Judge Bao assassinated by Japanese princess

Judge Bao assassinated by Japanese princess

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Your Highness, you summoned me here because of an important matter concerning the case? A moment please, Lord Bao. Butler Ding! Your servant is here! You all shall leave my mansion at once. Without my permission, no one shall enter. Sir! Why doesn’t Guard Zhan accompany you here, Lord Bao? Royal Guard Zhan is away to collect evidence concerning the case. Here is a female official from Zhusheng Mansion. Now, Your Highness, can you tell me the real reason for calling me here? This is Zhou Yan’s confession, in which he disclosed every detail of the Japanese Consort’s plot to frame Consort Pang. The evidence is the Japanese gold he took as bribe. Majesty, I have solved the mystery. Please now give a decision. She… The Japanese Consort has confessed? Majesty, now that we’ve got firm evidence, whether or not she has confessed is no longer important. You once told me that I will one day have to confront either of them. Now comes the time of confrontation. Yōko dug an underground path through this well, which allowed her to go out of this Da He Mansion without being seen. Big Bro Zhan, was everything part of Lord Bao’s plan? I think it’s so critical! What if you couldn’t arrive in time? I believe you alone are able to protect Lord Bao. I believe the same. But it’s hard to tell if I’d be able to arrest Yōko. Nonetheless, Lord Bao has solved the case. Now, it depends on His Majesty how that lady will be punished. Who would imagine that nothing could escape Lord Bao’s expectation?! Yōko thus died in vain! One wrong move, and we lost the whole game. Onitsuka, blame no one but yourself. No, we still have the last chance! We’ve come to this point. What can we do further? They told you to wait for His Majesty’s decision, right? I believe His Majesty will come to see you at this Da He Mansion. Once he arrives, you must use the soul-sucking skill to control him right away. That’s the only chance of ours! What’s next? We’re in the imperial palace. We’ve no martial skill. How could we escape? Moreover, that evil skill can’t be used to control the emperor forever. Even we’re able to control him, what are we going to do after that? Just kill him! Kill the emperor? For what reason? Now that the plan of our master has come to naught, we should kill the emperor of Great Song to throw his empire into chaos. If that does happen, it’d be the best opportunity for our master to invade! No, the mission given to me does not include regicide! You’ve fallen in love with him? When you received the training, weren’t you taught to avoid the feeling of love the most? You refused to use the soul-sucking skill on His Majesty. You refused to let Yōko kill Zhou Yan from the outset. You even spared Consort Pang, allowing Lord Bao to enter the palace for investigation. All this happened because of your weak mind! I’m a human, not a timber. I do have heart! Being capable of love means I’m still a human being, not just… a political tool used by anyone. Who cares about that? You think you will become the love of his life, giving him a baby, living happily with him ever after? No. That’s too much for me. I just want to be with him in his memory. There’s no way I’ll hurt him. I won’t kill him! Then wait for your death here! He’s the emperor of Great Song. He’ll do what an emperor must do. Sentencing me to death is his only choice. To be given death by him… I am happy. You’ve betrayed the Fujiwara clan of our master! I won’t let your wish come true! Sooner or later, we all will end up with death. So, why make haste? I’ll punish you on behalf of my master! Why did you do something like that? In time like this, Your Majesty doesn’t have to examine me anymore. No! Consort Pang has been so kind to you. I myself have given all my love to you. You had no reason to do those things. Why don’t you let me know your reason? You really want to know it? Sure! A beloved woman of mine doing those wicked things – – if I don’t know the reason, I’d be in pain forever. Shizuka… Don’t let me live in doubt. Don’t let the doubt remain with me until my last days, I beg you! Well. I’m telling you. The emperor of Japan is just a puppet. The true holder of power is the Fujiwara clan. For over the past century, the head of Fujiwara has been the actual ruler of the nation. Though I’m the elder sister of the emperor, I’m merely a political tool in their eyes. So, they sent you to Great Song to become my bride? Yes. The target of the marriage is to gain your love and give you a son who would succeed you to the throne of Great Song. Then there will be more and more marriages until all the descendants of the Zhao clan are Japanese, so that… – your empire would eventually become a Japanese vassal state.
– That cannot be! Why were you so sure that you’d be loved by me and other concubines of mine wouldn’t give me sons? For that purpose… Onitsuka sent Yōko to destroy your son in Consort Pang’s womb. And to make you fall in love with me from the beginning, I used an evil skill to control your mind. You’ve been using an evil skill on me all the time? No! Just at our first meeting. After that, what I used with you was my sincerity solely. But I’ve never thought that… Consort Pang would be so kind to me… Even never thought that… after having spent my time with you, I would… I would love you for real. But it’s too late now. I’ve slipped into crimes… one after another. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Maybe… No! As great crimes have already been done,
feeling regret afterwards is useless. At first, you found it painful to punish Consort Pang. Now, you may also feel painful in punishing me. But you need to do it. You are the ruler of Great Song. It’s a duty you can’t turn away from. But let me tell you that the love I’ve received from you is much more than anything else, though it’s been just a couple of months. I daren’t ask for anything much. Just have me in your mind. Please remember me for my pure and innocent side, not as someone who betrayed you and Consort Pang. Just this and I can rest in peace. – Shizuka!
– Your Majesty! This is your only choice. Your Majesty must condemn me to death. But I just want you to… just want you to… let me die by means of seppuku. ♫ Stop sowing those seeds ♫ ♫ unless you know how to make them grow up bravely and strongly. ♫ ♫ She is a Pisces girl. ♫ ♫ Love is all that matters throughout her life. ♫ ♫ Though having been lied to for one, two, or three times, ♫ ♫ she just can’t stop thinking about love. ♫ ♫ Love is not to be classified by deepness or shallowness, but by sincerity and devotion. ♫ ♫ Though having met sorrow for one, two, or three times, ♫
– Shizuka… ♫ she will finally be able to capture the Pisces again. ♫
– rest in peace. ♫ When encountering a constantly changing romance, the Pisces girl will just not mind. ♫

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