Judge Judy Speaks Out On Brett Kavanaugh Scandal

Judge Judy Speaks Out On Brett Kavanaugh Scandal

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Judge Judy has something to say about the
controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of
assault. The accusations against Kavanaugh have sparked
much division in recent weeks, raising questions of character and potentially criminal behavior
in the judge’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. In September 2018, a research psychologist
and professor at Palo Alto University named Christine Blasey Ford publicly accused Kavanaugh
of assault, relating her story to The Washington Post. She alleged that Kavanaugh and a friend were
both, quote, “stumbling drunk”, when they cornered her into a bedroom in the early 1980s,
during a period they were all attending high school together in Maryland. Ford, now 51, further alleged that Kavanaugh
had “pinned her” to a bed and groped her. She also said that he tried to take off her
clothes and covered her mouth with his hand when she attempted to scream. Ford told the paper that she was able to run
away to safety after Kavanaugh’s friend, identified as Mark Judge, jumped on top of both of them,
allowing her a chance to break free. Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, has said her client
considers the incident to be an act of attempted rape. Ford, who did not speak about the incident
until she disclosed it to a therapist in 2012, has said that she later decided to come forward
out of a sense of “civic duty”, making the information public before Kavanaugh’s confirmation
as a Supreme Court justice. Judge Judith Sheindlin, best known for her
long-running TV show Judge Judy, spoke with TMZ about the headline-making allegations
on September 23rd. While she expressed hope that Kavanaugh’s
accuser will be treated fairly, she cautioned people not to be so quick to jump to conclusions
about Kavanaugh. She said, “One hopes that people wait and don’t rush
to judgement and listen to both sides of an argument before they make a decision. That’s what’s supposed to happen in a fair
judicial process.” Sheindlin refused to get into the specifics
of the case, dodging questions about Ford and her views on the Republican party. Instead, she simply doubled down on her statement,
saying, “There’s always the hope that reasonable people
will listen to both sides of an argument before they make a judgment. That’s what people are supposed to do.” That’s not all she had to say on the subject. According to Judy, “You’re not supposed to rush to judgement
on either side, you’re supposed to listen to evidence and then make a judgement. And if that doesn’t happen, then the end result
is not fair, right?” Since the confirmation hearings started, another
woman named Deborah Ramirez has also come forward with allegations against Kavanaugh. Ramirez alleges her own encounter with Kavanaugh’s
inappropriate behavior, claiming that he once exposed himself to her at a Yale University
party. Kavanaugh, who was nominated for a seat on
the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump in July 2018, has denied the allegations. Speaking to Fox News in an interview published
on September 14, the 53-year-old said, “I’ve never assaulted anyone, not
in high school, not ever. I’ve always treated women with dignity and
respect.” Trump has also spoken out about Kavanaugh,
making it clear that he fully supports his embattled Supreme Court nominee and calling
him “a high-quality person”. In addition to questioning the accuracy of
Ford’s account, Trump has accused Democrats of running a “con game” with the allegations. He also attacked Deborah Ramirez’s credibility,
claiming, “She was totally inebriated and all messed
up and she doesn’t know.” Despite the allegations, Senate Republicans
have remained determined to press forward with Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, while
other commentators have called to suspend the process in order to properly investigate
the claims of impropriety. At this time, Ford is still expected to testify
before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27th.

100 thoughts on “Judge Judy Speaks Out On Brett Kavanaugh Scandal

  • RUDY DEL VECCHIO Post author

    This bullshit is almost over. News coming out at this time THE JIG IS UP

  • Tom Dyson Post author

    This is misleading bullshit. I anticipated hearing and seeing Judge Judy speaking not this bimbo who read some narrative.

  • jtika1978 Post author

    Judge Judy sees straight thru bs

  • Rachel Gibson Post author

    Vote RED.

  • John Malloy Post author

    Judge Judy didn’t defend Kavanaugh. She just said we need more evidence and not to reach quick conclusions. No shit.

  • J-ster Post author

    America is NOT great anymore

  • Unel Mitchell Post author

    Trump is filling that swamp with all kinds of horrible critters… 🐢🐊🐸🐍🦎

  • 97yawnac Post author

    Lord have mercy people, the next job interview you go on, or maybe adopting a child and someone writes to that employer or adoption agency that you sexually assaulted them 35 years ago, no police report, no corroborating witnesses, etc. "its not a trial, its just a job interview, but we have to go with an abundance of caution and pass over you". Denied! Always believe the woman because she wouldn't lie. Duke lacrosse, Rolling stones mag and Virginia tech, lots more cases of women liars out there.

  • Alison VanSell Post author

    If this so called sexual attack happened in the 80’s why is it finally coming out now?

  • ljeffsummers Post author

    I taught at a Catholic School in Kensington at time and Holton Arms girls were always at parties of local Catholic boys and girls high schools, so why would he lie and say they didn’t socialize?

  • ab9957 Post author

    fake–no audio of judy speaking out on this…fake fake fake.

  • Shannon Davidson Post author

    FYI They did go to Highschool together. He went to an all boys school. Get your facts right.

  • Rick Barg Post author


  • bob ur uncle Post author

    This is why she is the highest paid TV Lady…one smart cookie!

  • Antoinette Demarie Post author

    We need to vote!!! No kidding, we gotta stop this from destroying our country. The democratic party has been highjacked by Marxist activists and we must fight them.

  • PATRICK COLLINS Post author

    Sometimes in these types of alleged crimes there is no evidence and it takes a very strong individual to come forward under those circumstances. I feel very sorry for all involved with this however and believe it is important that this is investigated in a transparent and timely manner. Dr Ford has every right to have this matter dealt with by the authorities as does Mr Kavanaugh. If the allegations are proven to be false I feel very sorry for both her and Mr Kavanaugh. It does seem however strange that an individual would go this far to prevent a Supreme Court appointment. One thing we do know however is that someone is lying.

  • Lori Massacci Post author

    This whole thing is about the demented murdering democrats who want abortion in the 9th month, even minutes before birth which Kavanagh opposes. Democrat scumbags salivate at the mere thought of murdering full term babies, and proudly stand on the bodies of murdered babies to obtain power.

  • Alicia Fulson Post author

    Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior. #IJS 🧐🧐🧐

  • David H Post author

    I am with judge Judy but All of the law makers need to be replace.

  • Ann E Stamm Post author

    There is more evidence of Christine being a liar.

  • LibertyMinded Post author


  • Daniel Galvan Post author

    Judge judy smtimes jumps to conclusions but shes almost always rt but kavanaugh is guillty and has no bzns in the supreme court hes a child just like trump he said wat goes around comes around tht wrks both ways karma can cm bk and kick him in the ass

  • Buck Vannor Post author


  • Gary Farmer Post author

    I knew Cavanaughwas a gentleman……And I'm not but I'm trying to be. We are all innocent until proven guilty and we were all made by the same creator. All lives matter but due process cannot be allowed to fall or we will all for sure become slaves of a totalitarian Marxist world government that is actually a bunch of luciferian human trash.

  • Gary Farmer Post author

    Only the ignorant, the foolish, and the absolutely evil believe this nonsense. The wave is coming and stolen Nikola Tesla science with professional con artists are not going to fool us.

  • Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_ Post author

    Who knows what the truth is, but the allegations are weak at best.

  • Starr Lite Post author

    Judge Judy's wisdom of fair judgement seems to apply only to white ppl, but not mixed race couples. I stopped watching her show in the early '90's when she told a young black man "learn to keep his pants up," but not his white ex girlfriend, to "keep her dress down." Had she said that, it would have been fair, sound and equal judgement. I have no respect for and absolutely "LOW" Judge Judy… She "is" a racist, and well to be known this by all.

  • Mizzz Licia Post author

    So today we know it's all a lie on the part of the accusers. Libs are just mad trump is doing his thing, I don't like the guy but come on, sexual assault is really serious how will he be compensated for her lies. I hope she gets what she deserves for lying on an innocent man

  • bluegreen13 Post author

    Truth always Wins!!!!!!

  • Erik Kilmark Post author

    Judge Judy doesn't follow actual precedent law. She only follows what she thinks the law should be. She is a quack of Justice.

  • Toyo Boyd Post author

    Do not vote republicans that's the most corrupt evil and hypocrisy side u could ever vote for why u think thier color is red vote the wave us coming for the repubics

  • Kipper Post author

    Your title is misleading! Judge J said nothing here, it's just you blabbing on!

  • Parvez Aziz Post author

    Judge Judy is Ugly Mexica, pornography of justice system. She is Jerry Springer and Howard Stern of a kangaroo Court. She always encourages criminals, and teaches American women to sell their bushes for money. When a women is not returning borrowed money from a man, she asks the man did you have sex. If the answer is yes. She rules in Cavour of women. Teaching women of America to return sex for money.

  • Black Labs Matter Post author


  • Paul Bordelon Post author

    The theme in American Media is this: If you are a white male you are suspect, sexist, and racist. If you are a woman or person of color and you don't get special treatment it is because of sexism, racism, etc….If you are a woman or a person of color you can do whatever you want and be 100% intolerant of everyone else. You can be a total Asshat and its ok because you are not a white male. If you are a white male you need to be 100% tolerant of everyone else while recognizing that if a woman or person of color committees a crime its all your fault!!!!! So ridiculous.

  • Elizabeth Farrar Post author

    So sad but I agree … God Bless America !!!

  • Brenda Chown Post author

    These women have proven
    themselves to be a liars , in hopes of becoming rich from
    these false allegations! When you want a woman without morals or integrity get yourself
    a T&A for sale liberal girl !

  • Goldielocks G Post author

    Women and I'm one still have a long way to go with being put on a jury. You see it in the protests gullible woman screaming guilty like a mob based only on a accusation.Same ones that will panicand be first to line up drink the Koolaide without questioning what's in it because someone told them so. Some girly men too.

  • brenda mills Post author


  • Wk Pattison Post author

    Will that women now be charged with slander, and for making a false statement/report. Since Kavanaugh is now a member of the Supreme Court.

  • Chance Jaxson Post author

    imagine Kavanough drunk with red eyes shakin his tiny shrivelled thing at you. sick

  • hedy frisch Post author

    What about the lying regarding his activities during high school and college years? Judge Judy has always maintained that if you lye under oath even once, she doesn’t believe anything one says after that!!!! Surely that should apply to someone that now will preside over the highest court in the land. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for……”

  • Norma Stevlingson Post author

    Too bad they don't allow Judge Judy to ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING!!!

  • Lillie Clifton Post author

    Shut up Judy u hag who asked for your opinion. Shut up don’t want to hear or see u at all leave

  • bsl103158 Post author

    many women have no qualms about ruining a man or teen male. I have seen it happen with my own eyes. Our society is giving females too much and taking away too much from males… This is happening with other "groups" but the danger in pointing out the truth is huge. I am a sixty year old woman. Our nation is doing many unfair unjust things now in the name of "evening the score"

  • Sheena Moffett Post author

    His Calendar was PROOF..Period. Right yrs. The exact names of the guys she named. Bull. Its true and ALL KNOW IT IS. CASE.CLOSED

  • Mike Nexus Post author

    How about hearing JJ speak?

  • Jessica Jimenez Post author

    I figured Judge Judy would have been wanting Kavanaugh’s head like everyone else, but instead she used her brain and at the very least gave him a chance due to law. Law is Judy’s first language so there’s no telling what her true feelings really are.

  • SABREWOLF Post author

    would have rather seen Judge Judy actually speak than listening to incoherent robot ramblings.

  • elpayin1 Post author

    if Kavanaugh was a liberal and had been nominated by the REAL president Barak Obama, none of these hypocrites down below would have the same opinion. talk about HYPOCRISY!

  • Kaos Post author

    So then for the sake of 'equality' every woman in a medium – high position should have her career and personal life scrutinized because they got drunk, flashed their breasts and provocatively (and without given prior consent) rubbed up against a male whilst in college?

  • Troy Hawkins Post author

    No one is saying he is guilty, People are saying they want it fairly investigated and witnesses heard

  • Gloria Hufnagel Post author

    Not a court case, a job interview. And if you believe her or not, the fact that he was not only super aggressive but spoke in a partisan way and is supposed to be NOT that should disqualify him. He can’t even handle questions about his past. Why him? Ever ask that. Couldn’t be his views on Presidential Power, could it? Fucking dummies

  • Betty McNally Post author

    Ford should go to prison for a long time for thie lie.it hurt his wife kids family.shes a lying liw down rotten dog.

  • Betty McNally Post author

    U can tell kav.was a prep

  • joseph traina Post author

    NOW that's a REAL JUDGE.Judge judy gave the advice we as Americans should listen too and RESPECT.

  • Joe Meyer Post author

    she can't remember where the house was .and know one knows anything about it ya right never really happened.another scammer.

  • Landon Kromhout Post author

    They framed Kavanaugh.

  • Johna Wright Post author

    So grateful for our president Trump!

  • TheRoaringSilence Post author

    & why aren't they going after the clintons with the same conviction?
    These people are a joke! Ford is a lying bush pig.

  • Lisa Adler Post author

    Anyone that's ever been sexually assaulted knows exactly when and where it happened, just saying

  • Tina Arko Post author

    She claimed only 5 people at this party and none of them gave this party, so who's party was it? It was no one's party, unless of course they all just broke into a random home. Seems unlikely. It never happened, even the people she claims were there say it never happened. Just ridiculous and desperate.

  • TheNullNumber Post author

    Yeah she refused to get into specifics or her opinions because shes not stupid and doesn't care. Good ol' JJ

  • TJ Post author

    I don't doubt it is true, thats just how American men behave unfortunately. However, I don't think you should wait so long to tell your story. I'm curious as to how he will behave when his daughters are sexually harassed.

  • Not in my name. Post author

    Couldn't be bothered to try and find the video…. why do you lang out the bits that are important… boring

  • Mike Walsh Post author

    People who are saying "innocent until proven guilty" about Kavenaugh are so far behind their own asses that they think they're winning the race. Was Kavenaugh on trial? It was a job interview. I made it through my last one without crying, I did a little better than Kavenaugh LOL

  • Karen cintron Post author

    I think he was lying. He got way too upset and angry. He doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court he’s not emotionally mature enough for the job.

  • gadwah Post author

    I didn't hear J. Judy say one word.

  • Joe Duke Post author

    It is now OCt. 19th 2018, the FBI did their 7th investigation and it's been discovered the Feminists/Democrats were running a scam and FORD has now made a million dollars for her part in it. Ford collected her million to continue her case against Kavanaugh just like Jill Stein got millions to continue challenging the 2016 election results, but once these Feminists got their money, they took it and ran… Feminism is ALL about money and power, not what they pretend it to be.

  • displayfireworks2008 Post author

    Judge Judy didn't say anything in this video. That woman did all the talking.

  • Le Colosse Post author

    even if he did it. why couldn't they sue him thirty years ago? to me, they're just screwing a man's success instead of seeking justice.

  • Just the facts Post author

    The title of this video is misleading. We never once heard from Judge Judy directly. Stupid video.

  • Indian Rose Post author

    Judge Judy is absolutly right. As a woman myself, it DISGUSTED me the way women yelled believe her, because she is a woman NO listen to ALL of the faacts

  • timba Land Post author

    Ok say this did happen which I know it didn't how do a Woman who has kids skip that subject if someone touch u in anyway to tell oh my bad her kids not 40 yet that's when she will hear about that old bitch tired and through

  • R Noureddine Post author

    that's the problem with America nothing is real almost everything is fake, not against the woman but why now + this kind things happen regularly so highly possible, and most of all just some shit media will keep floating to hide something more horrible basically drag attention from something else aka the mob culture . America it's like the Heisenberg cat

  • Praise Him Post author


  • Art Silver Falls Art Post author

    Sorry to bust your bubbles but She's a Democrat and believes hand guns should be banned Because they have no use but to harm..

  • DJRICKYDEEUK Post author

    All thus rumpus and Dr Ford Mustang vanishes like a fart in the wind.

  • Dash DriverUK Post author

    It’s like when Bill Clinton was in office the US became a laughing stock and the Democrats are keen to get back to those days

  • David Chmielecki Post author

    Those in support of Kavanaugh just don't get it.His behavior in itself disqualifies him and he is not impartial at all.The Supreme Court of the United States is owned by Corporate America.

  • Zenelyn Oconnor Post author

    who cares they are ALL going to gitmo for life wwg1wga

  • Steve Martin Post author

    Bitches are such liars… mr kavanaugh for President

  • Joy Smith Post author

    Why is he crying he knows he's a rapist

  • mlu ccc Post author

    AND THE UPSHOT IS these women are admitting that they LIED when brought up on charges by Sen. Grassley now.

  • Larry Schmodt Post author

    Men you better watch your ass's now. Is our country going down this fast because of the Demmon Rat's..Just think you bring home a woman to her front door from a date you try to kiss her good night she could send your ass to jail for a very long time.point number to it's going to harm woman in the work place men will be a afraid to hire them.women do need to believed but also so do men…women can be evil some time's..This world is just going insane .GOD HELP US..

  • mathew fuller Post author

    Guess what ford he is judge now lolol.

  • 59Ameri59 Post author

    This was about Judge Judy’s comment but it was the media trashing of the nominee. There is no news that you can trust because journalism is no longer about fact finding but about an agenda and pushing it on the public to manipulate their reaction.

  • Donna Hearn Post author

    Nicki Swift This is not about "Judge Judy Speaks Out On Brett Kavanaugh Scandal". This is about you hyping a story and selling merchandise. Dishonest broad.

  • Megan Fields Post author

    Judy for president!!

  • Roger Quintanilla Post author

    Civic duty,  Diane Feinstein should be in prison for her crimes and her husbands crimes.  The woman who accused him is such a damn liar and why the held do colleges hire dummies like that.

  • gary noland Post author

    The jerry springer of the court room

  • Roz Hill Post author

    Kavanaugh himself confirmed Ford's account when the sexual behavior specialist atty asked him to read his July 1 calendar entry. Graham jumped into a tizzy when he saw Kavanaugh just incriminated himself– the atty was removed and the media focused on Graham, instead of Kavanaugh's corroboration of Ford's account. So now we have two known sexual predators on the so-called "Supreme" Court. And Repubs are still trying to destroy Ford's integrity and truth — for a drunkard; a lying, sexual aggressor now having the power to abuse more women. When do we get a drained, not filled, swamp???

  • Bren Dan Post author

    Wow amazing how after the hearing ended all this bullshit just disappeared. Because it was all a political game. Democrats are scum.

  • TheGoreMachine Post author

    This girl says that you should listen to both sides before making a judgment so she gets a high dislike ratio because of these mislead people who think everyone is a rapists and all accusers should be believed with no evidence.

  • Laura Adams Post author

    Sorry Judge Judy, you are asking most of the left to do something that they are incapable of doing. They can't see common sense through their hate.

  • Patz13 Post author

    Blasey-Ford made up the whole thing. She never mentioned to anyone until she needed an excuse for the extra exit in her home…to avoid being prosecuted for renting without proper zoning. Plus Ford had NO DATE and NO LOCATION…and she had real motives to lie about Kavanaugh…as Ford hates Kavanugh's views. Ford should be prosecuted for slander and fraud.

  • Bored Bored bored Post author

    I thought it was obvious by nite that 90% of religious & political figures are rapists and pedophiles

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose Post author

    Didn't Judge Judy hide in a latrine in a Nazi prison camp?

  • Linda Cull Post author

    I believe Judge Judy is smart enough to be a Republican!!!!!

  • Cindi Morgan Post author

    This was just an opportunity to slam Kavannaugh with about 3 seconds of Judge Judy info! SAD!!

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