Iyanla Rebukes a Mean Mother-in-Law: “You Are So Out Of Order” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

Iyanla Rebukes a Mean Mother-in-Law: “You Are So Out Of Order” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

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Kenyatta’s treated me so
bad, so bad, so disrespectful, for no reason. How about ’cause you’re mean? How about that? – I don’t agree with you.
– Well, you don’t have to. Right. You the one that
ain’t got relationships. This is true.
IYANLA: OK? But I’m not mean. Well, what if
people experience you as mean, Miss Eve? What if? Breathe. How does it feel to
live in the house with somebody that convicts
you because of who you are? How does that feel? Don’t feel good. How does it feel to live with
somebody that thinks you’re a sinner who’s going to hell? It don’t feel good. How does she let you
know that’s how she thinks? She’s always, I’m the devil. Just telling [INAUDIBLE],,
“I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” She nothing but [INAUDIBLE] In your house? In your house, she whip
her rebuke out on you? EVE: That– it happened once. It should never happen. It should never happen. The Bible says I can do it. Not in her house. You do that stuff on the
corner with your tracts? – Why would I do that?
– Why not? Why would I do
that on a corner? Why not? The rebuke only
comes when I’m being disrespected, when I’m being
yelled at and screamed at. Miss Eve, are you aware that
when you fell down on your job as a mother, it became her job? Are you aware of that? EVE: I don’t deny that I was
a crackhead and an alcoholic– IYANLA: You do deny it. –for many years. I– I’m not, OK? I’m taking that back. Will you let–
forgive me for that? Will you forgive me that slight?
– It’s nothing. It’s nothing to forgive. EVE: ‘Cause I haven’t– I don’t have no, I
just admitted it, OK? Yeah, I was a crackhead. And I’m still a crackhead. And I’m still an alcoholic. Only by this day, 20 years
removed, that I’m not. It’s been 20 years.
– So let me ask you a question. You don’t want a relationship
with the alcohol and the drugs. Do you want a relationship
with your daughter? Absolutely. And what keeps
you from having it? I don’t know,
other than the fact that she just don’t want to. She just don’t want to. Did you make– did she tell
you she don’t want to have a relationship with you? EVE: When somebody
don’t talk to you– Listen.
Here is the question. Did she tell you
that she doesn’t want a relationship with you? Yeah. In her actions. See, you making that up. That’s the voice of reason that
took you out your [INAUDIBLE].. – No, I’m just saying.
– No, no, no, no. I mean, she’s– she
treating me so bad, how the heck can I not think that? What if, as a wise woman,
your job was to be in that home and nurture these two youngins? They youngins to you. You the elder. And that you are so out of
order, worrying about what they need to be doing
to you and for you, that you have totally
fell out your lane?

100 thoughts on “Iyanla Rebukes a Mean Mother-in-Law: “You Are So Out Of Order” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

  • sabrina smith Post author

    What is she rebuking her for

  • Brianna Newton Post author

    To say she was a crack head so she can’t “judge” their lifestyle is irrelevant. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of and the point is she left that lifestyle. But as Christians we should correct each other and teach them the right way, so long as we do it in love and as long as we’re also remembering to check ourselves. No one likes a holier than thou person. She doesn’t have to agree with their lifestyle if it’s not in line with her faith. However, she should pray for them, not “rebuke” the woman in her own house. At this point everyone here is grown. They are who they are. If she disagrees with their lifestyle that’s her prerogative but the solution would simply be for her to leave. Because you can’t tell grown people what to do while you’re in their space.

  • Ar'Monii Dior Post author

    Child please.. she’ll be out on the street.. I be damn if you make me feel uncomfortable in MY OWN HOUSE where I’m supposed to be at peace

  • Delilah Williams Post author

    Her mother doesn't have to agree with her daughter being gay.But she needs to respect her daughter and daughter in law in their home.

  • divaquana Post author

    She is a good looking crack head

  • Eumelanin I Am Post author

    The Bible is in the Christian fiction section of the library💪👊💪👊😁

  • Shakita Jones Post author

    Ahhh her daughter… it breaks my heart to see her hurt.

  • Daniel Post author

    This is heartbreaking…..Ignorance/hate will divide so many relationships…

  • algblessed 1 Post author

    If i was mama, I would move out. If she doesn't like where she is staying, leave and dust your feet. Better to leave in a small corner in peace then in a mansion of confusion.

  • Beijaxol Post author

    Tyler Perry must be stealing story ideas from Iyanla!

  • Tori B Post author

    Well let her rebuke you on the street

  • faith umuk Post author

    Same as my mum always talking about what I need to be doing for her!!

  • Clutching Pearls Post author

    I like this crazy old lady 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Nisey Post author

    I think many of us experienced judging other ppl when we FINALLY decide to get saved. The mother needs to understand more about God's word and use it accordingly. I think her intensions were good but she just handling it the wrong way.

  • illestpirahna B Post author

    Why u ain't rebuke that crack🤔

  • DOPE TIZZLE Post author

    That mother in law is how my real mother is smh

  • D Wood Post author

    This is why I hate Christians. They use it as a double edge sword. Rebuking her daughter yet dah beeeoch has been Popeye for years and a Jig Head. I’d off packed her sheot and put her out. I bet Homelessness would snap her back into reality! Trust!

  • Terry Flowers Post author

    She's a piece of work.

  • Maxita Brown Post author

    Some of our elders really need to be checked they’re so stubborn and toxic and stuck in their ways it’s baffling!

  • Joseline Hernandez Post author

    She said the bible says she could do it …girl these folks will use religion just to attack people this is sad af

  • Black Power Post author

    They’re all screwed up in the head and need Jesus. One thinks she’s a man, daughter in a relationship with a woman and the mother is batty as hell. Just a whole dysfunctional mess ! Fix it Jesus !

  • NUNE 242 Post author

    Iyanla says; Get ur Life!😄💪

  • Esmerelda Villa-Lobos Post author

    being a Christian is not an accomplishment

  • Yquyen Vu Post author

    "that only happened once" TF?!?!?!?!?!

  • Krys Montgomery Post author


  • Arin Styles Post author

    They need to kick her out! Idk if that’s the mother you don’t disrespect people like that.

  • americanprincess12 Post author

    People spend too much time worrying about what goes on between the sheets of gay people. That's not your business ma'am, as long as they are safe that's all that matters.

  • Lee Post author

    Look at religion and ignorance rip another family apart.

  • Tierra Post author

    She was a sinner her damn self !!! Haha 😂😂 and she got the nerve to be judging

  • Kre'Neshia Allen Post author

    Yeah I would be like ma you got to go. You're disruptive to our home and lives

  • jill scottman Post author

    This clip on mute and I could still feel the attitude

  • D Light Post author

    Just because people get religion does not mean that they still do not think the same way, victim mentality always an addict's perspective. Some addicts just substitute religion for the buzz of drugs. The thinking never changes. Thank God she woke up can see that she has been doing her daughter wrong by making her daughter take care of her. Iyanla you are super super gifted

  • tall0362 Post author

    The world is WRONG!!!! You are not forever the identity of your past deeds. If you have not done crack in 20 YEARS… you ARE NOT A CRACK HEAD. And number 2…. HOMOSEXUALITY IS A MORAL ISSUE…

    The gay community NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND that you can NOT SEEK TO FORCE OTHERS into accepting that HOMOSEXUALITY is not a sinful act because of RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS!!!! Now you can fight for better more humane treatment under the civil laws and rights of a society as shared humanity, but no man can legislate the authority or requirement of God.

    The SAME RELIGION that defines sin, including defining HOMOSEXUALITY AS A SIN, is the SAME RELIGION that teaches us to love and respect the HUMANITY of one another even if WE DON’T always agree with the choices people make with their lives. Now who is out of order is Iyania… because Dear… you are not God or the master of morality, meaning you are not the authority over a mans soul to give any man
    Permission to Sin or to declare what is not sin, who goes to Heaven or Hell is not subject to your voice … so give human advice but stay out of GODS BUSINESS when it comes to Jesus and the WAGES OF SIN!!! .

    Sorry, You Don’t get to decide what is or is not a sin Iyania .. The words of the Bible apply to us all … God has a remedy for sin… but it is only to the Godly sorry and the repentant … Jesus is a way of escape.., but only to those who accept Jesus as the Messiah in Spirit and All Truth …. you can not LOVE ANYONE and seek to alienate them from eternal life … by encouraging them instead to choose idolatry, sin, the spirit of pride, and falsehood with no convictions, as the right way and path to follow… that is out of order!!!! .

    Gays seek to change God and change the Bible through politics and public opinion etc… but what had better change is one’s attitude towards sin … because the standard of Holiness… doesn’t care anything about a gay flag and legislation… and the worlds attitude can get one lost forever. Gays, just like all the rest of us, will continue to have to fight sin and moral battles with all of its complications and gray areas … but a word to the wise is this …. you should NEVER BE PROUD OF SIN even if you still have to deal with it. Every body has some kind of cross to bear but I suggest you handle it with humility and prayer!!!! All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory… but what separates the sheep from the goats …. is your ATTITUDE!!!! God resists the PROUD … but gives grace to the repentant, those who judge righteously and the humble!!!! Don’t shake your finger at God or mock judgement and the power of the Judge…. don’t do it …. you are out of order and in danger of Hell Fire no matter what the sin is ….

  • Natalia Post author

    Definitely has a personality disorder….

  • tanglesandbeyond Post author

    This woman is shame that her daughter is a lesbian and will not admit it. Point blank period.

  • Dignified Black Man Post author

    The bible says blonde hair is UNCLEAN.

  • ThinkItThrough Post author

    "How bout cuz you mean?"
    You think?

  • Gladys Grace Post author

    I'm just here for the comments 🤐. Cuz y'all be cracking me the hell up😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Gladys Grace Post author

    2:19 rollings eyes😂🤣😂👀👀👀

  • Ellis Kwakernaak-Bajna Post author

    The mother is pure evil trying to destroy her daughters marriages for her own gain. If it were me i’d kick her out ASAP! The door!!!👉🏽👋🏽

  • Timah R. Post author

    No the bible didn't tell you to spew hate and them play victim.

  • Linda Atieno Post author

    The Bible does say where all sinners will end up. Now she is not living what the does asks us to do and that is love your neighbor as you love yourself, your neighbor could be Donald Trump, a Muslim, Buddhist, gay, black or white. Still love them. Love doesn’t call anyone names. It points you to the right direction and doesn’t condemn you. Never tell someone they have a demon unless you can deliver them.

  • Georgia C. Post author

    My mom also thinks if she ask for forgiveness we have to forgive her. It was hard to explain to her that I can forgive her, but I can’t forget the years she was addicted to pills. The nights I had to pick her up off the floor and drag her to the couch. The days I didn’t have a mother when I needed her.

    I still hold some anger over it, and it will take time and healing for me to move on from that. She just doesn’t get it though.

  • Charisse Johnson Post author

    So mean.

  • Tiffany Gibbons Post author

    she’s impossible.

  • BashmentQueen78 Post author

    I like the big ladys outfit. Tomboyish but not too tomboyish

  • Kela Jefferson Post author

    Child, That ole crack hoe gots to go!

  • Shanitta Thompson Post author


  • Kimberly Denise Post author

    All these so called "Christians" walking around with a bible and flashlight…. When they need to be walking around with a flashlight and a "Mirror"!!!

  • Tabi Francis Post author

    Nursing home nursing home nursing home nursing home and change your number

  • Dianté Gibbs Post author

    W O W

  • DJ smoky Smoky Post author

    That crack powerful Drugs …. Destroyed black family ….. She definitely Out if Order !!!

  • DJ smoky Smoky Post author

    Another drug epidemic crack episode involved, crack really destroy black community

  • Diamond Princess Post author

    The way she says Breath like I'm a leave u with that okkk dont come over here with all dat Breath🤣

  • sweetaliena Post author

    She still acts like a crackhead🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Vieira Post author

    The Bible talkers are the biggest hypocrites. You are at best a real Christian when you DO NOT JUDGE! That mother is devilish mean and ugly from inside out. Her daughter is a bigger woman period.

  • aysia james Post author

    that old lady should have just sat there and ate her food

  • T L Post author

    The Bible is causing a lot chaos and dysfunction in these families. Those that know, KNOW what I mean. Asè.

  • TommySotomayor's Momma Post author

    i rebuke the relationship in the name of youtube

  • Victoria Breah Post author

    Man Iyanla is like magic on screen, I didnt even think it was possible for her to bring it even harder but she is amazing this season.

  • Virginia Jester Post author

    “In your house, she whip her rebuker out on you?!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ROFL

  • Martha gogarty Post author

    How can I subscribe to OWN from UK

  • Bnizzofashizzo Post author

    You can’t convince me iyanla don’t smoke benson & hedges menthols

  • L B Post author

    If she doesn't like what's going on under someone else's roof she needs to leave! BYE

  • TeaSeaKay Post author

    What bible is she reading that gives her permission to act like that?

  • Andrea Dunbar Post author

    If you don't agree with someone's lifestyle choices, don't go out of your way to be around them, especially by going to their home. Yes, the bible says it is a sin. And yes they should give you respect in your home, if that is where they are. But you can't go into their home condemning and judging.

  • Dora Jones Garcia Post author

    Rebuke a behavior, not your flesh and blood. Otherwise God will judge you the same. You do drugs, wut about rebuking that?

  • Error Report Post author

    This thumbnail 😟😩😩😩😩

  • Pisces King Post author

    Mom or not you gotta come up outta here with that energy love you to pieces but bye bye call me later love ya smooches😘

  • Dark Sister Post author

    Put her in a nursing then she can rebuke you only if you come to see her

  • Dade Anoma Post author

    Old lady if u feel it ain’t right don’t make them change your mind.. that’s what they trying to do..

  • Donna Bey Post author

    Two words y'all, get out!

  • Bella Asare Post author

    The bible doesn't allow you to do anything foolish.dont put that on God .

  • Bri D Post author

    The bible is a weapon of mass destruction smh

  • Nicholas Bennett Post author

    So how come she can judge her from being gay but she can be a crackhead and drinker ?

  • Avianca G Post author

    Many older pplz are just mean or excuse me others experience them to be mean. Which is why’s many are alone in nursing homes or alone at home. Like why do you want to hurt your own blood. Then they are mad when others don’t want to be around them.

  • Sm Mn Post author

    This is me in the middle with my bully mother and older sister

  • Doris Kent Post author

    It’s interesting how Iyanla only selects/quotes parts of the Bible…

  • eKa'terina Rennou Post author

    Wow, I think my family is dysfunctional. The more I watch the more I am convinced my mother is cut from the same cloth. Iyanla, can u fix my life?? Please

  • HIGHLY FAVORED Post author

    Living under the shadow of the word of God while GETTING IT ALL WRONG…!

  • world madness Post author

    She DOES look and sound mean. I have a gay daughter and I would NEVER EVER be like that towards her. This old broad looks and sounds meaner than the devil. More evil than the devil himself. Call her she-devil

  • WouldBeEmma Post author


  • Storm Fluent97 Post author

    Typical..ex this ex that..saved now so y'all going to hell!! maybe because she was an alcoholic and drug addict her daughter didnt see a REAL woman…a protector…she decided to be who she is..she is AWESOME! Strong..theres jealously. And also the mother feels that she has something over her daughter because "i sinned, but not like that

  • Emulate Me, The Universe. Post author

    I hate religion

  • Emulate Me, The Universe. Post author

    She's beautiful to have ever been a crack head. You cant see it looking at her but when she speaks its all there.

  • Joseph Svennson Post author

    I came for the woman in suspenders and trousers and I'm staying for the blonde mamma hahahahaha

  • Helen Boula Post author

    I cant Help but laugh. Lol and OMG.

  • JF Bub Post author

    This is the usual crackhead logic! I'm clean so I now can judge everyone without repairing the damage I left in my wake! They could have thirty years clean yet STILL exibit that NASTY crackish behavior!

  • Tav Yisrael Post author

    IN HER HOUSE! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • loblg88 Post author

    Honestly this whole union is "Out of Order" starting with her "order" of marrying a woman. There is no hierarchy with God on that.

  • shortstoppin20 Post author

    nursing home.

  • Ainsley Brantley Post author

    A crackhead/alcoholic (a "sinner") condemning a decent lesbian couple ("sinner") who was kind enough to put a roof over her head? No wonder why more are leaving the church. Too much hypocrisy…

  • Jessica Terry Post author

    Umm umm umm.. that religious spirit.

  • Lily Land Post author

    It also says in the Bible I can't really figure out which section is from but the Bible also says that if they're not ready to listen to me then go ahead and move on Jesus's is okay with you on your end because you did what he asked you to do you told them about what was going to happen now they don't listen to swing them and God is that your right to judge because as a Christian that's not what you do you are here to help people learn more about Jesus we Christians should walk it like we talk it

  • Cece Price Post author

    “The Bible says I can do it”. Actually only god has the ability to judge people. She’s just evil.

  • Beatface Candice Post author

    Low key that mother in law look like ayanla

  • TheBizzle1984 Post author

    Jesus said "judge not lest you be judged"; and "love thy brother as thyself"; and "what you do unto these, the least of my brothers, so have you done to me". Clearly she missed those parts. Maybe she hasn't got that far in the bible study?

  • The Truth Of The Matter Post author

    Get away from this lady that can’t even fix her own life

  • LifePathSeven Post author

    I hollered when Iyanla dropped that sign around mama neck😂😂😂😂

  • Jilly Girl Post author

    IF, she is against their relationship then she should not be living there –
    Also, you can love someone, like someone, disagree with them.but still be respectful

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