Intellectual Property Law Jobs – Being An IP Lawyer

Intellectual Property Law Jobs – Being An IP Lawyer

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Marc Luber: Hey everyone – welcome to JD
Careers Out There – where we get you career advice from fellow lawyers and non-practicing
lawyers – to help you find success and happiness in your career. I’m ML – and today we’re exploring the
career path of Intellectual Property Law. We’re talking to Michael Kelber, an IP Partner
at Neal Gerber & Eisenberg in Chicago. Here’s a little look at our discussion where
he tells us what an Intellectual Property Lawyer does. Michael Kelber: Well I’m an intellectual
property lawyer, and what that means is I basically help people protect their ideas,
their inventions and their identity – help them protect them against competitors and
establish themselves in the market place. Luber: So then are you doing both trademark
work and patent work? Michael Kelber: I am. Actually I’m fortunate enough as an IP lawyer
to have a pretty broad practice. So I practice in patents, trademarks, copyrights,
rights of publicity and I also crossover in both litigation, transactional and counseling. So I have a pretty dynamic and broad practice
area which keeps things fun. Luber: Yeah, for sure. You can’t get bored if you’re juggling
all that. That’s great. What’s the coolest part about this? I would think that the greatest thing is that
you’re helping people with new creative ideas and bringing them to life and protecting
those. Is that right? Michael Kelber: That’s exactly right. I mean I started out in school as an engineer
and decided I wanted to do something more in business. And this career has really allowed me to do
that because I get to be on the inside with companies, helping learn their new innovations,
figuring out their marketing strategies, figuring out where they’re going with their products
and then how to protect them, how to protect their identity, their brands; and so I’m
kind of on the forefront of what companies are coming out with and what they’re doing. It keeps things exciting. You get the first peek, if you’re on the
patent side, particularly, or on the trademark side, where you’re trying to gain protection
before somebody goes to market. So you get the inside scoop before the public
does, often. Luber: That’s exciting. I like that! You guys can watch a full episode of Michael
and I going more in-depth into careers practicing IP Law and you’re gonna learn more about
what he does, how YOU can do it, how YOU can break in – and how to succeed once you’re
there. That’s gonna happen at
– or for a shortcut. If you’re already at the site, you can scroll
down to the full version – be sure to become a MEMBER so you can watch the full interview
and get access to lots more exclusive content filled with great advice. Thanks again for watching everyone – I’m
ML and look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.

6 thoughts on “Intellectual Property Law Jobs – Being An IP Lawyer

  • Vince Rangel Post author

    Great video. I'm only 15, but I am very passionate about becoming a lawyer. This video was very informative and persuasive into studying and practicing IP law.
    -Vincent Rangel

  • Shawn Afshar Post author

    What major do you recommend for someone who wants to attend law school? I really don't like math i was thinking political science ?

  • liberty littman Post author

    What would be a good undergraduate degree to get before going into Law School (studying IP law)?

  • Ceasar Clark Post author

    you look like a video game character

  • EyesToSee Post author

    Great information. Thank you for sharing.

  • Yololo Vines Post author

    SORRY FOR ASKING THIS YEARS LATER ON!!! But can an undergrad in Biotech and Applied Biosciences be of use in this path

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