Ironwood Justice Court, Gila Bend, AZ – Clerk of Superior Court

Ironwood Justice Court, Gila Bend, AZ – Clerk of Superior Court

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Hi i’m David Cantor with the Law Offices
of David Michael Cantor. Today I’m going to talk about the
Ironwood Justice Court. Now if you were cited for DUI or misdemeanor
crime and told to go to the Ironwood Justice
Court that means you were stopped and ticketed by either a Maricopa
County Sheriff’s Officer or Department of Public Safety. If a city cop stops you, you’re supposed to go to city court. Now this particular courts jurisdictional boundaries run from North at Bell Road, south at the I-8, East 83rd Avenue and West at 579 Avenue, basically it encompasses over Gila Bend. Now these boundaries aren’t a perfect square, you can
see they almost are but then they jag over here. So if you were stopped, you need to have
an attorney verify whether you were actually stopped
within the jurisdictional boundaries because if you weren’t the officer made a mistake, you can get the
case dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. Now the actual Ironwood Justice Court is
located at 209 East Pima Street in Gila Bend, Arizona 85337. Basically that’s West Pima Road
and Capitol Avenue. When you go there, parking is free
and its plentiful. Make sure you dress appropriately, no
baseball hats, no sunglasses, no take tops, flip-flops, shorts, look
professional. Now the judge there is Judge Joe Getzwiller. Now Joe’s a former cattle rancher, or
excuse me, currently is a cattle rancher who’s a former rodeo cowboy for
seventeen years doing timed team roping events. So
pretty impressive. He’s also very nice guy, he’s a member of the
Screen Actors Guild for three years and is currently the
president of the Gila Bend Chamber of Commerce. Now what most people don’t know about justices of the peace is most to them
are not lawyers and they didn’t go to law school, they were elected and the problem that can arise with some
justices is the fact that since they were elected
and in a popularity contest and received roughly six weeks of training, then
they’re allowed to go on the bench and start judging people. Granted the longer than the bench
they take continuing legal education, for example Judge Getzwiller has been
there since ’01 so he’s had over a decade of continuing legal education, but a lot of JP’s haven’t. The other
problem you run into is that the prosecutors that are signed in these
courts are usually fresh out of law school. They usually do about a one year rotation
and that can be problematic. So if you were stopped and cited with a
misdemeanor DUI or criminal charge and you’re supposed to go to the Ironwood Justice Court, give us a call
we’ll sit down with you and go over your case from top to bottom with you for free and hopefully we can find a way out of
this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    I tell all my hoes did Washington change his birthday to 2/22 for you exactly 222 years to the day of your birth too to establish my competence to you Commissioner Aryeh D. Schwartz at the Maricopa County Superior Court as well? 

    Google September 3, 1752

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