Judge Banned for Posting MAGA Message with Noose Pic

Judge Banned for Posting MAGA Message with Noose Pic

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I have a story for you today from Altona New
York where the town court justice named Kyle canning has been permanently barred from the
bench because he posted a pro Trump Manga Facebook post with a new sonnet. Pretty Nice stuff, right? I mean, not hugely surprising, but uh, at
least there are some consequences here. So this guy posted a picture of a noose with
the text that red, if we want to make America great again, we will have to make evil people
fear punishment against again. Um, this is a judge who’s posting this to
social media and canning had already resigned back in June when this first went public and
then now he’s been permanently banned and has to agree never to seek or accept judicial
office at any time in the future. Now, why am I bringing this particular story
up? It has nothing to do with this judge individually. It’s great that this guy was caught, a complaint
was filed, he’s been barred from the bench and he personally won’t be making judicial
decisions in the future and that’s a good thing. But there’s a much bigger issue here and it’s
an issue I’ve been talking more and more about over the last three to six months, which is
that in general, the number of judges that Donald Trump has appointed who now are serving
at different levels of courts. This particular one is not a Trump appointed
judge. To be clear, the real issue is that increasingly
thanks to Donald Trump, the courts are filled with people like this guy. Most of them have the wherewithal and common
sense not to post this stuff to Facebook, but they’re thinking the same things. They’re making judicial decisions on the basis
of these beliefs that they hold. And by the way, they’re more and more under
the radar, uh, um, and they are destroying the fabric of the American judiciary as we
know it. So there, there are actually really serious
problems in general with right-wing judges. Remember that we know right-wing brains and
left wing brains are different. There. There are neurological differences, brain
differences between left wingers and right-wingers. We’ve talked about the really good studies
into how the fear centers of brains are way bigger. If you are, if you have two judges, one who
is much more afraid because of what their brain makeup is, you are going to see drastically
different or at least different. We would presume decisions made about punishments
and other legal decisions, judicial decisions that they make, right wingers are more likely
to see others as inherently bad or as inherently sinners. It, depending on their religious persuasion. That is definitely going to make you, if you
are a judge, choose very different punishments, have a very different outlook about what it
is that should be done with the people that are convicted. For example, in the court that you preside
over and there’s lots of really good research about this stuff. So what we have to understand is when we talk
about Trump destroying alliances, when we talk about Trump tweeting that now the military
is going to kick out trans people or whatever the case may be, we follow those stories. We pay attention to them. When Trump leaves, a lot of that stuff can
be reversed. The next president, hopefully if it’s the
right person, we’ll be able to rebuild these ruined alliances with other countries. The next president will be able to, by executive
order, have reversed a lot of the things that Donald Trump did by executive order. Great. The bigger issue is that Supreme Court justices
and other judges, a lot of these are lifetime appointments and these are people who even
after Donald Trump is long gone from the White House, are going to continue making an impact
on the fabric of the country on one of the most important institutions that determines
that puts into effect one of the primary philosophical things that distinguishes one country from
another, which is the sort of attitude and philosophy of the Jewish judiciary and how
we punish people, rehabilitation versus punny, all of this stuff. This is an effect that Donald Trump is going
to have for a very long time, and so what I go back to is the frustration and I have
no misconception. It’s mostly right-wingers responsible for
Donald Trump being president. They’re the ones that voted for him, but those
leftists, because I’m on the left, I want to make sure that I’m cleaning up my house
as well. The leftist who insisted Trump Hillary, they’re
basically both establishment shills. They’re both just rich people. It doesn’t really matter which one becomes
president. Obviously that didn’t make sense from day
one, but one of the most acute and prevalent areas where it makes such a difference is
when it comes to the judiciary and the judges that are president and gets to select Donald
Trump by one measure now has a selected about a quarter of the judges at a couple of different
levels. Federal, I don’t remember if it’s federal
and appeals, federal and superior or whatever the case may be. So we’ve got the research. These right wing judges are uh, biologically
different. Their brains are different, their fear centers
are enlarged. Uh, and then you’ve got a lot of them that
are thinking the same things. Is this Kyle Canon guy who would love to or
at least agree with news pictures talking about Magda? They’re not posting it. This is one guy that we got out. That’s good news. But the problem is really, really big. And, and truly this is a bigger problem than
Trump. Uh, in the short term, the best thing we can
do is get Trump out so that he stops being able to appoint any judges whatsoever. A reminder that the Kyle canning was not appointed
by Trump. I understand that. Uh, but bigger picture, we really have to
be thinking about the problems inherent with the judiciary system that we have.

100 thoughts on “Judge Banned for Posting MAGA Message with Noose Pic

  • The Terrible Children Post author

    Thanks for telling us about how right-wing people have enhanced fear, neurologically speaking. I have said that right-wing people are more afraid and America is generally the most frightened people on earth and therefore extremely dangerous.
    I didn't realize there was scientific data to back this.

  • Rob Appleby Post author

    "Hillary, basically an establishment shill." It really is sad that you and so many other "progressives" fail to recognise that Hillary Clinton was the progressive's progressive in the Eighties, and give her credit for her many achievements in women's and family rights as an activist lawyer in her early career, and her attempt to get the first universal health care legislation passed in the early Nineties. Whatever mistakes she may have made later on, however she may have disappointed you in your search for the perfect solution to all problems at a single stroke, she was cutting edge back in the day, and it is your current attitude that got Trump elected in 2016 – and will probably get him re-elected in 2020. You have no sense of history or of the consequences of your adolescent urge to throw the table over if you can't get your favourite flavour of ice cream.

    This is the simple fact: the left elected Trump in 2016, and will re-elect him in 2020. I despair.

  • Mike Post author

    What are u talking about being on the left or right have different brain chemistry? Genetics and fetal development have nothing do do with a person's political ideology. That's like saying people who wear bowties over regular ties are really short, it's nosnescial.

  • indigosigh Post author

    I am totally liberal and am scared shitless of these Trump sycophants, liars and self-serving douches and the fact that Trump is loading the courts and legislations to further benefit himself and scumbags over the long term, rolling back anything to protect the environment and helping his fascist world-leader murdering buddies and rapist corporations…..with NOTHING being done about it. Also to the fact that they go out and actually want to kill people who don't agree with them. What's not to be scared of!?! Although someone quoted the 23rd Psalm at me, which I don't know whether it makes me feel better, as I am not religious…but, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me." it sorta makes me feel stronger….at least there's a rod and staff to knock the buggers around with.

  • Darlene McHugh Post author

    That’s why it’s important to get him out of office now !!! so he can’t keep placing these corrupt judges Bernie Sanders 2020

  • Susan Diane Howell Post author

    NY judge – a registered Democrat – forced from bench after posting MAGA message with noose photo on Facebook. (The Blaze, 9/18/2019)

    “Canning told the New York Times that his post wasn't racist, and that he believed the post to be a political statement on the death penalty. He also pointed out that he is a registered Democratic voter, and that he does not support President Donald Trump.”

  • Stacey Solano Post author

    Keep drilling this into their heads David. Too many people didn't think about having the courts filled with far right judges for life throughout the country.

  • CRYPTO-RADIO Post author

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  • Zachary Allen Post author

    Part of me thought (or maybe wished) that you were going to say that the real problem is that trumpists exist

  • Dharma Post author

    What if one of those judges (or all of them) is/are convicted for some crime/s? Can they then still keep their job?

  • B White Post author

    Not shocking….

  • GiacomodellaSvezia Post author

    The infection of the justice system with often incompetent and very partial judges is a problem of which the consequences are underestimated: The separation of powers is slowly being abolished, which will be the end of a normally functioning democracy, and it's not the only threat: what Moscow Mitch has been doing in the Senate is pernicious as well: he's blocking legislation and protecting a corrupt president. As a result, the Senate isn't functioning as it ought to.

  • Poemi10304 Post author

    Never heard of this town. Apparently it’s some random place near the Canadian border. Probably one of those very small and homogeneous areas. Sometimes it’s scary to remember that NY isn’t just Manhattan.

  • Echo-Pix Post author

    Judge: …if we want maga we will have to make evil people fear punishment…
    Pakman: … there are actually really serious problems in general with right-wing judges, we know that right-wing brains and left wing-brains are different…

    Are you serious? What kind of logic is this? It's just sick, considering you're making a point, that all right-wingers = bad peaple, cuz their brains. So what's next? There shouldn't be right-wing judges, right-wing-police, right-wing people? You clearly can't fix their brains, so what will you do, maybe terminate them? The amount of hypocrisy in this statement is just mindblowing.

  • Ou8y2k2 Post author

    "Judicial office". He can still be a pol like Steve King or Louie Gohmert.

  • Marky E Post author

    If only it was as easy to remove the rest of the Trumpsky/McConnell rot from the Legal system.

  • Menachem Sachem Robotscowitz Post author

    Of course, by "evil" we mean…..

  • Kubla Khan Post author

    Don’t worry , Trump picks all the best people like Flynn , Manafort and Cohen !

  • arithsem . . . Post author

    Justice is blind much like this judge intelligence

  • Vinny Holiday Post author

    But SJWs and antifa, two groups with no political power, are the problem?

  • Lewa500 Post author

    The judge in question, one Mr. Kyle Canning, is a registered Democrat and the image in question he says he viewed it as a pro-death penalty message, not a pro-MAGA message. He said in a NYT piece: “There is not a man that I could despise more than Donald Trump.”

  • Mr Radz Post author

    Man for people who hate kkk the idiots on the left side do use it a lot! By the way, I’m not republican or Democrat. Just someone in the middle who thinks for themself.

  • rasheedqe Post author

    So what I'm hearing is that right wings are biological design to be pussies. I always thought that.

  • The Majestic Spider Post author

    A fucking judge…


  • Solomon Nicholas Post author

    The post he shared went as follows
    "If we want to make America great again we have to make evil people fear punishment again" In white faunt over a black background with a picture of a noose.

    I'm not sure if I would consider that racist.

  • Andrej Pišorn Post author

    Perfect candidate for Trump appointee. SCOTUS maybe?

  • Reellron Post author

    Lol, speculations deluxe.

  • Gaetano Vindigni Post author

    "Those who hold the public trust must adhere to the highest ethical standards there are.
    The job requires it, and the public must demand it." 

    –Barbara Jordan, Remarks at the University of Texas at Austin
    (22 February 1991)

  • Lore M. Ipsum Post author

    During the Obama presidency, I heard that he was unable to appoint judges. The republicans were blocking every attempt he made and at the time I didn't understand the importance of it. Now I see why. How is it that they succeed in being evil and lacking complete integrity no matter who is in office? This country is broken.

  • lolazal1 Post author

    Jesus Christ, what's wrong with this country?

  • Scrambled Eggs Post author

    Who's funding these right Wing ads?

  • Sketch Armslong Post author

    It's (also) worrying how spectacularly arrogant and stupid this judge is, for him to make the Facebook post.

  • The Wonderer Post author

    I dont see where he did anything wrong. Pro Trump isnt racist. Nooses arent specifically racist. We were hanging people up until the invention of the electric chair that committed crimes. I would think thats more pro death sentencing statement than racist statement. Why do progressives make everything about race? I thought only nazi's thought race mattered in anyway. Its almost as if progressives and the special interest group Feminism are racists who view everything through race which doesnt actually matter.

  • Izzy1782 Post author

    How long until his new job at Fox?

  • Logical Fallacy Detector Post author

    Systematic racism is the number 1 topic minorities talk about when it comes to the well being of non white peoples.

  • The Dark Matter 2019 Post author

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing up that point about Lefties playing the false equivalency game with Hillary and Trump. Omg. I’m a supporter of Bernie but one of the problems with a lot of his followers is they have this idea that either you’re with or against us and there’s no middle ground with anything; no gray area. The lesser of two evils is absolutely a fair reason not to vote for someone. Obama is a scumbag. Hillary is a bigger scumbag but Trump is a scumbag on a level that can literally make members of the Bush family cringe.

  • M Printz Post author

    It wasn’t a racial comment. The Judge was an admitted Democrat and even said his post was about capital punishment. Stop trying to make everything about race. Judges historically have been known to hang thousands of people, mostly white. That was how we used to execute people. This judge doesn’t even support Trump. Don’t help the media create fake news.

  • John P Post author

    This only further proves what I've been saying for years: American judges are a joke. The "standard" (arguably there is none) for becoming a judge is a fucking farce. Look at Jeanine Pirro. She's a shitty clown of a human being, yet was an American judge for DECADES. A judge. For decades. The problem with the American judiciary system is that it's full of Americans.
    America is a laughing stock. It has been for a long time, and will be for an even longer time.
    You fucking idiot Americans really should build that wall the whole way around. It'll make keeping you in your own shit hole so much easier.

  • Marco Hernandez Post author

    Thanks for the upload, David!

  • USugo Post author

    if that judge was true to his words, then Biff should most certainly be in front of the evil people line.
    BTW, the idea that an administration can appoint judges is soooooo banana republic. At least, in the eyes of a European.

  • erlebo Post author

    Fake noose

  • Aethion Post author

    Just a heads up: this guy went on the record to say he despises trump more than anyone alive. This guy delivers bread and was elected to town justice for 9k/year. Hardly a trump appointment. He might be a raving racist but it sounds more likely he's just that stupid and didn't know that what he was posting was racist. He's from new york state not the deep south. He might just be that stupid. He might nust be a larry david here and just be really stupid and thinks threatening people with the death penalty is edgy and badass.

  • Google User Post author

    You glossed over the fact that Canning is a Democrat. He's your problem, it seems.

  • Adman29Games Post author

    Hey look, I dunno if I can really deal with your content anymore; you're stoking a lot of flames by saying that "Right wingers fundamentally have different brains than left wingers."
    That's some dumb eugenics bullshit, and as a communist I don't support that from the Left or the Right.

  • VernichtungsSoldat Post author

    right-wing brains are damaged, whereas left-wring brains are not

  • manchesterblue2007 Post author

    pardon incoming in 10….9…8…

  • SSJ Shapiro Post author

    I see no problem, Israel has their courts and government packed with zionists so we can place white identitarians in key positions as well.

  • Martin H Post author

    Trump would hear just words, brain and bigger.

  • Christopher Justice Post author

    Trump is leading a cult that’s taking over our country.

  • Michael Patterson Post author

    Well dave someone needs to tell trump so he can hire him !

  • Robert Grant Post author

    Another over reaction from the overly fragile snowflakes

  • The Stig Post author

    Just a question for accuracy's sake: is there any evidence that this judge is actually a Trump supporter, beyond this picture? Not saying he shouldn't have been removed, but according to his words, he despises Trump. I've not seen anything like a voting record or previous history of posting Trump messages, yet I see everywhere "right wing, Trump-supporting MAGA judge".

    I'm not on the judge's side. I just care about accuracy.

  • Mateoski Post author

    Good. Terrorists shouldn't be allowed to wield any sort of authority.

  • Sylvain Roy Post author

    As Cipolla wrote, a stupid individual is one who acts negatively for another individual, target group, community at large, without deriving any benefit for himself. And even incur losses .

    He also mentioned that a stupid person can be rich, poor, educated or not, atheist or religious, of any race, sex or gender.

  • hermenutic Post author

    The judges comments revealed his bias and any bias reveals the inability to be 'just'..

  • Blue Beta Post author

    "but we aren't racist" -Every Trump supporter no matter how many times their group gets caught being hateful.

  • lady 214324 Post author

    I saw a Ted Talk on that. People who generally support the right have a larger Amygdala which is known to produce more fear in people.

  • Andrea Shaver Post author

    This judge was actually registered as a life long Democrat.

  • Kyle Post author

    Hmm, so we are now demonizing ~50% of the populos for a genetic trait now. Cool stuff.

  • per sebra Post author

    looking at the captions for this video (the cc tab at the bottom)
    instead of "with a noose on it," it says "with a new sonnet" lol.

  • Rick Morrow Post author

    What the Judge posted is correct. Liberals have been getting away with murder for decades. Like Hillary has over 300 murders connected to her name. We need more Judges like this one. And to be scared of a hat that says Make America Great Again, requires serous mental help. Just like this reporter in this video. Liberals are the most evil and sickest people I have ever seen. The Lord says Liberals do not know the difference between right and wrong. which would be correct.

  • Doreen Achtymichuk Post author

    boy, you are an optimist, Dave ! re-build alliances with other world leaders ? slow down, big fella. the world has now seen how stupid Americans are. you may get a Bernie or a Warren the next time … but what about after their terms ? we cannot fully trust you, anymore. you elected, FREELY, an insane, demented person. that is now on your permanent record. I know I, as someone from a different country, cannot trust you anymore. you have revealed your blatant stupidity, and your obsession with Hollywood. I believe that's where most Americans have even heard the name Trump. from TV. and they BELIEVED that horse-shit !! uh uh. you have lost my trust.

  • Rick Morrow Post author

    The Lord says Trump will roll through the next election and Liberalism is going to be destroyed because the Lord says the United States and Israel belong to him, not to the evil low life lying Liberals. Try and digest that truth for a while. God is on the right and Satan owns the left.

  • Alvin Tyner Post author

    Nah. These judges have always been in the courts..long before Trump. The only thing they're inheriting is Trump's stupidity which is allowing them to out themselves to the public…which gives us a, not before held, opportunity to squash them. I, for one, am happy about this.

  • Lamel Jarvis Post author


  • Wilfredo Gonzalez Post author

    Isn't that special..A fucking judge posting bullshit like this.. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!!

  • chimpakawanzelu Post author

    this is what happens when republicucks get to select judges.

  • David Beaulieu Post author

    Should reopen every conviction he ever made.

  • Craxin01 Post author

    Executions have the singular benefit of permanently removing an evil person from society. However, it has never, and I mean NEVER, been a deterrent to committing violent crime. People wired to be able to murder aren't doing so because they aren't afraid of so-called weak punishments, they're doing so because they want to murder.

  • sleeper cell Post author

    Why are you not talking like this about iq?

  • Tozias Silverfang Post author

    Right wingers are really violent cretins.

  • TheMouseAvenger Post author

    4:38 = I personally do not consider Hillary Clinton to be an establishment shill, or a shill of any sort, but I'm too tired to argue about it at this moment.

    In any case, this judge can go burn in Hades!

  • John Post author

    Fan of the show but you are missing some context;
    [In an interview with The New York Times, Canning described himself as a registered Democrat and said he did not consider the post's racial symbolism.
    "There is not a man that I could despise more than Donald Trump," said Canning.
    "The post was not racist. I'm not a racist guy," he added. "I see it as pro-death penalty, pro-capital punishment. It doesn't need to be a noose; it could have been a gas chamber. It could have been an electric chair," Canning told the Times.]

  • David Boudreau Post author

    Whatever happened to, "Without passion or prejudice"??? If an Oath is violated, FIRE the Son of a Bitch!!!

  • samiamrg7 Post author

    The Federalist Society and it’s members needs to be ostracized by academia and the legal community. They should have been ostracized years ago. They are a pernicious force in our judiciary.

  • samiamrg7 Post author

    This is in no small part because of the Federalist society. They are such an unhealthy force to have pushing judges i to the judiciary. Their goal is clearly to destroy the independence of the judiciary no matter what they say. The results of their work speaks for itself.

  • skyeplus Post author

    If a talking point is silly and makes no sense, it was injected.

  • Dragon1717 Post author

    The display had no racial connotations.Throughout history, hanging was used as a form of capital punishment.

  • Danny Binder Post author

    Well this guy will get hired as a FOX News “Expert” soon…

  • Naestved DK Post author

    I suffer from anxiety, and can assure you that fear leads to very poor decisions.

  • MysticFiddler1 Post author

    David, I'm sorry but you made a mistake with this newscast. Here's some info on the justice from the "New York Times":
    Though the image quoted a Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” Mr. Canning, 29, said he did not read it that way when he publicly shared it to his Facebook page. He described himself as a registered Democrat and said he thought the post was supporting the death penalty, and that he did not consider its racial connotations.

    “There is not a man that I could despise more than Donald Trump,” he said.

  • Dee Smith Post author

    Another problem is that even if Trump is voted out and the US starts to build bridges with other countries, those other countries are always going to remember that if the US voted in Trump once before, who's to say they won't vote in someone just as bad later on down the road.
    The damage done will last much longer than the Trump administration.
    Same here in the UK with Boris and Brexit .

  • abbreviation of time Post author

    Remember to defend Justin Trudeau. Don't treat him like you would of it was Boris Johnson. Make excuses for Justin because he's a progressive. Good boy Pakman.

  • abbreviation of time Post author

    But ignore black gangs bashing whites in Minneapolis. Good work tyt

  • richard mcmorrow Post author

    Remember David, judge's can be impeached as well as presidents.

  • LilNorwegian Post author

    Any sources and/or reading materials about the several other judges you say share views as the New York judge? As well as the brain differences between right- and left-wing brains

  • A. G. Post author

    So when y'all say, slavery is over… remember this judge. Where do you think the racist went??? TO become cops, judges, lawyers maybe!!

  • Michael Timely Post author

    4:50 Conservative's discovered how easy it was to discourage normal people from participating in politics a long time ago. People from the 1950s who are in their Eighties today started a culture-war back in the day because they were afraid the young people were going to grow up and vote. The grownup's of the 1960s knew the world had changed on them and they blamed it on the baby boomers who were turning into teenagers and talking about taking that change and running with it.  
    Many, most actually, grownups of the 1960s called the kids hippies, tree-huggers, do-gooders. They did not want them to grow up and vote, instead they taught their children to hate the government, to fear the government, that all politicians are liars and caring about it is a waste of time for fools. Nearly every Boomer was raised to believe Social Security would be bankrupt years before they got old enough to get it. 
    In the end more than half of the baby boomers grew up to be nonvoters, or sometimes voters. Many of them basically ignored the details of politics since they were teenagers. Things keep getting worse and they never know what really happened and of coarse they didn't know anything about the real Trump.

  • Jim Jones Post author

    You gotta love this guy he just starts make up shit about the "differences"between left and right wing brains…its the serious I know what I'm talking about because I throw in big words and that means I know…lol…If I'm needing a laugh this guy is the go to channel for pseudo science bullshit.

  • johnmburt1960 Post author

    We need to make "Trump appointee" a badge of shame to be hung on every one of these worthless twirps, to hover over every case they try and over every case of theirs which is appealed from now until the last of them retires or is removed for malfeasance.

  • Adam Bartlett Post author

    I don't buy this… You need to prove every word you said about brain differences & until you do, stop the bs!

    You aught to be ashamed of yourself for promoting this junk!

    Also, thanks so much for wasting my time with click bait, only to follow that up with biased, baseless bs! I can't believe you claim you're a skeptic & fact based…

    Looks like you are just another media org trying to wrap us up in fear, confusion, uncertainty, infighting, demonizing others, etc!


  • Druidic Troy Post author

    Ok I keep hearing this about the brain differences, but what about people who switch from conservative to liberal or vice versa?

  • Tyke Handsome Post author

    Let them all out themselves.

  • Braxton Pettyjohn Post author

    Trump supporters are white supremacists or white supremacist sympathizers 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Braxton Pettyjohn Post author

    This isn’t much of a surprise 🤷🏾‍♂️ the US was founded on white supremacy and the hatred of black people

  • Candace Phillips Post author

    MY God, my God! SMH!

  • Oma Cool Post author

    No. Time to end lifetime appointments. It is amoral.
    Both Trump and Hilary ARE PURE evil. Neither is qualified to be Pres due to neurological issues and criminal activities.

  • Christa L Post author

    Assuming that the Dems win EITHER Senate or Presidency, additional far rt federal judges will be less likely to be appointed or confirmed.
    Even before 2021 the most egregious forms of racism, sexism and anti-democratic behavior will be getting closer scrutiny, especially in judges. Even after confirmation, judges with suspect histories will be subject to ongoing scrutiny by investigative reporters and public citizen law firms.
    As a result, racism and sexism will no longer be viewed as acceptable behavior. "Hypocricy is the respect which Vice pays to Virtue." Happily, RRRs have left a LOT of evidence in their orgy of over-reaching. We will see it replayed by opposition candidates for decades.

  • snakebte1 Post author

    David…You cannot scream too loud about this. Everybody’s screaming about Kavanaugh. SCOTUS hears about 100 cases a year. Trump has appointed (LIFE LONG APPOINTMENTS) about 150 federal judges at the “local” appeals court level. That’s about 1 in 4 that are Marmalade Mussolini’s guy. Overall, these courts hear and judge on THOUSANDS of cases a year. And THAT is barely getting any press. It scares the hell out of me.

  • Creator Post author

    He got shitKKKanned.

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