Judge Says Trump Can Absolutely Be Sued For Profiting Off The Presidency

Judge Says Trump Can Absolutely Be Sued For Profiting Off The Presidency

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Recently, a district court in the state of
New York threw out an emoluments clause lawsuit against Donald Trump, arguing that the plaintiffs
in the case did not have standing. They were not specifically harmed by the president
taking money from foreign governments and even from American citizens that wasn’t hurting
the plaintiffs at all. The district court ruled, well last week in
a little notice story, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the state of New York
said, oh, no, no, no, no, no district court. These people absolutely do have standing and
we’re going to re-instate this emoluments clause lawsuit against the president of the
United States. This is a huge leap forward in these emoluments
lawsuits right now. There’s three separate emoluments clause lawsuits
happening in the United States. The other two were still going forward. It was just this one that had been thrown
out and has now been reinstated, and here’s what the issue is. As we’ve talked a lot about emoluments in
the form of foreign dignitaries and whoever coming and staying at Trump’s hotels, they
pay money to stay there. That money goes to the Trump organization
profits. The profits go back into Donald Trump’s pockets. That’s in an emolument, that is illegal, but
there’s also domestic emoluments, which is essentially the same thing. If an average American citizen decides to
waste their money spending a night in Trump’s hotel, that money goes through the same cycle
back to the organization in the form of revenue down into Trump’s pocket. Eventually. That’s a domestic emoluments and that is one
of the things, this particular lawsuit is focusing on some of the other ones focusing
more on the foreign ones, but it’s the domestic ones where he’s really raking in the money. Here is what these judges had to say. In this opinion, the president’s establishment
offer government patrons something that plaintiffs cannot the opportunity by enriching the president
to obtain favorable governmental treatment from the president and the executive branch. And that is why they’re saying no, these people
do have standing because they are put at a disadvantage in terms of getting a favor from
the president compared to somebody who can afford to go and be a patron of the president’s
businesses. And that’s absolutely true. We’ve all heard the stories of how he’s got
these a wealthy folks down at Mar-a-lago, uh, who are not in the government at all by
the way, but he’s consulting with them about policy. So they get to have his ear just because they
have money and that money goes back into Trump’s pocket. So technically everybody in this country that’s
not a member of Mar-a-lago, that’s not a member of Bedminster, that’s not staying at one of
Trump’s hotels and never has. Uh, we could also potentially be claimants
here if this were to make it into a class action. So just something to kind of keep on the horizon
folks, uh, because yes, we are all at the same disadvantage. But here’s the thing, and I love explaining
this because it is so disgusting. Donald Trump did not divest from his companies. He did put his own personal money into a blind
trust that he has an executer for. Unfortunately, that happens to be Donald Trump
jr and Trump jr has to get daddy’s permission, or excuse me, Trump has to get don junior’s
permission in order to see how the money’s doing and see where he’s putting it, and then
make advice, give advice, excuse me. So yeah, that’s not exactly a blind trust. When you’re idiot son who will do whatever
you say because he’s desperate for your love and attention is the one man standing between
you and your money. And again, you still get the profits from
the Trump organization. He did not divest. He is not, as he says, losing billions of
dollars. He’s not a saint because he’s giving away
his $400,000 a year salary. Hell, the secret service has spent more than
that, trying to rent golf carts and jet skis to protect Trump’s family all money. Again, that goes back into Trump’s profits. So losing that $400,000 a year salary is quite
literally pennies compared to what he’s pulling in from US Taxpayers from the secret service
and from foreign dignitaries. And those are exactly the kinds of things
that, these emoluments clause lawsuits are trying to bring to an end.

100 thoughts on “Judge Says Trump Can Absolutely Be Sued For Profiting Off The Presidency

  • Ing. Eduardo Mata Post author

    Perfect. Nobody is above the law not even stupid trump.

  • Lindsey Pappas Post author

    This is GREAT NEWS not fake as I’m sure Trump was really hoping he could spin this one!! Awe, poor criminal! He isn’t going to get out of this one SDNY is going to get him!! Honestly, he is making an extremely large amount of money off of the American people! It should absolutely be a class action suit because we are all paying for this whether you want to believe it or not… that is the TRUTH! Keep spreading the word on this, sharing, tweeting, emailing, whatever!! We have to keep passing this information out because most Americans are not aware of all the lawsuits against him (currently 32, I believe, please correct me if that’s wrong)… I think the YouTube News & information channels should be posting this daily in addition to the other topics discussed we should discuss this specific topic DAILY!!! Lots of work but just an idea

  • Steve Austin Post author

    I will be collecting, sign me up.

  • Alan Cooper Post author

    u got what u voted for ha ha ha

  • Robert Bethune Post author

    When we get him out of office give him only an EBT càrd, a new Sears suit, a lien against all his present assets and an asterisk in history books.

  • Baby Bijou Post author

    HOW can the American people join together in a class action lawsuit for the emoluments violations?

  • Terry Kane Post author

    Trump is the most corrupt president in American history.

  • Eva Jeduthun Post author

    Look at 447 …illigal…act…to bankrupt Poland..for Kushner and Satanyahoo

  • Katie Kane Post author

    Watch how much coverage this gets on MSM, if it gets traction, watch out. Dumb Donnie will do ANYTHING to stop disclosure. Hell, I'm scared of a huge "event" to interfere with the election. We gotta stay on our toes.

  • David Uzbalis Post author

    However his cult followers are too stupid to get it. They think he's so wonderful giving up his salary. They don't understand that every time this idiot swings his golf clubs he is making that amount. Every time he's not in the white house and he is golfing it's at his resort and each round of golf pays him at least 400k. At 230 some odd rounds of golf that is a lot more than that

  • Conan RBG Post author

    The POTUS most famous phrase Fake News LOL

  • jd grim Post author

    Just ask them crooked Clintons white water Clinton foundation selling uranium Democrats are always honest

  • Ronald Rose Post author

    Hello Farron, keep exposing these treacherous political scumbags.

  • Vendicar Kahn Post author

    Donald Trump has been chosen by God to be America's King of Kings.

    America's well armed Christian Militia's will do everything in their power to keep it that way.

    Donald Trump is Christ Reborn.


  • Rachel Garber Post author

    About damn time that orange troll is held responsible for the shit he does. What a menace to our constitution and our democracy.

  • jd grim Post author

    Freon go sleep in a sanctuary city with the illegals u damn stupid democrats

  • jd grim Post author

    Trump the working mans president

  • Blue Post author

    #Impeach #LockHimUp #LockHerUp #POTUSClearPresentDanger

  • Ken Bugbee Post author

    Trump is not running his companies , he's running the country.
    If his family's businesses are making money then good for them.

  • Christopher Cory Post author

    Next question please….

  • fatel702LVC Post author

    The chosen one

  • Audry Wise Post author

    I can't wait to see when this momo loses the election the FBI is there to arrest his retarded ass! I'm not going to hold my breath though.

  • perovskaya Post author

    Americal's Chief Scam Artist-the -TRUMP BRAND!

  • Bruce Havelka Post author

    Play, play it again Sam. T'is music to my ears!

  • Carolyn Wilson Post author

    Putin's big revenge just keep on giving. Impeach Trump and throw him, his family, inlaws, sisters cousin, dig up his dad and mother and last but not lease starting with Mitch McConnell the republicans senate and AG Barr should all be in super max prison next to El Chapo.

  • perovskaya Post author


  • Quadir Mayo Post author


    He's using the Presidency as a racket.

  • Kitty S. Post author

    treating the US Treasury like his personal piggy bank

  • Mike braun Post author

    Trumdump is cooking something up behind our backs and the dumtrumps are the lemmings following the mineure . So what, a call to arms to the dumzies or end the tariffs and be the hero . Or destroy the economy to placate Putin,
    Or how about break up nato what?

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal Post author

    Impeach the motherfucker already.

  • Patty Robin Post author


  • Schooling Diana Post author

    He hasn’t given up his presidential salary. That would prove emoluments violations that even Don Jr could understand. His hotels and golf venues are barely breaking even, from gross mismanagement. When he declared for president for the 2016 election, he’d also blown through almost all of the 6.2 billion his daddy left him, with only 3.4 million left. And he wrote loans to his campaign on that.

    He’s already been planning to steal the next election. I’m in several national lawyers/law professional groups, and they’ve already detailed how the GOP plans widespread ballot box and electronic vote tallying fraud.

  • BeachBum Post author

    Finally some good news!! Year 3 of the traitor raping the U.S. for every dollar he can, while destroying democracy and everything that is good in U.S.

  • robert walton Post author

    Got a Trump appointed judge first time around.

  • Lawrence Torres Post author

    We know that the president of the U.S. is a criminal!!!!!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kathy Turner Post author

    Finally a judge with BALLS🙏🏻

  • K Khalifah Post author

    Trump is running the US as if it's another 3rd world banana republic.

    The only thing more shocking is the inability of the US authorities to do anything about it other than turning it into talk show fodder.

  • Just Human Post author

    I can't wait for trump to be imprisoned, and Pelosi stepping down as Speaker. I would much rather have Adam Schiff, as Speaker!

  • Sam Smythe Post author

    Who says tRump is giving away the $400,000 a year presidential salary? Oh, tRump says it? And you believe this because……..everything else he ever said is the absolute truth?

  • 08FayFay Post author

    Let the games begin 😆✅

  • Richard Alexander Post author

    Lock Him Up!!!!

  • Michael Ritete Post author

    They talk about it….but the bullets just keep bouncing off him…hes killing u America

  • Kenrick Eason Post author

    Good!! Somebody got some damn sense…

  • Jermaine Perry Post author

    Hey trump supporters your master is going down😂😂😂💯

  • Brad king Post author

    Throw the book at him. Everytime the emoluments clause was breached, make it a separate charge. You don't get to murder 5 people and get charged for one.

  • Carlo Pizzutelli Post author

    If I had one wish, it would be for all of Trump's money, possessions, and businesses to get seized so that he lives his final miserable years penniless.

  • judi mozisek Post author


  • Kim Vasconez Post author

    The diversion of the military to Scotland particularly irritates me. Military bases have very nice billeting on bases, especially on AF bases, where they should be gassing up the planes…the US taxpayer pays for these facilities. It also pays for Camp David for off-site meetings and R and R. But we, the taxpayer, must pay for the use of Mar e Lago to prop up certain Trump properties. In the end, the taxpayer gets screwed.

  • Mike Bastoni Post author

    Omg this is huge win

  • Gloria Cheon Post author

    He "can" but he will Not because NOTHING CAN BE DONE AGAINST THIS MAN.He gets away with Everything.

  • Sherryl Luciano Post author

    So right about the advantage and disadvantages regarding emolument clause.

  • Diabetic Honeybee Post author

    That judge will be sued by trump in 3,2,1…

  • Bob Minichino Post author

    We must amend the clause that prevents a sitting president from being charged of any crime while in office

  • Alfredo Verduzco Post author

    1 word THEIF🖕.

  • WPG S Post author

    Just lock him up and throw away the key already before he's voted out anyway

  • Belladonnasmoon Stardust Post author

    They haven't done anything so far😐what makes you think they'll do anything now🤔

  • Kevin Guy Post author

    What the hell else do you expect it's Trump

  • Kevin Buxton Post author

    Wow! It kills me that some folks didn't believe that Donny Soprano and his crime family would do this right from day one? It's like putting a python in a pigpen and thinking it won't eat? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  • joel ammesmaki Post author

    I'm sure the other two branches of government do that… I don't have my glasses on but I think I am sure…u know what I would say to Our President?… I would say…Mistet President yes Mister President…

  • Louis Tash Post author

    Bernie Sanders right then and right now for America!

  • Mark Dowse Post author

    So glad to hear this news. HUGE.
    Can't wait to see Trump & Co. behind bars – forever.

  • Q5Grafx Post author

    Communist Propaganda

  • angela lewis Post author

    Rump is going to prison

  • doug wristen Post author

    trump may be making millions , but i'll bet it doesn't anywhere near cover all his debts , he spends more money than he brings in. he's hiding his taxes for a reason , it's called embarrassment , you have to make billions , and have billions in your bank account to really be a billionaire. just because you lose billions in business failures and banckruptsies , that doesn't make you a billionaire , that makes you a wannabe billionaire and someone who isn't good with business or with money. just bullshit and bluster

  • angela lewis Post author

    Discussing idiot's losers devil Rump and family O yea and not only is he ugly so is his kids and wives yelk!!!!

  • Tracy Forbes Post author

    There are bedbugs who would avoid a Trump Roach Hotel.

  • Kathleen Blachere Post author

    WTF….didn't have standing? Who the [email protected]'ll got bought off?

  • Kathleen Blachere Post author

    Yeah …let's do class action!

  • anita ericksonhak Post author

    Its time to beat trumps Ass with a bat and set trump tower on fire🔥🔥🔥🏢🔥

  • Ed Gizinski Post author

    Hmmmmm so why hasn't hillary the witch been sued. I cant see it happening he is not collecting anything for being president and he stepped down from his businesses. Once again propaganda and fake news. Nice try assclowns.

  • mildred grossman Post author

    trump and his un-American family….they have done nothing for this country….they are corrupt and
    the republicans support them for their corruption against the AMERICAN PEOPLE

  • OceanBlue Heart Post author


  • David Rodriguez Post author

    Lock him up. Lock him up 😁

  • Teresa Butts Post author

    I keep hearing about him not taking a salary and that he "donates" it. So, where and who does it go to, never hear about that. He boast about how great he is for even getting up in the morning, crickets for being so charitable to? Who.

  • Goahead Post author

    Trump IN prison 2020!

  • Werewolf By Night Post author

    Trump is going down

  • Benjamin Sandoval Post author

    Good Take The Orange Criminal Out Of The WHITE HOUSE

  • Roger Wagner Post author

    Not only sue him and put him in jail but fine him to the nth degree so he is broke.

  • Casey Rahailach Post author

    We are the ones he is robbing.

  • william louie Post author

    That killer didn’t harm your family therefore let him go.

  • Hector Lalalala Post author

    The wicked one always succeed. God is the only one that can stop it

  • 4 YOU Post author

    So what is the process…what are the step by steps by the numbers…
    How do you go from step 1 , 2, 3..and to finally incarceration of the Orange idiot.

    Or…is he above the law?…and that this is all just symbolic …

  • Gerri Wright Ingerson Post author

    Lock this crime syndicate family up these criminal/traitors need to go preferably to Russia since they all love Putin so much

  • Doris Goodyear Post author

    I love it

  • Bobby Mangano Post author

    Vote blue and get the orange out

  • Carl Bailey Post author

    Every Trump appointee should be relieved of their duties, then relieved of their existence, along with the entirety of the administration, the GOP, the majority of the democratic party, the entirety of ICE, CBP, 99.9% of cops, and at least 30% of your population, needs to be converted into fertiliser, pet food, and biodiesel.

    Cancer must be killed else it kills us.

  • niecers Post author

    Those of us who voted for Hilary should sue the electoral college for selecting this fake bad actor multi bankrupted jerk over who we really voted for.

  • Priscilla Post author

    You can be sued for anything lol

  • Sally Runyon Post author

    Trump is the greatest president our country has ever had ,liars are what they all are ,what about Nancy P her business she set it up and she is rich from her project ,Jimmy carter had a peanut farm

  • polite critique Post author

    Synagogue of Satan big nosed Christ killers cursed enemies of Jesus and future hell people

  • steelerdave2000 Post author

    How about Clinton and Obama!?!? Or, is there a democrat, dumbocrat double standard? Lolol. Please.

  • Wilfredo Diaz Post author

    Trump has proven time and time again that he is above the law and the usa government can't touch him.. So until that happens he will continue to do as he pleases.

  • ivan tan Post author

    Gutless Congress daren't impeach pussy ass bitch. That's why pussy ass bitch does what he wants. USA's biggest security threat is pussy ass bitch. Outside powers have ring side seats to the implosion of USA.

  • Mathew Thomas Post author

    I don't believe he is not receiving the salary. I will bet he is taking every penny of it. I know he is!

  • Jose Villanueva Post author

    This country has always been a beacon to the world for liberty and justice. That's why we keep our borders open. But we're also a beacon for another kind of people, for criminals and con men; we rely on the law to protect us from them. Sometimes, that's not enough. Do we need more law, less freedom? Do we cross out parts of the Constitution? I've learned that's not the answer. The answer is that each one of us is responsible to everyone else. Not one of us can afford to turn a blind eye. By respecting the laws we do have, by living up to the true meaning of the word "citizen," we preserve our common good. Through republicans deliberate ignorance, They allowed a criminal enterprise to flourish, innocent people to be killed. They allowed a cancer to grow. This is where it has to stop. Here, today, with you

  • KonaMark Post author

    Lock him up. How many cases of violations have to be seen?

  • Jude Sparks Post author

    About time that TRAITOR tRump starts to feel the rage of United States Citizens….each state should sue ……

  • Jude Sparks Post author

    Let's vote for a woman……I've gotten replies from men that I'm sexist for saying this..so if I say I'm voting for Warren, does that make me sexist….I say if trump had no qualifications to be president other than a terrible business man some how Warren still would be a viable candidate..

  • James H Post author

    Trump is a goddamn disgrace, #VoteBlue for the good of humanity and this country

  • White Warrior Post author

    Trump is 20/20 !!! Let's investigate Obama the worst president . History and see how much money he stole from the American people!!! At least trump is making America great again!! An employment is a at all time lows in the Wall Street stock markets have hit all Time I records!! God-bless America !!!!! Americans 1st!! All the Democrats care about is taken I gun rights and open borders that will destroy America!!!!!

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