Is it moral to send criminals to space? – Origin

Is it moral to send criminals to space? – Origin

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– [Narrator] Thanks to our
sponsor Youtube Originals, for working with us on this episode of Space Court Origin Edition. Welcome to Space court. On this episode we take a
look at the THEA PROJECT. Siren Corporation’s plan
to colonize the planet Thea in the Nexus constellation 5
light years away from Earth. In return for participation
in the project, individuals will be given a clean slate, where everything from
their old life is forgiven, allowing them to get a
fresh start on a new world. Let’s head to the Space Courtroom. Dominic Evilman is an extremely successful and totally legitimate businessman who operates entirely above board. Even though he’s got nothing to hide, why would you even ask ? He’s looking to start off
with a clean slate on Thea. Mr. Evilman’s here to
prove that the Thea Project is a good idea and is hoping secure a spot on the next transport to the colony. Dan Gruber is a self proclaimed Sci Fi Nut who’s seen enough movies
and T.V. shows to know that forcing characters
with mysterious pasts into a new frontier trillions of miles from the rule of law is
a recipe for disaster. He can also perfectly replicate blueprints of the Enterprise D from memory, but it’s unlikely that’ll
be used in this case. Mr. Gruber’s here to prove that colonies like the Thea Project are terrible ideas and hopes to get the project canceled. – All rise! Space Court is now in session. The honorable Space Judge Astra presiding. (Teleporting) – Whoo! Man I’m glad we finally got that transporter installed. Remember when I had to walk in? That took forever. Okie-dokie, let’s take a look. Hoo boy we’re tackling one
of these moral quandaries and I haven’t even had
my space coffee yet. Ok uh, you got an honest face. Why don’t you go first Evil Man. – Oh! It’s evilman your honor.
– Cool! but let me start today by saying what a wonderful idea the Thea Project is. I mean, giving people the
ability to start fresh in a new world really is a step in the right direction
for the human evolution, and even though I am running from nothing, I would love the chance to wipe away any little “misdeeds”
that may have occurred, but of course totally didn’t. – Objection your honor. While I acknowledge the
importance of humanity colonizing other worlds, the clean slate aspect of this project is just one giant ticking
time bomb waiting to go off! You’re basically betting
trillions of dollars and the fate of humanity, on a bunch of suspect individuals. For example, I present
exhibit A, Mr. Kenzaki. (wheels squeak) (hologram powers on) Shun Kenzaki is a prominent
member of the Yakuza. Who, as you can see from
this well shot montage, has committed some murders. Many murders, too many murders, Yet, he is one of the many
people given a clean slate as part of the Thea Project. Now I know that his past
crimes have been wiped away but, what’s going to stop him from repeating his violent tendencies as soon as he gets to the new colony? I mean come on, you’re
sending a murderer into space, where there’s even LESS
oversight than on Earth! – You know, you’re absolutely right. That montage was well shot. – Your honor, with all due, whatever, what one man sees as a
violent repeat offender, others, like myself, see
a resourceful individual with a very specific skill set that if given a clean slate, could use such a skill set, for the betterment of the colony. Besides it’s not like everyone onboard is a criminal. (nervous chuckle) I mean, I’m sure not. No, there’s people from all walks of life, many of whom are simply
looking to shed the baggage of the past and find new opportunities. – Then why not send workers
up with proper training? That way if anything
unforeseen goes wrong, the people there are actually
equip to deal with it. I mean, how many times
would the Enterprise have been destroyed if they didn’t have it’s highly trained crew aboard? I’ve counted, your honor, 168, and that’s not counting the movies, and definitely not including
Star Trek Nemesis, obviously. – Of course, that just makes since. – Well I’m sorry but in this reality, we don’t have Starfleet’s
nearly unlimited resources. And yes, I’ve seen the show, and by the way, those Borg fellows are really onto something. The Thea Project’s clean slate offer is really cost effective
for the Siren Corporation. I mean, could you imagine
the money it would take to convince a professional
with a steady job and a family to leave everything behind and live on a new planet? It would get pretty costly pretty quick. Plus, the clean slate also
acts as an attractive incentive to warm people up to the
idea of leaving Earth behind. Trust me, as a good person,
I know a good opportunity when I see one.. (bell) – Look, I get that
colonizing other planets is wildly expensive. Which is exactly why it’s not the sort of place to cut corners. It’s too important and there’s just too much at risk. – Exactly! There is too much at risk if we stay here on EARTH! Bing Switch! You see there are simply too many people consuming too many of Earth’s
finite set of resources. We must embrace other worlds or embrace our very extinction. Sure, it would be nice
if the best and brightest among us would selflessly drop everything, travel to Thea to help
secure humanities future but that just isn’t going to happen. Yes, the Thea Project isn’t 100% perfect, but it’s a great compromise
that takes into account the cold hard practicalities
of interstellar colonization, while still offering people the ability to start over in a new world, where they can become the
best versions of themselves, free of all the pain
and baggage of the past, and if freeing yourself
from your past isn’t the blueprints for a
better and brighter future, well then I don’t know what you can possibly
– Freeze dirt-bag, don’t move a muscle. – Dominic Evilman, you’re under arrest for murder, grand theft, secretly running
a criminal organization, and stealing candy from a baby. Space cuff him Danny. – I don’t understand. I was so careful! How could you possibly find me? – There are cameras literally
pointed at you right now. – Come on Evilman, We’re space police. You don’t think we have Space Court on all the TV’s down at the Space Station? – Curse my vanity! Oh mommy’s gonna be so crossed with me. – Yes she is. (door slams) – Well, that is a huge bummer for him, because I was just about
to rule in his favor. – Aww you serious? Anything I can do to change your mind? You know I can draw surprisingly acuate set of blueprints of the
Enterprise D from memory, would that, would that do anything? – No, it does not. – Yeah, it never does. – I rule in favor of I
rule in favor of Evilman. The Thea Project will
move forward as planned! (gavel hits) – My god, that was a landmark space case. Well looks like Dan’s coming out of the courtroom right now. Dan, how do you feel about the verdict? Well, you know, to be honest, I’m not super excited about losing, but I got this cool gun, and I’m cautiously optimistic that things will work out for the
people in the Thea Project. I guess we won’t know until November 14th, when Origin premieres
exclusively on Youtube Originals. Make sure to follow the
Origin Youtube channel, to keep up on all of the latest news and
info about the show. – We’ll see you then, Dan. Wow, hell of a court
case and hell of a plug. Francis, that’s lunch. (action music)

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