was a real community effort grassroots effort to get this on the ballot it has a lot of popular support at least many people signed the initiative petition enough people that there’s a comfortable margin of error so you can come in and say these people don’t support it that people don’t support it but we’ll see what happens in in the general election the judge says he will be ruling on the issue by Friday we’ll continue to follow this and bring you that outcome Angelique back to you

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    F$#k paul

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    I don't live in Tucson, but I have visited several times. From what I have seen Tucson has large pockets of poverty. Its infrastructure is severely neglected. It does not have a really broad range employment base. Add the fact it is a low paying rising housing cost area. Then I would say Tucson should be, in the forefront of taking care of its own first. Its hospitals ERs are filled with people from. Across the boarder. That is a clear sign something is wrong at taxpayers expense. You take care of your own first, and then help others. Tucson like most of the US, severely lacks in looking after its own. Expecting taxpayers to foot the bill, from shelter. housing, no car insurance, no licensr for all these poor immigrants, illegals. Give me a Break. Its a racket. Sorry Tuscon you need to take a long look at how many native to your area live in dire straights. Before declaring Sanctuary Status.

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