Judge Suspended For What He Said About President Trump

Judge Suspended For What He Said About President Trump

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A judge in the state of Utah has been suspended
after attacking President Donald Trump in the court an the Internet.
The state’s Supreme Court has allowed the six month suspension stay in effect because,
it said, the judge undermined the public confidence. “It is an immutable and universal rule that
judges are not as funny as they think they are,” it said in its decision, The New York
Times reported. “Every time a judicial officer engages in
misconduct, he or she spends the good will of the judiciary as a whole. Here, we readily
conclude that Judge Kwan has been spending our good will,” the court said.
Judge Kwan isn’t the first judge to be accused of violating the axiom that the judiciary
should be separated from politics. A federal judge in San Antonio was suspended in 2016
from conducting naturalization ceremonies after telling new United States citizens that
they should “go to another country” if they did not like Mr. Trump’s presidency,
The San Antonio Express-News reported. Mr. Trump had also publicly lodged his own
complaints about judges’ partisanship, particularly those who had ruled against his administration. In explaining Judge Kwan’s suspension, the
Utah Supreme Court described a January 2017 exchange between the judge and an unidentified
individual in his courtroom who was proposing that they paid court fines with money from
their tax return. “You do realize that we have a new president,
and you think we are getting any money back?” Judge Kwan asked. “I hope,” the person said.
“You hope?” Judge Kwan said. “I pray and I cross my fingers,” the person
replied. “Prayer might be the answer,” Judge Kwan
said, “‘cause, he just signed an order to start building the wall and he has no money
to do that, and so if you think you are going to get taxes back this year, uh-yeah, maybe,
maybe not. But don’t worry, there is a tax cut for the wealthy so if you make over $500,000
you’re getting a tax cut.” The Utah Supreme Court also outlined “blunt,
and sometimes indelicate, criticism” that Judge Kwan posted on his LinkedIn profile
and private Facebook page in 2016 and 2017. The Salt Lake Tribune
Twitted. Utah Judge Michael Kwan, who made anti-Trump
comments, has been suspended without pay for six months. The state’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday that
Kwan violated its code of conduct on several occasions Darlington Micah Twitted. Utah judge Michael Kwan has been suspended
without pay for six months after making critical comments online and in court about President
Donald Trump, including a post bashing his ‘inability to govern and political incompetence’ Ungaro (MDU) Twitted. Judge MICHAEL #KWAN#suspendedwithoutpay SIX
MONTHS for allegedly publicly critiquing Donald Trump, Trump policies &behaviours. Judge “happens”
to be a #personofcolour, #AsianAmerican. “Utah judge suspended for bashing Trump online & in
court” WashPost Tuyet A. N. T. Twitted. #Utah: Judge Michael Kwan is suspended for
6 months w/out pay for criticizing 45 in a Private Fb post. 1) Fb private posts are NOT.
2) Six mos w/out pay is a v harsh punishment. This is still #America#Democracy#Privacy#Racism Ben Winslow Twitted. Judge Michael Kwan has been given 6 months
suspension without pay for comments he made from the bench as well as a series of social
media posts: U.S. Reality Check
Twitted. The court ruled that Judge Michael Kwan, who
served for 20 years in Taylorsville, violated Utah’s judicial code of conduct by mocking
President Donald Trump from 2016 to 2017 Jessica Miller
Twitted. NEW: A Utah judge who made anti-Trump comments
has been suspended without pay for six months. Taylorsville Justice Court Judge Michael Kwan
has been on the bench for two decades. My story (so far) on the Utah Supreme Court

5 thoughts on “Judge Suspended For What He Said About President Trump

  • Kay Aderhold Post author

    Don't suspend fire him-kwan

  • Ronald Moore Post author

    Why would you want this person as a judge back ?

  • Becky Madrid Post author

    Everywhere you go to work, you have to do your best, professional work and you don't talk bad about the boss or your company workers…… YOU'RE FIRED!!!

  • Who Know Post author

    Consider save over $100 billions on tax money by not have illegal immigrants enter United States that Democrats prevented from building the walls to secure the borders.
    Democrats never have or worked for Americans best interest!
    Democrats repeatedly demonstrated how treasonous they’re toward Americans
    That Judge is no different

  • Wayne Shealy Post author

    Karma will be a bad dose of medicine that will be hard to swallow without choking. When the Tribunals hang the first several idiots of the democRATS. It will cause great fear for any high office holders to cringe in fear…. They will run and hide. We know where they live. They cannot stay off their I-Phones. We know where they are.

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