Interior Secretary Zinke Forced Out After Being Target of 17 Investigations

Interior Secretary Zinke Forced Out After Being Target of 17 Investigations

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It was announced at the end of last week that
Ryan Zinke, the secretary of the interior, was going to be resigning in the very near
future except that resigning is really not the word that you should be using there because
what actually happened behind the scenes is that Ryan Zinke was forced out, in fact, the
administration had allegedly been trying to force him out and get him to quit for several
weeks, if not several months at this point, and here’s why. Ryan Zinke has been the target of at least
17 different investigations in the two short years that he has been serving as the secretary
of the interior. 17 potential criminal activities that Ryan
Zinke was implicated in that then warranted investigations. Some of those have kind of closed and they
said the results were inconclusive. They were not able to clear him. They were not able to convict him. However, there are currently nine open investigation
still happening with Ryan Zinke and the good folks at citizens for responsibility and ethics
in Washington were kind enough to lay out an entire list of all of these investigations. So let me read some of these out. These are just the ones that are still ongoing. These do not include any of the closed ones,
but you can find those in the link in the description of this video. So here they are. He blocked a casino project after meeting
with lobbyists that’s being investigated by the Department of Interior, Office of Inspector
General. Potential Hatch Act violation with a Florida
drilling announcement, censorship in a climate change report. The inspector general is looking at that as
well, a hatch act violation with his make America great again slogan that he tweeted
out, real estate and microbrewery deal with an oil services executive, spent $139,000
in taxpayer funds for office doors that’s being investigated by the House Oversight
Committee. His involvement in the plan to shrink national
monuments. The inspector general is looking into that
because they believed that he stood to gain financially from this, uh, his retaliation
against a whistleblower and his official trips that included his wife at taxpayer expense
is. So these are the nine ongoing open investigations
into Ryan Zinke right now. And I guess for even the Trump administration,
this was a little too much corruption. So they had been wanting this guy gone for
quite some time. The problem is they didn’t want to publicly
fire him. They didn’t want to force him out publicly
because they still liked what he was doing. Kind of like Scott Pruitt, you know, these
were two men who are corrupt as hell, but they are still doing everything that this
administration, that Republicans and that corporations want them to do. That is what both men brought to the offices,
Scott Pruitt, the EPA Zinke with the Department of the interior, you know, censored climate
change report, selling off our national monuments to oil drillers and coal miners, you know,
so they could destroy these beautiful places in the United States just to extract a little
bit more of those fossil fuels that we as a country are so addicted to that is going
to be Zinke’s legacy. And even if he leaves that does not clear
him or absolve him from any of the conduct that he engaged in while he was in office. These investigations can still continue. The only question is whether or not the organizations
or the government bodies looking at them want to continue after he leaves. They likely would not, but if they chose to,
they could 100% complete these investigations and if necessary, filed charges against Ryan
Zinke long after he leaves this administration.

83 thoughts on “Interior Secretary Zinke Forced Out After Being Target of 17 Investigations

  • The Angry Republican Post author

    I’ve been told by my sources that he was unfairly targeted and did nothing wrong

  • Franklin Hatch Post author

    Trump 2020

  • De'Narde English Post author

    It's time for a New Progressive Revolution. My name is De'Narde English, founder and leader of the United States National Unity Party. I am trying to push America into a 21st century Progressive Era. The government has become corrupted by the rich, corporates, and lobbyist that is still using the government, both the Democracts and Republicans, to benefit themselves and only themselves. The rich has become even richer due to these massive tax cuts for the wealthy class, conservative trying to push America back a hundred years, and our democracy is starting to be diminish. My party is trying to help many Americans, help push America to a brighter future, restore civil rights and civil liberty to everyone, and finally end the endless bickering between to groups with different ideologies. Together we will change America for the Greater Good! It's time to fight back and reclaim our democracy! It's time for everyone to declare war on the rich, and old timer politicians that has held us back for many years! It's time that we retake our Progressive Era. It's time that we take our future! Who's with me?!

    I'm asking people to join me to fight against corruption, against supremacists, and against people who they believe that they are above the law! The National Unity Party is looking for people who wish to join a group that I am forming that will make sure that every voice is heard and that the United States will no longer tolerate this oligarchy government that has splintered us for so long. I am asking anyone who wish to make a difference, to the National Unity Party, and group that I am forming called, the "United Progressive Resistance". May the Lord look after you, and may He look after us all.

  • Donovan Post author

    Liars, Idiots, Criminals, Traitors & Degenerates in the service of a Liar, Idiot, Criminal, Traitor & Degenerate.

  • Quincy Williams Post author

    The "best" people my ass! Another rat is out.

  • lilli harlow 61 Post author

    zinke is getting off easy. he has helped to destroy our national lands and taken so much money from his real employers, fossil fuel companies, he needs to be charged with much more. we can't get back what's already been permanently ruined.

  • Griffin Dannings Post author

    It would be a huge relief and a dream come true for the American people if this entire Administration would resign.

  • edward woods Post author

    Another corrupt piece of shit out of the White House.. There going to break Reagan’s record for ex officials going to jail..

  • Donovan Post author

    5 Hires The Best of Corrupted People for his Administration of Grifters.

  • The Vegan Villainess Post author

    Those are some expensive doors!

  • lilli harlow 61 Post author

    it's because of zinke and his ilk that we are at the point of no return for our planet. he and the others are the reason the earth would be better off without the human race.

  • Mark Chippendale Post author

    TOO MUCH corruption for the Trump administration?? Ain't no such thing!!!

  • Zed Wolf Post author

    Has this administration set a record on investigations yet?

  • OrionPax09 Post author

    What? Another of the Gross Trumpkin's deplorable swamp monsters in hot water for illegal activity?! I'm shocked!
    Oh, wait…no, I'm not.

  • Seeing Clearly Ministry Post author

    Government waste is so prominent in the federal government and even local government, we need the media to hold government accountable for how it spends or wastes our tax money, no more expensive doors and sound proof walls and coffee cups.

  • Seeing Clearly Ministry Post author

    The Trump administration set a record for firing people.

  • Robo Tech Post author

    Every time a government official is allowed to skate our government grows more corrupt. Every time a government official allows a bank or corporation go without punishment our government grows more corrupt. It crushes the hope of ever having a government without corruption.

  • Sabine 40231 Post author

    How come kid gloves are being used on your corrupt politicians, USA?

  • David Timmer Post author

    Put Zinke in prison where he truly belongs.

  • Seeing Clearly Ministry Post author

    Trump constantly mocks the muller investigation on twitter despite the fact that it is producing results.

  • Jesse Torres Post author

    Do none of these guys know to leave after just 5 or 10 investigations at most?! Seriously, how did Zinke amount 17 scandals and think "Now is the right time to leave."?! There have been others like Pruitt where their scandals have been very public, but there are others like DeVos and Carson that aren't as public.

  • Kazadi Kashama Post author

    Seventeen? Are you sure?!! Man I didn't know…

  • George Lacroix Post author

    The sell of Uranium1 ,anything ever come out of the investigation?

  • Tússk Post author

    Running away isnt resigning. motherfucker should be prosecuted.

  • Gordy N Post author

    Too much corruption for the trump administration???? You have to be a new kind of bent to achieve that!!

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal Post author

    Dang…he somehow managed to rack up more investigations than Trump…

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen Post author

    Don't let Guiliani get BRAINWASHED by the FUCKING TRUMP-HATERS! I am turning red with anger and if I want to be a DRAGON, I will BEHAVE like a DRAGON! I am a gothic SYMBOL of a DRAGON!!! Turbulence is my favorite word!!!🇺🇸😡🐉🐲🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Simon Giles Post author

    Phew! It's a good job you didn't any of those criminal toddlers in, right America?

  • bm packer Post author

    Just one more of "The Best People."

  • deosamriel0 Post author

    Twas a week before Christmas,
    And all through Trump's administration…
    Everyone is being investigated…
    Cause it's full of corruption…

  • Joy Bradford Post author

    Trump is a genius and has great intuitions in picking people. Such a profound business man!

  • Red Dwarf XII Post author

    Watch out, that revolving door for Trumps administration is gonna star a Category 5 hurricane!

  • braziliangator Post author

    Let’s clap at the aberration show that the US has become. The more ridiculous the better at this point as I am hoping this will help us get through “Step 1” more quickly, (that is, recognizing our issues). Too naive?

  • Andrew Brown Post author

    Maybe that horse he rode to his appointment could be used to drag him to jail by way of a healthy patch of nasty cactus

  • Deja Voodoo Post author

    Where can I send Ryan a Christmas card? Asking for a friend

  • Kim Clark Post author

    Is there not one honest person in this whole Administration? How can people still support this?

  • R D Reeves Post author

  • Swnsasy _ Post author

    This is why we can't get healthcare or college and they say they can't afford it.. They steal it all!!

  • robert price Post author

    Every one in the Shit House will be implicated in one thing or another, sooner or later. Lock the cunts up.

  • James Tarr Post author

    Holy SHIT! 17?! Holy fuck! Trump has a competitor. BRING IT ON!

  • yellow dog Post author

    … allegedly, trump was getting jealous of the number of investigations zincke was under…

  • Michael0075 Post author

    But Trumpykins hires only the best people! [twank] Trump's the second coming of Christ! He's practically GOD incarnate!! Wackspiiiiiiinnnnnn,…. (crack twitch twitch)

  • justin time Post author

    These people need to be held accountable…how can some one not get this? They have lied, upon entry …the people in good faith! It needs Voided and Corrected! We also take, or claim we can Re claim them! Four decades is long enough…and the ugliness will be intense, as well should the punishment. The choice to destroy and hate was just that, since they chose to attack! We are not bound to this Farce….we were lied to…busted!!!!

  • Skunk Ape Post author

    Well speaking from a geologists point of view, Zinke is a jackass.

  • vegasflyboy67 Post author

    Montanan here! I apologize for this crook even though I did not vote for him.

  • E Post author

    This administration has more criminals than Arkham.

  • Simon 's Post author

    What a corrupted administration, placing people in different departments and then destroying the foundation of their operation in order to help corporations profit. The republicans are some piece of work, the most despicable human being that has ever been in office. Even the democrats didn't try to destroy monumental land, even though they to, are under corporate corruption. Do you still think their the patriot party, do you still think American is going to be great again, under their rule, do ya?

  • jeffrey Payne Post author

    Stock market continues to fall…. Recession on the horizon… Thanks trump and Republicans

  • SPRINDYS Post author

    Have we ever had a more corrupt swamp as trump's admin? What a joke on America to have voted in a mob boss and his swamp to run the once great USA. Hope it will be a lesson to them.

  • onefatstratcat Post author

    Adios Stinky Zinke

  • helpful merman. Post author

    Zinke is just a sad person.

  • TheRyumancer Post author

    More like Secretary of the INFERIOR. -_-

  • Chris Corbin Post author

    Another one bites the dust. Just because he "resigned" he should still be held accountable.

  • LoveSkulls 13 Post author

    At least Karen Pence won’t have to worry about his sudden blitzkrieg dancing.

    Good riddance, loser.

  • DevilDog 2600hz Post author

    Zinke, better make the deal fast with your prosecutors. More people leave the Donald Trump white house every day. They'll be looking for deals too.

  • The Resistance Post author

    Stinkie Zinke needs to be hauled off to prison where he should sit for the next 50 years!

  • Dave Owens Post author

    Zinke did not want to drain the swamp, he wanted to sell it to the oil companies.

  • crazyman8472 Post author


  • N Gup Post author

    So Zinke leaves the sinking ship.
    What’s in a name.

  • Strong Black Panther Post author

    What happened to draining the SWAMP????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth Hall Post author

    At the sit down Nancy said she going to look into where the money went and how the money was spent do you think that's why I think he leaving

  • sara Post author

    why is it the "best people" trump keeps hiring can't seem to NOT break the fucking law?

  • Madcat4301 Post author

    And another one bites the dust. Good to see him go, but all of Trump's flunkies have done immeasurable damage to this country and the environment. Drumpf didn't drain the swamp, he packed it full with these SOBs. Hey, Trumptards, how d'ya like the swamp drainage now?

  • Jorge Bernabe Post author

    Ryan Twinke

  • Center Reps Post author

    Ryan Zinke a member of Trumps A team. Only 17 investigations against him this is probably the most honest person Trump has on staff how can he let him go ????

  • KootFloris Post author

    All the best people. Alle the best people. All the best….crooks. What does that make of T?

  • Rick Morgan Post author

    Yet another of those "best people" he guaranteed that he would hire when on the campaign trail. Seems that his "best people" would be more at home in a police line up or a prison chow line…. just sayin

  • acid rain Post author

    I happened to be a Law Abiding Citizen. But if I had broken any of those laws and just left do you think they let me go? I would like to see this taken to its normal conclusion. Just like for the rest of us.

  • billy the dead Post author

    I hope his ass goes to jail but not before he rats out others to save his skin

  • bigraviolees Post author

    trump shows rich white folks can be white trash

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    Ryan Zinke is Scott Pruitt v2.0 — “Ladies and Gentlemen, he got himself!”

  • mkbxtr44 Post author

    If I was accused of 'false allegations, I would use ALL my resources to protect and clear my name and family from them, what a cheap piece of detritus.

  • Cool Hand Mark Post author

    Stop wasting our tax dollars and just hang this filthy lying treasonous piece of shit already! It only takes a $5 piece of rope and then toss him into the nearest landfill! Easy peasy, no more greasy sleasy treasy!

  • morganbesh Post author

    Why the hell is nearly EVERY SINGLE appointee by Trump is CORRUPT??? Just look at Cohen, Flynn, Papadoupolis, Manafort, Pruitt, the list goes on and on… What the hell happened to this country…

  • Millie Ruff Post author

    Trump is under 17 Russia investigation's too hope that's the cut off line for resignation's.let's not forget Pruitt and Carson.

  • Marton Steve Post author


  • Dean Morrow Post author

    When all is said and done, they are going have to build a new prison to house everyone in the trump administration.

  • Bernard Barnett Post author

    Boy good old #45 hires the best PEOPLE ever.

  • Steve Preston Post author

    Only the best and brightest my ass!

  • Steve Preston Post author


  • Jeffrey Cheng Post author


  • Jeffrey Cheng Post author


  • Jeffrey Cheng Post author

    Wilbur Ross- Rothschild Inc.

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