Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone’s Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone’s Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone’s Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

  • Pamela Cassise Post author

    If Stone does no time it is complete destruction of our judicial system. He witnesses tampered! That is a serious time.

  • Dorothy Gordon Post author

    R k.s

  • james Givens Post author

    Roger shouldn't be jailed. Minor crime.

  • 1objection Post author

    If Republicans didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any at all.

  • Jose Gomez Post author

    After reading all your stupid liberal bias comments. I come to a conclusion that TDS is a worsening threat than Coronavirus is, as a plague that's affecting our country.

  • Jack Givens Post author

    And the rest of us americans would do the ten to fifteen.. money rules if you're friends with the Whitehouse ratfink…

  • Ken Bugbee Post author

    Now that they found out the jury Forman was a Democrat lawyer it's going to be a miss trial.

  • Ralph Harding Post author

    Lock him up. Lose the key.

  • Eva Daly Post author

    Now America will see if the Judge will follow Trump's tweet as he said stone did nothing wrong and Pat his hand and receive a nice tweet from trump as his vindicates himself on Stones case.

  • Carlos Perez Post author

    I would be happy with probation, two years of community service and three years hanging over his head, I like to see him with a mop and a broom, humiliation and humility. Did teach him not to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.

  • Kevin McClain Sr. Post author

    Yea the sooner he goes to jail, the sooner he can be pardoned…

  • Lisa Barrett-Smith Post author

    I bet, whatever sentence he gets, Drump will waltz straight in and pardon him.

  • kala Mani Post author

    The judge can give the verdict and then pardoned

  • NewtonDynamics Post author

    1000 years in a maximum security prison, is probably too lenient for this criminal.

  • william maurer Post author

    Stone is a POS, essentially he's a traitor. We're in a constant cyber war these days. In that light Stone betrayed America by working with Wikileaks to coordinate 'information dumps' to screw up the 2016 election. If he had Washington instead of Nixon tattooed on his back I might cut him some slack.

  • Daekj32 Post author

    President Trump, your President, will pardon Roger Stone. And rightly so.

  • Dan Chavez Post author

    Wow a judge allowing a delay on execution…thats fair…unlike state judges and certain district/circuit federal court judges whose black robes are really their wedding dresses to satan…

  • Blondine Anthony Post author

    How do you sentence someone yet hold date until she rule on something else. It's nice to be white and rich.

  • Fred Born Post author

    If Stone gets a new trial, then the Senate must retry Trump's Impeachment and have witnesses and new documents this time.

  • Kenney Cooper Post author

    Quite honestly if this would have been a black person he'd been in prison and all of this fiasco would have never taken place. Not playing the "race card" either as some may say, just speaking the truth. But don't worry y'all, there's an infallible judge coming soon.

  • frankie schroeder Post author

    This is cool. Thanks for bringing the Wikkileaks story back in FULL STEAM. Seth Rich is the Nations Greatest Hero EVER. Wikkileaks published his thumb drive from the DNC. These Quacks Red Herring Russia. We will Not Delay Seth and Julian JUSTICE from Hillary, Obama, MSNBC, or any other anti American swamp rats.

  • Gerald Stephens Post author

    He should not expect a pardon.

  • Stephen Crabb Post author

    Free Roger

  • LAOMUSIC ARTS Post author

    Banana Republic USA!

  • Pancho Villa Post author

    The President has the power to grant leniency…  and he should!   There is an entire section within the DOJ dedicated to reviewing cases where there might have been judicial over reach.  Those are the cases the president should be looking at….  Trump doesn't do anything for free.. There is always a quid pro quo… I sense large campaign donations coming.

  • Soon Ex Republican Post author

    Death to trump and his minions
    Traitor and Thief deserves firing squad

  • Martin Ancira Post author

    Our judicial system has failed us all!what a joke.get caught with some bud and they want to throw the key away sad day for america!

  • Duane Lumpkin Post author

    This is the next major controversy during Don the Con's Administration!  Watch!  The Con will pardon Roger Stone as soon as the Judge announces her decision.  What a surprise, huh?

  • Misty Nights Post author

    I wonder if I accidentally commit a crime in the future but mention it on air now can I get a pre pardon from Trump, lol

  • Ian Harvey Post author

    I hope this judge does her job and locks this crook up!

  • Pgs Gonzalez Post author

    YOU Go JUDGE " DON'T LET trump BULLY YOU ! GIVE him the MAX

  • Marvin Guigar Post author

    I don't get it. Anthony Weiner sending nude pics two minors He only gets 21 months. And they consider him a pedophile. But Rogers Stone might get 9 years in prison?

  • Ellen Pearl Jackson Post author

    I was glad to hear that the judge isn't going to delay the sentence of stone who is a bona fide criminal and I thought about Janet dubois from Good times and I was happy and I thought about good times and I remember in this country we used to have good timesrest in peace Jenna du Bois God bless you

  • Roxie Tanner Post author

    You need 20 years and no better than nobody else you did the crime so serve the time

  • theresa Montoya Post author

    Watch trump try to pardon stone. He looks like the witch. On wizard of oz.. I hope she is truthful. I hope trump didnt get her. Please judge. Do something. Please. Dont let trump win. Not at all.

  • Roy Gonzalez Post author

    I thought Treason was 20 years . . . . Banishment from our Lands . . . . to the Gulag . . . .

  • James Smith Post author

    People please go vote!

  • Idylchatter Post author

    Welcome to your new and improved banana republic.

  • Good Palmer Post author

    1,2,3, PARDON ME. The gang is all here; The crooks are in the White House. They are worst than the Bloods and the Crips ghetto gangs… Those guys don't have Pardon Power to get their cronies out of JAIL. 1,2,3, PLEASE PARDON ME.

  • Billkwando Post author

    Meanwhile, Trump's thinking, "I could really get into some juror taint right now…"

  • Roy Gonzalez Post author

    Trump won't Grant Pardons if it Cost Him Votes , He'll Wait Until After the Elections to Grant Pardons , bc Then it Won't Matter , if relected , he can Grant the Pardons , and he Won't Need the Votes , if Not Relected , he Has 3 Months Before he Leaves Office to Grant Any Pardons , so Manafort and Stone Will Stay Put , Behind Bars , Until After November . . . . .

  • MT Post author

    He looks scared like the little man that he is.

  • Barbara Collier Post author

    Come on people we live in Trump world now he's not going to let his good friend go to jail

  • pasha c Post author


  • frank hernandez Post author

    Bernie 2020!!!!!

  • Super Tramp Post author

    7 years + 30days for every Trump tweet crying about it.

  • Mimi Ebisuya Post author

    Disgusting President! :(( Very corrupt and evil man. He uses the system against itself to profit himself. Blood money for sure from Putin and Middle Eastern Country. This is how this so call "person" lives his life! Evil evil money blood sucking man! :((((

  • Slappypap? Post author

    He should get a year alone just for the shape of his head.

  • ehckx fyeve Post author

    What does a jurors taint have anything to do with it

  • TOMMYTUNES Post author

    stone is scum…there was no underlying crime only a process crime. sentence should be weak

  • Dadson worldwide Post author

    They all have a points system to guide them on sentence suggestions and it does point to max 3 years.
    So the prosecutor reported to barr that he would request as such 3max then went rogue the next morning in court and suggested 9 years. lol
    I wonder if it will end up helping stone to show prosecutions political bias,?
    Time will tell.

  • Trevor McKenna-Williams Post author

    Trump may have inadvertently ensured that Stone gets a longer sentence than he might have got because the Judge will not want it look as though they have have been pressured into a light sentence by Trump so my guess would be they will opt for a sentence between the two recommendations possibly 5 or 6 years.

  • MarcasswellbMD Post author

    He will get a 3 year suspended sentence!! He won't do any time!! Trump and has been paying New York Judges off since he was 30 years Old.. For smart People you are all Dum, Because NONE OF U SAW THIS DUMMY COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACK IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alta Montgomery Post author

    If Rodger stone is going to be convicted on Thursday and not do no time he needs to be on a monitor or some sort until he can do his jail time

  • Patricia Ray Post author

    Rogers will get pardoned by Trump. So what's up purpose of all this money being spent on the district attorneys to prosecute if they just going to turn around and let a piece of s*** back out.

  • beginnerkeys Post author


  • Patricia Ray Post author

    The rich should not be treated any different than the poor. Just because they got money, it shouldn't decide their faith when they commit a crime. And they also should have served prison in the same prisons that everyone else has to serve in, the way it is they'll never learn their lesson. They'll just get out and start all over with their corruption.

  • Will Cochran Post author

    From what I'm hearing Donald Trump just bought the judge this guy gets sentenced for the crimes that he committed they're playing ping pong on what a bunch of BS

  • Michael Sisson II Post author

    Don't say he's live in front of a building when he's clearly in front of a green screen, just saying

  • Yvonne Wright Post author

    This judge should run over Barr and Trump. Maximum sentence I say. No one is above the law.

  • Jb101 Jb Post author

    That cop got shot on Christmas and all I could think that is just a shame they didn't get more.

  • Mario Da Cunt Post author

    Stone won't do serious time, he'll be pardoned by Trump eventually.

  • jerry stubbs Post author

    if he was a poor homeless person living under a bridge or on the streets, would he have to serve a prison sentence

  • Mark Everhart Post author

    LOCK HIM UP !!

  • Alta Montgomery Post author

    Now this just know her job and she knows they should not be interfering in their cases to set free all of Donald Trump's friends that are convicted by a jury run this Town needs to do the 7 to 9years I guess Donald Trump thinks because the Republicans and he got away with his criminal activity in the rig article of impeachment trial now he's trying to run the judges and everything that's not his job or barr job we can't keep letting all these criminalsbattle Donald Trump's friends get off free if they were regular citizens they will be locked upand if they committed the same crime as Rodger Stone they would have gotten more time than 7 to 9 yearsthe American people is time for us to stand up for our judges and I judicial system against this corrupt administration ran out of the White House and Senate

  • Lekestue Post author

    Rodger Stone is inoccent zero years but he will be pardon by Trump because he is not guilty.

  • Jeremy Jones Post author

    Yes, delay it until 1/21/2021 after the election so he can't get pardoned.

  • Jessie Diane Ryan Post author

    Maybe judge knows DT will pardon him.

  • Wayne Brown Post author

    So if it comes to fact in the near future. Anyone who threatens a witness or lie to congress and or avoid paying taxes can claim tRump has set presidence so you can do all these things and not serve any prison time. What a sham…

  • Tom White Post author

    I hope stone gets f**ked every night in prison. If he even goes to a real prison like everybody else has to.

  • Graeme SYDNEY Post author

    Truth, justice and the American way – sad.

  • Vince Post author

    Why the us law only punished the poors and minorities.

  • joseph renn Post author

    up next after Roger gets a normal sentence: Trump pardon, with a slice of "the courts were partisan" line by all republicans

  • TheSeans2009 Post author

    They seem to always find GOD when they are in trouble 😀😀

  • Farmer Bob Post author

    😡This GOP ARE the Corrupt ‘Deep State’ they keep Projecting about! #ComplicitGOP We are watching in real time as this GOP are ALL IN, actively taking part & encouraging the “Normalisation” of Criminal Activity!
    Vote Real & Honest change #FarmersForBernie2020 join me! 🥳🇺🇸

  • Betty Woods Post author

    Don't delay stone send him to prison he no better than the rest oh the crooks already in prison it not fair judge stand your ground send stone to prison to.

  • Mary Mary Post author

    Mr. President Donald J. Trump! With Due Respect Sir! People All Over The United States Of America Is Affected By Snow Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes! They’re At State Of Emergency! NOT THE WALL! PLEASE HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Thats How You Will Make America Great! God Bless America!

  • Betty Woods Post author

    It is time the wealthy man pay for theirs crime like the poor man's.

  • Daniel Clark Post author

    Betcha he gets a pardon! Trump… best prez ever!

  • Lea Kennedy Post author

    Need to get them all out of the Whitehouse. Trump keeps whining that " no other president should have to go through this " when he's just trying to appeal to others as stupid as he is. The fact is that there's never going to be anyone this corrupt and he knows it. We'll probably have to sand blast the jerk outta there cuz he's definitely not gonna last long outside the Whitehouse. I want every last one of them out !

  • alotto cash Post author

    “America if you’re listening”, LOCK them up!!! LOCK them all up. LOCK up Rudy Giulian, trump and A.G.BARR, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Mulvany and Steve Munchin up NOW!!… also, All of his children especially. WE feel that they are all invoked with Russian Mafia, Trump you're FIRED!!! All of you are fired. Can we say FBI?

  • David Gatto Post author

    I hope this man gets some "street justice" You have my bessing📿

  • Nevuah Gallery Post author

    TOTAL LAWLESSNESS: The average citizen would find themselves in federal prison for 15 to 20 years for the crimes Roger Stone committed!

  • Craig Osborn Post author

    He DONE NOTHING AND it's lying???, 😣😣😣 TO LYERS 😂😂😂

  • John MacDonald Post author

    The Dictator Trump will have Stone out the next morning, the American way of life is being destroyed by this modern day Nazi

  • Jim Brown Post author

    lock him up

  • Jay Britt Post author


  • the last wild one Post author


  • Carlos Chevez Post author

    Sounds like he is walking…. Staying at home.

  • george smit Post author

    all this liberal demon scum commenting on roger stone would happily see murderers rapists common thugs given puny sentences but if he is a trump supporter let hi rot in prison

  • LadyJAtheist Post author

    trump is taint, stone is taint and they're both just smothered in smegma.

  • Remimi2017 della Torre-Torriani Post author

    We dont feel this criminal is not a criminal with his fancy mafia suits? He is a con in the same statue as the Cohn

  • Datriax Sondor Post author

    Ah, yes. "Justice" in the USA. LOL

  • OwlNation Legal Post author

    When Dems throw Bernie under the bus and Trump wins the flood of tears will dwarf Hurricane Harvey. But bonus points kids; Prozac and Oxy sales will break records. Buy stock now. Oh, also body bags are expected to have a longterm exponential rise, especially child sizes.

  • Theodore Papadakis Post author

    The poor will do twenty years in a federal prison!!!! the rich will do maybe four years in sort of or kind of a prison!!!!But wait a minute there's more they get pardoned after all!!!!!

  • Emily Merz Post author

    #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #SmellsLikeBS #GreatAwakening #MockingBirdMedia #ProjectMockingBird #FreeThinker #FakeNews #DrainTheSwamp

  • bubba luv Post author

    he is corrupt his friends are corrupt his family is corrupt he has no dog but im sure it would be corrupt too

  • bubba luv Post author

    did you know roger and wife are swingers can you imagine how freaking gross

  • Sabine Katsavrias Post author

    give him twelve.

  • booyaa kashaa Post author


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