Judge Faith – Monster Mansion (Season 3: Full Episode #3)

Judge Faith – Monster Mansion (Season 3: Full Episode #3)

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Today on Judge Faith,
an actress with
Hollywood dreams
confronts the playboy
who rented her a room
in his mansion of horrors.I was under the understanding
that there would be six
tenants in the home. There was actually a total
of 31 people. Two people in particular
live in closets. It’s a lie. I’ve been there
16 years I’ve never
seen anything like that. I don’t think you know
about a lot of things going
on in this house. Personally, I would’ve
been out of there
the next day. ANNOUNCER:Faith Jenkins.Her distinguished
legal career began
when she graduated first
in her law school class.
She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor
and then a preeminent
legal analyst on cable news
and now she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are real
and her rulings are final.
She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff Haleyrae Cannellsays the defendant’s mansion
was an unsafe place to live.
So she had no
choice but to get out.
She’s suing for paid rent,
security deposit and
a background check fee.
She’s accompanied in court
today by a roommate,
Molly Roth.
Defendant Robert Tieger
says his mansion
was a safe place to live.
And Haleyrae, found
the dramatic events that
occurred exciting.
He’s countersuing for damages
to a rental property.
All rise, court is
in session. The honorable
Judge Faith
Jenkins presiding. Please be seated. Your Honor,
the litigates have
been sworn in, this is the case of
Kimmel v. Tieger.
Thank you, Juan. Haleyrae…
Cannell? Yes. You are suing
the defendant
Robert Tieger for $1,800 you say
he owes you
for your rent security deposit and
a background check fee. He charged you when
you moved into a home
that he was renting. That is correct. And you are
countersuing, sir for $600 for damages you say
she caused to the home
when she moved out. That’s correct. Okay. We’ll start with you
Ms. Cannell.
Tell me what’s going on. Okay. Well, originally
I hadn’t planned
on living in this house I had another property
I was moving to, but at the last
minute we found out
there were termites. So I had one night
to find a place. And I went to see the place, and… How’d you find it? On Craigslist.
Through a Craigslist ad. Okay. Um, so I went to see it, and that was the…
last day of February, and on March 1st,
I moved in the
very next day, to the only room in the house
that had its own bathroom. Okay, can you describe
the house for me, Sir? Is this a house
that you own? That’s correct. Okay where is it located? It’s in Mount Washington,
which is uh… east of Glendale? I didn’t need the exact
geography, I just want to
know the general area. Okay. That’s it. Okay and how many bedrooms? What’s the…
What’s the living situation? There’s 7 bedrooms,
5 baths, it’s 10,000 square feet. Okay, it’s huge. Huge. And how many?
Do you rent all the bedrooms
out to different people? Well, some of them
are empty, but yeah. But the goal is
you try to rent all
the bedrooms out. And you live in… Except for the one I live in. I don’t want anybody
in there, you know. Understandable. And so, um… Did the two of you
enter into a lease? It’s a month-to-month
Your Honor, not a lease, yeah. Okay but you are in agreement? Yes. So it is a lease. Okay. May I see it, please? Mmm-hmm. What was your understanding
about who would be living in the home before
you moved in? I was under an understanding
that there would be
six tenants in the home. And as soon as I moved in,
I realized very quickly there was actually a total
of 31 people that I counted, and 13 dogs and 4 cats. There were 31 people
living in the home? Yes. Is that true? No. How many people
were living there? I would say,
7 or 8. Okay, that’s a…
That’s a big difference. Some of them were couples. Some of the
rooms had
you know, couples. How many people
total were living
in the home, sir? Seven or eight. Seven or eight people total. Total. Okay. And you say there
were 31 people. Thirty-one. Mmm-hmm. Maybe there was a party going
on and people were visiting? For 22 days? So for 22 days, you saw
bunches of people
living in rooms? Yes, they were consistently
coming and going and most of these people
have drug addictions,
specifically to crystal meth, and so, it’s
kind of become
a flop house. And many of these
people don’t have rooms,
they just live on the couches or um
two people in particular
live in closets. And you saw this,
for yourself? Yes, I saw People sleeping
in the closets? With my own eyes, yes. Were you aware that
people were sleeping
in the closets? No. Okay. Did you express concerns
to him about the number
of people living there? I mean, yes, I did.
But I also was at the same time realizing
that I was only going to be
there for 22 days. I already had another
place that I was
planning to move into. And you told him in
advance you would only
be living there for a month? Yes, I did. Is that true, sir? It’s a lie. Did she tell you she
planned on moving out? Any time in the
near future? No. No. Okay. And so your lease
doesn’t state that you would be there
for only one month? Yes, it’s
a month-to-month lease. May I see…
Uh, you have the original
lease sir, don’t you? So the lease does
have a move in date
of March 1st 2016, it doesn’t say
a specific move-out date. And it doesn’t specifically
say that the lease would be
for only one month. That is correct, I did give
him verbal notice. But he let me know… But it needs to be
written in the lease. That I needed to give
written notice, so I did give
him written notice. Right, but if you plan on
staying just one month it needs to be
written in the lease. And I do realize
that is my mistake,
I realized when I was moving
out, I said so, “Should I have given
you that notice on the day
I was moving in?” And that was my mistake
I should’ve done that. Well, you live and learn. But what happened,
what happened with
the apartment? A bunch of different
events occurred while
I was there. Um, there is
ongoing illegal activity. People living there
with warrants out
for their arrest. Um, drug activity. Particularly what happened was on the…
I believe it was the 5th, my old roommate, and now
again, current roommate Molly came to view a room and
to meet Robert, but he was not there
for her to meet. So myself and another
tenant showed, tried to show her the room
but we could not get in the room,
the room was sealed. And so, she just
gave up and left. She had already decided before
she even walked in the house that she was not
going to live there. What do you mean
by “sealed”? We could not open the door,
it was… it was sealed
from the inside. So it was locked? Yes it was locked. What’s the problem with that? I couldn’t show
her the room. But he wasn’t there and he hadn’t given
you permission
to go inside of the rooms. So perhaps he keeps most
of the rooms locked, because no one’s supposed
to be in there. Well, what happened
later, um… later that night,
well actually into the
next early morning hours, the police showed up. And they were there in
search of a little boy. Who was missing,
for about a month
at that time. And they had reason
to believe that possibly
he was in that room. Or that there was
maybe the mother? Or someone who… How do you know this? ‘Cause the police told
me this, when they
came to visit. And so, me and someone else
who lived in the house
answered the door. Um, we weren’t able to wake up
Robert for a long time. So, we were attempting
to wake him up. And the police were
able to get the… They broke down
the door and went in,
there was two people. And you witnessed this? Yes. You witnessed the police
break down the door, Yes. go in the room… Yes. And two people were
inside the room. And who were they? They were just I guess
another two tenants. And the police had
been knocking and no
one answered the door? And no one
answered that door, they were just, I guess
maybe hiding out,
I’m not really sure… And did they say
why they weren’t why they didn’t
answer the door? I think they were scared. And were they arrested? No, so they spoke with them they were two people,
completely different people, they weren’t the people
they were looking for. Were you aware
of this situation that the police showed up
and broke down the door
to the room? Uh… The tenant that
I rented it to, told me that
the police came in looking for the former tenant who had left months ago. And did the police actually
break the door? What? I don’t think
they broke the door. So the door wasn’t broken? No, there was no
damage to the door. The door was… But uh, the new tenants they were shook up and I gave them their money back.
They moved out the next day. They moved out the next day? Yeah, they didn’t like that. Those two tenants,
I’m actually still
in contact with them and they never got
their money back. Oh! Any of their money back. They actually lived in their
car for about a week. Until they were able to
make some more money. Is that true, you never
gave them their money back? I did give them
their money back and if you
contact him
he’ll tell you that. Okay well, they’re not here.
So that’s hearsay. I can’t consider it
in this case. But what about
the missing child? So… They had the wrong room… (INDISTINCT) No he…
They did live there. And that child did live there. But they couldn’t find the child or the mother
or the mother’s boyfriend. While they were there,
viewing the house,
they looked around. And they found there’s
another younger boy, who was living on
the floor below. And they said it wasn’t
a safe place for him to live.
It was dangerous. And so the next day
Child Services came and
took that child away. ANNOUNCER:Coming up…Just when you thought
life in the mansion
couldn’t get anymore bizarre.She put on a ski mask,
she fired off the gun 3 times
and shot him with a Taser gun. This is not shocking
and disturbing to you? That’s not my fault
it happened.Plaintiff Haleyrae Cannell,
says she felt unsafe
living in the mansion.
And that’s why she moved out.She’s suing for paid rent,
security deposit and a
background check fee.
Defendant Robert Tieger
says, he owes nothing.
Because Haleyrae told
him life at the mansion
was exciting.
He’s countersuing for damages
to a rental property. Were you aware that
Child Services came in,
took a child out of the house? In the month of March
while she was living there. I was aware. I came home one day and there was the child
service in my… Living room. And so do you know
if the child was removed
from the home? I don’t know what happened
and uh… What else did you
say happened? You said that someone… Sorry, so then after that
chain of events, that little boy was
taken away, that mother
was very upset. And what date is
it at this point? Um, so he was taken
away on the 7th. So they first came to look for
the missing boy on the 6th. So in the 1st week
that she’s there, the police
broke down the door, to one room,
looking for people. They didn’t break it down. Otherwise there
would be damage. Well the police are there. In the middle of
the night, right? They can’t wake you up,
you’re sleeping. Well, wait a minute
Your Honor.
I wasn’t even there! And child services have
come to the house. So what’s the 3rd incident you want to tell me about? The 3rd incidence is that mother was very upset,
her son had been taken away, she is an addict
of crystal meth. And someone else, another
tenant was then rented out
the room that was her son’s “room.” And she was very upset and they got in an argument
she put on a ski mask, and knocked on the door
and opened the door and she had with her a gun
and she fired off the gun
three times and shot him with
a taser gun while I was in the home, and I had to hide
in my closet. Behind all of my dresses. Did you know this happened? I know it happened,
not the way she told it. Do you have a police report
for any of these? Yes I do. May I see it, please? I have many police reports but
this is that specific incident
that I’m speaking of. What’s your version of the
incident with the ski mask,
the gun and the taser? It happened but
it wasn’t the tenant,
it was a guy with a ski mask,
we don’t know who it was. The police are
investigating it,
they… So isn’t that even worse? Some guy can show up
and get in the house and you don’t even
know who he is with
a ski mask? Because here’s what
the police report says, so it’s not even a tenant?
Not someone who lives there. But on March 8th… Well, wait a minute,
the victim was a tenant. But sir, this is
what I’m saying, the perpetrator was not. So someone, who… You don’t know who
this person is, and have a police report
from March 8th, 8 days after she’s moved in, the victim, in the case
who you’re talking about, was awakened in the room,
by multiple knocks
on the door. The victim opened the door and was met by a suspect
with a ski mask. This is not the door
to the house, this is the
door to their room. That’s true. This person is already in the house. Right. This is not shocking
and disturbing to you? Very shocking, I’ve been there
16 years I’ve never seen
anything like that. Well, she’s been there a week. (STAMMERING)
And she’s… By your own admission,
seen the police there now
twice and Child Services. I’m just gonna finish with
this police report. “Multiple knocks on
the victim’s door, “victim opens the door “and was met by
a suspect in a ski mask “holding a Taser and a gun. “Suspect was struck
multiple times with the
butt-end of the gun.” I’m sorry and you don’t want
to give her her money back when she wants to move
out of this house? Yes. ANNOUNCER:
Coming up on Judge Faith,
damages to the mansion
rental are disputed.
She did a little artwork
on the walls.
Where is the mural
on the wall? You said there was
a painting on the wall
where is it? I don’t think you have
the right room.Plaintiff Haleyrae Cannell,
says at times,
she hid in her closet
because the mansion was
a dangerous place to live.
She’s suing for paid rent,
a security deposit,
and a background check fee.
Defendant Robert Tieger,says he owes nothing
because Haleyrae liked
living in his mansion.
He’s counter suing for damages
to a rental property.
You just told me someone
came into the house and pistol-whipped
one of your tenants. On a different floor. Why would someone want
to live in this house? Who wants to live
in this house? Especially
a young, single woman. Why would she want to live
in this house? She lives on
a different floor.
And we had a conversation. It’s not a safe place.
It’s not safe! Well then she should… I don’t even wanna go
to the rest of the month. Because the first week
that she’s lived there, she
shouldn’t live in the house. Why haven’t you given her
back her money? She didn’t ask for her money
back Your Honor. Why do you think we’re here? Huh? Why do you think we’re here? Because she’s suing to get
her security deposit back. Why are you keeping
her security deposit? Because she didn’t give
30 days’ notice. So you want her to stay
the full month. Although, someone has
broken into the home, and pistol-whipped one
of your tenants shot a Taser at them, Child Services has been there. She’s witnessed the police
there at least twice. And your defense to that is, “It was on
a completely different floor,
so she’s good.” It’s more than that. I talked to her about it,
I asked her if she wanted
her money back. She said, “It’s fine.
It was fun.” And it was exciting. And she was laughing. What does your witness
have to say? We’re gonna wrap
up this case. What does your witness
have to say? Basically I can attest
to the situation
of the house it was like a hoarder’s house,
there was animal feces in the corner, there was people walking
around, I didn’t know,
that looked, possibly high. And it seemed
dangerous to me. Where’s the police report
from March 10th? There’s another police
report from March 10th? Mmm-hmm. Police come there on
a regular basis, huh? You probably know them. The police officers. I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you. The police come on a regular
basis apparently? In the first 10 days that
she’s been in the house, it’s three different times,
documented, that
the police are there. Ten days? On March 10th, yes, yes. We’ve gone through…
This is my
third police incident. Putting aside child services, I have a police report
from March 10th, “Someone in the home called
the police because they left
their property “in their designated
sleeping area “and when they returned,
the property was gone,
it was stolen.” So they called the police
and they reported their
property stolen from the home. So that’s 3 police reports
in 10 days. And she wants to move out.
I don’t think that’s
an unreasonable request. I think you’re forgetting
that I told her that she could get her
money back at the time
and she didn’t want it. Is that true? No, Your Honor,
that’s not true. When someone moves into,
and you’re a landlord, and someone moves into
your property, you have a duty to provide
them with a safe area to live. And you’re not doing that. I disagree. Because these… These are very
serious allegations, but the one that disturbs me
the most is that someone was able to break
into your home
wearing a ski mask and assault another tenant. And personally, I would’ve
been out of there
the next day. And she could’ve if she… What’s your
counterclaim about? You’re countersuing her
for $600 sir. What’s your
counterclaim about? It’s about having
to paint the room, because she did a little
artwork on the walls. Did you paint on the walls? No, I haven’t painted
since the 4th grade. And I have photos to prove this is my room
during the time. As well as when I moved out, before my time in the
room was actually over, he’d already moved
someone else in.
These are date-stamped photos. May I see the date
stamped photos? Sure. That’s my room,
that’s after. That’s my room
when I was there. JUDGE FAITH: Where is
the mural on the wall? The photos are
date stamped March 31st. Sir, I don’t think you have
the right room. (STAMMERS)
I don’t think you know
about a lot of things going on in this house. That’s my impression. I just don’t think you’re
aware of a lot that’s
going on in this house. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) ANNOUNCER:Coming up,
Judge Faith rules.
And now, Judge Faith, rules.
Here’s what I’m going to do,
when did you move out
of the home? The 22nd but during that time most
nights I stayed with Molly at her uncle’s house
because I felt unsafe and my parents did not
feel it was a safe place
for me to live. Even though I’m a grown adult. It wasn’t a safe place
for you to be. It’s not about how they felt,
it just wasn’t safe. Mmm-hmm. Period. You can’t live in a home where
you’re so afraid, you have to be
in your own room. You can’t be able
to walk freely because clearly
there’s a security issue if somebody’s able to break in
wearing a ski mask with a gun. (APPLAUSE) And you’re saying
it’s on another floor, but you shouldn’t expect your
tenants to have to lock
themselves in their rooms in order to feel safe. I don’t think what she’s
asking you in unreasonable. And I don’t know why
you wouldn’t give her
her money back. I think I told you why. Well your reason
is ridiculous and you’re ridiculous,
how’s that? (APPLAUSE) (WHOOPS) $1,750 dollars. Judgment
for the plaintiff, your
counterclaim is dismissed. (BANGS GAVEL) (LAUGHING) It’s over. Yay! I just hope that the
issues with the house stop with me and
that this cycle stops. Um…he stops renting
to people he can take
advantage of. I think the judge’s
ruling was ridiculous. Offered the money
back at that time. She said,
“No, its fine I’m happy.
It was exciting. No problem.” ANNOUNCER:If you or someon
you know has a dispute,
don’t take the law
into your own hands.
Let Judge Faith
rule on it for you.
To submit your case
go to JudgeFaith.com
and tell us your story.See you in court.

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  • Colleen Catlady Hardesty Post author

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